Astronomy and Astrophysics – UCLan

  • I will be starting this Degree next month, Im working through the course texts already and really enjoying it. Lots and lots to learn but its very interesting stuff.

  • I would LOOVE to do this but i dont feel if I am intelligent enough =( my iq is only like 100, but with dedication would I be able to do it?

  • great place to study, great practical work, awesome course work…the list goes on. Dr.Stewart, Dr Ian, Dr. Peter A Bates are the most brilliant people i've ever met. great choice for anyone wanting to study this course in UCLAN. Thoroughly enjoyed my time there as a student and now im working in the same field of specialization – Calvin Fernandez, MSc Virtual Instrumentation (UCLAN) 2007 – 2008.

  • absolutely! IQ refers to mental agility, but this has no reflection on the knowledge you accumulate, your best bet is to apply for their entry level modules and see how you get on with them. They have two very interesting entry level modules on astronomy and cosmology which assume very little prior knowledge of mathematics or physics. Hope that helps 🙂 also I had an IQ of 100 but with work I have achieved a 155 on the mensa test so even IQ is not set in stone

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