Biblical Cosmology Confirmed In Declassified Gov Docs

hey guys Rob Skiba here for another
testing the video presentation this time it’s not going to be presented
by me but rather pastor Dean Odom he did a video a while back showing various
NASA government CIA and even Russian documents that describe the earth as a
non-rotating Flat Earth and he gave a presentation
but didn’t show the documents in a chronological order and maybe it’s just
the obsessive-compulsive disorder in me I’m not sure but I felt like I needed to
rearrange his speech in chronological order so you could see a progression
over time beginning in the 1940s and going right through to pretty close to
the present time so that’s what I did I’ve shortened his presentation a little
bit and have arranged them in chronological order if you’d like to see
his unedited presentation I will put the link in the description below as well as
links to the documents that he’s talking about and some additional ones as well
so here is the shortened and edited and chronological presentation done by
pastor D knodel back on June 10th 2018 government documents admit Flat Earth
now I had to leave a lot out this morning so understand that this is just
the tip of the iceberg but just so everyone knows those watching listening
just so everyone knows I’ve spent a lot of time digging into this reading the
actual documents going to the actual CIA website the army website the navy
website the US Air Force many many NASA documents Russian documents documents
from Russia that we stole from them during the Cold War
amazing amazing things that I’m discovering here of course here’s what
the Bible does say and I’ve shared this before I mean this is Jobe 38:14 the
context is talking about this the earth but it
says it and that is the earth is turned or changed is what the Hebrew word there
means as clay to the seal or the signet ring and the and they stand out as a
garment talking about its features I mean this right here is as crystal clear
as it gets about the shape of the earth it talks about it being a lump of clay
God pressed it down with his signet ring I believe a literal ring he has on his
finger uh-huh oh no I believe that’s a metaphor okay
keep believing that you know when does it stop is the crucifixion the atoning
death of Jesus Christ on the cross is that a metaphor
his resurrection from the dead a metaphor don’t get me wrong I know the
Bible uses some symbolic language but come on folks yeah and usually the
symbolic language is describing something that’s real anyway right
exactly let’s keep going all right now here’s
revelation 20 this is something the Lord showed me a couple of years ago wasn’t
studying a message for Flat Earth but hey I was reading this verse preparing
it an end time Bible prophecy message reading this verse revelation 20 verses
7 and 9 when the thousand years are expired Satan shall be loosed out of his
prison and shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters
of the earth Gog and Magog to gather them together to battle the number of
whom is as the sand of the sea and they went up on the breadth of the earth now
when I read this I was like breath of the earth whoa whoa the Lord I don’t
know I know it was the Holy Spirit just made me pause and the Holy Spirit made
me think said why did he say breath of the earth when he could have just said
they went up on the earth why did he say breath so I did something in 30 years of
ministry at that time that I’ve never done I looked up the word breath of the
earth and it is the Greek word plateaus of course here is the definition width
breadth and I thought plateaus well that sounds like our word
so which means flatland right or a flat place of land I thought huh that’s
interesting so then I looked and notice it says from four one one six meaning
that this word has a root word alright so what is the root word the root word
is plat – and what is plat to mean this is straight from the Strong’s Greek
dictionary by the way spread out flat so what do you say is they went up on the
spread out flat earth these people out here these pastors these Christians it’s
flatter it’s not in the Bible really sometimes you got to look up at work as
we lose a lot in English and also the word gay or gay or however you pronounce
it for the earth in Greek here means the whole thing not just a spot but it means
the whole earth alright and that’s and that’s exactly how the Septuagint
translates it as well so then of course I just kept following the path there and
there the words plateaus which comes from plat – switch means spread out flat
which comes from the word plateau which means to mould or fabricate like a lump
of clay which takes us exactly back to job 38 14 lump of clay fabricated spread
out flat the Bible teaches the shape of the earth is flat not it doesn’t mean it
doesn’t have contour and elevation but it’s flat it’s not a ball of 25 thousand
miles in circumference this just doesn’t exist not in scripture anyway let’s keep
going of course we’ve all seen the fake pictures of Earth there’s a NASA
official image again for most of us this is elementary and this we’ve already
discovered this but again for new people watching and listening they have a
problem they’re telling us that these are real images of Earth or what
happened I mean did
the North America shrunk man right so so these in then again they admit that
these images are composites they admit that they’re photoshopped of course this
gentleman right here who actually does it mr. what’s-his-name Roberts Inman mr.
blue marble say it’s photoshopped but it has to be and of course I listened to
the interview where he said that so this is not just a meet I found I heard the
guy say it in an interview right yes it’s it’s quite a thing but again they
listen it what gets me is the pastors and Christians and people that want to
say if you believe in this Flat Earth thing if you believe in biblical
cosmology biblical greed you’re stupid you’re crazy you’re a lunatic I had a
guy last night make a comment this guy is a Christian said well why don’t you
just say why don’t you just say you’re geocentric instead of flattery the
moment you say Flat Earth you go to the nuthouse I said I say flatter it because
that’s what the Bible says that’s right I’m not ashamed I’m not ashamed of what
the Bible says about anything I don’t care we’re going to take a little
journey here back to 1931 Auguste Piccard scientist friend of Albert
Einstein I’ve shared this well respected scientist inventor creates uh you know a
gondolas his own capsule takes a balloon of the first man to reach the
stratosphere and what do we see here that’s this little portholes he was
looking at uh and this magazine right here this man a scientist I have it
let’s go here seriously I actually have the actual magazine now it’s worth about $4,000 I bought it
for $20,000 I mean $20 hey my after this it might be worth
$20,000 you never know what anyway there it is I got in trouble the first time I
should because I was handling it with my hands I said you don’t handle an old
document with your hands I said okay okay but what does he say here right
here I’ll just read it through the portholes
he and his observer saw the earth he said it seemed a flat disc with upturned
edge no curve now this is a scientist pre NASA 1931 why did he have a reason a
lot he was a scientist he was telling you this is what I observe which is real
science I’m not gonna make up a lie I’m just going to tell you this is what I
saw pretty clear pretty clear there it is again there there’s the you know so
you can see where he actually said it through the portholes the observers saw
the earth through a copper colored then bluish haze it seemed a flat disk with
upturned edge oh and I’m gonna tell you another reason I discovered why that
that outer edge looks it’s got that little blue haze I found out that there
there’s there’s a blue vapor blue cloud that Antarctica creates yeah I found
that out recently but anyway here’s something I recently discovered well
really a few months ago but I’ve just been waiting sure how many of you know
there’s been a world record set no I bet you didn’t hear that on CNN right you
certainly didn’t hear it from Danny Faulkner and Answers in Genesis now
there was a little world record say there’s a company here named extend air
this is exalt or extend their the multiple main company here
but anyway exalt here sets new world record for microwave length distance now
anybody that understands microwave Ted probably does some other people probably
understand that microwave signals are not bounced off the dome it’s not that
ionosphere they’re not bounced off microwave signals are line of sight
straight transmitter to receiver boom all right
and that’s exactly what this is now what this company did and what they’re trying
to do is they’re trying to sell their product which is to set up these very
inexpensive microwave dishes the 50 foot high towers only 50 feet which is your
normal tree or telephone pole you put a microwave dish there and as long as they
have clear line-of-sight there’s no obstacles in the way they can
put another one at that crazy distances and communicate and that’s what this is
talking about I went through I dug through all this but they set a world
record now let me let me just get to this they set a world record okay I’m
not gonna read all this I’m just showing you that I got it see the microwave
there’s a little there’s your little illustration I think that’s how it works
so the wall record for a microwave this microwave communications company and and
just so you know microwave communication says that finally they can be used
almost anywhere as long as the distance to be span is within the operating range
of the equipment and there is a clear path that is no solid obstacles between
the locations you see that there could be no solid obstacles between microwave
dishes all right this is their own words not mine clear path all right so they
set the world record for microwave length now the world record that they
said what they did they set one of these 50 foot microwave dishes on the beach in
Cyprus and let’s put that map up here and there it is and and this guy talked
