Astrology and Observing Times: Pastor Mike Hoggard [CC]

Hello folks this is Pastor Mike coming to
you from Studio 2012 with another Watchman
Video Broadcast.
I’ve learned through life experience, and
I’ve learned enough about God from the pages
of the Bible and just the road that he’s taken
me on in my life.
Ah, I remember telling you that at one time
I had just a really, really keen interest
the occult.
I wanted to just dive right into that and
be an occultist and God said no, I don’t want
you to do that.
And a lot of times, you know how we are when
we’re children, when we want to do
something and Mommy and Daddy’s looked at
it and say no, you can’t do that.
No, you can’t do that!
It’s kind of how they said it.
We always pout and throw a fit, how come they
don’t want me to have any fun; my Mom and
Dad hate me.
I’ve learned over the years God doesn’t hate
It’s actually just the opposite of that, he
loves me and he cares about me and when God
usually says don’t do this, he’s always got
a really good reason and sometimes we can’t
understand it immediately, but if we’ll think
about it, we’ll learn God’s way, we’ll
learn to use the mind of Christ as the Apostle
Paul said.
Then, then we get it, we understand.
It’s sort of like that commandment where God
says thou shalt not steal.
And stealing basically is, oh, I want that,
I don’t want to have to pay money for it.
I don’t want to have to work for it.
I’ll just take it and that’s stealing, you’re
not supposed to do that.
God actually has a better way.
Number 1, get a job, go earn some income,
go earn some money for yourself and then you
can buy things like what your neighbor has
which you’re not supposed to covet after
Or, or, and that’s in the book of Proverbs,
go to work and you’ll have stuff to put in
your mouth.
Or God actually has a better way.
You can actually ask God and God looks at
the thing that you’re wanting to steal and
says, you know, I’m a free giver.
In fact this is the only time in the whole
universe of time that God is actually liberal
on something, he is a liberal giver.
He giveth freely to his sons and God will
look at the thing that you’re looking at and
say, you know what?
I’m not going to give you that, ahhhh, and
we pout, God says, I’m going to give you
something a lot better.
Think about of what the Apostle Paul was asking
God when he had the thorn in his flesh,
and it was a messenger of satan to buffet
him and Paul was sick of it, he was tired
Three times he asked God to take that thorn
away, and God said, no, I’m not going to do
I have something better for you, it’s called
I’m going to give you grace to endure the
thorn and my grace is sufficient for you.
And so, if you’ll just ask God for things,
he’ll give to you.
So, when God says, thou shalt not steal, he’s
got a good reason behind it, because
number 1, you’ll go to jail, number 2, he
has a better way for us, where God could just
give us the things that we need, and sometimes
the things that we want.
That’s just how good he is.
And so when God says, when God says see all
those stars up there in the sky?
Don’t worship them, don’t listen to them.
He has a really good reason why he doesn’t
want us to do that.
Let’s, let’s look at the Scripture and see
what God says, don’t do this.
We’re going to see what God says and then
we’re going to find out, hopefully, why God
doesn’t want us to do this and you’ll like
I promise you, you’ll like it.
Leviticus, chapter 19, verse 26, the Bible
says ye shall not eat anything with the
blood, neither shall ye use enchantment nor
observe times.
Deuteronomy 18:10, there shall not be found
among you anyone that maketh his son or his
daughter to pass through the fire or that
useth divination or, here it is, an observer
times or an enchanter or a witch.
And so God, the idea that we look at the stars
at night, and we go, oh, that looks like,
ah, a bear, which, I never really thought
it did.
Oh, that looks like a guy named Orion, which
I really never thought it did either.
But we look at those things, people have looked
at those things for thousands of years
and they’ve had this idea that the stars up
there determine their fate.
I’m actually going to show you this in the
That they determine their fate.
God refers to it as an observer of times,
because at certain times of the year, and
we’ve talked about the winter solstice, summer
solstice, the equinoxes, and what they
mean to the occult realm.
God actually designed those days.
He actually designed the days, the seasons,
the times and years, he designed all of that
and yet there are people all over the world,
all throughout history that have worshipped
this and have put themselves in subjection
to times and seasons and days and years.
In other words, they’re observing times and
they’re letting those things dictate to them
their life.
I’m going to show you that from the Scriptures.
In Deuteronomy, chapter 18, verse 14, God
says for these nations which thou shalt
possess harken unto observers of times and
unto the diviners.
But as for thee, the Lord thy God hath not
suffered, which means allowed, thee to do
So God was saying, I don’t want you to, he
says it in Leviticus, he says it in
Leviticus, he doesn’t want his people to do
And he says when you go into the land of Canaan,
all of those people, you remember the
giants, those big, tall ugly things that I
want you to go in there and kill?
He said that’s the religion that they have.
They let the stars control them, that’s their
religion and God says, I’m not going to
allow you to do that.
You know why?
God’s not going to allow them to settle for
something that’s 2nd best.
That’s what he’s not going to allow them to
God is going to teach us that he actually
has a better way for his people.
