Balaam 111017: The Prophet Greedy for Profit!

Test test test Hallelujah hallelujah Hallelujah praise You Jesus How y’all doing? Praise God my god. I see a lot of new faces Who hasn’t been here? Who’s visiting? Who’s visiting you’re not? Hi? How y’all doin welcome? Welcome to Arizona deliverance Center guys On behalf of michael w smith not the singer But the minister of deliverance and hardcore christianity team we welcome you thank you so so much for spending your Friday night With us you could be doing something with your family You could be doing something with loved ones whatever going out whatever you do, but you decided to come here amen praise God To glorify the Lord Jesus Christ amen he’s gonna be glorified tonight. We decree and declare it in this house He’s gonna be glorified tonight amen not a man not the team not anybody, but just the Lord Jesus amen he’s awesome So I just want to go over a few announcements tonight. We just um we want to just Maybe a little few house rules or something If anybody has seen that we have You know we can park out here in the front But I was told that there’s a the neighbor across the street we got to be careful about parking out in their driveway There’s a somebody was I guess their bumper was in front of their driveway so be careful with that There’s parking in the back. There’s parking along the sidewalk and there’s parking so in Near the healing house We want to encourage those who are referring the people to healing house we are We have to do a background check So it’s not just for it’s not just to come and and stay at the healing house Just because you have no place to stay so those of you that know about that just be careful of How you who you’re referring them to if you’re referring somebody that needs to be at the healing house and wants to stay Throw them to Ron Estrada. He’s the house Foreman so um and What was the other thing Kelly that we needed to go over bookstore? There’s a bookstore guys check out plain old spirits brother Mike’s book. It’s a manual on Mental Illness how to minister to the mentally ill praise God There’s a pigs in the parlor. We have an abundant supply of pigs in the parlor by Frank an item a Hammond They’re pioneers of deliverance ministry you have to read that book I think it’s just a phenomenal book brother Mike’s book is phenomenal. He gets to the root of mental illness Something that the Lord gave him amen a revelation of mental illness so praise God We have What was the other thing? There’s just uh just over the the parking oh? There was a healing so great. Yeah praise God. I’m sorry yeah, brother Mike So there was a powerful healing yesterday. I got to pray for a lady, and she’s not here. I don’t think Trina You’re here, Trina. No she came all the way from, Oklahoma Her and her husband to minister to her husband’s parents because they’re both in the hospital sick and she said I need to come to the house of healing to get prayed and filled first before I go and decide to minister to My parents so her back was healed She said that she showed me her arms and they were short You know you get shortened arms And then your she had shortened legs and the Holy Ghost pulled those arms out straightened out her shoulders and her back She said I can feel The power of God in my hip I can feel the power of God in my shoulders. I can feel my arm growing It was awesome. No. I I’m just I just sit. Can I pray you know can we pray for your legs in your arms? She’s like yeah, you know looky there sure you know one shorter than the other in the leg assure so it was awesome She goes I have no more back pain She went through a powerful deliverance of past hurts ooh soul wounds and that back pain left her back straight now So she said it’s gone praise God. I’m believing that um She said that she’s got other sicknesses But she goes I think this is just gonna be the beginning of healing me men So praise God without further ado we give God glory for brother Mike tonight, amen hallelujah Good evening welcome to the deliverance Center Carina is going to stay here tonight, and we’re gonna line up all the sick people She’s you’re a blown-out That’s why we’re here all right I’ll do the announcements real quick, but tonight. I wanted to talk to you about something really interesting It’s on the charismatic prophetic movement But I’m going to teach on something that includes that but expands it significantly and and There’s a couple of books here. I’d recommend you take a look at I don’t sell them here So you’ll have to get them from somewhere else, but one of them is the view beneath and the other one is purifying the prophetic They are quite remarkable this one purifying they were prophetic is a book written by a prophetic evangelist, but it’s a nuts and bolts look at the entire movement and need for holiness and sanctification, and then this one is written by the view beneath a woman who was in the movement for many years and There’s a lot more strange supernatural Experiences in that book than the other one okay? neither of them understand the Kundalini spirits That well reading the book But they know that something’s wrong they just can’t put their fingers on and I put my finger on it seminar But I’m not going to be doing that tonight Yeah Those two books are highly recommend very insightful interesting look into the world Speaking of an interesting look in the world divine. Healing is our next seminar. That’s a strange subject, and we’ll explain it in detail I will not be here next Friday Rick will be here teaching and His last teaching here got more looks at YouTube than mind you So I’m negotiating a deal with him since he’s more popular than I am We’re gonna have him teach three weeks a month And I’m gonna teach one week a month We’re trying to up the viewership So and there was a lot of great comments about his last teaching he’s here tonight Somewhere he’ll be here. What helped us with the altar, but there was a lot of great cop Scarily was like two weeks ago two or three weeks ago. Anyway. That’s been the highlight of the deal I’m thinking about dropping this one to 1280 I’ll give you more information on that later This one may be getting dropped too. I’m not sure that’s our West Valley station Reorganizing my ministry a little bit as you can tell moving Rick in and moving me out And all the radio programs are always on Soundcloud comm on the Internet okay, and then tonight’s teaching will be on our numbers our two second of our four YouTube channels How’s the healing AZ okay? And our Thursday night meetings where she was just talking about that lady that got that dramatic healing that was last night that’s always on our livestream Channel and If you need a miracle list that do you’ll be happy to do that send me an email my cat hardcore Christianity com I’ll send you out the list If you’re mentally ill that lifts wonderful If you’re a troubled Christian like 99% of the Christians in America you need to get this list so you can renew your mind If you get healed or delivered and you don’t renew your mind, you will eventually lose your healing and your deliverance Most of them lose it, okay, we newing of the mind is as important as being healed and delivered to People said amen and the heathens said glory If you don’t believe me you can go to the testimonial page on the website I got a whole list of testimonies of people that were went through that list and got healed so it does work if you plant You tubers I need you to open up your terror cells. I’ve only had one a Terror cell this week, okay. I need more. I’d like to have two too for a week Emailing me telling your open up a terror cell at your church and start picking off in six people our donation boxes are on the doors there and during the teaching and just after that we lock the doors and They can’t be opened unless you put Something in one of the boxes. It’s a new electronic trigger system Am I talking about I made that up Or you can donate on the website. Thank you I Won’t be here next Friday Rick will be here, but I will be in Oceanside and we’re gonna take a shot at killing this folks at the seminar I’ll teach twice that day and These poor people don’t know what they signed up for that’s right No, sorry for them All right, I got a really good Bible study for you tonight took God’s Holy Word Now years ago. I’ll do this part quickly and then we’ll get to the Bible in 1992 a revival broke out in Toronto Canada at an airport And this thing was spectacular people came from all over the world to survival and there were two guys running it Randy Clark and John are no they were great guys Fabulous he Arno was the pastor of the church. It was like a two hundred group church. They were he was great Randy Clark I met him a couple now. He’s one nicest guy who ever met in my life. He’s really a wonderful person what happened was this this revival broke out boom and I’m gonna broke out fast and powerful Wild things started happening right out of the gate? Okay? What happened was? Satan sent a bunch of familiar spirits and infected this revival and so during the revival you would have This person getting healed over here, then the guy over there Howling at the moon, and then you’d have somebody over here You can fill the spirit then you’d have somebody over here crawling around like a goat, and you had these strange manifestations Mixed in with the good ones the good things right and the revival was very much like us If I was to ask you or you or you Do you have a lot of good things about you as a person spiritually and personally you would say yes and then if I said You have some things that are bad about you that you’d like to get rid of and that kind of suck you would go Yeah, and then I would agree with you. That was their stuff about me that just needs to go I’m working on some stuff for years, and there’s other stuff. I want to keep You can tell I’m not a TV preacher because nobody would ever admit that on YouTube But everybody’s got flaws everybody’s got things in There not right nobody’s perfect Christ was perfect, but we’re not Those of you are think you are perfect are usually in politics Or have what they call NPD narcissistic personality disorder Everybody’s got plugs. Well this revival had these terrible flaws in it and this thing spread everywhere All over America all over, Canada. It’s gone through half the planet practically and this is part of Satan’s grand Plan as Jesus warned us even the very elect will be deceived at the end remember So what the the only way that can happen is if the devil mixes in Good with bad He’s too smart to just give you something totally bad, okay, so Christians generally speaking have very low discernment ratios but if I brought a witch doctor in here Doing a ceremony Trying to heal somebody’s something 99.9% of the people here would see that and go hey that’s demonic that’s of the devil correct and slam dunk if I had a room full of Lutheran’s About 50% of them would catch that Even Lutheran So the devil infinitely smarter we are doesn’t come at you that way he comes suddenly with something that looks Okay He’s too smart for boo. Do that’s for another setting he runs that show Church show different it’s not hardcore occult. It’s Christian or cult it’s all. It’s what it is see and it’s a subtle little thing