to him line-of-sight making sure it’s line of sight so here’s Cyprus right
here and they put one here and they put one on the coast of Lebanon so across
water now I know that they try to tell us water it’s got a big bulge in it
right but I’ve never seen bulging water I’ve seen flat water right but a hundred
and forty-six miles from the coast of Cypress to the coast of Lebanon this set
a world record it is recorded as a world record for microwave communication well
guess what you do a little math do the math here let’s find out if there’s a
solid obstacle in the way here right well here it is 50 feet high 146 miles
you calculate that 12,000 575 feet of bulge or curvature 12,000 how high is
Everest how highs Mount Everest I can’t remember 14,000 is it get this the
antenna the microwave dish should be at least two point three eight miles below
the line of sight not two point three feet two point three eight miles should
be is of curve as blocking should be blocking the signal meaning this signal
should have to be bounced off the dome and back down like they do other signals
but no this is straight line of sight okay am i stupid are these people stupid
people people and governments of the world are buying this product from this
extend exalt one extend air company it’s refreshing gravity refraction now let’s get to the
government documents so this up right here
we went back a moment ago to scientist inventor dr. kaar 1931 pre NASA this
document right here as most of you will note where did they come from
up top they’re the Central Intelligence Agency Declassified document that we
stole from the Russians in from 1948 ok yes
you’ll you’ll you notice that sanitized yes why would you sanitize scientific
information about look at this this is what this one’s about scientific earth
measurements why would you redact anything concerning the true scientific
facts of the earth I wanted you to see that scientific measurements of the
earth June 1948 it was originally in the Russian language this is the translated
thing date distributed July 1949 number of pages 19 just so you can see here’s
getting into it here now notice it says the of the paper says outer
gravitational field and shape of the physical surface of the earth gives this
guy’s name some Russian guy Center Science Research Institute for geodetic
aerial surveying cartography Moscow everybody see that
all right you can go through this entire document if you want to I’m just pulling
out something that I found very interesting in 1948 from Russian
scientists that was classified they stated here that where where it is not
determined to determinable at all other points of space without the knowledge of
the shape of the earth but since the shape of the earth is not known I’m not
gonna read all this because if I read all this today we’d be here for long in
fact I cut out stuff I just wanted you to see that Russian scientific paper
that was classified in 1948 states the shape of the earth is not known now let
me remind you that we are always told oh we’ve known
the shape of the earth since 300 BC how did Russian scientist and let me just
say that Russian scientists are not stupid people in fact reading through
their documents they seem to be more honest with themselves and a lot of
American scientists because the Russians were just trying to figure out any they
were trying to figure out all truth so they could gain any kind of advantage
over us militarily all right just wanted you to see that
1948 here’s another document we move forward
in time a little bit 1956-57 time period now now what happened let me say what
happened between about 1948 and this time the development of jet aircraft and
the increase in rocket technology so we were beginning to be able to fly a
little higher a little faster so you would think okay they know right so the
Russians started this study I found out in the 1940s they were going to study
the light within they said the firmament all right this
is their words the light but they were doing a light study because they were
trying again they were trying to figure out how they could manipulate or use
this knowledge against us with optics and all kinds of stuff so you see this
this is released by a proof of release mm relation between light scattering
coefficient for various angles of optical thickness of the atmosphere here
we go you can tell when they’re older documents roof atmospheric refraction
errors for optical instrumentation fun reading folks I’m telling you fun
reading there you have it tells you technical memorandum I’m a bla same
thing preliminary report October 1953 White Sands proving ground like la
Cruces New Mexico here we go look at this here this just
wanted you to see the signatures real signatures of dr. Fred Hansen dr. JW
Mulder or whatever James C McNabb Lieutenant Colonel United States Air
Force Thomas W Morgan major United States Air
Force systems in engineering branch flight determination laboratory White
Sands proving ground all here right dr. so-and-so dr. so-and-so general so and
so I guess they’re stupid this one this document was not to be
seen this document contains information affecting the national defense the
United States within the meaning of the espionage laws title 18 USC sections
seven nine three and seven nine four it is transmitted its transmission or the
revelation of its context in any manner to an unauthorized person is prohibited
by law so this was classified in the 1950s talking about basic equations for
atmospheric refraction and all this stuff and says here now I want to point
this out present equations hold for any altitude everybody see that I don’t have
time to read all the present equations hold for any altitude all right let’s
see what they’re talking about table with context introduction validity of
Flat Earth assumption for atmospheric calculations validity
you know validity means something that is a solid fat let me back up
remember present equations hold for any altitude so some of this this this study
of basic atmospheric equations this is for any altitude and this is the
introduction this this is the table of context introduction the validity of
Flat Earth assumption for atmospheric calculations if it wasn’t flat if the
earth was not flat why would you start off a classified
under threat of law in the Espionage Act why would you classify that it’s all
here folks introduction here says a comprehensive study of atmospheric
refraction errors for optical instrumentation what is it based on
based on a flat earth assumption will be published subsequently the relative mass
of the atmosphere at any elevation angle is given approximately by the co scent
of the evolution angle I may be pronouncing some of this wrong but lissa
this relationship is correct for a flat earth at a flat atmosphere this
relationship is correct for a flat earth or at a flat atmosphere and they’re
going to publish these results so we just saw one document say this is the
correct underlying physics flat non rotating earth we see this document
right here say this is correct for any altitude I’d say I’m below I’ve been
studying and I’m blown away just going back through it
I just validity of Flat Earth assumption validity they’re not saying okay see
what some of them this is what someone say that the Flat Earth assumption is
just to simplify things but what this is saying is is this so-called Flat Earth
assumption is valid it’s valid do you say it zoom in on a little bit just let
you see it validity of Flat Earth assumption just so you know the definition of
validity the quality of being logically or factually sounds hey look at that yeah
oh wow that’s good point there Nathan he said the second part of the definition
the state of being legally or officially binding or sexual that this would stand
up in court let’s keep going here
assumption and anyway anyway let’s just say that they didn’t put in the validity
they just use the word Flat Earth assumption you hear that a lot
well the assumption a thing that is accepted is true or is certain to happen
without proof me what do I need proof of this anymore
this is the what is assumed to be true by the scientific community
by the governments of the world everybody see this let me answer some
are you are you balling away I mean it’s been a while since I’ve even read a
scripture you know why because these guys have their own flatterers Bible
don’t they it’s called their technical manuals it’s my ball here’s more of it
here calculation of light dispersion higher orders gee oh this is us our
geophysics like dispersion this is the study they were doing proof presented
light dispersion higher orders can be computed from data obtained in plain
direct observation for USSR references and this the institution the Academy of
Sciences USSR Astrophysical Institute I mean again we’re not fooling around here
with dummies all right and this paper they go on it then again they’re going
to tell you the study of the dispersion of light in the Earth’s atmosphere
degree doctoral physics math science ash and so they just tell you the whole
thing here Joint Council March 1957 Academy
sorry it’s USSR again a lot of this I just pulled out just so you would see
that these documents are real and what they were about but let’s get to the
interesting stuff here’s here’s all these PhDs and scientists that are
involved in this study at this time tells you a little more the introduction
the table of contents in the investigation of light scattering in the
Earth’s atmosphere formula for the brightness of the blue sky with
consideration of first-order scattering and all that you know blah blah blah
alright and Tariq talks about this first semester 1957 dissertation blah blah
blah goes through that let’s get to the interesting meat of this here tells you
the instruments use so right here said the observations were carried out in
twelve locations at various altitudes above the sea various climate
meteorological synoptic conditions the observations were carried out mainly
during high transparency of the atmosphere in the visual range of the
spectrum in the absence of snow cover and the investigations to instruments
designed by VG v Knopf or whatever were used one of these was a visual