Why don’t we listen to that?
We always think that our way’s the best, this
is why, this is why the word-faith
doctrine, to me, is so ridiculous and so silly,
because it assumes, it presumes that you
know better than God.
Because the word-faith doctrine says if you
name that, you claim it, God has to give it
to you.
And so people are going around, I claim that
from Jesus, I claim that in Jesus’ name,
and it’s like God, they’re going to force
God to give it them.
But what if God thinks that’s a really, really,
really bad idea?
Ah, it doesn’t matter to them, they’re still
going to get what they want and so that’s
why, anyway, Manasseh.
Manasseh the king of Israel, look at what
he did.
2 Kings, chapter 21, and this is the neighborhood
that God puts observers of times in.
When I mean that, he says in Deuteronomy 18,
he mentions diviners, and ah, he mentions,
oh, making the sons or the daughters pass
through fire.
Or divination or enchanters or witches or
eating things with blood in it, this is why
God puts that in the neighborhood of these
other things.
Look at Manasseh, 2 Kings, chapter 21, and
he built altars for all the host of heaven.
The host of heaven are angels.
I want you to remember that.
In the two courts of the house of the Lord,
and he made his son pass through the fire
and observed times and used enchantments and
dealt with familiar spirits and wizards.
He must have been reading Harry Potter books.
And he wrought much wickedness in the sight
of the Lord to provoke him to anger.
God puts observing of times in with everything
else that God says he hates and he says
if you do these things, not only am I against
it, you’re going to make me really, really,
really, really mad.
And you’ll study of the life of Manasseh and
you’ll see what it is.
But anyway, here’s, here’s the thing of astrology.
Astrology is and here’s a graphic of the Zodiac
and you probably know what your sign is,
don’t you, ok?
Oh yeah, I’m a Taurus, I, I, happen to be
a Gemini and if you remember I think we talked
about this one time before.
I used to come home from school every day
and get the paper out, we had a daily paper
delivered to our house.
And I used to get that thing out and I would
look and see what Gemini was for that day.
And I would read in today’s paper, which came
to the house in the afternoon, I’d come
home from school and I would look at the paper
and it would say, for Gemini and I would
read that.
And I went, ah, that is amazing.
That is exactly what happened to me today!
I didn’t know that that was actually supposed
to be for the next day.
I didn’t know that.
Because I thought, so my point is, is that
some guy writes a bunch of stuff and in our
minds, if we want to believe this is true,
we just imagine that those exact things
happened and God just says, I, I have a better
But we have the astrology.
We have the idea that the stars and the constellations
in their courses, that they
actually mean something on how when you were
born, how your life, kind of like palm
reading, how your life is going to turn out,
who you’re supposed to marry, who you’re not
supposed to marry, ah, what you’re supposed
to do with your occupation, how you’re
supposed, how many kids you’re supposed to
It actually says that the stars determine
everything that there is about you and here,
you know you can be an Aquarius, or an Aries,
or a Taurus, or a Gemini or a Cancer, you
know, just any number of these things.
And remember something that we brought up
the last time.
Manley Hall, actually defines the word Zodiac,
because that’s what we refer to when
we’re looking at the 12 signs of the stars,
we call it the Zodiac and Manley Hall
actually said that the Zodiac is derived from
a Greek term which is Zodiakos which means
a circle of animals or Zoë, a circle of
living creatures, the Bible says or calls
So I want you to think about this, a circle
of beasts.
And remember from the Bible we find out that
the cherubims which are some of the angels
in heaven, they actually are beast-like, both
in their appearance and yet they have the
intelligence of a man, they are beast-like
in their appearance and beast-like in their
And we’re going to talk about some of that
here in a little bit.
But I want you to look at what God said in
Deuteronomy, chapter 4, verse 19, because
this is really interesting.
Not only, if you follow astrology, or know
someone that does, or Christian astrology,
and I want you to, I want you to hang on to
that term, because you’re going to see where
I’m going here in a little bit.
Christian astrology.
And we’re going to use the language of the
King James Bible, by the way, King James does
use the word astrologers, in the Book of Daniel,
Nebuchadnezzar had astrologers, he
surrounded himself with astrologers, and soothsayers,
that means guys that can use
They spoke in a monotone, tone; they used
soothing words, sort of like how you talk
an animal.
Here kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, ok?
You never go to a cat and say here kitty,
kitty, kitty, you don’t do that.
You have to speak smoothly, and you have to
sooth these beasts.
Anyway, Nebuchadnezzar surrounded himself
with these people, and every, if you will
notice in the book of Daniel, every time Nebuchadnezzar
asked one of these guys to come
up with something for him, like the dreams
and everything like that.
They just kind of, well, Nebuchadnezzar, we’re
going to need some help here.
And they couldn’t do it.
See, God knows what’s best.
Nebuchadnezzar wanted these guys to, he wanted
these guys to tell him his dreams, tell
him what it meant and everything like that,
and God would not let them do it.