subtle thing and it’s sweeping the World right now and it’s going to continue to sweep the world until a person Rises up somewhere on the planet He’s called the false prophet in Revelation This guy’s of the Antichrist was mentioned numerous times in Scripture Old Testament, New Testament the false prophet pops out of nowhere in Revelation nobody knows anything about him No one had ever heard of him before until John Revealed it in Revelation didn’t know existed. They knew all about the Antichrist Nothing about him He’s the key ingredient for the end of the world he’s the stick that stirs the drink as Reggie Jackson used to say Kind of dating myself, they’re Called Reggie Jackson’s not good. He must know his sixties The false prophets the one that takes the religious Christian World puts it together like chrislam And the occultism and he mixes it all together To create Mystery Babylon the New World Order of religion where all the religions kind of come together minimizing their differences and maximum accentuated you know their positives And you can see it happening right now collecting the Bexar It’s happening right now. So my guess is the false prophet is not that many years away I wouldn’t be surprised if he was alive right now Maybe in grade school or something I would not be surprised and I may not seem but He’s coming he’s coming He’s definitely coming Okay, but I’m not gonna go into the prophetic stuff. I want to show you something much more important But it relates to this Those were the guys of the Toronto bus and they’re wonderful people Good and bad have to be mixed Do you follow me Yes, so People go overboard in some circles trashing this person in that person. I know all about that I’m viciously trashed Because of the stuff I teach you like people hate me When they meet me they’re just incredibly happy But These are not bad people a person who teaches the false doctrine or believe something that’s false is not a bad person They are not servants of Satan they’re not Monsters from Hell Ain’t their spirit-filled Christian nobody’s perfect Does anybody here perfect raise your hands. We can just laugh when God’s up at ya you’re perfect That’s gonna gather round folks. Here’s the lady in it She’s a sucker Nobody’s teaches perfect doctrines Elizabeth Elizabeth Shush, I thought I did no you don’t All right firstly, I do not if but however if I get caught Which I enjoyed getting caught I switch it fast like a change in fast because the Bible says teachers are held To a higher standard on Judgment Day, and I don’t want to get my butt kicked on Judgment Day so if I’m screwing something up, and I see it I quit doing it immediately I Try to quit doing it some of its personality driven, and I got serious personality flaws Oh That guy’s got massive personality flaws Thanks, I’m not near as bad as him, but anyway. You know how that works Okay now let’s check this out if someone comes to your PUC Paul ran into every everything. I just said and more Paul ran into when he after he built the Corinthian church So he leaves and he gets these reports and these things start happening weird stuff starts happening in the church So he has to send him a note. He sent several letters. We only have two of them we know there were at least four and Probably more knowing him so he sends him the letter says hey whoa red flag if somebody sends you Comes in there preaching about another jesus aloes meaning one of similar kind equality And we have not preached now that word preached there in Greek is in the past tense But it’s the aorist tense meaning it passed once Only happen once Right as opposed to Rick here There he is Rick, that’s a huge IQ but years ago. It was a lot lower, and he used to sell hot dogs And that’s how he supported his family. He was selling hot dogs at ballgames and Because as a effervescent personality He was able to sell volumes of hot dogs You know and make the car payment and every way. He knows selling hot dogs like crazy That’s gotta get so hot dog That wasn’t in the aorist tense if I said Rick sold sold some hot dog a hot dog last week No, he was selling hot dogs and continuously selling them So that would not be in the aorist tense Okay, that would be in the past continuous tense He repetitively every week sold hot dogs right Paul said hey I came to you once I preached the truth to you once, but these other people are coming in preaching repetitively LeMond that day if you receive President connective tense if you are conceived and continuing to receive this crappy information And that’s what he’s warning about about a heteros totally different spirit Paul had come there once and taught them about the Holy Spirit and the great son of God And he gave him Rock-solid truth at that time once and all these people got converted and the Holy Ghost moved in fantastic then after that they kept they started get bombarded with these Kooks spiritual books coming in and so he’s warning him about it And he says they’re teaching not the Holy Spirit They’re teaching another spirit Which is what? I was just talking about a minute ago during the Toronto thing you had the holy spirit And then you had the other spirits mixed in It’s a mix It’s a it’s a mix Same technique say Taniya does the same thing over and over again if it works He’s a creature of habit if it works. He repeats the behavior He’s too smart not to Then it says or somebody preaches heteros a totally different gospel saying That you have not accepted in the past once when I brought you the real gospel I gave it to you hey there it is These guys are coming in repetitively Preaching all kinds of different Gospels prosperity and all this of the crap the same thing we have now Nothing’s different Good can be with bad. Let’s check it out In Whoop submissive slide here I’m sorry number is 20 tickle okay? I blew that little ace check this out the children of Israel set forward pitched in the plains of Moab on the site on this side of Jordan the West side check this out Jehovah took the Jews out of Egypt, and he’s killing it Nobody kills it like father does Nobody aw ten plagues of Egypt you gettin your faces kicked in Red Sea crossing Everybody heard that news and everybody all the gods are shaking in their boots Well the only goes Up even start manifesting it’s the same principle on a smaller scale The Holy Ghost surround the demons man if they’re there shaking in their boots or oh my god. We’re gonna get our faces kick in Demons like people don’t like their faces kicking Well the Jews are killing everybody they’re taking over territories they are mopping up armies Jehovah is liquidating the idolaters from the promised land Centuries ago he had told Abraham he would give Right everybody knows what I’m saying right now. I apologize for that slide Balak the king of Moab Okay, his name means spoiler Saw Israel coming down the pike so they’re down here On this side of Jordan and then Moab’s down here and the Jews are coming up from Egypt here. They’re marching down Into the Promised Land and they’re mopping everybody up as they go down And Ballack cease at any freaks he was he was scared because then the next group of people on the menu Practically was the Moabites They were going down next. I’ll show you met map in a minute. They were afraid Because there are so many Jews now. They were getting out of control because of Jews back then they bred like rabbits Because God told them hey start cranking out some kids Let’s get it done. Yeah, I’m giving you all this land I want a bunch of I want my children everywhere so they’re breeding like mad dogs and There’s Jews everywhere and you can see them from the mountaintops okay, so Ballack is panicking and They said to the elders this this this group of Jews these Israelites they lick up the ground Like a dog ox licks up grass That’s jehovah Listen once you repent of your sins straighten your life out the Holy Ghost gonna fight for you like you can’t even believe He’s gonna start bodyslam in the devil Choking him out dragging him around the cage If you don’t change you And you continue with your stinking thinking oops you got to keep getting your face kicked in see it’s the law of sowing and reaping That we live under You do what’s wrong You get a good butt whipping that’s right you do what’s right and the Holy Ghost will lick up the ground ahead of you And crush your enemies like they are nothing. Thank you Ballack says oh my god We had some bad truffle boys It’s coming pike so to speak numbers 22 he sent messengers to pay look Son of ER. Where’d he sent him to path or death or means? soothsayer Okay, now the Moabites are down here pet Thor’s way up there The Jews are marching down to the promised land Balaam is God’s prophet. He’s been called by God God speaks to him God visits him He had a destiny ahead of him was spectacular. He was to be like Jeremiah and Isaiah He was to be a great great Old Testament prophet never be forgotten Balaam xanpe sure but he makes a mistake same thing modern Christians they they Hang around people they shouldn’t be hanging around that’s good. Oh That’s so bad He was hanging around a city of Caesarea and When you live in a certain area, it’s virtually impossible not to be influenced by the people their culture the style of living the lifestyle it kind of seeps empty and Balaam a true prophet of God Started to develop a tumor on his soul He started to see these other soothsayers farming spiritual things for money Jehovah wasn’t give any money He gave him a lot of other things, but Balaam wanted to be a 21st century TV preacher He saw these other since there’s reading palms checking your TV t leaves out To read new tarot cards. I’m using today’s lingo but he saw that he saw they were getting paid and The the demons planted a seed in the soul that started to turn into economic cancer he started to see in his mind in his soul the concept of spiritual benefits and renumeration Like on TV And He’s living in an area he shouldn’t have been living in He’s living in New Orleans in a way He lives up here there He lives there Hey, the mole bites are way down here and the Jews are marching down Licking up every ounce of the territory Property you name it the Jews are taking it They can’t stop because Yahweh fights for them Why they were being obedient you want to know something if you’ll just change your life Or your attitude of the way you think you know what? Father would do the same thing for you because thus saith the Lord hear o Israel. I am God. I do not change. That’s wrong God doesn’t change you obey you get the benefits you Continue to sin you continue to disobey you are Screwed that’s right Thus saith the Lord? Yeah Lost some points points and glory for that, but I did get the point in See the distance here now check this out It’s a three week ride by pack mule from shore down to Moab Okay, been hit over then if you wanted to travel somewhere that was a three week trip Can you hear me? That’s important later Ballocks panicking he says listen. There’s a there’s a Super-powered prophet and push or okay? He’s not just one of the normal soothsayers up there. We don’t need one of them We got them down here But this guy’s special Yeah, if you have legitimate gifts from God and a legitimate anointing from God other people will notice that you