photometer of the daytime sky intended for measuring the brightness of the
firmament now what’s very interesting about that is Daniel chapter 12 verse 4
talks about the righteous shining as the brightness of the firmament the Bible
also talked 12:3 I’m sorry the Bible also talks
about what that there are four lights talks about the Sun the Moon the Stars
and the light that’s in the world well we’ll deal with that another time but
but they were wanting to study this and they said also the other photoelectric
halo photometer for determining the brightness from near Sun halo well put
the pause timeout timeout how is something that’s supposed to be
93 million miles away could anything about it be called near
the near Sun okay but it gets better he says that to study the near Sun halo and
also the Sun on the surface perpendicular to these rays the
dissertation contains a certain formula of the brightness of the sky taking into
consideration only the brightness of the first order derived on the assumption of
a flat earth and giving some conclusions because remember they’re trying to study
how light is operating within the atmosphere with a near Sun halo and they
tell you over flat earth this is a Russian document 1957 it was classified
this is a secret eyes-only Central Intelligence Agency Declassified 2006
January 16th 1958 this was a memorandum for the record this was a meeting they
were talking about things going on in Russia they were talking about this
right here I find interesting the minutes of the meeting they’re talking
about putting Psalm 19 verse one on the Vanguard rockets
the heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament showeth his handiwork
I find the interesting that we’re talking about this but at the end of
this document I found a very interesting thing here and you see that there’s that
verse Psalm 19 that is very clear geocentric somebody else had that Psalm
19:1 on their tombstone yes Wernher von Braun the firmament talking about the
firmament they knew it existed but this document as we’ll get to it here in a
second let’s say here makes this statement at the end the shape of the
firmament do you see that Oh hold up now I think only certain
solid things have shape right the shape of the firmament does
everybody see that you see that what is a classified document classified by the
United States government talking about the shape of the firm I can tell them
what the shape of it is right but they’re talking about this how does how
does an atmosphere invisible vapor how does it have a shape I mean well you
know when that when the vapor gas you know I’m boiling water my wife’s making
tea and it’s I don’t see any shape to the vapor but they’re talking out we got
to figure out the shape of the firmers it’s like one of the russian documents
talked about they were measuring the brightness of the firm
they used that term the brightness of the firmament over a flat earth the
Russians were talking about this back then all right according to what the
Bible teaches about the firmament God said he created a firmament well we’re
gonna read that in Genesis in a minute and that he separated what was below the
firmament from waters that were above it so it is the firmament that creates what
we have the atmosphere where we breathe and the birds fly and all that stuff but
there is a solid atmosphere they try to tell us it’s a vapor but the Bible is
very different the Bible says it is a solid molasse dome that was beaten out
by God like metal it was formed like metal so
here’s somebody with a hammer beating using metal and beating it into a dome
shape the if you look up the word firmament in your lexicons this is what
you see it talks about it being an extended surface a solid expanse now
this is where like people like dr. Danny Faulkner Answers in Genesis I just said
oh the firmament just means the expanse no you’re just you’re just picking part
of the definition the firmament created the expanse in which we live and breathe
in the birds fly but you had to have something there to support
and separate the waters that were from above that are above the firm which is
what God talked about so they have a problem because the Bible talks about
waters being above the firmament and also the Bible talks about the water
still being there and I’ve covered this but he goes on to say down here says the
vault of heaven or front regarded by the Hebrews as solid supporting the waters
above it now this is this is Bible this is Bible definitions these are not
metaphors here’s the Wikipedia article on biblical cosmology he says here very
clear in the Old Testament the word shaman represented the sky or atmosphere
and also the edoardo the rakia see it’s a different word we
have the word for sky Shama M and the word rakia for firmament two different
words and the word rakia means that solid dome it says the rocky or
firmament the visible sky was a solid inverted bowl over the earth colored
blue from the heavenly ocean above it rain snow and wind and hail were kept in
storehouses outside the rakia which had windows to allow them in the waters of
noah’s flood entered when the windows of heaven were opened heaven extended down
and touched at the farthest edges or ends of the earth which we believe of
course is what’s called Antarctica because it is the ring that goes all the
way around and so on and so forth so you see that so the picture of course of
biblical cosmology right there that we have the Flat Earth yet with contour we
have the firmament done we have the waters above we have hell the earth she
oh hell the underworld both paradise and and the place of torment is there and
then there’s the waters of the great deep and then God sits I believe on the
firmament actually I think the waters probably come about there and there’s a
you know so and again we it’s a massive area and the Bible talks about this the
Bible talks about God sitting his throne upon the firmer
so when they say we go into outer space you know one of the things when one of
the Russian when the first Russian cosmonauts went up and claim a claim to
go it and to space out of the atmosphere said I see no God up here that was the
entire agenda because immediately anybody who knew the Bible back then
anybody knew the Bible God sits above right above our atmosphere on his throne
that is heaven so if you say if you claim I took a spaceship I’ll rock it up
there and I went outside the firmament and I see no God you see where they’re
going with this and that has been the agenda the whole time and also of course
to you know milk billions and billions of dollars out of us for space
exploration here’s the firmament etymology stereo means firmness solid
that’s the way it was translated the Greek word was translated into when the
Hebrew Scriptures in 250 BC were translated from Hebrew to Greek which is
called the Septuagint version the Hebrew scholars that patola me philadelphia’s
the second commission because he wanted a Greek version of the Bible of the
Hebrew Scriptures in the Library of Alexandria when he did that when they
translated the Greek word firmament they translated this word stereo stereo ma
which means firm solid okay there’s no way around that this is what
the Hebrews believed and taught of course here’s the the scripture from
Genesis and I said 1 through 10 but it’s really I cut it out so we could get it
all on this slide this is just verses 6 to 8 and God said let there be a
firmament in the midst of the waters and let it divide the waters from the waters
and God made the firmament and divided the waters which were under the
firmament from the waters which are above the firmament it was so and God
called the firmament heaven now remember the Bible talks about three heavens and
I’ve shared this before but again we have new listeners all the time so the
first heaven is our atmosphere the expanse created by when God made
the Furman don’t separated the waters from the water but he also called that
solid firmament heaven and then he says Paul talked about being caught up to the
third heaven where the throne of God it all right so it’s real simple so when
the Bible talks about heaven will be shaken the powers of heaven will be
shaken and heaven itself will be dissolved it’s nothing about the third
heaven where God is he’s talking about the sky’s going to collapse it’s going
to crack it’s going to open it’s gonna some of its going to collapse God’s
going to open it up at the second coming of Jesus so even even second coming
verses talk about there being a solid sky and it being opened up with great
force in the end when Jesus comes and it says when it’s open it’s going to reveal
him seated upon his throne and every eye will see the lamb the Lord Jesus Christ
upon his throne and they will say to the mountains and the rocks fall on us hide
us from the wrath that is to come the day is coming the sky will fall it will
open up and Jesus will reveal himself to this wicked unbelieving world all right
there’s Jobe 37:18 this is another verse where we get what it is this is passed
out with him spread out the sky which is strong and as a molten looking-glass now
what molten looking list glass is formed by great heat and there’s also glass
that has metal in it lead okay anybody heard of lead crystal so this firmament right here the Bible clearly states is
like molten looking glass it was it was formed by God’s fire and he beat it out
and it cooled and it was solid but it’s also semi-transparent it’s a window let’s keep going here
as I said a minute ago proof that the Hebrews believe this again I’m
recovering some ground from earlier messages but this is very important
because mr. Danny Faulkner again Answers in Genesis claim that there’s no
evidence of this belief well here’s the evidence Josephus the most one of the
most respected first century historians Jewish historian not a Christian and
this is plainly what he says here he lived from 37 ad past 100 ad in book 1
chapter 1 entitled the Constitution of the world and the disposition of the
elements Josephus wrote after this on the second day he God placed heaven over
the whole world and separated it from the other parts and he determined that