He was only going to exalt Daniel because
he knew Daniel was going to rely upon the
Lord, in fact, we see Daniel praying, God
show us what this means, show us what the
was, you are the revealer of secrets, so that
God, so that all the world would worship
you instead of following after the astrologers
of Nebuchadnezzar.
See, there are astrologers out there, and
it may sound like they know what they’re
talking about, but the truth of it is, it
doesn’t work and God wants you to know that.
It doesn’t work that way.
So, anyway, you follow the stars!
Oh, I’m going to follow what Gemini is going
to do with Taurus over here, and I don’t
even know how it works but that’s just kind
of how they talk.
And God actually explained it like this in
Deuteronomy 4:19, he said unless thou lift
thine eyes into heaven, and when thou seest
the sun and the moon and the stars, even all
the host of heaven, those are angels, beasts,
he say you shouldest be driven to worship
them and serve them, which the Lord thy God
hath divided unto all nations under the whole
In other words, he’s saying here, in this
phrase, when you serve them.
That whatever they say do, that’s what you
Whatever the stars, Nancy Reagan, do you remember
Nancy Reagan?
Nancy Reagan, it came out while she was in
the White House with Ron Reagan, it came out
that she had actually consulted an astrologer
so that she could help steer her husband in
the right direction to know what he should
Nancy Reagan was actually serving them.
Serving them, doing what they told her to
You need to understand this, this circle of
beasts that surrounds the earth; they’re not
the good guys.
They’re the bad guys.
They’re the ones telling everybody, this is
what we want you to do.
God’s over here saying, no, do what I said.
They’re surrounding the earth telling everybody
this is what we want you to do, and
astrology is big.
You go to Washington, D.C.
you’re going to see astrological signs everywhere.
You go into some of the museums; I think the
Library of Congress and so on has
astrological themes all the way around it.
That is, that’s kind of like telling you what
spirit actually rules over the United
States of America.
You just, you just kind of ponder that.
Colossians, chapter 2, verse 18, the Bible
says, let no man beguile you of your reward
and of voluntary humility and worshipping
of angels, intruding into those things which
hath not seen, vainly puffed up by his fleshly
You’re serving and worshipping angels instead
of the Lord your God when you follow
When you, when you chose to think in your
mind that the stars are actually guiding the
universe and guiding the course of life, rather
than the Lord God Almighty, that’s what
you’re doing.
Now, if you remember, we did a video here
a while back called Astrology and Daniel’s
Kingdom and I’m going to kind of cover some
of that material again.
Because I’d mentioned that I started finding
the astrological signs in Psalm 22 and I
couldn’t find all of them there, but I found
out that I found the rest of them all
throughout the Scripture.
Remember Taurus, the bull.
Psalm chapter 22, verse 12, many bulls have
compassed me, strong bulls of Bashan have
beset me round.
Think about this, now, think about the language,
think about what you’re seeing here.
Remember, the Zodiac is a circle of beasts.
That’s what it is.
And these are, these are of the angelic realm,
they are the cherubim, they’re the bad
Lucifer is a beast, he’s a cherubim, he is
a dragon, he’s a serpent, that’s who he is.
And so we have Psalm 22, Psalm 22 remember
is the prophecy concerning the death of
Christ on the Cross.
It starts out, my God, my God why hast thou
forsaken me?
Here’s Jesus on the Cross, my God, my God
why hast thou forsaken me?
When you look in Psalm 22, you’ll see they
pierced his hands and feet, they took his
garment and parted it amongst themselves,
and cast lots for it, in other words they
gambling over it, to see who could get it.
All of these things happened to Christ on
the Cross and now the Bible is explaining
you the spiritual realm.
It’s showing you the spirits that are surrounding,
it’s showing you the circle of beasts
that are surrounding Jesus that hate his guts
and that want him to die.
So he says, many bulls have compassed me,
strong bulls of Bashan have beset me round.
Beset me round.
In other words, they are circling me.
Now I want you to get this.
Since these, since this bull is Taurus the
bull, I mean there’s the sign there, ok?
Since this, since this bull is an enemy of
Christ, those who follow after Taurus, oh,
I’m a Taurus, ok, or whatever, I don’t know
what their sign is, anyway, I’m a Taurus.
If you identify yourself with them, and worship
them and serve them, well you say, I
don’t serve them.
I just follow the paths of the stars.
You’re serving them, whatever they say do,
that’s what you do.
And that puts you in league with the bulls.
And God said that’s not right.
Then in Psalm 22, verse 9, the Bible says
but thou art he that took me out of the womb
and thou didst make me hope when I was upon
my mother’s breast, Jesus was born of a
virgin, and here we have the astrological
sign of Virgo.
Although this particular Virgo is not really
the Virgin Mary, it’s more like mystery
Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and
abominations of the earth.
So anyway, that’s still in Psalm 22.
Psalm 22, verse 13, they gaped upon me with
their mouths as a ravening and a roaring
Guess what that one is?
That’s Leo, ok?