are special If you start to buy that concept You’re in deep trouble The only thing that makes you special is your relationship with the special one the specialness never comes from you Balaam wasn’t listening to me Rabia Sreesanth. I wasn’t born yet Balin was listening to other things and so they said let’s go get this guy We’ll bring this prophet down here He’s a super-powered guy with God and we will have him put a curse on these Jews, and they won’t come lick up our land Doesn’t mean they look up Lynn. Hey, dude you’re dead You’re dead you’re not dolla turn Okay, they didn’t have deliverance back. Then we have it here at the deliverance center Where people come up for prayer we do not kill them? This is a dispensation of grace. They are to be delivered and loved on ok back then no we love nobody you’re dead You’re an idolatry you like bail you do You’re gone So He says they’re covering the faith of the earth well, that’s what it seemed like to him for sure And they says come now, I pray and curse this people they’re too much for us, but no kidding If you’ll change your life change how you think and repent of your sin, I’ll tell you what the devil be going This guy’s too much for me mmm You know what the Holy Ghost and start fighting for you. He can’t lose He has never lost that’s right, you don’t know how to lose Even if you explain it to me, and I haven’t been There too much for me. I can’t prevail now come down and we he says You join me on the King? And I’m gonna pay you like you won’t believe We will Get these Jews cursed and get them killed Okay, come on down Let’s make a deal and I Know that you are super-powered man of God if you bless somebody they’re blessed You curse them boom. They’re cursed, okay, Balaam was a powerful prophet of God hundred percent legitimate great man of God He had a destiny ahead of him to be like a super prophet. That’s where he was headed Jeremiah Isaiah John the Baptist supposed to be in them and as they say in Dallas the wing of Honor That’s where he was headed and that’s where God had called him to go God had called him to greatness As he has you he’s called him to greatness and Ballack a demon-possessed King recognized His anointing Somebody sure got that one numbers 22 the elders of Moab and Midian departed with rewards of divination They’re only doing what they know they know about soothsayers. They know about divination, and they know those guys Let’s say hey This balaam guy this profit guy. I’m sure he’s a dip. He’s different divination. Just a different kind More powerful for sure and I’m sure he takes They came to Balaam I said hey, this is what we want you to do come with us And we will do all these great things together Get rid of these Jews He said that them once you camp here tonight remember they took three weeks to get there they didn’t fly their Camp tonight they said that’s fine, what’s another night – three or three or so weeks whatever it was I’ll go talk to Yahweh or Jehovah Lord means Yahweh in the King James level and He will speak to me and then I’ll come back and tell you what he says So they said sounds good, and it says God came to Balaam Why I just I just told you he’s God’s man of prophecy his destiny is Jeremiah, Isaiah he’s on his way to Superstardom so to speak Spiritually he had to call a God on his life, and he had a destiny in his life to fulfill which was Greatness and may I remind you you also have a destiny to fulfill Don’t mind my saying And he says Ballack son of his poor king of Moab has sent me Sent these people up here to talk to me and Know that people come out of Egypt they cover the whole face of the whole Lord now go down and curse them drive them out and Jehovah said to Balaam. Why is God talking to me? I? Just told you he is God’s prophet He is a legitimate prophet of God with a great destiny and future ahead of him he is hearing the word of the Lord because he’s the man and God talks to him right there, you will not go with them You you will not curse those people they’re blessed Yeah, that’s a funny thing about the Holy Ghost sometimes you can be awful blunt That’s the best time to be with him so Bright, but he gets up the morning. He goes back to the guys. He said listen go back home scram Hit the road jack whatever this thing is now Yahweh, or Jehovah refuses to let me go with you The prince has got up They went back again three week pack mule drum hike they didn’t go down the street and turn left. I mean this was a long journey and They said hey King Balaam said no go no Not her and Balak does what anybody who’s desperate would do You’re staring an extinction You’re all going to die well, we got to lose so he sends them back Go back and Talk to him again Only this time take this guy in this guy in this then about the more Stronger communicators the more powerful guys, I sent Ricky’s last time Nam ascend my major leaguers So to speak back to convince this prophet to come down here and stop these Jews They get back to in three weeks later Let nothing hinder you from coming the King says I will promote you to great honor and I Will do anything you say to me Wow now understand Understand None of this would have worked at all if the devil hadn’t planted that little tumor in His soul from Peshawar He had that little thing in there. There was an urge it was desire for Money security nice things luxury things like a TV preacher They want limos they want mansions they want exotic gifts they want fancy jewelry Yeah, they want to use spiritual things to get it Am I helping anybody? He had this tumor all them TV preachers have more than tumors. It’s just full-blown cancer. This guy’s only got a tumor now It’s not full-blown Okay, it’s just a little tumor Once the devil gets a little tumor in you He never leaves it there He always Makes it grow His mama didn’t raise no fool The devil like Ballack is desperate that’s right. He doesn’t think about it He puts it out of his mind, but the lake of fire is in his future. He’ll do anything to keep from going there He’s desperate to win Alex facing extinction these Juiz are going to overrun him Everything will be lost children dead wives dead every soul all of them God Jehovah said Nobody lives that’s right, they’re idolaters right the most hideous of all sins Come and curses people. I’ll do anything you tell me you will get great honor now what the devil’s doing he’s massaging that little Were in there see that yeah, see he the devil knows he has it so he tells Ballack in his mind send it send your best men up there and offer him more Balaam said well listen I told you last time if you if you offered me everything in the world I Can’t go beyond the word of Jehovah my god Can you see that okay now, you know this tumor is not that big right? Yeah He’s still God’s man of faith and prep the prophetic. He’s still God’s prophet can’t you see that? That’s a godly thing to say that’s what you would expect God’s man of faith and power to say to a bunch of guys coming up from Moab Well done now therefore I pray stay here tonight And I will go talk to the Lord again. Oh now see now now I’m back now I’m back in first grade. See I did that to my parents And asked him this way, and it was a no, but then I gotta come back over here Then I would come back that way to see if I could get kind of a yes And then I come back another one and try and get me a yes. I would try to work it out Because he got a better offer and that tumors there guess who sees that tumor yes Who sees your tumors all the Holy Ghost sees right through you see everything about us He sees that little lust tumor that little anger tumor that little Bitterness tumor that little frustration tumor he sees it clear as day right in there. He knows it so does the depth So the devil massages down he plays with it. He baits it Jehovah sees that tumor too now Jehovah’s thinking uh-oh that thing just grew a couple of inches Now baylin’s in trouble, I’m going to change my plans God came to Balaam at night and said if the men come to call on you Hello Please follow me closely as I got some points to me. I need to make these points if I don’t I’m going to be sad If they come to you Notice the instruction go up get up and go with them and what I tell you to say that’s what you will say okay Balaam is a true prophet of God. He says okay great. I’m gonna do exactly that so Balaam rose up the morning He saddled his ass and he went with him Well that wasn’t what he made See when I was a kid in second grade If I wanted something it was a no if I heard something that I can interpret in my mind as a yes I would I would go for it even if it was still a no That pattern of modifying auditory data by continuing into several of my marriages With the current marriage it doesn’t work The information is repeated several times in a detail until I fully aware I’ve gathered it incorrectly but when I was young I Would hear stuff my own way You kind of hear stuff your own way People hear things our own way Every married person is not in their head round You know no Mike you don’t know yeah, I’m in a counselor for than five years, honey I do know now exactly we were done he Salus acid he went with the princess. He goes out. Okay time to go now check out this math there. It is way up there Sweet trip going from there to there He goes with him them and while he’s gone Jehovah Gets angry, it’s a bad spot to be on if you’re a prophet Or anybody really and The angel of the Lord stood in the way as they traveled down there And whenever you see that phrase angel of the Lord in the King James Bible it means Jehovah It’s not a regular angel Yahweh stood in the way And now he was riding upon his ass and his two servants were with him Wow now that’s an interesting statement Balaam Took two of his best guides with him The only way they will go with you is if they’re starting to develop a tumor to People with sin tumors always influence other people It’s subtle King David had a sin tumor and He wanted a number Israel and Jehovah told him not to do it and his best friend and their servant who had been with him for decades it didn’t have that tumor and Tried to talk him out of it these two servants sitting around thinking about oh Yeah, I see that yeah limb oh, yeah you have a Persian rug yeah, that’s good and Kenneth Copeland yeah, that’s great. Yeah, I wanna I want a swimming pool in my bedroom, too After all I’m a man of God They start thinking about Swimming pools and dancing girls and different things, and they go yeah well Let’s go Bailey. Let’s get her done Well Jehovah stop something right there the ass turns aside and goes into the field yeah, and I know this sounds nuts but sometimes certain kinds of animals can sense things in the Sparrow world particularly dogs and cats seriously a lot of them will Pick up demons and different things around in the spirit world not all but I mean sometimes they do Well this this ass turns aside in the field when he sees him He’s frightened, and he sees him standing there. I mean I can’t imagine what that would look like and he had a sword okay, now, that’s That’s that’s not rolling out the red carpet a sword is not a good sign and then Balaam started to smoke the ass to turn her back on to the main thoroughfare the desert area and here Balaam sinks to a typical 21st century Christian they