it should stand by itself he also placed a crystalline firmament round it and put
together in manner agreeable to the earth and fitted it for giving moisture
and rain and affording the advantages of dews and on the fourth day he got adored
in the heaven with the Sun Moon and the other stars and appointed them their
courses alright this is clearly Josephus and Josephus was as I’ve looked into him
he was probably a Pharisee but at least he agreed with the Pharisees so what I’m
telling us the religious leaders the spiritual leaders of Israel 2,000 years
ago in the first century believed that the firmament was a solid crystalline or
crystal glass type structure over the earth now this is what they believe this
is irrefutable I’m sorry you can try to reduce it to metaphors
you can try to do all these things but I’m sorry this is this is the way it is
alright I’ve this to look up the word crystal here so you understand he said
crystalline firmament crystal quartz that is transparent are nearly so that’s
either colorless or slightly tinged something resembling crystal and
transparency Act and colorlessness a body that is formed by solidification of
a chemical element and compound or mixture and has regularly repeating it
internal arrangement of its atoms often external planes clear colorless glass of
superior quality so on so you see crystal is something that is solid
it’s glass-like so the so it’s interesting to as you see that Ezekiel
the prophet Ezekiel talks about the firmament and called it and I’m not
going to read all this he said the likeness of the firmament upon or over
their heads of the living creatures was as the color and if you look that up in
the word Hebrew it’s the the appearance of the terrible crystal now that’s what
your Bible says right there is reference after reference after reference of the
firmament dome that is supporting the waters above being solid iron like glass
okay I’m just showing you you can read all this you know about Ezekiel 1
now here’s Revelation neither the book of Revelation John was on the Isle of
Patmos exiled for the Word of God he was being persecuted by the Roman Emperor at
the time so he says he was in the spirit on the Lord’s Day he saw a door open to
heaven let’s look at this he’s after this I looked at me hold the door was
open in heaven I’m the first voice which I heard was as it were the trumpet
talking with me and said come up here and I will show you things that must be
Hereafter it immediately I was in the spirit behold a throne was set in heaven
and one sat on the throne and he that was to look upon like Jasper and a
sardine stone and there was a rainbow around the throne the sight like unto an
emerald and round about the throne with the Ford 20 seats and the seats I saw
four and twenty elders sitting clothed in white raiment and they had on their
heads crowns of gold and out of the throne proceeded lightnings and
thunderings and voices and there were seven lamps of fire burning before the
throne which are the seven spirits of God and before the throne there was a
sea of glass like unto crystal everybody see that
so the throne of God Ezekiel said the throne of God sits on the firmament that
is like terrible crystal here we see in heaven as he’s depicting the throne he
says it is seated there in front of the throne is this sea of glass that is
likened to crystal I’m not making this up this is what your Bible says you’ve
got to deal with this right does it say that above the
dome above the atmosphere is this empty void of space that goes on for hundreds
and hundreds and hundreds of billions of light years the bible does not teach
that it tells you that the throne of God is just right there seated upon the
glass firmament that is what your Bible teaches this is the book of Revelation
for we see it again in Revelation 15 so that’s also another sign in heaven great
and marvellous seven angels having seven last plagues for in them is filled up
the wrath of God and I saw as it were a sea of glass mingled with fire and then
that had gotten the victory over the Beast and over his image and over his
mark the coming chip in the Antichrist system in the new world order those that
overcome that and end up in heaven he says I see over the number of his name
he says they stand on the sea of glass do you everybody see that with hearts in
their hand singing giving praise to God who is saying those that overcome this
Antichrist satanic system that find Jesus as their Lord and Savior that
accept the Lamb of God he was slaying to take away the sins of the world will
stand on the sea of glass we will stand on it one day God’s going to leave part
of we’re gonna stand on it one day because the throne is there God calls
the firmament a demonstration of his power and these boys right here can’t
get through it and they know they can’t all right now of course revelation 6:12
let me go ahead and read this because this is why I mentioned it a minute ago
but this is at the sixth seal this is this is also spelled out in in Matthew
24 when Jesus was talking about the signs of his coming and the end of the
age he says I beheld and when he had opened the sixth seal lo there was a
great earthquake and the Sun became black as sackcloth of hair the moon
became as blood and the stars of heaven fell into the earth how does that happen
in a heliocentric model right they tell us their biggest
massive Suns right yeah whatever all right I believe God not meal not
Neil deGrasse Tyson the stars of heaven fell unto the earth even as a fig tree
casteth her untimely figs when she is shaken of a mighty wind and the heaven
departed as a scroll when it is rolled together and every mountain and Island
were moved out of his places and the kings of the earth of the great men and
the rich men and the chief captains and the mighty men and every bondman and
every free man hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains
and said to the mountains rocks fall on us and hide us from the face of him that
sitteth on the throne from the wrath of the Lamb the land is the Lord Jesus
Christ for the great day of his wrath has come who shall be able to stand so
God’s gonna roll back part of the firmament and people say what about the
water up there what do you remember there’s a couple events like the Red Sea
and the Jordan God parted the waters I believe that was a picture – if his
second coming he’s gonna he’s gonna part the firm and he’s gonna Park the waters
in there and he’s gonna and he’s and actually a lot of people think he’s
coming just like no he’s just sit there let him let him see for a few minutes
it’s like pulling back a curtain he’s just gonna sit on his throne and they’re
all gonna see now all that all all the earth seeing that happen can’t happen on
a sphere the poor Australians would never get to see this right and then
somebody said oh to be on TV really do you think with every mountain moving and
maia the massive earthquakes that caused the mountains to fall and every island
to move do you think TV is going to be working no ridiculous so here you have
it the Bible is very accurate about the nature is very clear about the nature of
the molten glass sky dome all right it’s the curtain that’s going to reveal the
throne of God when he moves it so let’s let’s go to these scriptures here this
is for the Christians out there say no the they have the vapor canopy theory of
the atmosphere that it all condensed and collapsed and that was the flood of Noah
and that’s no more there and so we got this empty vacuum and I don’t even know
how you’d have a you know the vacuum of space up against
a vapor atmosphere and it would stay I guess everything’s the magic word is
gravity right gravity’s holding the air all right so the space can’t suck it
away but yet the Sun supposed to be pulling and holding on to us so why
don’t the Sun’s gravity pull suck the atmosphere well I don’t know it’s all a
mystery but the Bible says that they’re still waters above waters above the
firmament now the flood happened in 2500 BC windows of heaven were open the
windows of heaven it said you know came the water came from three places it came
from the clouds that came from the heaven and came from the great deep okay
so god over the windows of heaven Laura came down clouds rain and water he broke
up the great deep and it came up that was the flood of Noah so here you have
though the Holy Spirit spoke through King David who was a team anointed also
a prophet also God moved upon him to write the scriptures and you see these
words here he says praise him you heavens of heavens and the waters that
be above the heaven fifteen hundred years after the flood the Holy Spirit
inspires David to talk about the waters that are above the heavens still so if
there’s waters above the heaven and NASA’s telling us that they went into
space they went outside of our atmosphere beyond wait a minute when
they need a submarine it is that court the court of the Bible it would have to
be a submarine they would have to be in water maybe that’s why they trained in a
pool maybe they’re thinking they’re gonna get through it all right but I
want you to see this he talks about here Psalm 18 he’s speaking of God made dark
waters his secret place his pavilion round about here with the dark waters here’s a little illustration I mean
there’s there you go everybody get a get a just a little grass I just kind of
threw something even even three a little over rora in there the from the throne
there right and of course this verse here isaiah 40:22 it is he God that
sitteth upon the circle of the earth and he habits
thereof as his grasshoppers that stretches out the heavens as a curtain
and spreadeth him out of his attempt to dwelling so God basically the firmament
was the tent it’s the canopy and he sits upon it and
as we’ve stated many times before the word circle here is not sphere in the
Hebrew it is the word Coug which means circle not sphere there is a
word in hebrew called der which is ball did not use the word for ball here it
use the word for circle so what he’s saying is that this dome is a circle
that goes around and I don’t have time to get into it but I can show you where
