August 2018 Horoscopes | Babble Horoscopes by Babble

OK, mamas, here are
your Babble horoscopes
for August 2018.
The sun in Leo the first
few weeks of August
will find you strutting down
the street like Beyonce.
You’ll finally manage to
outwit the munchkin sleep cycle
and can count showering before
breakfast as one of this year’s
major accomplishments.
Venus entering Libra
on the 6th is a call
to invest in your appearance.
Ditch the mom bun and go
bold with a bright lip.
You’re looking foxy this month.
Embrace it.
With both the sun and
Venus so well placed,
as long as you’ve been
eating your veggies,
your health is blessed.
Hey, popcorn is corn, and
corn is a veggie, right?

Venus in Virgo the
first week of August
lends for a love of fairness
to your key partnership.
Don’t be shocked when you
walk in on the hubs emptying
the dishwasher unprompted.
Positive reinforcement
will ensure that there’s
more where that came from.
Venus then enters Libra on the
6th, sprinkling lucky fairy
dust all over your finances.
If essential oils
aren’t your thing,
it could be time to get serious
about that small biz idea
you’ve been thinking about.
The sun enters
Virgo on the 23rd,
and others will finally
start appreciating the fact
that you are one steady mama.

When Venus enters
Libra on the 6th,
you’ll literally make the
world a more beautiful place,
not just in your ability to
achieve the perfect smoky
eye in the reflection of a
spoon while the fam scarfs down
breakfast, but also your
knack for making friends
with complete strangers.
The full moon on the
26th is all romance.
You are a woman who
loves love, and August
will have plenty of it.
That is where you’ll
get your greatest joy.
Mercury goes direct
in Leo on the 18th,
meaning any action taken in
alignment with the deepest
calling of your heart will
be met with a big fat “yes!”
from the universe.

Pluto retrograde urges you
to make peace with the fact
that you can’t do everything.
With all the juggling
you’re doing,
you’ll have Michelle Obama’s
biceps by the end of the month.
Mars goes direct in
Capricorn on the 27th.
If you find yourself
taking on too much,
let your honey know
it’s time to start
pulling more weight at home.
Or enlist grandma to
help out with the kids.
Never forget that
she’s your mom.
She will always love
taking care of you.
The sun entering
Virgo on the 23rd
gets the whole gang on
board with your agenda.
You are one boss
momma, and they’re
stoked to follow your lead.

The new moon in Leo on the 11th
has you fired up for adventure.
You may decide to
let the kids drag
their comforters outside for an
impromptu camp out on the lawn.
Don’t forget the s’mores!
With Uranus going
retrograde on the 7th,
thoughts turn to the spiritual
and kids are naturally curious.
If yours are
asking questions,
try tempering your taste
for philosophy with simpler
concepts they can grasp.
Mercury goes direct on the 18th,
suggesting big success for you
or your spouse, the kind
that could completely
upend the family dynamic.
Give everyone the heads up
the second you hear any news.

Mars retrograde
returns on the 12th.
Don’t freak out.
Consider what’s awesome
about your life right now.
How about the fact
that you’re three
poops into operation
potty chair and the kid
is really starting to get it.
Focus on what’s
working, and you’ll
avoid the emotional
landmines of August.
Mars may be known as
the fiery god of war,
but this month it’s
not too serious.
He’s just putting the final
touches on any lessons
you learned around impatience.
You know, like how to not lose
your mind when you wind up
in Costco’s slow lane with two
squirrelly kids on a scorching
Saturday afternoon.
Things will chill
out by month’s end.

Uranus goes
retrograde on the 7th.
You like to blow people’s
minds with your knack
for bucking trends.
It’s usually your cosmic
duty to shake things up,
but now it’s time to
have your mind blown.
That can only happen when
you let others take the lead.
Mars leaves Aquarius
on the 12th,
but it’ll be back in September.
Consider this a reprieve from
the backseat squabbles of late.
Call a sitter and get
thee to a masseuse.
Mercury goes direct
on the 18th, urging
you to smooth things out with
your spouse before Mars returns
next month.
He may have watched the
season finale without you,
but he didn’t enjoy it, OK?

Venus enters Libra
August 6th, which
is awesome news, as the
Goddess of love and beauty
is exalted in your sign.
Your little ones
will benefit most,
as you have the
uncanny ability to see
past the scribbles on the
wall to the creativity that
put them there.
When Venus and Libra
square Saturn and Capricorn
on the 10th, try
balancing their opposing
energies by whipping
the playroom into shape
with a little feng shui.
The full moon in
Pisces on the 26th
has you longing to
go full space cadet.
Make sure the kids are
fed and the cartoons
are rolling before making
a break for the bathtub.

The new moon on the 11th
warns against overconfidence,
otherwise you may find yourself
whipping out your Target card
for three more books
your kids won’t read,
that weird new kitchen
gadget you saw on Pinterest,
and a Funko Pop! keychain.
Weren’t you just swinging
through for teething biscuits
and shampoo?
Mars retrograde enters
Capricorn on the 12th
with a crash course
in sorting priorities,
since you literally do not
have enough hours in the day
to make the whole gang happy.
When Mars goes
direct on the 27th,
your goals snap into focus and
infuse any actions you take
with a real sense of purpose.

Venus enters Libra on the
6th, touching on your need
to surround yourself
with all the creature
comforts of a well-lived life.
You’ll want your rosé in a long
stemmed glass and your bras
without wire.
Is that too much to ask?
The sun entering
Virgo on the 23rd
finds you in full-
blown nesting mode.
People should think
twice before setting
their juice on your
table without a coaster.
The full moon on
the 27th touches
your life with all the
mystery and romance
of the creative
life force energy.
Translation– it’s
baby-making time.
At the very least,
make some art.

Venus enters Libra on the 6th.
And while you’re happy to
chat anyone’s ears off, shush.
You’re being encouraged
now to listen.
Your kids really
don’t want to hear
your in-depth analysis
of Chrissy Teigen’s
latest Instagram moves.
They’ve got moves of their
own, and a major case of “Look
at me!”
Don’t leave them hanging, mom.
Mercury goes direct
on the 18th, urging
you to speak from the heart
when dealing with little ones.
They’re sensitive
to every inflection,
and live for your approval.
The sun enters
Virgo on the 23rd.
And now it’s all about
elevating the conversation,
encouraging others to
be their best selves.

When Uranus goes retrograde on
the 7th, expect the unexpected.
If the hubs wants to have his
work buddies over for poker
and beer, join them.
It’ll bring out a side you
never knew you had, and may
even spark some romance.
The new moon on
the 11th continues
this process of prying
open, urging you to let go.
So what if the kid put
her shirt on backwards
and the cat thinks
your favorite purse
is the best seat in the house?
It’s all love.
The full moon on the 26th leaves
you feeling all warm and fuzzy.
Any connections you make
now are built to last.
Sending you good vibes
this month, mamas!

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