they say stuff and do stuff what they end up doing is kicking their own ass and Half the time it’s not the devil beating them up, it’s them beating them they’re ignorant selves up So Balaam starts to kick his own ass here, and this isn’t gonna go good the angel of Lord Yahweh stood in the path of the vineyards Okay, a wall on this side a wall on that now they’re trapped They’ve got trees going this way trees going that way and then the ass saw the angel of the Lord again She threw herself Against the wall it crushed Balaam’s foot what is that telling us? The donkey was panicking because the doggy Loved Balaam and had been a faithful loving servant its entire life and and That’s exactly what a long-term pet gives to a human being in the 21st century They’re the best friends. You’ve got People love their pets far more than they love their spouses oh Oh absolutely oh no question oh Yeah my wife has a pet It’s a Flemish Giant it’s one of those giant rabbits And it’s it’s a almost like a neon blue. It’s the most beautiful pet. I’ve ever seen it’s freaky And you kind of touch it in it get mushes, and then it comes back to the same spot almost like It’s weird The rabbit we’ve had five years okay, the rabbit every time I get near it bolts I Mean who’s saying both boom to get away after five years. I don’t do anything different. I talk to it nice I say things I try to act in friendly rabbit type manners. Nothing’s working My wife goes in there sits down She comes over to puts her crimes up on her on her thighs of pet and talk to each other they I can’t interpret any of it And the affection there between my wife, and the rabbit is extremely high between me and the rabbit its debt zero The thing can’t stand and it’s obviously mentally ill and so I’ve watched this rabbit and sometimes this was a few years ago I would say something stupid or nasty about it, and I’d look over at the wife And and you ever seen a wife’s face change It goes from that to Inappropriate and the light hit me here. Yeah Spouses like their pets Better than their spouses, so I never did that again to me the rabbit is fantastic. I’m always nice Because I don’t want to get thrown out the house, but anyway here. We’re back to this this this donkey loved Balaam and He accidentally hurt him II didn’t mean to do it But he was panicking who wouldn’t be panicking in this situation I’d have been running for the fields Or doing something so he keeps beating her Now he’s lost his temper now now check this the devil always adds something to your tumor. It’s a little greed Now there’s a little anger in there That he’s being denied this this donkey is keeping him from his greed results and Now he’s getting mad and then the anger later on the devil keeps feeding it, and it starts turning to rage And the anger goes he feeds it more and then it turns to Murder then he feeds it a little more that it turns to mass shooting in a church see Nobody woke up as a sixth grader mass shooting a church The devil trained that person and fed that tumour in the soul over the years so that years of training killed Those people in that church that guy didn’t wake up like that 20 years ago say. I’m gonna church to shoot everybody that ever happened you have to be fed and trained and Blessed by the devil to act like a psychotic fool You know just walk out of your room I’m a psycho it’s not gonna happen And The donkey can get away Joe hope was closing in on him right when the ass saw Yahweh or Jehovah She said I can’t go to my left or my right. I’m stuck she just boom drops Who would have ever dreamed tonight a Donkey teaches God’s greatest spiritual lessons the best thing you ever did in your miserable Stinking life was fall on your knees in worship And if you repeat it tonight the Holy Ghost will come right to you That donkeys dropped right there and guess what it saved her life Baylin’s anger was now explosive, he’s quitting this thing half to death and then supernaturally Jehovah opens the mouth of the ass and She says why are you doing this? You got to be pretty mad and And really out of your mind in a way To have to have an ass talk to you to communicate with You’re a bad spot The ass keeps talking to him and you know he’s mad And Balaam says to the ass now he’s not whipping his own ass. He’s talking to it Because you mocked Amin see he Misinterpreted see that seed of greed and lust and anger you have in your soul Has blocked your anointing for so many years and the reason for that is you misinterpret spiritual things Your anger and your frustration your lust caused you to misinterpret Spiritual thing yes, he thought it was mocking Far from it That’s how he interpreted it Welcome to the root world of Taking offenses, and why they’re so dangerous in Christianity You know what? Almost all offenses are based on a false premise Somebody said that you thought they meant that they actually meant that there’s a fight over it you said this you said that No, I didn’t yes. I did why didn’t mean that I meant this, but you said that then you said that Pretty soon you got racks of offenses ruining your anointing and your Christianity He said I you mocked me which he wasn’t doing and if I would have I to kill you Don’t you see how that the devil takes a little tumor he adds to it Now it’s anger now. It’s murder and you know Here’s offensives announcing divorce Here it’s an odd curiosity here. It’s lust here. It’s adultery pedophilia it all It all always grows Nobody Nobody falls out of the womb a pedophile They’re groomed by the devil yes to desire That and want that and appreciate that and see that as the track nobody Nobody throws up going you know what and these third graders. They haven’t really sexually attractive I would like to have sex with a third grader nobody does that they do if a Lust seed is planted in the soul and the devil keeps watering that a little bit little porn here flirting here a little sex there He waters things They get big Now he’s up to murder if I had a sword in my hand the irony holiday irony behind him is who and he has a what a sword in his hand You have no idea how dangerous word curses particularly the ones you use on yourself? He spoke out was about to happen to him That little I said This guy’s a prophet of God This isn’t a new Christian. I said in the backslidden Christian this guy’s was hardcore on point prophet of God Now ready to glow his snack now beating his best friend That’s what pets are that you’re with for years and years, they’re your best friend in fact tonight I’m sitting on the porch of my mother-in-law sit next to me and The dog we gave them mocha has developed bladder stones So they went from seven two weeks ago to twelve so now they’re gonna rush her into surgery and The mother-in-law says to me tonight on the patio If something happens that dog I don’t think I’m gonna be able to make it Now people love their animals trust me you know that I mean you people did they get the pets to get into your soul Well this animal here It was his best friend and animals can be your best friend no question about it because they give Unconditional love. I would have killed you Whoa that went from a little tumor of greed in the soul now. It’s went to anger then it went to rage now. It’s Murdering his best friend this guy’s a prophet of God The ass I was doing Hey, I’m your best friend. I did. I never did anything to hurt you I’ve always helped you Why are you beating the crap out of me? Correct I thought I always been your best friend have I ever hurt you he goes. No. I think about it no Then after this a semitic conversation ends Oh Aren’t you listening tonight Can you hear it when you’re through babbling to God? With all the crap you think’s important oh He’ll listen to you and then they’ll speak to you when you’re done When you stop talking to your ass and beaten your own ass You know that God will come right to you and talk to you when you learn to shut your stuff Your big fat mouth and be still and know that I am the lower Some people are too busy venting to the Lord to be able to hear him say anything And then what happened boom the Prophet comes back That happened to me when I was kid I had a big fight with my sister And I can’t not remember anything about it but I remember I ran out the door and slammed the door and she had I caught her finger door And I instantly went from raging anger as a kid to feared to sympathy And within milliseconds Fear I was going to get in deep trouble For I didn’t know it was broken or anything. I thought oh my god. What did I do? I? Was Balaam suddenly he sees the tragic error of his insanity as New Testament calls it madness and Then he falls on his face Which is exactly what you should have been doing? And he always says Why are you kicking your own ass? And why did you do it three times? Don’t you hate it when the Holy Ghost just comes you with some simple facts and ask simple questions of why you’re doing something But it actually turns out to be a blessing behold. I went here to stop you because you are Perverted Translation you remember that little you live in Peshawar right and you live with all the soothsayers And you saw them making money off spiritual things, and then you kind of had to urge to make money off spiritual things, too Didn’t you? Didn’t you bail them? Oh? Yes? I said yeah, that kind of did yeah, and then these people came to you And I told you what to do, and then you came back to ask me again I knew that little tumor in your soul had grown Or you would never come back and asked me See you would have told them didn’t I tell you before you can go home now You didn’t do that you came back and asked me I saw that tumor and your soul grew a little bit that day And then I told you to wait for them to come to you, but you didn’t you just saddled up your ass And then you took off so now I saw that tumour get a little bigger The devil watches your tumour your anger your bitterness Your lust he watches those little tumors in your soul. He notices when they get bigger then he knows when to feed you again Temptations and trials feed soul tumors He sees that thing loneliness fear he feeds it And your your perverted your putting money ahead of me Well, what do we do now well Jehovah changed his plans? Say the devil meant things for you for evil, but father’s gonna turn it around for So Joey says you know something I’m I’m gonna take all these screw-ups Ballack Balaam the talking donkey Servants and these idiots from Moab. I’m gonna pull a fast one on and the ass saw me and Turned from me three times if she had to turn I would have slain you You were beating the only person that was saving your life Welcome to American Christianity Christians always eat their own They always heard the person that can help them the most Balaam said I have sinned I Did not know you were there Now he’s an American Christian what Americans Christians don’t know about the spirit world. It’s frightening They’re always left in confusion spiritual force He says well, I’ll just go back again, Balaam didn’t know the plans had changed Jehovah was up to something else now He says no go with these men But you only speak what I tell you well with seeing that sword Then it’s almost like an exclamation point on a sentence Now he’s ready to listen okay Weren’t you in a better spot