the Hebrew letters bear this out that the dome is the high fence that creates
God made us a place to live it’s not spinning orbiting hurling through space
we’re not the speck of the dust like what was his name the famous guy who I
can’t even remember we’re not the speck of dust in the galaxy
Sagan yeah but this is this confirms Ezekiel time I was thrown set on the
firmament this says he sits on the circle of the earth Bible is
consistently saying the same thing this is not a metaphor this is real all right
now let’s keep going y’all gonna love this this is what’s the
website everybody look at top there alright April 1961 National
Aeronautics and Space Administration calculation of wind compensation for
launching unguided rockets pretty serious stuff rocket science rocket
science calculating wind alright pretty important thing to know when you’re
shooting rockets some faith and I discovered that not too long ago we shot
up one of our Rockets and the wind took it far far away we never found
all right so this is important little tidbit a thing to study you know if
you’re gonna send them up high right so how did the little wind effect just like
that let me look at the wind effect Eric have a little fun there it is again just
so you see it up close calculation wind compensation for launching unguided
rocket so we’re done about Lockett Rockets by Robert L James jr. and Ronald
J Harris Langley Research Center Langley Virginia Langley field I would say
pretty important stuff right but who reads this stuff who stays up all night
and all day reading stuff all right technical note here we go summary method
for calculating wind compensation for unguided missiles is derived from which
has a greater degree of flexibility than previously proposed methods bla ba ba ba
ba they get into so they’re telling you summary here’s what we’re up to trying
to figure out how to guide Rockets yes sir linear aerodynamics yes coefficients
with respect flow incidence angles are used launch angles for wind compensation
it’s pretty serious stuff right I think you’d probably need to get it right I
know if I was their general or their boss I’d say you guys better get it right
this stuff’s expensive so let’s get it right right better work
let’s look at this this is trajectory simulation incorporating the above
requirements is presented in reference eight in addition to the above
requirements this simulation assumes a vehicle with six degrees of freedom and
aerodynamic symmetry and roll and the missile position again space will deal
with that they don’t even it’s not what they’re talking about what we think what
they’ve told us and what they know space is two different things so when they say
it they don’t mean what what they’ve lied about the missile position in space
is computed relative to a flat non rotating earth April 1961 NASA technical
document for calculating unguided missiles not anything we’re sending into
space just unguided missiles like the v2 was an unguided missile let’s keep going
here here’s another one okay completely different document where
did it come from right unpublished preliminary data atmospheric
oscillations tells you the people Georgia Tech
project Georgia Tech here we go alright my
wife’s brother is a professor at Georgia Tech he would be losing his mind if he
heard this but his own University he’s been part of this under contract
Georgia Tech project contract prepared National Aeronautics and Space
Administration so this was in conjunction with their engineers
engineering Experiment Station Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta Georgia
while the requirements for additional copies talks about that says the
department of defense contractors must be established for DDC services or have
their you know certified by the cognizant military agency so this was
not to be passed around this was need-to-know alright
Georgia Tech project just so you see it little boom April 1965 tells you the
abstract develop present theories of atmospheric oscillations blah blah blah
I don’t have to all right a model frequently used is that of everybody say
it flat and rotating earth the most one can profitably simplify the problem is
to consider the isothermal atmosphere plane level surfaces and a non rotating
earth they say flat earth one we do now now remember we I have shown you
documents here to give this there’s so much more I mean I’m having to trim this
down we’re already at 12:15 alright so I’m trying to get through this and
there’s just so much here but I just wanted you to see we’re talk about 1948
1957 1960s 1970 he R everybody see this NASA technical memorandum were to come
from right Declassified Freedom of Information Act tells you all about
it determination of angles of attack and side slip from radar data and the role
stabilized platform hmm Langley Research that what’s in Langley Virginia
yes CIA headquarters exactly also the National Aeronautics and Space
Administration Washington DC wait I thought they were in Florida in
Houston Texas Oh oh that’s right I’m sure they have an
office all right let’s keep going here here’s the abstract NASA Langley
Research Center technical memorandum blah blah blah here is in the abstract
basically what they describe that this manual is all about this summary of it
here’s what they say equations for angels of attack and size slip relative
to both rolling and non-rolling body axis system or derive for a flight
vehicle for which radar and gyroscope attitude data are available the method
is limited however to application where a flat non rotating earth may be assumed
the application for this whole thing is has to be based on a flat non rotating
earth look at how many documents are we into here I’m going to read that again
equations for angels angles of attack sideslip relatives both rolling and
non-rolling body axis system are derived for a flight vehicles we’re done with
stuff it flies and for which radar and gyroscope attitude data are available
the method is limited however to application where a flat non rotating
earth may be seen to say that the method is limited to a flat non rotating earth
means it does not work for a spherical earth put that in your pipe and smoke it mr.
Anderson let’s keep going ah here we have something else oh is that the same
one I got to say oh it’s the same manual oh I think yeah here we go let’s keep
going here ah yes this is interesting because he talks about you gives you
this little frame reference look at north south east west right and they’re
telling you that again that represents the earth the earth fixed axis system
everybody see that all right right there the radar provides range asmath and
Emily elevation data from radar site to the vehicle throughout flight so we’re
talking about stuff happening throughout flight right the data in conjunction
with wind data can be easily converted to pitch blah blah blah flight path
angles it is assumed here in that the earth is represented as a flat and non
rotating reference frame why would it be assumed that the earth is represented as
a flat non rotating reference front frame exactly I’m gonna tell you I’m
blown away but let’s say the listen let this earth fix system is interesting
here well I want to say earth fixed and it’s supposed to be spinning tilted
orbiting flying through the universe yet the Stars never change in the sky right
the night sky but yet we’re spinning flying orbiting meetings and miles been
doing it for thousands of years nothing in the night sky ever changes they no
come on they know it is assumed here in that the earth is represented as a flat
non rotating reference frame yet they’re going to tell us snipers have to adjust
for shooting a thousand-yard shot that takes about two seconds maybe less
than that but you don’t have to calculate the Earth’s spin for an
aircraft for a helicopter that’s Rome the Space Shuttle I’ll show you that in
a minute too let’s keep going here it is notice it says also by definition the x
and z plane will be vertical perpendicular to the horizontal plane of
the earth at all times the horizontal plane of the earth at all times the
breadth of the earth exactly that plat to sting that spread out wide flat thing
oh I can have fun I can keep going now why why why do they say earth fixed
system well it’s interesting here’s a few verses right the earth is not
spinning according to the Bible chronicles 16 30 he has fixed the earth
firm and immovable Psalm 93 1 thou has fixed the earth immovable and firm so
I’ll 1916 he has fixed the earth firmly movable Psalm 105 now it is fixed the
earth on its foundation so that it it never can be shaken who made the earth
and fashioned it himself fixed it fast and of course might one of my favorite
said I didn’t put on here Zechariah 111 that says the earth is still and at rest
earth fixed system they’re telling you non rotating earth fixed the word fixed
me it’s not it’s not moving it’s not going anywhere of course this was proven
by these two scientists in physics Michelson and Morley they prove this a
long time ago these two scientists conducted numerous experiments to
measure the orbital velocity of the earth through the ether with light beams
I’m going to talk about the ether or ether is real and these these documents
I found prove they believe it’s real and we’re going to get into that next week
but and the many acts in fact many present theoretical physicists believe
the ether is real now it was taboo subject for a long time but not anymore
and this through the godless and anti Bible science here of course I said
their experiments showed that the earth was
moving at all now they expected these guys believe the model the lie the
Copernican model they believed they were going to measure how fast the earth was
moving their experiment showed it wasn’t moving and they were like whoa whoa whoa
what’s going on and they repeated these experiments over and over and over again
and came up with the same results true science yours not moving me so Einstein
comes up with a theory to debunk this to get rid of the ether so he can debunk
their experiment and of course we know what Tesla said about the theory of
relativity that it was foolishness basically uh what’s this one this is