So we have, we have a lion, that’s how the
devil is described, we have a lion and he
roaring and ravening and he’s gaping upon
him with his mouth, grrrr, grrr, ok?
Wanting to destroy and to devour Jesus Christ.
Remember the devil is a roaring lion seeking
whom he may devour.
And you say, oh, I’m a Leo, then you are identifying
yourself with the very enemies of
the Lord Jesus Christ.
Look at verse 14; I am poured out like water.
Can you think of an astrological sign where
someone is pouring out water?
This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius,
that’s what Aquarius is, is the water bearer
and it’s always seen as pouring out water.
Want you to think of this phrase, pouring
out because that’s exactly what God’s going
do in the book of Revelation, he’s going to
open 7 cans, is what he’s going to do and
he’s going to pour out his wrath upon mankind
and that’s what the age of Aquarius is all
So we have the one who pours out water surrounding
Jesus while he’s dying on the Cross.
Ah, Psalm, chapter 22, verse 16, for dogs
have compassed me, the assembly of the wicked
have enclosed me, they pierce my hands and
my feet.
I want you to notice the language here.
The assembly of the wicked enclosed me.
Dogs have compassed me.
In other words the language here is telling
you about the circle of animals and the
circle of beasts that have compassed and enclosed
the Lord Jesus Christ while he’s on the
They hate him, they are not for him.
And so, well, we don’t have an astrological
sign of dogs, even though there’s a
constellation that’s called Canis Major, which
is the big dog, but we have a star, called
It’s the dog star and it’s in the constellation
of Gemini.
Gemini shows, like this, Gemini shows this,
Duality, Gemini’s a representation of the
double-headed eagle of Freemasonry and it
represents the fusion of opposites together.
I happen to be born in Gemini, just to let
you know I quit following that a long, it
dawned on me that I was wrong, that I was
actually looking at what was going to happen
the next day.
I’m going, well, that’s kind of stupid, how
that can know what’s happening tomorrow.
So I just quit following it and just started
reading the Bible.
But anyway, so we have the dogs, by the way,
a lot of the UFO cults, a lot of the
ancient mystery religions, they have this
idea that the visitors, you know, them, they’re
going to come from Sirius, the, the star Sirius,
that’s where they’re going to come from.
Remember in the movie, ah, the, ah, The Truman
Show, it also, remember Truman is
encapsulated in this little false world.
He’s buried, he’s in prison there and what
is that signals the sign of his release?
One of the studio lights falls from the sky,
and it’s a star, and it says Sirius on it.
And you go look at that ok, so we have a falling
star that signals the release of Truman
from the pit that he’s in.
It’s kind of, you know, and of course the,
think about this.
The evil producer of the TV show that’s holding
him there that doesn’t want him out is
named Christoff.
Christopher, Christ bearer.
Just kind of makes sense now.
I’m telling you all of these bad guys are
not on the side of the Christian, they’re
on the side of Christ, they are against us.
Why would anybody want to follow them, they
hate God, they hate Jesus and they hate you.
Psalm chapter 22, verse 21, save me from the
lion’s mouth, for thou hast heard me from
the horns of the unicorns.
You say unicorns didn’t exist, ok?
This is actually, ah, Capricorn, Capricorn
is a unicorn, it’s a constellation in the
that represents the unicorns and they are
against, he says save me from the lion’s mouth,
thou hast heard me from the horns of the unicorns.
In other words, they want to gore him, they
want to destroy him and Jesus is crying out
to God to save him from that.
And then, so that’s, I, I, kept seeing those
in the book of Psalms, chapter 22 and I’m
going, that is amazing!
Where’s the rest of them?
Now I remember reading one day and I saw this
verse and it just jumped out at me.
That’s it, it’s right there.
Job chapter 16, verse 13, watch this, his
archers compassed me roundabout, he cleaveth
my reins asunder, and doth not spare, he poureth
out my gall upon the ground.
His archers compassed me, there it is, that
compass again, that circling again.
His archers.
Sagittarius is known as the archer.
1st Samuel, chapter 5, verse 2, when the Philistines
took the ark of God, they brought
it into the house of Dagon and set it by Dagon.
Now remember, all of these things deal with
Christ on the Cross and they’re the enemies
of God.
The Ark of the Covenant represents God’s mercy
and God’s throne, his seat of authority
and his mercy to the people of Israel.
It was taken to the house of Dagon.
What astrological sign is that?
Dagon was a sea creature, he was a fish.
Manly Hall says that Pisces represents and
goes along with Dagon, the fish god.
That’s who Pisces is.
Jeremiah, chapter 51, verse 40, I will bring
them down like lambs to the slaughter, like
rams with he-goats.
How is Shishak taken and how is the praise
of the whole earth surprised, how is Babylon
become an astonishment among the nations?
There you have Aries, the ram being an enemy
of Almighty God.
Hosea, chapter 12, verse 7, he is a merchant,
the balances, ah, look at this, the
balances of deceit are in his hand, he loveth
to oppress.