ready to listen when your spouse said they’re leaving or they moved out You know the doctors report was bad the the Layoff caught, you isn’t it interesting How father will use the devil’s trauma in your life Or use you reaping what you have sown to help you later. Yeah He says, okay, whatever you say I’ll speak it no matter what? Now he’s back to being Balaam the prophet of God which is what he was Now he’s back on his destiny Road He’s back on track I’ve got to be helping somebody listen some of you are off your destiny Road You drifted off somewhere you got off the track fell off the table you can get back on regardless of your age There’s something left for you None of you have ever screwed up this bad none of you ever had God come down with sword threaten to chop your head off and None of you sat around talking to your own ass All day long you do it for a couple of minutes that you quit none of you are as sick as Balaam none of you were of you are as great a man a woman as God as Balaam oh don’t you remember I said good can be was bad aren’t you? He went back with him to The border of Arnon he said done Ballack meets him too. Good night, Ernest. They send to call you. Why didn’t you come to me the first time dude? Listen I’m able to promote you to great honor translation. I’m able to feed that little tumor in your soul Who’s he talking out that Devils talking to England through Ballack he’s entitled sure he’s demon-possessed just help him Devils talking to Balaam I Can give you honor money you name it. I’ll give it to you I Have hey you want power I’ll give you that and he says they listen whatever God tells me to speak now Malik hadn’t seen the sword People don’t understand you because they didn’t have a cancer scare they didn’t get laid off and the head the electricity turned off See it’s easy for people to spout off what you ought to do Having as my grandpa once said never walked a mile in your moccasins It’s easy to tell somebody what to do when you haven’t been through that Well bit Balaam had been through the sword and He was ready to talk and So Ballack offered oxen and sheep and sent to Balaam and To the princes Tsar who’s that? Those were the two that Hebrew word is used of angels these two guys that were with Balaam were top-notch prophet trained East Elijah Elijah Elisha Balaam Two boys Replacements hey you always have to train a replacement Yeah, I do that myself, but I can’t find one nobody’s dumb enough to do this Kind of work, but anyway Listen Go set up these altars let’s go He brought about the month of the high places of Baja That he might see the uttermost Part of the people of Israel to them the mountain of Bale now you see how Jehovah Changed his plans listen if you’ll change your attitude and stop sinning and repent to change The negative thoughts you listen to and repent of your sin, and change your life God will Rub your enemy’s nose in it right in front of you You lost all that money, he’ll restore it Sevenfold yes Now Jehovah is going to teach bail a lesson. They go up to the mountain. They’re looking at Jews there are Jews everywhere They’re all over the place If you’re an Arab that’s the last thing you want to see a bunch of Jews all over the place And if you’re a mobile bite, it was exactly the same Balaam said now listen give me seven altars. Give me seven oxen give me seven RAM. Let’s get this thing going and they built the altars on the top of satanic Mountain right and Have you ever noticed something funny about that this doesn’t have nothing to do with it? But I thought it was kind of entry sevens an interesting number to God for some reason Ever notice that I never teach on numbers, but I thought I would just throw this in there tonight 7:00 is a very important number to God for some reason notice all these sevens and all these different blessings There must be something to that number I don’t know don’t fully understand it but Number 23 Balaam said may you stand by your burnt offering here, and I’ll go yonder And I’ll talk to the Lord okay in his mind. He still sees the sword So he heads over to talk to the Lord and the Lord tells him this is what I want you to do Hey, I got seven altars going I got the animals on the offer for the offering Number 23 and the Lord put a word Maven’s mouth why because he was a prophet of God. He was back on track He was fulfilling his destiny to become like Jeremiah, and I say 1 there yet for sure far from it But he was on that road you say well. I’m not there yet. No you’re not there yet. You’re like the rest of us You’re on your road, though. Okay tonight. You’re gonna get back on your rope Victory road you’re gonna stop living like you are you’re gonna get back on it Because if this guy can be restored you can be restored Cuz he’s a bigger screw up, and you are no offense He returns to buy his burnt offering and sacrifice. He and all the princes of Moab And He took up this palin pant parable he says bellick king of Moab You brought me from around and out on the thumbs of the east come and curse Jacob and defy Israel how shall I curse whom God has not cursed? How shall I define whom God has not defiled don’t you see it? Can’t you see it when you trashed yourself and you ran yourself down you are handing your soul over to the devil Trying to put a little tumor in you because God called you blessed you told God To shove it and you cursed yourself You spoke evil and stupidity and ignorance over yourself. I’m no good. I’m an idiot I’ll never mount anything just like my dad said it’s like my mom said you? cursed yourself And you contradicted the father because he said you were blessed Here’s your verse of the night how in the world shall I define when God has not be fine He has not defined you he has blessed you. He has not cursed Then he gives a prophecy of the entire nation of Israel this goes from bad to worse for Ballack From the top of the rocks. I will see him him One of you that is from the hills I behold him new that is the people that they shall dwell alone I shall not be reckoned among the other nations. Whoa who’s that? Who can count the dust of Jacob? Who’s that? The number of the forth of Israel who can count them Let me die the death of the righteous. Let me let my last end be like kids What a great prophecy Valek said, what are you doing? What the heck are you doing? Listen the devil say that to you. If you’ll just repent just change Just change The devil oh my god, you’re you’ve turned on me tonight you’re gonna turn on He’s gonna say that to you now, what are you done to me? Well you don’t know me? I gave you that little lust to wear. I gave you that anger to wear so like I’ve been feeding that little thing for you Well, I teach you to take offense as you get mad at people I put that too in your soul there come on keep feeding that what do you mean? What do you I can’t that to you you got to turn on me? Darn, right you’re gonna turn on me. You’re gonna do it tonight. That’s right You bless them. I told you to curse them you blessed all of them. He said And he said listen, I can’t say anything other than what God tells me because you didn’t see that sword you Weren’t talking to my ass Alex had come with me to another place, okay? What’s he doing? There? The guy’s a nut why is he not? He’s desperate desperate people do desperate things That Lakes not going to give up because he’s facing extermination When I was young I read this article on Steve McQueen you come down with this weird form of cancer They had no treatment for it and the guy Started to explore other treatment methods. I mean when here he went there He went to this cup you look for that one. Then he went to another one I think he went to Mexico for a while weird things happen, but anyway What was he doing? He was desperately wanted to live? He was afraid of what was on the other side I was say I might have been scared too Hardcore Center lots of chicks lots of money bail Bail, em demons money demons what was he doing desperate people do desperate things Let’s go to another place, let’s try it again Come on now. That’s what Balaam. Did you sit out here? I’ll talk to the Lord again And you can curse them from there Instead of saying no pain Balaam goes with him and goes through the charade again Hey, he brought him to the field and softened and the top and he builds seven altars he builds another halter Stand by here, and I’ll go talk to the little Lord over yonder And then the Lord meets him he puts a word in his mouth. He says hey why because he’s a to God back on track Go ahead and say that the my like well when he came to him he said Does the same thing again stands by his burnt offering he? Says Bala. Goes well wonder. What did Jehovah say? When he gave me this other parent so rise up balling in here hearken to me He says God is not a man that he should lie or the son of man that he should repent has he Not said it will he not do it Has he not spoken will he not make it good? Psalm number 23. I have received commandment to bless I and he blessed. I can’t reverse it He has not been held iniquity and Jacob he has not seen perverseness and Israel the Lord his God is with him The shout of the king is among them what King was that interesting another prophetic word Balaam is a hardcore prophet here he’s back on his Destiny road, don’t you see it God meets winning he reveals things to me this guy’s on his game He made a mistake, but father fully restore ting oh didn’t you hear me? Yeah, I know what you are you’re a poster child for screwing up, okay, I get that I’ve been there with you I was in the photo with you father restored you Balaam was restored from his insanity Don’t you sin it’s right there and gods holding word He is the strength of a unicorn There’s a there’s no unicorns All right name, it’s a wild bull yeah, this is Fantasy Island Okay, there’s no enchantment. It’s against yeah, cut me said no That’s a no there the other one you say yes. That’s what that means Neither is any divination against Israel according to this it shall be said of Jacob manager. What God has wrought look at this What’s he saying there look? What the Lord has done never sing that song? You haven’t look what the Lord has done Look what the Lord has done Oops the youtubers are switching off But anyways I finished singing that if the YouTube people had any guts to listen to it, but since they don’t nothin ever stop Behold this people shall raise up like a great Lion who’s he talking to you? Okay, you yeah, you’ve failed You missed the boat you screwed up. It doesn’t matter you can be restored period Okay today, you’re a worm tomorrow Holy Ghost style you’re a liar It can happen even Balak said listen if you’re not gonna curse them don’t stand there blessing them He doing He said didn’t I tell you that I had to say what God said to me. He says okay listen Yeah, let’s do this again Okay, I’ll bring you to another place. He’s thinking This Prophet Balaam is seeing too many Jews and I’ll take him to another place where he sees less up That’ll influence how he’s thinking okay once the Devils on the run believe it or not he thinks like an idiot If he’s in command controlling you through your mind through your emotions he’s thinking precisely principally and perfectly But you turn on him using your faith And your trust in God the devil