NASA coal technical memorandum mathematical model of a ch-53 helicopter
you guys know a helicopter pilot all right so here’s the NASA manual on that
Ames Research Center Moffett Field California equations of motion the
helicopter equations of motion are given in body axises with respect to a flat
non rotating earth meaning the helicopter takes off it doesn’t have to
worry about the earth spinning vanilla that’s right
can’t stay in one spot and wait on town I love it
exactly now I’m gonna go back to one this is the first government document I
shared this at the Flat Earth international conference in Raleigh and
my presentation 2017 November last November there Robbie Davidson put on I
thought this was something to find this document all right okay this is how
little did I know this was the tip of the iceberg but this is a NASA technical
manual you can look it up anybody out there watching and listening this
morning you can Google NASA document 1207 you can pull up it’ll take you
straight to NASA gov you can pull up the PDF you can read this for yourself this
is free information right so Steven Anderson Danny Faulkner pastor Lawson
can hold on this is what NASA says and I’m going to show you they say far worse
than what’s in this document today right but here’s what they say the derivation
and definition of a linear aircraft model in the introduction they flat out
say right here the report this report documents the derivation which means the
origin and the definition of linear aircraft model for a rigid aircraft of
constant mass flying over a flat non rotating earth everybody see that
derivation means the origin definition means this is this is how it’s defined
this is how it works so they’re talking about the equations
and they mean you want to talk about the calculus and trig this thing gets into
the equations are based on these airplanes flying over a non rotating
flat earth question why would this be in any technical manual of anybody if it
doesn’t exist I didn’t think about it they claimed the Coriolis effect that
snipers have to to calculate the the speeding of the
earth a Coriolis effect when they’re shooting it you know a thousand yarn
shot or something yet they don’t have to for Mach one two three four aircraft you
don’t have to calculate this but no no no this is just about these planes fly
over non rotating flutter so over Pasadena this one hurt
oh well that they’re just doing that to simplify the equations Oh
oh really I’m sorry I didn’t know that NASA rocket scientists and MIT
mathematicians couldn’t factor in eight inches per mile squared I’m sorry they
have to simplify the math I’m maybe they missed a class at MIT or something I
don’t know but this is this is crazy
now you can try to dismiss this if you want to but it’s also in the conclusion
the concluding remarks of the report and all the math and the equations look at
this report derives and defines a set linearize system matrices for a region
aircraft of constant mass flying in a stationary atmosphere over a flat non
rotating earth I didn’t write that it seems someone at NASA is a flat earther
oh my god right how can this be now they have to design stuff for it to work the
way things are that’s why let’s keep going here
there’s your definition of derivation obtaining or developing something from a
source of origin well why would you develop the equations
for aircraft to fly over something that doesn’t exist
oh let’s factor in the unicorn equation just in case the Pegasus the flying
horse equations so yeah now they’re telling you it exists definition of
course is a statement of the exact meaning of something here something
might attract they talk about the said documents
quoted our quote mind and cherry-picked by fraudulent and deceptive flatheads
one example NASA official document 1207 omits Flat Earth the sad fact is that
they don’t bother to ignorant to read and understand and what’s interesting
about this and of course it goes these models are widely used not only for
computer applications but also for quick approximations and desk calculations
leaving out earth curvature and rotation for simplification so again I covered
them they’re gonna claim that it’s to simplify their math and equations in
their work so they don’t real quick on the desk but uh you know I looked up
approximation and you know an approximation means not really correct
right so anyway they write a lot of stuff that’s not really correct but I
wanted to address the issue of cherry-picking of course the same thing
said here pretty much and and let’s just deal with this I actually had to put
this on Facebook because it really illustrates the point well here we have
an orange tree with cherries on it okay first of all that doesn’t exist in
nature unless it’s some kind of you know genetic melittin manipulated thing in a
lab somewhere but this doesn’t really exist I said some people have accused me
of cherry-picking through the government document to state their equations are
based on a flat non rotating earth but should there be any flat earth cherries
to pick on a globe earth orange tree should there at all but they tell me
that the cherries are on the orange tree to simplify the orange tree math thus I
should ignore the cherries I just wanted to illustrate that of course and there’s
your globe earth tree with Flat Earth cherries on it to pick okay and really
if it’s if it’s not flat why address that and some of them tried to say well
okay it was because of just for short distances well I don’t see the shuttle
landing over short distances even the true thing that’s used for with
I’m going to dress this morning I don’t see Mach 1 2 3 and Mach 4 aircraft like
the sr-71 I don’t see it being short distances that it covers in very very
short amount of time alright so what I’m getting at is that excuse really falls
flat and as I said last week and I’m going to stand firm on this the reason
that so many different government documents technical manuals MIT
different universities Georgia Tech we address use these flat earth equations
is because it is flat alright and they know it and they’ve known it for a long
time and they have to design things to work as reality is ok let’s think about
that there we go alright here’s another one I wanted to
address this one right here because because I found something absolutely
funny this guy said why did you lie about the Russian Earth measurements
document it clearly states several times that the earth is a goe ok which this
was the funniest thing because if you if you go to the document and I will show
you in a minute but if you go to the document and you
keep reading you got to remember I couldn’t go through documents that had
ten twenty a hundred pages 200 pages Lebanon I couldn’t do that last week or
we would have been here you know for several days but so he’s talked about
what they clearly said the earth is a geoid right now here’s what’s funny do
you see this website here the national geodetic survey dot-gov everybody see
that I I’m like I don’t know what a geoid is I I was assuming that geoid
meant well we don’t know really know but we we still believe the earth is maybe a
lumpy sphere right I’m lumpy sir or maybe like Neil deGrasse Tyson says it’s
pear-shaped right or an oblate spheroid yet all the pictures we get from NASA
from space it’s perfectly spherical yet they tell us it’s an oblate spheroid
then they tell us it’s uh you know they tell us it’s pear-shaped
then they tell us it’s a geoid or and then as the Russia document is going to
say well we don’t know if it’s a geoid and ellipsoid or a quasi deal all right
quasi geo so I went to the nice of the United States government National
geodetic survey to get a definition what is it geoid if this is what the Russians
were saying the Sheikh was and really as I stated in the Russian document they
stated they the shape of the earth is unknown is what they said right and
which is mind-boggling yourself so here’s the definition from their site I
don’t know if you can see it NGS NOAA dock gov up there at the top and I’m
going to try to read this but here’s what it says it says
there have been many definitions of a goe over 150 years or so here is the one
currently adopted by the National geodetic survey right geoid the
equipotential surface of the Earth’s gravity field which best fits in a least
square sense global mean sea level okay then they say this even though we adopt
a definition that does not mean we are perfect in the realization of that
definition for example altimetry is often used to define mean sea level in
the oceans but our temperature is not global missing the near polar regions as
fit the between global mean sea level and the geoid is not entirely
confirmable does this sound like they have a clear definition of what a go8 is
okay so the Russians stating in classified
documents or what used to be classified documents in their earth measurements
1948 be classified as you can see it’s from the CIA in tential Central
Intelligence Agency these documents were classified listing lowest he says goe
this is where I talked about last week it says there there sits not
determinable at all points of space without knowledge
of the shape of the earth but since the shape
of the earth is not known they tell you that and then of course I get into some
of this the system now adopted for reduction to a geoid and to an ellipsoid
from a geoid is inadequate I mean again they’re sitting there going we don’t
know now let me say this even people who believe in the biblical cosmology the
flat enclosed system we do believe that the earth is some type of geometric
shape we just don’t know but we know that the surface in which we live on is
flat with contour all right that’s what we observe that’s what we can test like
our tests 13 14 miles across Mobile Bay prove that there’s absolutely no
curvature whatsoever when you do the math and we had engineers with us we had
a geometry teacher with us I mean these are not dumb people all right and these
tests are being done all over the world and you can see they go on to talk about
it the geoid and i don’t want to spend too
much time on this but it says for the sake of definiteness i guess a
definiteness we are obliged to introduce a new term for the surface in question
