Astronomers Confirm Uranus Smells Like FARTS

Scientists want you to know that Uranus smells
like farts. Why am I not surprised? Hey I’m Charlotte Dobre and you’re watching
IO. I can already tell that the comment section
of this video is just gonna be a sess pool of fart and butt jokes. Go ahead, get it out of your system, I’ll
wait. Who’s here just for the comments? Well for those that are actually here to find
out about the smell of Uranus, here’s the deal. Astronomers have discovered that the upper
atmosphere of Uranus is basically made up of hydrogen sulfide. Its that rotten egg smell that’s also found
in human farts. Why didn’t we know this before? Because the composition of the clouds has
never really been confirmed until now. Uranus Voyager 2 flew by in 1986, but it couldn’t
determine what chemicals were in the atmosphere. The recent results came from the Gemini Observatory,
which is a high power telescope at the top of a Hawaiian volcano. So why is this info important? Well it could tell us a lot about how our
solar system formed. This is evidence that there was a big shakeup
early on in the solar systems formation. Meaning that maybe the bigger outer planets
in our solar system could have formed elsewhere and maybe switched places. The presence of hydrogen sulfide in the atmosphere
is true for both Uranus and likely Neptune as well. On Jupiter and Saturn, the upper atmosphere
is dominated by ammonia. Breathing hydrogen sulfide in small quantities
isn’t bad for you, but if you’re breathing in a higher concentration, it can kill you. Meaning, if we ever managed to get to Uranus,
the -200 degree Celsius temperatures would kill you before you even got the chance to
smell it. Here are a few more facts you didn’t know
about Uranus. Ever wonder why anyone in their right mind
would ever name a planet Uranus? It was named after the Greek god of the heavens. Uranus was the first planet discovered in
modern times. Uranus is an ice giant that’s 1.85 billion
miles away, which is why its so difficult to study. Uranus and Neptune likely formed a lot later
than Saturn and Jupiter, because there was less material available. Alright that’s all I have for you on that,
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