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SKY AT A GLANCE Hello! Welcome to a new channel
called ‘Sky at a glance’ You could say that the sky is
withing a hand’s reach. Why? Because it has always been
close to mankind. Since ancient times, people
have looked at the sky. With delight, amazement,
sometimes with fear, people observed the stars, planets,
the Sun, the Moon, and comets. And although at first man could not
name what he saw, he felt that he was a part
of a large puzzle. How large? Until today we have not
found a precise answer. Despite new theories and facts our knowledge of the sky
is constantly changing. What have we asked since
the beginning of astronomy? Maybe what is astronomy itself?
We will talk about it today. We could talk about astronomy forever, but let us start from the beginning. The name ‘astronomy’ comes from
the Greek ‘astron’ – star, and ‘nomos’ – law, literally meaning ‘laws of the stars’
or ‘star culture’, whichever you prefer. Astronomy is one of the oldest
fields of science. Prehistoric cultures left
astronomical artifacts, such as the Egyptian pyramids,
or Stonehenge. Civilizations like Babylonians, the Chinese, Greeks, Mayas or Hindi, also conducted regular observations
of the night sky. However it was only after
the invention of the telescope, that astronomy became a modern science. Present day astronomy is divided into theoretical and observational
astronomy. Actually, one could not exist
without the other. They are closely related.
Theorists predict existence of objects and phenomena which
have not been known so far. But in most cases it is the observers who discover new objects and phenomena, and theorists’ role is
to explain their nature. A great Polish astronomer,
one of the greatest in the world, Nicolas Copernicus, has discovered that not only
is astronomy important, but also that it is beautiful, saying: ‘and what more beautiful than the sky
which encompasses all that is beautiful. And so we stand under our sky
having a glance at it, and inviting you to join us for the next episode.
Translated by: Mariusz Herbich

  • Fajnie, że na YT pojawił się kolejny kanał popularnonaukowy 🙂 Warto byłoby obrobić nieco dźwięk (np. w darmowym Audacity), by usunąć szumy. Nie trwa to długo, zaledwie minuta – kilka minut (zależy, czy szum jest jednolity, czy są jakieś piski i dźwięki z innych miejsc, np zamykane drzwi), a szumów prawie nie ma.

  • fajnie się zapowiada 🙂 dla Polskiego kanału o astronomii zawsze znajdzie się miejsce w moim sub boxie 😉 powodzenia 🙂

  • Niesamowite! Tak dalej! Kolejny kanał, w którym nie zamierzam opuścić ani jednego odcinka! Dziekuję za nagłaśnianie tak ciekawej pasji, jaką jest nasza wspaniała astronomia 😉

  • Bardzo fajny kanał o astronomii. Miło się ogląda Pani filmiki jak i słucha.
    Czekamy na więcej 🙂

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