let us agree to call it a quasi deal on the ocean playing the quasi goe
coincides with the geoid but on the continents the quasi geode can be taken
if necessary as an appropriate expression of the geoid shape I mean
anybody understand what they’re talking about no okay I don’t think they do eat
now let’s get into this I just wanted to address the question when the National
geodetic survey says we don’t really we can’t really define a geoid I think that
says enough right but I will hear no it means the sphere really okay or it means
a you know an oval or it means a pear so okay you guys need to make up your mind
cuz the pictures we get the alleged pictures which are composite images from
NASA says it’s always perfect sir oh so just saying somebody’s confused
we know that the so-called space program and most of the governments of the world
but let’s just deal with NASA real quick that they it was founded and filled with
Nazis from Nazi Germany scientists like Wernher von Braun that we brought over
here scrubbed their evil doings in the Hitler’s SS put them in charge of all
kinds of things in our government but most of your astronauts were openly
freemasons you see there’s the ring on Buzz Aldrin
there’s buzz doing the 666 one eye loominatee symbolism here’s the
medallion for the moon landing it’s a freemason medallion I mean it’s just one
here them worshipping the triangle you know whether with their Masonic aprons
on and they these the high-level Masons take blood oaths they know they’re
worshiping lucifer albert pike and others mainly P Hall make this very
clear so we’re dealing in in both in the governments of the world wealthy a lot
of the wealthy people a lot of the astronauts a lot of the early Rockets I
mean they’re coming out with the or they just came out with the strange angel
about Jack Parsons and they’re just showing that he was deeply into Satanism
in the occult and cult rituals and he was the one of you know basically the
father of modern rocket rocketry you know of course they try to diminish the
fact that he was really the one that spearheaded it because he was an obvious
Satanist hang out with Aleister Crowley and so on and so forth but what blows my
mind and I like this little meme here that my friend Paul NASA lies Thomas did
but just point it out who are we gonna believe who are we gonna believe we’re
gonna believe God’s Word are we gonna believe Luciferian Freemasons
think about that and here was the one that kind of started this is the title
of one of the manuals everybody read this with me propagation of
electromagnetic fields over flat earth army manual February 2001
you said opacity the 1950s stuff in the 1960 stuff all they just didn’t know
they’ve learned stuff since right nope they tell you right here and you go into
the manual here’s the table of context it says comparison of principal fields
from an ideal dipole oriented perpendicular to a horizontal and
homogeneous flat earth army manual they tell you right here to assume that the
transmitting antenna and target or receive are located above but near the
surface of a flat idealized earth over and over again Army Research Laboratory
this is another one calculating low atmosphere profiles Sound speed at night
so calculating Sound speed alright pretty important stuff to
briefly examine short-range acoustic attenuation at night we use low
atmosphere profiles of wind speed temperature relative humidity shown
before as input to a flat earth non turbulent acoustic propagation model
called the Windows version scanning fast filled program so to add your computer
guy they’re talking about running the computer program and using as input to a
what flatter non turbulent atmosphere which in which means you know what they
tell us that the atmosphere is not moving with the spin of the earth it’s
non turbulent and it’s not it’s not carrying anything with it in this interesting I haven’t had to go
to one conspiracy website I haven’t been on info snoops Snopes I have
been anywhere have I I hadn’t been to a bar top secret I have any of those
mm-hmm no here’s MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology the top
technical school in the country or at least one of the top I’m sure they argue
among themselves who’s the top where’s this deep space dot right
property based system design method with application to targeting system for
small unmanned vehicles so this is a targeting system developed Massachusetts
Institute of Technology blah blah blah tells you who it is the author of this
and then in the description it says three targeting methods were considered
assuming a flat earth whoa why would an MIT professor PhD why when he assumed
the earth is flat assuming a flatter no he says he says three targeting methods
consider assuming a flat earth using D Ted data and using angled range data the
evaluation of oh I hit it myself the evaluation revealed a descending utility
order flat earth and range based upon the system’s requirements I mean these
are these and keep Aeronautics and Astronautics Flat Earth assumption
mind-blowing just wonders you see MIT and other doctoral candidates and phd’s
saying it’s flat and it’s not moving it’s what the Bible said it’s flat it’s
not moving oh yeah I say I’m crazy but these guys
can say it and they’re their papers get passed around among the elite and and a
lot of them classic yes and many of them do have Nobel Prize and they get
sometimes sometimes they get classified right and then declassified here’s one
this one is now this is general equations of motion for a damaged
asymmetric aircraft so what they’re trying to do is fix equations if a plane
lose part of its wing or tail fin or whatever how to compensate and all that
stuff right so that’s what this is about and the technical manual gives you this
stuff the introduction here’s the introduction right just so you know it
says in order to analyze the dynamics of damaged aircraft the dynamic equations
of motion must properly reflect the underlying physics now I want to say
that he want everybody to pay close attention they’re telling you right here
in the introduction of this and they’re showing you a damaged aircraft they’re
saying in order to analyze the dynamics of damaged aircraft and dynamic
equations of motion must properly reflect the underlying physics it must
what we’re gonna do here must reflect the true physics physics because you
don’t understand physics ok well these people do all right who are we talking
about here the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and here’s
what they say rigid by the equations of motion reference to an arbitrary fixed
point on the body there are several approaches that can be used to develop
the general equations of motion the one selected here starts with Newton’s laws
applied to the collection of particles defining the rigid body any number of
dynamics or physics books can serve as references so they say in the physics
books can serve as references I said in this paper the rigid body equations of
motion over a flat non rotating earth are developed why
why you’re telling me that the physics of a non-rotating flat earth are the
proper physics in a NASA document this is not pastor Dean saying this
these are NASA documents these are government documents I does anybody see
that no no over many years different schools the University of Delaware
Georgia Tech MIT no no no no no Russian scientists now here’s a doctoral
dissertation by a PhD candidate that became part of this European control
conference in fact he I guess he graduated but he he this doctoral
dissertation that he began to speak to I guess the European Space Agency or
whatever a new path planner based on flatness approach application to an
atmosphere re-entry mission this is designed for the for the Space Shuttle
quote re-entry and it’s funny they put orbit and re-entry and stuff like that
into quotations and I’ll explain all that next week we’ll get into that next
week but notice the outline of his doctoral dissertation statement of
guidance problem hmm don’t you have a guidance run well if
you’re basing stuff on a spherical earth and it’s really flattened you’re gonna
have a guidance problem alright so this guy comes along is you know what we got
to get back to a flatness approach I’m not making this up all right flatness
based trajectory planning here we go he’s talking about for this little
vehicle right here and we’ll keep going notice he says model in Flat Earth
coordinates everybody see that again this doesn’t
exist right flatter it doesn’t exist but we’re going to have a model for it and
all this Unicorn math sprinkled with fairy dust so this guy is
doing a doctoral dissertation in this present time to help with guidance
system of the shuttle and now we have unmanned shuttle system but he’s doing
this and saying we’ve had guidance problems so we got to we got to we got
to go to a flatness approach to a Flat Earth model now I’m gonna tell you this
guy’s way smarter than me I couldn’t do this kind of math not even in my dreams
okay but he does and he says guys we need a Flat Earth model and here’s the
math for it shall we keep going notice this assumptions meaning things we
assume are true Flat Earth Coriolis and centrifugal forces neglected here’s a
doctoral candidate who graduated got his PhD becomes a speaker to the European
control council and he’s telling him it’s a flat earth we ignore Coriolis
meaning the spin of the earth it’s completely ignored why because it
doesn’t exist and it’s what the Bible said all along the earth is fixed Abele
movable still and at rest everything secret is being uncovered now let me
show you I don’t like make my illustration this one I know I’ve said
it a couple of times but I want to use the illustration of the log splitter
something else Alabama boys appreciate I don’t have one’s anybody wants to buy me
one yeah welcome to I do it the old-fashioned way
with a maul and wedges and sledgehammers blocks little would be nice but log
splitters their their their engines and they’re generating certain pounds of
pressure and there’s there’s a lot of science involved in this true science
right and so here we have how to calculate the splitting force of a log