The balances, God calls them the balances
of deceit and let me, let me explain the
balances again.
The balances represent kind of like what Gemini
represents, the, the 2 fishes of Pisces,
they all represent what’s called duality.
And duality is nothing more than the fusion
of opposites.
The sons of God, the daughters of men, the
hybrid god, Dagon, is half human, half god.
The beast, and the Bible clearly tells us
in Revelation, chapter 13, the number of the
beast is the number of a man, and yet it’s
the number of a beast.
And that’s what Libra represents.
The balances of deceit are in his hand.
Revelation, chapter 9, verse 3, there came
out of the smoke locusts upon the earth and
unto them was given power, there it is right
there, was given power as the scorpions of
the earth have power.
Oh, I’m a Scorpio man, ok, that means, what
are you real crabby or what?
And I want you to notice Scorpio, I want you
notice that Scorpio has one, two, three,
four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten legs
and actually the legs, because scorpions,
and let’s see, lobsters and crabs and things
like that, they have what is called an
exoskeleton, which basically means these are
like horns, made out of close to the same
Because you need to remember, Revelation,
chapter 17, verse 12 and the 10 horns which
thou sawest are 10 kings.
Now I want to stop right here.
We have, we have 10 legs on the scorpion.
What does the number ten represent?
The number ten represents dominion.
It represents authority.
Ah, the 10 toes in the book of Daniel represent
10 kings.
That’s, that’s what these are, 10 kings that
have dominion, authority.
I want you to think of the 10 commandments.
Now I don’t want you to misunderstand me.
I happen to like the 10 commandments.
I think they’re good.
I think the 10 commandments are to hang up
in every church, every school house, every
court house, every tavern, I think, I think
billboards all across America out to have
10 commandments everywhere because these are
lows that God gave us that if we will follow
what God said, our life will be better.
And actually, if you, if you, when you are
saved from God and you’re born again and
you’re right with God, you actually have his
law in your heart and you just have a desire
to do what’s right.
Even though the flesh says, I don’t want to
do that, you still have that inner desire
do what’s right.
So I want you to understand my respect for
the law and what I think about the law.
Like Paul said in Romans 7, every time I sin,
I consent that the law is good.
I think the law is good.
But I want you to look at it in this context
that we see in the New Testament, the law
talks about the ordinances that are against
You see in the new Testament, Christ is for
But because the law is contrary to our mind
and to the will of the flesh, it now is
against us because God not only says, thou
shalt not bear false witness, God says if
lie, you’re going to die.
And that’s against us because everybody lies.
Everybody does.
Everybody has the inclination to steal, everybody
has the inclination to steal,
everybody has the inclination to commit adultery,
we all violate God somehow, someway.
And those laws are against us.
And in the Old Testament, it was the law,
Paul said Romans 7, that the law hath
dominion, 10, 10 commandments; the law hath
dominion over man as long as he lives.
And so I want you to think about this, ok?
Let’s say that these 10 kings, now, these
10 kings in the book of Daniel, these 10 kings
in the book of Revelation that are going to
rule, very evilly I might say, over mankind,
let’s say that they are, they are a representation
of man’s disobedience to the law.
I want you to think of it along those lines.
And I want to go back and read this because
I, I like this.
Because here all of these, these evil beasts
are surrounding Christ while he’s on the
Cross and they’re going, yay, he’s going to
They didn’t know that in Christ’s death he
was actually defeating them.
And I want to show, this is neat, if you get
I want to show you this.
Revelation, chapter 17, verse 12, and the
10 horns which thou sawest are 10 kings, so
want you to think of 10 commandments, the
law that is against us, because we break the
Which have received no kingdom as yet but
receive power as kings one hour with the
These have one mind, and shall give their
power and strength to the beast.
Now I want you to think about what’s being
said here.
The beast is going to reign as cruel authority
over mankind because mankind wants to
violate God’s law.
Mankind hates thou shalt not commit adultery
because we’re living in a generation right
now that is adulterous and nothing but that.
And so, the power that the beast has is given
to him by, think about what Paul said, 1
Corinthians 15.
He was talking about the sting of death, the
sting of death is sin and the strength of
sin is what?
The law.
And so in the 10 toes of Nebuchadnezzar’s
kingdom, ok, the 4th kingdom, you have the
When the 5th thing that Nebuchadnezzar sees,
which is a stone cut without hands which is
Jesus Christ, when the stone cut without hands
is going to destroy and cause to fall
these 4 kingdoms, where does the stone attack?
Does it go after the head?
Go after the chest?
Try to cut his legs off?
Where does it go?
It goes crashing into the toes.
Because this idol represents the man of sin
and the strength of the man of sin and what
allows him to stand is his toes, the law.
Ah, isn’t that neat?
And so the strength of sin is the law.
The strength, the power, they give their strength
unto the beast is what the Bible says.
They’re giving the strength of sin, which
is the law, to the beast.
Now let’s read the next verse.
Verse 14, these shall make war with the Lamb
and the Lamb shall overcome them.
