Astrology Forecast December 2013 ALL Signs Sagittarius New Moon KG Stiles, Astrologer

Aloha and welcome to Moonscopes Astrology.
On today’s show you’ll find out the astrology
details for the Sagittarius New Moon on December
This is a general forecast. You may wish to
listen to your Sun, Moon, ASC and MC Signs
for a more complete understanding and to see
what resonates most for you. If you have any
personal planets or points (especially your
Sun, Moon, ASC or MC conjunct or within 1-2º
orb of a celestial event you will have a more
personal experience occurring in your life.
I’m your host intuitive astrologer KG Stiles.
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On December 2nd we have the Sagittarius New
Moon at 11º conjunct the Sun and Trine to
Uranus in Aries. The number 11 is a master
number so you are challenged to step up and
be your best self during this time.
The Sabian Symbol of the 11º Sagittarius
New Moon is “In the left section of an archaic
temple, a lamp burns in a container shaped
like a human body.” Contemplate this symbol
to see what it might reveal to you.
The 11º Sagittarius New Moon is conjunct
the Fixed Star of “Antares.” Also known as
the Heart of the Scorpion. Antares is a Royal
Star associated with Wealth and governed by
the Archangel Ariel, the Watcher of the West.
Ariel protects the environment and the wild
instinctive side of nature and gives courage
and confidence to help you realize your dreams.
Antares is considered fortunate, especially
when well aspected to your Sun, Jupiter and
This alignment of Antares with the Sagittarius
New Moon seems very fitting as we conclude
the first waxing and waning cycle of the Moon
since the Scorpio Solar Eclipse on November
The Sagittarius New Moon has you gazing off
into your future and you feel inspired to
explore distant horizons.
There is much luck and expansion available
now especially for those who have a personal
planet or point (your Sun, Moon, ASC or MC)
within 1-2º conjunction to this 11º Sagittarius
New Moon.
The 11º Sagittarius New Moon is Trine to
Uranus in Aries which boosts the power of
the Sagittarius New Moon for starting fresh
new ventures.
Also at the time of the Sagittarius New Moon
Mercury at 27º Scorpio is Sextile to Mars
at 27º Virgo. Your mind is very stimulated
with practical ideas that have depth and force
for taking action to realize them. There’s
mutual reception and ease between Mars in
Virgo (ruled by Mercury) and Mercury in Scorpio
(with old ruler Mars).
This is THE best New Moon for setting your
intentions for the 2014 New Year.
As a matter of fact NOW is the best time for
starting new projects available to you for
awhile as Venus is about to station retrograde
on December 20th.
Venus Retrograde will impede your launching
any new business ventures or romantic pursuits
until it Stations Direct on February 1st.
Venus leaves its Retrograde Shadow the first
week of March soon after the Pisces New Moon
3 months from now which is your next best
new moon for starting new ventures.
So, take this opportunity to set and activate
your intentions for the 2014 New Year as the
energies at the end of 2013 are very disruptive
and not at all conducive for new beginnings.
I’ll post a 2014 Horoscope for the Key Astrological
Themes for 2014 very soon! Generally 2014
is a year of dramatic change when chaos, breakdown
and breakthrough are the trend. It will be
an exciting year of unmarked change for you
and our world.
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I’ll also be posting a Horoscope video with
astrology highlights for the Sagittarius New
Moon to Gemini Full Moon very soon, along
with a link for a Sagittarius New Moon Ritual
& Meditation.
Now for a general Sagittarius New Moon forecast
for each zodiac sign starting with Sagittarius.
For easy access I have posted time markers
for each zodiac sign below this video.
SAGITTARIUS – this is your once a year lunar
return. It’s your time for returning to yourself
and feeling inspired about your future dreams.
Your sense of renewed inspiration prompts
forward movement, especially in the area of
your life where the Sagittarius New Moon is
located. You can set your New Moon intentions
with faith and assurance about your future.
CAPRICORN – the return of Venus to your sign
has sweetened your life a bit and though you
are being less stern of a taskmaster with
yourself you are still undergoing deep internal
excavation of your core essence. You are challenged
to deepen in your sense of self. Get real,
mine the depths and realize greater golden
opportunities in your future.
AQUARIUS – you really feel a warm energetic
boost from the Sagittarius New Moon’s Trine
to your ruling planet of Uranus. Saturn’s
Square to Aquarius has grounded your usual
eccentric and upbeat mental sphere with the
reality of your life circumstances that must
be dealt with. Now you download fresh inspired
visions. You must get grounded and attend
to the practical details of your life if you’re
to realize your inspirations. Set your intentions,
make practical plans for realizing them and
take consistent action.