flees from you he he thinks like he’s crazy He’s not thinking straight. He makes mistakes He miscalculates You miss calculating here Ballack now the demons are a bling Trying to fix this thing. I know what to do look Let’s go to us this place here. You’ll see less Jews, and that’ll help you And then you can curse them there okay at least give me part of them cursed see so now he’s losing the little deal now he wants to back up and catch just Something yeah Aren’t you listening God the devil okay, you’re beating you know I’ll let go of that, but let me keep that You repented of that I’ll shoot that that pisses me off, but I can’t do anything about it But let me have this you’ve got that you don’t like your your mother, right? yeah, she nag you to death your entire childhood didn’t she Always said negative things to you. No love no comfort constant criticism Right he forgave your dad. Oh shoot I didn’t like that, but you beat me on that one, but let me just just keep that mother thing there Don’t you see it Casey? As a devil can curse all the Jews he’ll take part of the Jews and curse them Yes, right, just give me part of them come on throw me a bone All these mountains if you don’t haven’t noticed this are all satanic mountains All idol worshiper mountains Numbers 24 when Balaam saw it pleased the Lord to bless Israel he did not go at other times to seek for enchantments but He set his face toward the wilderness and Balaam lifted up his eyes and saw Israel abiding according to their tribes and he saw the Holy Ghost come upon him oh I know what you’re thinking. I haven’t felt god in years I don’t have those fun warm fuzzies other Christians do and I don’t have this and that nothing this Listen if you’ll repent of your sins and change the way you think and modify your attitude The Holy Ghost you’ll come over and jump on you See complaining and griping quenches of spirit praising and worshipping releases He sees the Holy Spirit come upon This guy don’t look real prophet of God. He took up another parable he prophesized again This guy’s on his way to Isaiah status. He’s killing it right now Balaam son of Beor hey Man whose eyes are open He said which heard the Word of God which saw the vision of the only falling into a trance But having his eyes open. This is all the good stuff that came to Balaam After he screwed everything up I’m trying to encourage you tonight. I have you have you been talking to your own ass for a while I’ll tell you what if you’ll repent of that and talk to the Lord and change your life and repent of your sin That stuff’s all Blotted out with the precious blood of Christ it no longer exists and look the Spirit of God comes right on you I’m not making this stuff up. This is God’s Holy Word can’t you see this pattern here? Yes, if I can see it. I know you can yes How goodly are your tents Jacob your tabernacle So Israel as the valleys are spread forth as Gardens by the riverside as Trees of a laying aloes and Lord and Jehovah plan as Cedars oh he’s going off on them now He will pour out the water of the scene in buckets Don’t you see it Listen to me What’s happening here? Balaam screwed up bad, and he made a series of terrible mistakes, but God took his mistakes To fix them and took him to higher ground they’ve ever been before The prophecies now were more powerful more important Than the ones he’d had in the past. He was riding the wave he was hanging ten But he had come from the gutter His King shall be higher than a god, that’s the Amalekites they wiped them out to His kingdom shall be exalted. Who’s he talking about there? Huh? No, he lives in your heart Now he talks about the second coming of Jehovah oh this is incredible God brought him forth out of Egypt. He has the strength of the unicorn bulls He shall eat up the nation’s His enemies and break their bones and pieces. What’s he talking about? They’re? our future We come back with him in his kingdom He’s talking about us now in a way He couched he laid down as a lion a great lamb who shall stir in love Blessed is he that blesses you and curse Maceo curses you Don’t you understand tonight you are going to without question Stop saying negative things about yourself from this moment on for the rest of your life. Thank you geez hey Oh you like the prophetic movement. Okay. I’m prophesying for you. You’re gonna stop Saying negative things about yourself from this night Father Father has called you blessed not your relatives your neighbors. Yeah, they think you stink. I’m talking about father and He’s the only one that really matters Thank you Oh Ballack pulls a Balaam he blows his stack three strikes, and you’re out three demonic mountains Jehovah blows all three of them way Prophesying over Israel Christ the Second Coming the whole shebang as they say in Hebrew He kills it Using a flawed prophet who repented and got back on this road destiny wrote JA Jeremiah Isaiah I’m coming for you. There’s Balaam and for centuries millenials Balaam Jeremiah Isaiah he’s on his way You have a destiny you slipped off your track It’s not over It’s not over you’re getting back on your track tonight, man You bless him three times what are you nuts? Now he’s seen the sword He repented he changed you saw the cancer you got the lay off. You got the divorce you lost all your money Okay, I get that that all hurt and it hurt bad. I follow you I’ve been there We’re all human. We’ve all been there God we use those failures those trials those tribulation use as building blocks for You to get the devil’s face in man Your failures your losses are now your assets Yes You will now go on to be the great prophet. You are called to be as a child. Thank you I need another Isaiah, Balaam. I need another Jeremiah I’m calling you He called you that’s right you and me sitting there if you weren’t called that’s true most you should already be in hell Half I’d be at least fourth of y’all already be dead, that’s right The way you lived the way you eat people you hung out with you shouldn’t be here. That’s right Yeah, you hung around some crappy people You should be dead You’re raising a jacked-up family. You shouldn’t be here Well, but you didn’t understand that somewhere, but somewhere you couldn’t see like Balaam. He couldn’t see joke over there He saw the talking ass, but he couldn’t see Joel You saw your sick family members. You couldn’t see God standing there nobody likes you I do I want you you Were called names You were called it we never even saw that’s right You bless them three times. I can’t believe it. Yeah, the devil is not gonna believe this When he sees the changing you you’re not gonna believe it now listen get the Heck out of here So what he said go back to Sioux, Sayreville to shore I Was going to give you everything like a TV preacher You get a mansion you got fleets of limousines. Oh, you gotta swear you pull your bedroom. You got a bowling alley in your closet You got God you got people asking you for your autograph. You’re worshipped every time you walk down the street I’ll give you everything Satan told them guys on TV I’ll ship you money. You can’t believe There was you don’t see that it’s exact nothing changes the devilment changed the snick If it works. He keeps it going millenials of it But guess what jehovah screwed you out of everything I was going to give you oh My god, did you hear what? I just said, and I just whispered to you back sliders the temple brings back The pleasures of sin you had for a season Brings it back the orgasm so the drugs the high love friends the parties it brings it back and you start to drift back over there a Tumor develops Yeah Yeah, that was fun I did like that that did feel good Palek blamed it on God Don’t you see that’s not bad like talking Hugh Stephen possessed, that’s a spirit talking out of that fools money and Demons always blame everything on God very bad thing never happens. They blame it on God See God’s Word doesn’t work. Oh, you’re not loved ah he doesn’t hear your prayer. Well. He’s not listening Everything you can think about negative about God a demon will tell you exactly those words Just like this fool God kept you from getting all this TV revenue Don’t you see it Thank you Listen I told you when I came here. I had to speak what God Wanted me to say if you gave me the whole planet Earth I couldn’t no man hallo mom they had Salem’s our killer well he’s back on track he went from the outhouse he’s in the penthouse now He’s right on his destiny call from God his life. Has well purpose What is that the highest purpose known to man is your call from God, yeah In a minute what the Kouta men’s look like the money in the people that’s all secondary your call from God is The key to your future and your eternity That’s right and Balaam said man. I man I’m going home I Gotta get rid of this tumor. I’m gonna change any didn’t look anything changed hardcore He didn’t accept any money he didn’t accept any power I’m not gonna. Do what’s in my own mind? whoa ho ho Well can Christianity Christians always do what they thinks best? and it always ends up screwing up I Don’t have personal experiences. I’m trying to tell me I’m wrong I know am I wrong Well what the Lord says that’s when I win if I can get the mind of God on something I can win something I just do the whole thing myself. I’m left to myself I’m a failure Now I go to my people come I will advertise you to what this people shall do to your people in the latter days He’s threatening you Look Balaam was a hardcore legitimate prophet of God if you don’t believe me you tubers just take a stop on this slide I Summarized it for you. Just real quickly. I won’t spend any time on it, but God did all these things for this flawed, man Correct this guy was far from perfect 19 close Balaam rose up and went home. Oh, dude oh No No No you didn’t do it He told you two go home, and you listen to him No Listen You have been mad at God because you changed this this and this but you didn’t change that And that pisses you off Because these were three hard changes Let me go over here at people who are listening You’re mad at God you’re frustrated with him you’re little hesitant with him because you made changes Say you want you were supposed to make five you made three and those were tough changes, so you need credit for that Balaam made all the changes except one oh My god he went back to sooth they Ervil Listen people backslide all the time you wouldn’t believe what a high percentage of them are backslidden because of bad associations Hanging around people they shouldn’t be hanging around over Jordan Number 31 and They warned Israel against the Midianites as the LORD commanded Moses they slew all the males They slew the kings of everywhere here and there all up right Here it is now. There’s Midian Now we’re on this side of The Red, Sea and Jehovah’s just moving down the peninsula mopping everything up Right Hey, Balaam, the son of Beor They killed him Wait a minute what the Heck is going on here. What the heck was he doing living down there now This guy’s a super Superman cape prophet of God he’s killing it for the Lord He’s prophesying over Israel the Second Coming the future oh, man he’s Hitting one home run after the other He goes back to shore so Sarah Belt He gets his tumor back His tumor comes back in it He moves to another