Did you see that?
These, listen, listen, there is, there is
a law in my flesh that is at war with the
in my spirit.
Paul said it in Romans chapter 7.
My flesh is enmity against God.
My flesh hates God.
My flesh is evil, it’s wicked, it wants to
break all 10 commandments in like one hour,
that’s what my flesh wants to do.
And in my flesh, I cannot please God.
My mind is contrary to the law of God because
the law provides the strength of sin and
these shall make war with the Lamb.
Um, um, um.
And the Lamb shall overcome them.
And I want to say this to you, ok, again,
I like trying to live by what God said.
There’s nothing in me more desirous than to
do what God said and obey what he said.
I, I love the law.
I love the book.
I love the whole counsel of God, Genesis to
Problem is, my flesh says, we don’t like God.
My members hate God.
And so that law just strengthens my flesh,
it like gives my flesh, oh yeah, you said
can’t do this, well watch this!
That’s my flesh.
And so my flesh, the strength of sin in me,
makes war with the Lamb.
The Lamb overcomes me.
You need to get your mind right on salvation.
God was not looking for the most superior
guy to pick and when he came upon you, he
said, hey, there’s nobody better than this
Let’s, let’s save him so he can do us some
That’s not what happened.
The Lamb overcame your flesh and broke you
down and you decided you didn’t want to go
hell; you wanted to go to heaven.
See, it worked, didn’t it?
Isn’t that neat?
Isn’t that neat?
Here we have, here we have the locust, the
scorpion, surrounding Christ on the Cross,
The enemies of God and they didn’t know that
they were being defeated by the very death
of Jesus Christ.
I’m not done because we have, what, Cancer,
Cancer is like the crab, ok?
And I think, if I remember right, it’s called
that because when you get like a skin
cancer, everybody said it looked like you
had a crab on your skin so that’s why they
called it that.
And I want you to look at the crab again.
It kind of looks like the locust, doesn’t
You have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 horns
on it.
Well they’re legs but they’re horns.
The crab represents the dominion of the beast
and the 10 kings that give him his
strength and his authority.
He is the man of sin and the Lamb overcomes
the 10 kings.
I absolutely, I absolutely love it, sorry.
Now, so that’s our, that’s our Zodiac in a
nutshell, these are all the enemies of God,
they are the evil angels that hate Jesus Christ
and they want to see him destroyed and
when Jesus comes back he’s going to, he’s
going to get rid of them all.
But we’re wrestling against these right now.
Ephesians, chapter 6, verse 11, the Bible
says put on the whole armor of God that you
may be able to stand against the wiles of
the devil, for we wrestle not against flesh
blood, but against principalities, powers,
against rulers of darkness of this world and
against spiritual wickedness in high places.
And you know I want you to know that, I like
to count things in the Bible and I’ve
counted this before, we’ve done this before,
but we have 1, 2, 3, 4 different things that
we wrestle against.
And here’s the issue, because when you have
the Zodiac, let me, let me show it to you
this way.
When you have the Zodiac, and I’m going to
put this graphic up on the screen for you
you can see it, ok?
There’s actually 12 of them, but they are
divided into 4 groups of 3.
There’s 3 in this group, 3 in this, 3 in this,
and you say that’s kind of like the
months and the year.
You got it.
Because if you look at your astrological chart,
you’ll see like Gemini is like over one
month, and Sagittarius is over this month
and so on.
And so they all have rule over their little
They have rule over time, but really, they’re
divided up into 4 groups of 3.
So you have what looks like a cross here and
there’s 4 sections of it.
So, this matches what Paul said in Ephesians.
Here we have principalities, powers, rulers
of darkness and spiritual wickedness in high
And this is real interesting because when
God made these, they didn’t make God.
God made them, God created them, including
When God made them I want you to notice Genesis,
chapter 1 verse 14, let’s see what God
And God said let there be lights in the firmament
of the heaven to divide the day from
the night and let them be for, let’s count.
Signs, seasons, days and years.
Four, principalities, powers, rulers of darkness,
spiritual wickedness in high places.
By the way, the kingdom that has the 10 toes,
it’s the 4th one.
So we’re, we’re kind of understanding who
this kingdom is, it’s, it’s them.
They really are going to come down and rule
over us.
Just like all the movies said!
They really are, ok?
And God said let them be for signs and for
seasons and for days and for years and then
in verse 16, he said God made 2 great, great
The greater light to rule the day and the
lesser light to rule the night and he made
stars also.
And I want you to understand that we have,
we have one light that rules over the day,
the sun.
And then we have the moon and all these stars
that rule over the night.
That’s important.
I’m going to show you that in a minute.
God said, and God set them in the firmament
of the heaven to give light upon the earth
and to rule over the day and over the night
and to divide the light from the darkness
God saw that it was good.
And the evening and the morning were what
The fourth day.
The evening and the morning.
God created these 4, principalities, powers,
rulers of darkness, spiritual wickedness in
high places, the 4 sections of the Zodiac
he created it on day 4 of creation and there’s
a reason why I’m showing you this.
