Writing about kids on the cusp

You know so I’ve written three books now and all my characters are in the 11-12range and I think it’s because you’re just on this really delightful cuspbetween being a kid and kind of understanding what you’re gonna be likeas a grownup you know that you kind of have this a little bit more freedom […]

Gemini Man: Movie Review

Is Gemini Man a double dose of pure adrenaline?“You’re just tryna rattle me.”“I’m tryna save you!”Let’s just say it has its moments.Will Smith stars in this sci-fi action thrill ride about an aging assassinwho comes face-to-face with a younger clone of himself.Considering that setup, parents should be ready for a heavy dose of violence.We’re talking […]


starting at the flirt lines you divide that into thirds so starting with thatflirt line that’s the first third is age 20-30 next surge 40-50 last third sixtyseventy eighty … Okay I see two relationships between the marriages … Ohyou already had your two marriages haven’t you … yeah that’s that person isreally short he […]

#astrologicalremedies #laziness #howtostopbeinglazyastrology | i am so lazy | आलसीपन से छुटकारा

Om Namah Shivaytoday we will talk about lazinesssometimes we see that people around usincluding ourselves feel very lazy if someone asks us to do some workthen we feel lazy and we give excusesLaziness is because of the Malefic Saturn in your Horoscopeif Planet Saturn is weak in your Horoscopethen you may encounter lazinessPlanet Saturn is […]