neighborhood a bad neighborhood And loses everything Jeremiah eyes had no chance not a chance in hell you are gonna get nothing now Why you went back to the wrong place you? Did everything right oops What are you doing in Midian balaam preaching not likely They executed it Another dispute pops up the juice starts screwing up Hey Moses said did you save the women Yeah, we saved the women of course we did, they’re hot babes Aren’t you seeing this oh, man you got have you seen them we saved the hotbed hotties Guess what the hot till due back then they did they caused the children of Israel to seek the counsel of The Prophet of God oh, this is great, Lissa oh I see Now I did it. Oh it just came in clear I Can’t go over there and curse Israel. I can’t do that That means I’m not going to get my money But I can still get my money What I’ll do is I’ll teach Israel To be idolaters God will judge them I’ll move the Midian Balaam Copeland And I’ll live it high on the hog Because I know if Israel goes into idolatry Jehovah will judge them And he did They caused a plague when the Jews went into idolatry Balaam Joshua 13 Balaam the son of Beor the soothsayer Where the heck did the man of God learned to be a soothsayer let me think about that for a second mmm was it Pesche or where you lived, you know I think it was Yeah Ballack The devil had the last laugh on Bailiff yeah the last laugh on him was right He said you go home, and he did yeah He went oh, they should have never been there mm-hmm You got some people you’ve been hanging around you should never be talking to any more So people need you you need to peel out of your life and do it tonight Yeah, because they’re influencing you to do things that are Quenching the spirit in your life. That’s right No offense these people need to be flushed And you need to save yourself and leap on the life raft, you’re on your own, that’s right He’s a soothsayer now what? On line to be Isaiah, and now he’s a soothsayer You gots to be kiddin ya Don’t you see that tumor? Is never gone But never completely gone every backslider 100% of them Always had that little tumor in there was never fully removed right sure And the devil with infinite patience just kept Picking at it if he had two years if he had two decades You’re picking you decades to get you to become Baylin the soothsayer yeah Peter writes Peter writes about Paul all of them they write about famous prophets oh, they’re all great Isaiah he’s the greatest one Jeremiah spectacular Auto down the list they’re all there Peter decides to write about a prophet He says listen these people come into your church that computer to the people in your church it says These people are adulterers These people commit adultery on time your church, and they’re addicts On kotappa ‘this is an addict. It’s an urge you can’t control It’s not recreational use it’s an addiction There’s a difference between committing adultery and being a sex addict, those are different things Although one could lead to the other yes that tumor stays there and keeps getting water, and it’s fed by no doubt They can’t even stop sinning. He said they are what de león’s Oh deluding themselves What they do is they delude unstable Souls can you say megachurches? They herd them into the giant church to five thousand people they sit there they look around they’re entertaining they listen to love then they had heard out to the parking, lot I head over to Golden Corral Hearts they have exercise with what Oh No I am demons Bail of de coveting things money material things they have children that are cursed They forsaken the right way they’ve gone astray following the way of Know What do you love oh? Boy I decant injustice He was rebuked for his iniquity the dumbass speaking with a man’s voice forbade the madness paraphilia the insanity of the Prophet that Became his legacy Blessing Israel on the three mountains of Satan you can’t do any better than that Isiah didn’t do that this guy was hitting grand slam home runs What he went back to a place he should be gone and his tumor Started growing Yeah, I got the spiritual ability I got this gifting I got this knowledge. I’m a great preacher. I’m a great talker I’m a great teacher bla bla bla bla bla I need to be Compensated I can generate revenue out of that Nagata He switched sides he left prophet of God soothsayer and His legacy is madness Revelation chapter 2 Balaam demons attacked a church at Pergamos Jesus said I have a few things against you you have those that hold the doctrine of Balaam oh No, now. It’s a full-blown satanic doctor He went from the highest highs to the ultimate low Can’t get any lower Tom Bally could cast a stumbling-block for Israel to eat things soft sacrifice the idols to commit fornication What was he doing that you wanted the money Hey Bala come here now listen the cursing thing is not going to work, okay, but I have another idea that will work Will you pay me for that oh absolutely? Listen send the women in intermarry with these jews Bring in the idols The jews will then start worshipping idols and Jehovah, which won’t work I know Jehovah. He will judge them and plague them Ballot goes your on Here’s the money Move down the middie and I got a little mansion there for Nia Bowling-alley flipping swimming pool in the backyard. Oh man a petting zoo out there. That’s not Go down there. Oh, I’m there. I’m on it yeah But I got to keep making money how am I gonna do that because the spirit Lorca don’t leave me? Oh, no problem at all. You know what to do Become a soos there He sold his life out died went to hell can you imagine that? You screaming in hell right now? dreaming of Being back on the mountain of Baja prophesying over Israel right now This demon of greed and materialism and money is a monster here in America, and it’s gonna get massively worse It looks like with Trump in there the economy’s going to turn up As soon as the economy turns up people start partying instead of nature when they start partying they start sinning Hey when you’re flat bloke and broke your you can’t go out to the club See and a five dollar table dance because find Amish too much When you’re rolling in dough ooh take the money, honey The sin comes in As soon as affluence and money starts to come to American society massive levels of sins sweep our country It’s going to happen again this Is the demon of Balaam He went for his prophet of God to a soother because he wanted money material things comfort and creature comforts It happens all the time don’t you see it? God takes a person in church a young girl, and he blesses her With the most beautiful voice anybody’s ever heard singing like an angel literally and Then a tumor develops in her soul It’s only a little middle one it starts see Then you dying go to hell just like me oh It happens to a lot of people They go to church Singing them gospel song. Oh, they’re feeling good They’re getting a blessing well that balaam demon comes Visit some it’s a little tumor there you’re not making the kind of money you could make over here say So you can make millions like TD jakes preach them, but you can make hundreds of man’s On TV during the day Going over women’s issues You don’t see this Yeah, this is a Balaam demon all over that poor Jake’s guy this guy was a super-powered preacher now he’s on TV Talking to women about love and recovering from painful hurts. Oh My god Mr.. O Hara can sing like an angel she went right over to Satan. He took her Why there was a tool in there? I’m not getting the recognition the money the the glory the appreciation I’m not getting those things see once you leave the realm of the Spirit and the Holy Ghost is no longer your reward the devil will give you another reward a material reward a financial reward a physical or a lust reward and Then you will start your slide into oblivion You think these pop stars Worth hundreds of millions of dollars got that money because they’re good singers. Are you nuts the devil blesses them? He blesses these TV preachers you think they taking 100 million dollars because a good teacher Are you crazy the? Blesses them and sends them millions That’s right You teach what I want Todd. I don’t like this stuff. You’re teaching, but if you’ll add this to it. I’m okay with it I’ll send you the money That’s right It’s the demon of Balaam It’s greed. It’s lust. It’s money. It’s gimme. It’s mine. It’s me What’s about me? It’s about money and glory and fame and fortune He was from prophet of God on his way to being they saya to a soothsayer they executed Where’d they all end up right here That’s his ultimate goal the demon of Balin and greed always Puts you there in the end Can good people go bad Things all the time can good people who go bad get restored Let’s go to prayer then Father God This story of Balaam Lord Jesus was one of your Masterpieces in my opinion, I read this story. I I like to faint and I couldn’t believe how wonderful it was and Tonight Lord. There’s some people in this room who have gotten off-track and I’ve been there myself And when they got off-track? The devil piled on And he made him feel like a fool you ran him down. You called him every name in the book He trashed them from one end to the other And they’re discouraged now they’re hurt But no one in this room I know this for sure I really believe it ever sinned as bad as payment No one in this room know No one made the mistakes he made, and if he could be restored Any person can be restored I already believe that But this tumor of lust and anger and rebellion and disobedience and violence and rage to some tumor in there of fear this little tumor of Lust has been growing and growing And somebody needs to stop it Somebody needs to stop this thing I Know Lord these little tumors of sin and greed and lust and anger whatever it is I know these things drop in curses And The person’s life goes to hell in a handbasket They don’t die. They have to keep living in poverty in failure with broken relationships with calamities with car wrecks with disappointments with heartaches these tumors on the soul bring in curses They leave the person emotionally devastated and mentally Confused and mentally ill I know that I also know every person who wants to be restored or Can be restored Because the Holy Ghost is here tonight the same Holy Ghost that came upon Balaam When he repented of his sins Turned his heart back to you Lord Every person here tonight on the name of Jesus you have a little tumor in there you got a little tumor and you know that thing has to come out and The spirit of Lourdes the only person get that thing out of there But it’s going to take a brokenness and humbleness and your part to get rid of it cannot casually get rid of a tumor Surgeries are real surgeries are hard sometimes surgeries are difficult sometimes You have to do it, and you will do it right now the name of Jesus father, I have a tumor It’s very little right now But it keeps pulling me in the wrong direction it pulls me too bad friends bad relationships bad business ventures bad Attitudes bad arguments this little tumor in my soul Lord, Jesus. I’m so sorry. I see it now I know it’s there. I don’t want to end up like Balaam. I don’t want to end up executed I don’t want to end up broke. I don’t want to end up homeless. I don’t want to end up a total