PISCES – your emotional life has become less
turbulent now that Neptune and Chiron are
moving Direct again in Pisces. Your intuition
has deepened and you’re feeling more trustworthy
of yourself and the life process in general.
Jupiter ruler of the Sagittarius New Moon
is your old ruler and offers you a new beginning
in the area of your life where the Sagittarius
New Moon is located. Set intentions for your
imaginations to be realized and continue to
flow with life events to realize them. Synchronistic
events are likely to increase over the next
several months. You may also experience the
return of emotions, people and things you
love from your past.
ARIES – now is your time for taking action
and moving forward with a project or change
you’ve desired as Uranus in you sign gets
a boost from its Trine to the Sagittarius
New Moon conjunct the Sun. And your ruling
planet Mars is in a nice conversation with
Mercury that spells opportunities that surface
from connecting, networking and communicating
with your world.
TAURUS – now is a time for you to rest after
the BIG release and letting go you recently
experienced. You’re headed into a review period
and you’ll shift from physical action to beautifying
your thoughts about how your life has been
unfolding until now. You’ll be refining and
harmonizing the alignment between your body
and mind over the coming months. It’s a great
time to meditate, journal and connect more
deeply with yourself and enjoy your favorite
creature comforts and being at home.
GEMINI – you’re about to realize something
BIG in your life experience related to your
soul essence and the core of your being. I’ll
write more about this in my Gemini Full Moon
Astrology Video. You’re entering an exciting
two week period of realization and illumination
when big dreams may be realized and petty
grievances put to rest for good.
CANCER – Jupiter continues to expand and heal
your soul essence. You deepen emotionally
and connect with what’s most important to
you now. Jupiter ruler of the Sagittarius
New Moon and the Moon ruler of your sign symbolize
a blessed union within yourself. Set your
intentions to love and honor yourself and
your loved ones. This is an excellent time
to begin a Self Healing regimen for your body,
mind and emotions. Let yourself rest, relax
and feel renewed. This can be a very peaceful
time for you if you let it.
LEO – the Sagittarius New Moon conjunct the
Sun and Trine to Uranus forms a Grand Trine
to your sign of Leo. This time can be especially
rewarding for you when you can enjoy the return
of light and fire in your life. Especially
if your Sun, Moon, ASC or MC are within 1-3º
orb of the 11º Sagittarius New Moon. Life
will be going your way dear Leo between now
and the Gemini Full Moon when Uranus Stations
Direct. During this time you experience a
turn around of events that favor your advancement
once again! Saturn has now had its way with
Leo’s born before the 6th of August and rewards
are forthcoming for you.
VIRGO – you’ll enjoy Mars Sextile to Mercury
joining up with the Sagittarius New Moon influence,
especially those of you born in the later
degrees of Virgo. You could have some sudden
opportunity come your way now. As Mars leaves
your sign you’ll begin to feel you can take
it easier. The energy may have been frenetic
and a lot happening in your head over the
past six weeks. Mercury’s station in Scorpio
really bogged things down for Virgo and now
as Mars moves into Libra and Mercury moves
into Sagittarius you’ll begin to realize the
practical details of all the ideas you had
when Mars transited through Virgo.
LIBRA – you’re about to get very busy with
networking and in your relationships. Set
your intentions and make a plan for how you
desire things to go otherwise there can be
lots of mental chatter with no results to
show for it. Though Mars will have you feeling
very passionate, the downside of Mars transit
through Libra is the potential for disagreements.
It is a time when you can get a tremendous
amount done if you have a plan and stay focused.
SCORPIO – you deserve an award for wading
through the intensity of emotions that have
assailed you recently. The pressures for change
and transformation have been itnense and I
hope you’ve born up under the assaults waged
by Saturn’s transit through your sign, the
North Node and all your personal planets hanging
out in Scorpio and Mercury’s Retrograde conjuncting
the whole bunch a few times. You’ve connected
more deeply to yourself and now Saturn will
help you integrate the depths that you’ve
mined within yourself and stabilize you. When
Saturn’s completed its transit next fall you
will have such a deep tap root of self belonging
and self worth that you will be unshakeable
and unstoppable. The world needs what you
bring to us now! The work you’re doing is
priceless and will pay off tremendous dividends.
Well that’s it for this show. Please leave
your comments and let me know how things are
going for you. As always I welcome questions
of a general nature that can benefit everyone.
Thanks so much for joining me! Until next
time…relax and enjoy your life. I’m your
host Intuitive Astrologer KG Stiles.


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