Astrology forecasts for Libra in 2015. Videos on Business & Money & Career

Hello dear Libra and Libra rising.
Dear Libras, 2015 may be quite significant
for your business partnerships and your
career. This year especially, important influences
are present in the sky for you.
Jupiter will continue in Leo until August
11th. Thus, your social circle may support
Important introductions may take place, most
likely with those in strong positions or
those well-recognized. These introductions
may take place especially within your social
relationships, and these introductions will
of course support you in your career. During
the year, especially during certain periods,
you may experience important turning points.
January pulls our focus here. Between January
5th and 20th, the full moon and new
moon nodes will occur in your House of Career.
Moreover, the tense interaction
between Uranus and Pluto may lead you to take
certain important decisions.
You may feel pressured, with terms and conditions
pressuring you from time to time.
You may experience difficulty with changes
and transformations during this period, thus
it would be wise to pass this period with
calmness. The period starting January 28th,
lasting until February 20th, the increase
of activity within your career will please
you. If
dealing with trade, there is the potential
to find new clients, which will in turn positively
effect your financial situation. You may experience
this especially during end of January
and during the month of February, dear Libra.
The Eclipses occurring on the end of March
and on April 4th, specifically pull focus
business partnerships. Along with the lunar
eclipse on April 4th, you may make a
decision towards business partnerships, leading
you to important turning points in your
career. Especially during the first week of
April, the Sun trine Jupiter will be quite
This will be quite beneficial for you in this
field. Significant introductions may take
and certain initiatives and partnerships may
quickly develop, which may please you.
There is an indication that you may take certain
important steps towards your career
during July, along with the new moon born
in your House of Career during the week of
July 16th. Especially if you are a later-born
Libra, the influences of the new moon will
be much more significant for you. The Venus
retrograde taking place between July 25th
and September 6th will effect your financial
situation, thus we must be much more
cautious with money during this period. Any
agreements or investments concerning
money, or any shopping or exchange require
your attention here. In fact, while Venus
in retrograde, we must take a back-seat with
such activity, refraining from taking new
steps. However, following September 6th, you
may more with greater ease, dear Libras.
Between September 28th and October 13th, we
will experience another lunar eclipse
that will influence your business partnerships
and career. Along with these influences,
you may bring some partnerships to closure,
or you may make new decisions during
this period.
The new moon in your sign, Libra, on October
13th, withhold fresh new energies for
you. Between September 17th and October 9th,
with the Mercury retrograde movement,
it may NOT be wise to enter a new agreement
or sign a contract. It will be more
beneficial to review pass issues, topics,
and previous projects. However, as of October
9th, the sky withholds much more positive
energies for you. Especially toward the end
of the year, between December 6th and 31st,
Venus will increase the accumulative
income in your House of Money, making you
happy with financial topics, dear Libras.
Yes, if you wonder how 2015 will influence
your Love & Relationships, and which will
your lucky days, please click on the links
appearing on your screen. Wishing you a
Happy New Year! Stay well.

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