Belizean Craboo Milky Way (Nance/Nanche)

Hi everyone welcome back to my channel
this is Shirani. Today I’ll be showing you how I make Belizean Craboo Milky
Way. So the only way I could buy craboo here in the States is frozen and I
usually buy mine from a Mexican store so what I do is I just let that sit out and thaw
out before I’m ready to use it. My husband came up with this brilliant idea to use a cherry pitter to take the seeds out of the craboo oh man I wish I
came up with that myself. I love doing it this way it makes it go by so much
faster. Okay so some craboo have big seed and small seed don’t try to force
the craboo with the big seed through the hole because it will get stuck in there
and I’m just saying it might take you like 10 years to get that seed out so
don’t do it As Belizeans we all love craboo and look
forward to craboo season I’m not sure how to describe craboo to the people that
don’t know what craboo is they have a distinctive smell and taste so maybe if
you didn’t grow up with it you might not like it I’m not sure after I’m finished I like to use my
hands and by the way my hands are clean I like to use my hands and mash the craboo before I add the other ingredients to my mashed craboo I’m adding some water evaporated milk condensed milk powder milk sugar vanilla and some
cinnamon just give everything a good mix before you put it into your bag I
couldn’t find bags like the bags we use in Belize to make milky way so I went
online and I found these I’m gonna leave a link for it below so you can check
that out I think I like these even better than the ones we use in Belize
cuz it’s just so much easier to work with in between make sure you give your craboo mixture a stir because sometimes the craboo likes to sink to the bottom. We have different ways how we eat craboo in Belize sometimes we would just mash it and eat
it with condensed milk make craboo ice cream or craboo milky way or we just eat
it by itself. I’ve noticed that in other countries they call it nance or nanche but in Belize we call it craboo I like to freeze mine overnight and then
enjoy it the next day. So this is what it looks like the next day nice rich and
creamy oh my gosh this just reminds me of home
I just love craboo milky way all you have to do is cut the top off and enjoy
I hope you liked this recipe and give it a try Thanks for watching and thanks for allowing me to share a piece of my life
with you growing up in Belize I’ll talk to you in my next one take care bye


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