Importance of Rahu Kalam | Effect of Rahuvu on Human Beings and Solar System | Navagrahalu | Bhakti

Rahu (North lunar node) is the 8th planet in Navagrahas“Shanivath Rahu” According to this…Rahu also cause whatever the impacts caused by SaturnMany people, if they want to initiate any good deeds…Making a note of inauspicious time during that day and not initiating any work at that time…They takes care.During Rahu Kaal, at temples of Goddess […]

सटीक राशिफल 2019 – मिथुन राशि || Accurate Horoscope 2019 – Gemini || Mithun Rashi Zodiac sign

So friends, Come know what the Gemini horoscope 2019 saysIn the beginning of the year 2019, Saturn – Sagittarius Zodiac, Guru – Scorpio ZodiacAnd Rahu will remain in Gemini on March 6, 2019At the same time, Ketu Sagittarius Zodiac, Guru Zodiac changes and Sagittarius Zodiac on March 30And then on 25th April, transiting into Scorpio […]