splitter I mean we got this guy I mean this guy broke down the calculation
right so we can figure out the pounds per square inch I mean the larger the
logs the more splitting force you will need I know all about this right measure
the diameter I mean he goes through he tells you how to calculate pounds per
square inch the piston and all this thing right for long splitter so if you
got all this calculation and figure out the PSI of a log splitter at some point
in your calculations would you say you know what I’ve got to throw in the Thor
hammer assumption I’m going to throw this in so to be right so we just assume
that we’ve got the log splitter maybe got a tough log but we’re going to make
sure we have the Thor hammer know you would never say that you would never say
that why cuz Thor is a mythical individual his hammer mythical it’s not
true it’s not a fact it’s not a no part of its effect so why would you include
that in the log splitter equation when you’re trying to explain to somebody how
a log splitter works and how the Pistons work and how you create the the the
pressure to split the logs why would you say oh but we’ve got to throw in the
Thor hammer assumption and equations for the Thor hammer in assistance with the
log splitter but that’s what NASA does and that’s what the excuse you will hear
you share this message you share these documents and you’ll start here
well-well-well down now they don’t mean whoa
they don’t mean what they’re saying so are they in literature school or are
they in rocket science school metaphors exactly metaphors
scientific mathematical metaphors Oh payloads for spinning projectiles
Farley I think you need to know where artillery is going to land look here
projectile flight dynamics a 6 DOF rigid projectile model is employed to predict
the dynamics of a projectile in flight the assumption of these equations assume
if letter these equations all bunch of math were going to do BG karpov
experimental observations of dynamic behavior of liquid filled shells US Army
ballistics Research Laboratory Aberdeen Proving Ground Maryland August 1961 is a
reference to this but he says and again a projectile you want to know where that
artillery round is going to land and what this study is the one that has a
solid explosive versus one that has a liquid payload so how much chemical
weapons or biological weapons so they want to know figure out the equations so
a 6 DOF rigid projectile model is employed to predict the dynamics of a
projectile in flight these equations assume a flat earth again why would you
do unicorn math why would you do the hammer math a big don’t exist why would
you try to calculate ballistic missiles unguided rockets shuttle landings why
would you base all your equations all of your science on a flat earth non
rotating non moving stationary atmosphere if it
doesn’t exist no more than a unicorn or Thor’s hammer this is the Army Research
Laboratory notice every time when you see dot mil whenever you see dot mil the
only and the United State Air e this is the Army’s research Matt Research
Laboratory beacon position and altitude navigation aided by magnetometer I’m not
going to try to pronounce those people’s names you
and see the documents prepared by the University of Delaware Department of
Electrical and Computer Engineering under contract of the US government this
I guess these people are dummies right they’re stupid all right
this tells you who they are I’m not gonna get into all that but this tells
you the PhDs and the people who were assisting this study and here we find
something problem formulation coordinate systems the motion of an object usually
described by rigidbody equations of motion derived from Newton’s laws this
section summarizes and notates three kinds of coordinate systems the first is
the earth fixed coordinate system which is fixed to the earth with a flat earth
assumption okay now we remember we’re talking about beacons for aircraft and
aircraft flying moving and we’re talking about stuff that’s moving why would you
assume first of all why would you use the term earth fixed I’ll deal with that
in a second and a flat earth assumption an assumption means something that it’s
just known to be true it’s just assumed because it is known it gets more
interesting because they have a little diagram here of what they’re talking
about and this little diagram of the earth seems to look like something and
they tell you that this y axis and the x axis are horizontal oh like that
horizontal and that this little disc right here is flat and it even has a
nice little dome over it and fixed points on the dome that they
use for navigation this is not me I want to repeat Army
Research Laboratory dot army dot nil not Pasteur Dean yes sir he markets it out
with a line he finished it with the planes or with planes and he markets it
out with the compass and make it after the figure of a man your face yep
absolutely and look and look that does this not look like something maybe maybe
we’ve seen Oh Oh what is that let me let me back up do you see that but we’re the
crazy ones why is the Biblical Hebrew cosmology shape of the earth in a US
army manual why ho pastor Dean that statistic when so really well let’s keep
going look at that they know the truth here we go this is a different one
everybody see where this came from you could interchange CIA gov it’s all the same okay they work together in fact I believe that all
high-level NASA people are spooks is what I believe
all right here we have the singular arc time optimal climb trajectory of
aircraft in a two dimensional wind field Oh Lord these guys right NASA research
smart people our rocket scientists everybody said I’m not a rocket
scientist well these are right all right so this document goes on to say in our minimum time decline problem the
aircraft is modeled as a point mass and the flight trajectory is strictly
confined in a vertical plane on a non rotating flat earth do you see that does
everybody see that and then they’ve got this nice little equation here
thus the pertinent equations of motion for the problem are defined in it’s and
it’s the state variable for mass and then they give you the mass wait a
minute is this unicorn mass is this Thor hammer mass wait a minute no it’s it’s
flat whoa what flatter non-rotating Flat Earth math Oh
then oh I’m sorry could we just substitute Pegasus unicorns no exactly
let’s keep going here’s another one closed form solution for ballistic
vehicle motion ballistic vehicle motion a closed form solution is developed for
the motion of a ballistic vehicle entering the atmosphere over a flat non
rotating earth Frank J Barbara Kaman Sciences Corporation Colorado Springs
Colorado closed form solution for ballistic vehicle motion meaning we
ought to know where this thing’s going to come down and what does it say right
here entering the atmosphere over a non-rotating flutter that’s in this
here’s another one vision based mobile target geo local localization and target
discrimination using Bayes detection theory Oh a mouthful right this is a
more modern I can’t remember the year on this one but anyway you see this is the
Academy Center for the United States Air Force US Air Force Academy UA UAS
research and this is for targeting for unmanned vehicles unmanned vehicle
aerial vehicles targeting manual yes oh yeah this one does have his email here we go check it out here the
objective of Geo localization problem is to estimate range to target which can be
estimated using the Flat Earth model shown in Figure 2 now let me explain
something to you I’m I I played a little golf
in my day right and I know that I hit a 9-iron 160 yards on a normal day so if
the ground is level I know if I hit my 9-iron the correct way it’s going to fly
in a nice little arc and it’s going to land about 160 yards right on the green
and roll right up to the hole I’ve dug I’ve actually made an eagle that way one
time alright so I know so if the ground is 20 yards higher say the green is 20
yards higher from where I’m standing so you change the altitude the ball is not
gonna fly in the air as long so it’s not going to go as far so if it’s a little
higher I have to go to an 8-iron back it up so because I’m gonna hit an 8-iron or
even a 7-iron so the ball will get there it’s the opposite if it’s lower by say
20 yards then I use having back up a couple of clubs and maybe hit a pitching
wedge so it changes where that might you know where my ball is going to land the
target I’m shooting at that pin at that green but I know just that slight
changes in elevation are gonna change the distance that my ball will travel
and I’ve hit enough balls with those clubs that know how far they’re gonna go
if I hit them right so we’re talking about here unmanned aerial vehicles
targeting objects stuff that’s moving in the air and on the ground and what do
they say it says the objective of Geo
localization problem is to estimate range to target which can be estimated
using the flat earth model shown in Figure two which would be this little
thing right here no curve do you notice the Flat Earth
model and your little aerial craft locating a target now if this line was
curved here as it does eight inches per mile square that line is going to
intersect at a different point I’m not a geometry teacher but that I know maybe
it’s just from golf right Flat Earth model range estimation using Flat Earth
assumption unmanned vehicle targeting manual from ResearchGate but of course
we showed you the United States Air Force Academy there I see that wait a
minute wait a minute what if I had a flat earth model on my desk I’d be
called a nut crazy you know what maybe the Lord’s have me show you because you
know what I think one of the things are going to try to do to some of us
Christians that if we believe in biblical cosmology and Flat Earth I
believe that they’re gonna try to say we’re crazy and try to take our kids
away and stuff like that having these documents in court would be a powerful
tool wouldn’t they now if they would be a powerful tool in court against the
government why are they not a powerful tool right now in church

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