loser I Need this little tumor out of my soul And we’ll keep praying them, I need this tumor out of my soul sweet Holy Spirit, I know you’re listening to me I know you can hear me. I love you tonight. I need your help tonight. I got a little tumor in there I Got a little tiny tomb area things got to come out. I do not want to end up like Balaam the devil executed him The devil killed him. I do not want to die with a strange illness. I don’t want to die with demons I don’t want to die broke. I don’t want to die failure. I don’t want to die alone I Don’t want to die alone That I fear more than anything dying alone Father forgive me right now in the name of Jesus Please have mercy on me forgive me right now in the name of Jesus Lord. I’m so sorry I need this tumor out of my soul right now Right now I need it out now in the name of Jesus I got a little balaam thing in there a little lust a little greed a little covetousness a little arrogance a little pride I’m going to smart. I know too much. I think I know too much. I think I’m an expert I think I’m this I think I’m that like bail. Oh he thought he was an expert. He thought he had all the answers He turned out to be a feral fool he turned out to be a Complete spiritual loser. I don’t want to end up like him lord. Please forgive me right now lord. Please forgive me right now Now if you have a tumor just stand up when your seat right now just stand up. We want to pray for you You’ve got a tumor on your soul You saw you saw what happened to Balaam. He was completely restored. He was completely forgiven He was completely restored you can be completely restored – got a little tumor in there little bit of tumor in there And my ministry team is gonna come forward Real quickly you got a little tumor there if you need to leave god bless you. I love you. Thank you for coming tonight This demon of Balaam got you the spirit of Balaam got you And he drifted you off into a bad area very bad He wasted your money You’re broke now You have spent so much money and lost so much money you you can’t even believe it anymore You can’t believe how much you’ve wasted and lost You’re gonna repent of it right now. You’re gonna get that tumor out of your soul right now Right now in the name of Jesus I command this spirit of Balaam to lift out of my body right now by the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ I Command this evil spirit of Balaam to come off of me right now get out of my body in my mind right now in the name of Jesus I Take authority over you now You’re not gonna make a fool out of me I’m not gonna die with nothing a total loser come out of my body right now. I’m gonna come home I’m already at like Balaam. Did he went home he repented I’m gonna do it right now in the name of Jesus Christ the Son of God Tumor of lust come out of me right the second tumor of taking offense Come on right now lust for sex lust for food lust for money I command you in the name of Jesus taking offenses at work that little tumor of taking offense I’ll repent if I write the second I come out right now come on my body right now I want you out right now come out right now in Jesus name Come out right now get out of there every ugly man every ugly man every ugly man go I want you out in the name of Jesus Christ Come on. My body right in a second get out of there get out of my body right now come out right now Come out in Jesus mighty name Tumor of evil wickedness the occult New Age Kundalini spirits lying spirits lying spirits come out right now fear fear my future fear failure See you’re dying bro. Come out in the name of Jesus Cottage There right now in the name of the Lord come out in Jesus mighty name I command you in the name of Jesus to come out right now come out right now Fear of dying in this condition, I’ll repent over right now come Balaam I bind your power come on Spirit of infirmity come out on my head come on my body right now Come out and Jesus Holy Name hurry up get out of my body now go Right now Come out Come on now put your hands on your body right now in the name of Jesus Christ In the name of Jesus Christ every transfer spirit from a lifetime of Adultery come on my body right now come out right now Every evil spirit Adultery chronic adultery come out of me right the second come out right now in Jesus mighty name come out right now Evil spirit from Haiti I place a curse effect get out of my head right now Haitian demons a bank of power come out it up right now Keep saying Satan in the name of Jesus You gotta fight to get rid of the devil you can’t pray like a coward come on take come in All of these demons Every demon infected right now right now I’m sorry Please forgive me Come on sweet, I just repent of it right now Lord Jesus. I’m so sorry Lord Jesus, I’m so sorry if you’ll repent of it you will be healed But you movie here Come on what is it? Care of it, here’s how you do it Lord, I’m so sorry I got involved your lips crap So sorry So sorry I slept I Should have never even taken hands with oh my god I’m so sorry lord have mercy Come out right now Every tumor of sin you have in your soul your mind comes out tonight Tonight now the tumor of fear must go You have a demon of fear a tumor of fear? And you’re gonna fight that right now Not safe the Lord Fear not for I am with thee be not dismayed for I am your God Yes Yes says the Lord I will strengthen thee I will pep thee I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness Fear not I am with thee be not dismayed for I am your God You will no longer curse yourself for God has blessed you you were a pet overwrite the second I Say negative things about myself running myself down You’ll be doing this Come out Come out of my mind negative thoughts lies negativity come out in Jesus Holy Name Come on me right now I said How about your grandma on your mom’s side About your dad It started with your mother Let’s try that Your father Verbally abuse it was he hard on you was he critical of you. What was his name What do you do? so like Patient demon suck I curse you to failure tonight. I bind your power all these ugly spirits with Asia No No, you must leave the woman of God No we shut it down we moved here, I’m not sure He’s trying to figure out Huh, ma’am right now now in order to get rid of these Seyton You’re not stealing my gift of healing anymore. You’re not stealing my ministry anymore I’m not sitting around listening to negative thoughts anymore. You’re coming out now. I said now Come out right now Hurry up now Tomorrow now I said What’s his name Yeah, he’s real good this part here. He doesn’t he doesn’t understand that I’ll kill this part He’s really good at he knows a lot, but this part Was any of your relatives in Nigeria no what religion was he over there Okay Come here Thursday night way of Francis is there? I’m not sure Before you leave I gotta give you a piece of Paper and then we need to check on the board in the hall there when Francis is here because he was Catholic he’s from Nigeria Okay, and that sounds like a curse From a bit from him Well Francis knows all about that stuff Don’t leave until I give you this paperwork Okay, right stay right here don’t leave Appreciate you Now Now youtubers listen, this is brother Mike now you go to the website immediately Tonight and hit hardcore Christian comm you got to hit the post delivered At the top of the website We got to hit the post deliverance button at the top of the website, so You don’t lose your healing or your deliverance tonight okay number two hit the teaching button on the website and read the Article on Satan’s counter-attack you will be attacked within 48 hours of this service. You will be attacked Satan is counter-attacked under the teaching button on the on the website and then Hit the teaching button again and read the article how Satan controls the mind Life-saving revelations, and that little article how Satan controls your mind, I will not be here next Friday Rick will be here next Friday Getting all the YouTube hits and all that stuff. You’ll love him. He’ll bring another deep message Friday night, Rick will be here Thursday night Preaching teaching healing and deliverance 7 p.m.. Mountain time. We are now on mountain time Arizona does not go to daylight saving time. We are mountain time now 7 p.m. See you next time You

  • Another great teaching, the whole time I was wondering if Mike would show the postscript to this story in Numbers. Sometimes it is easy for me to read these stories and think "How could this guy blow it"? he saw a Christophany  (The Angel of The Lord JESUS) spoke to him and his donkey even told Balaam "Dude why are you hitting me" paraphrased for our present time and some humor ……………………. then I remember just the other day I didn't share my faith with the gal cutting my hair at Supercuts when she asked me "You ready for Halloween"? and out of fear of getting a bad haircut I didn't say what I should of that no I AM NOT down with Halloween and here is why letting a coward spirit box me up(I prayed for her in the car and repented of letting down The LORD afterward) Satan plays the long game well and these stories in The Bible are packed with so much to learn from.Well done Mike.

  • Been waiting for this………Fridays are special to me because of Mikes teaching. ( Thanks Mike ! )
    Praying for this ministry because the HOLY SPIRIT leads me to. I have received wonderful deliverance
    in my home livestreaming, and accessing the vast revelation available in the posts here, and on Hardcore Christianity.

  • Thanks brother for taking time to teach and minister to us, I use to suffer from sleep paralysis and praise God ! I got healed!!!

  • Brother Mike, is it possible there is a direct link between the "Blockchain", aka Bitcoin and Artificial Intelligence? Think about it the "Death of paper money", which people WORSHIP is quickly dying & as I write this being replaced with "Digital Money". Sophia / digital money/blockchain could very well be the "Antichrist"? If nothing else one could reasonably assume "BTC" and other digital currencies will eventually lead to one either taking "The mark of the beast", or "DECLINING", it! So what if you go to (IE) Wallmart in a year and your asked at the front door if you have your "Wallmart Coin"? Almost all companies as I write this are creating there own digital currencies? Stephen Hawkins has already said we have opened up Pandora's box! Artificial intelligence is straight from the Pitts of HELL. You have brought many people to the Lord BRO MIKE,……you are a true disciple of the most high!

  • I frequently get limb jerking during deliverance. I used to be involved in alternative medicine, but stopped 7 years ago. I used to twitch during the alternative medicine treatments. I used to think the limb jerking was the demons leaving because I usually feel a little better. However, I continue to have chronic fatigue syndrome and anxiety/panic.

  • Wrong on one big point: the Jews, those of the tribe of Judah, are among the smallest of tribes of Israel numbered only 74,600 men. When leaving Egypt, the Israelite men alone, not only Jews, numbered 603,550. Over thousands of years, that works out to hundreds of millions of Israelites comprising the leading Western nations of the first world.

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