Because I want you to pay attention to this.
We saw in Daniel, chapter 2, verse 40 that
it’s the, it’s the 4th kingdom that has the
strength of sin, the 10 kings.
Daniel, chapter 7, verse 7, we have the 4th
beast who is dreadful and terrible, he’s
going to rule over the entire earth.
And I want you to look at this, in Daniel
7, we have, we have a king, in Daniel, chapter
2, we have a king, in Daniel, chapter 7 we
have a king.
He is the 4th beast and he is going to rule
over everything.
In fact, Revelation, chapter 13 tells us that
the anti-Christ is given his power and his
seat and great authority by Lucifer himself.
Now I’m going to show you again, I keep referencing,
I’m going to show you again what’s
on the front of Albert Pike’s Morals and Dogma,
And I want you to look at this.
Here we have a crown, and it’s a king.
And I want you to notice on top of this crown
is a cross.
Stop right here.
A cross has 1, 2, 3, 4 points to it.
Think about that.
We have a crown with a cross on it, oh, this
is Jesus, no, it’s not.
And we have a winged creature with 2 heads,
and I want you to notice what’s under the
We have stars that are under the wings.
Anytime you have something under something
else, this rules over this.
If we get into a fight, you and I, and I end
up sitting on the back of your head, I win.
You’re not going to get up from there.
So anyway, so anytime you have something over
something, it rules over, Jesus had a
crown of thorns, death was, the curse was
ruling over him, and he took that curse to
The 5 Lords of the Philistines were in a porch
over Samson, they were ruling over Samson
and he destroyed them in his death.
Isn’t that, I just love that.
So here’s the symbolism of it.
The number 33 is important here, why?
Because 33% is 1/3.
Revelation, chapter 12, and his tail drew
the third part of the stars of heaven and
cast them to the earth and the dragon stood
before the woman which was ready to be
delivered, for to devour her child as soon
as it was born.
This beast is actually reigning over 33% of
the stars.
Actually it’s 33.333333, just keeps on going,
it’s infinity.
Isn’t that neat?
So here we have a picture of the anti-Christ
with a crown on his head, the 10 kings, we
have, we have the Cross which represents the
principalities, powers, rulers of darkness,
spiritual wickedness, and they’re, they’re
governing over these evil stars that are cast
down to the ground.
Now you see it, now you understand what Albert
Pike won’t tell you in this book, you’ll
see it clearly from the Scriptures.
Now, I’d mentioned earlier, ah, to some people,
one of the reasons why I’m doing this
and kind of going over this astrology thing,
because I saw something new in the
It just wasn’t written yesterday, it’s been
there for a long time, I just kind of
recognized it and saw what it was.
In the book of Galatians, now the book of
Galatians is very interesting book.
If you’re not familiar with it, I encourage
you to read it because the book of Galatians
was written by Paul, a Jew, ok?
He used to be, in fact, he died a Jew.
He was of the tribe of Benjamin, and Paul
said of himself, if you want to find a guy
that keeps the law, that’s me, ok?
Or he just kind of pretended to keep the law
because nobody ever actually kept the whole
law, except Jesus Christ.
But Paul said, I know the law, inside and
out, and Paul went around telling everybody,
hey, you’re not saved by doing good works.
You’re not saved by being circumcised.
You’re not saved by keeping feast days; you’re
not saved by this.
You’re not saved by keeping the 10 commandments,
because if you could be, Jesus would
not have died to take away the curse of the
10 commandments on us.
So Paul went around telling everybody you’re
saved by grace.
Some people had come into the region of Gall,
which is around France, that’s the
Galatian churches.
Some people had come in, they were Jews that
hated grace and they snuck into that
Jude said certain men crept in unawares and
they crept in, the creeps, crept into these
churches up there and began to tell everybody,
see, we still got the old Testament, and
if you’re really saved, you’re going to have
to keep the law, buddy.
And so they convinced people up there that
they weren’t really saved because they
weren’t circumcised.
They weren’t keeping the law.
And really, what it was all about, it was
about a bunch of Jews who hated Jesus, who
hated free grace and hated the fact that they
even told for 2,000 years to keep the law,
and here these gentile idiots come along and
say, we don’t know how to keep the law, we
don’t even know what all the law is but we
know that God saved us because we believed
what we were told.
And they hated, they despised it.
By the way, they still do.
The Jews, there are certain Jews in this world
that absolutely despise Jesus Christ and
they despise the Goyim gospel, the gentile
gospel, they hate it.
It’s like a nasty, nasty taste on their tongue.
And they have set out, they have set out,
the biggest, most fiercest adversaries of
gospel in the book of Acts, was the Jews,
evil Jews who hated Jesus Christ.
And I want you to think about that, I want
you to consider that, because that’s what’s
going on.
There is movements going on right now, in
this world, trying to convince people who
saved, you’re not saved.
I thought I was saved.
You got to keep the law.
You got to keep the law, and if you don’t
keep the law, you’re not saved.
And they actually wrap it up in what looks
like Christian language.
They say, of course we, we don’t believe you
have to keep the law to be saved, we don’t
believe that.
We just believe that if you’re really saved,
you’re going to keep the law.
You know what they’re saying?
That if we see you not keeping the law like
we do, we know you’re not saved.
See how it works?
They say it, they don’t really mean it.
Paul called it witchcraft.
Which is really interesting because, like
in Freemasonry, and the new age movement and
the occult, they have, they have laws.
Morals and Dogma, you know what dogma is?
Freemasons believe that in order to ascend
the ladder of illumination, you must perform
the rituals.
You can’t just show up to a Masonic lodge
and say, hi, my name is Mike, I’d like to
be a
33rd degree Mason and I’m kind short on time,
can you just fill me out a card?
I mean, I’ll, whatever you want, and can it
be free, because I’m short on cash?
They’ll say absolutely not.
You have to perform the laws.
Witchcraft has laws.
You have to do these things.
Witchcraft has rituals.
You must perform in order to get the gods
of witchcraft, the force, the elements; you
must perform to get, see it’s really no different
than keeping the law.
That’s why Paul called it witchcraft.
Galatians, chapter 3, oh foolish Galatians,
who hath bewitched you?
That ye should not obey the truth before whose
eyes Jesus Christ has been evidently set
forth crucified among you, this only what
I learned received ye the spirit by the works
of the law or by the hearing of faith?
You know what obeying the truth; you know
what the truth is?
You know what it means when the Bible says
obey the gospel and obey the truth?
It means you put it over your mind and over
your head and that it rules and dictates
your life.
The truth of the gospel is that you believe
what Jesus said, that Jesus fulfilled all
the law, fulfilling the requirements of God
and if you are in Christ, you are exactly
same as Jesus Christ, even if you have never
kept one law in your life and the truth of
it is you haven’t.
You haven’t.
You say, well, I kept Passover.
You kept Passover?
Where’s your plane ticket to Jerusalem, because
God said the only real way to keep
Passover was to do it in Jerusalem, because
that’s what Jesus did.
And you didn’t go there, you didn’t really
keep it.
And Paul never, Paul knew, Paul knew, see
they had a counsel in the book of Acts that,
that they got together.
Most of these guys were Jews.
And they were saying, now, the gentiles, are
they saved if they’re not circumcised and
they met together and stood up and said you
know what, our own people for thousands of
years have had this law.
We’ve never been able to keep it.
Why should we make the gentiles, why should
we hang this burden on the gentiles, if we
ourselves haven’t been able to keep it?
So they gave them 4 things and they said,
you know this is what you do.
And the gentiles are saved without the works
of the law.
You received the spirit, by the way, not by
the works of the law, but by hearing and
believing what God said without works.
So then, watch this, ok.
Galatians, chapter 4, remember now, keeping
the law equals witchcraft or the idea that
you must obey and perform everything that
God says in order to be saved.
Paul calls it witchcraft.
Galatians, chapter 4, verse 8, howbeit then
when you knew not God, ye did service unto
them which by nature are no gods.
Stop right here.
Before you got saved, you were an astrologer.
You served the gods, the angels, the circle
of beasts, you served them.
You did whatever they told you to do, ok?
Now look at verse 9, but now after that you
have known God or rather are known of God,
how turn ye again to the weak and beggarly,
I want you to look at that word, elements,
whereunto ye desire again to be in bondage.
Ye observe, let’s count, and let’s look at
what’s said.
You observe, number 1, days, number 2, months,
number 3, times, number 4, years.
You observe them.
You, you’re an observer of times.
Now remember, Paul said this in the direct
and absolute context of keeping the law and
he called it witchcraft and he even used the
word serving gods, even used the word
elements, because if you know anything about
witchcraft you know what elements are and
there’s 4 of them.
And then he said you observe 4 things, days,
months, and times.
You know what you are; you are an observer
of times.
Now I mentioned a while ago Christian astrologers.
These are people that are always looking for
signs of the day of the rapture.
Oh, oh look, there’s these stars are going
to line up, and oh, I think, I think Jesus
going to come on that day.
Or, or, oh, look at these feast days here,
I think God’s going to do this on this and
this and this.
I’m not saying he’s not, you know what I’m
I’m saying what Jesus told us; think not of
what’s going to happen tomorrow.
He said it’s evil, don’t do it.
You just live today and live your life for
Christ today and the overwhelming message
the new testament gospel is you let God worry
about tomorrow, and see actually that’s
like a better idea than worrying about what’s
going to happen tomorrow.
You just let God have it, ok?
And I just want, I want to encourage you to
be careful about listening to all these
people that are telling you, oh, keep feast
days, oh do this, you need, you need to
observe times and, and days and months and
you need to observe these things, you need
count and see how many days it’s going to
be before Christ, you need to try to figure
the day of the rapture.
Can I tell you, can I tell you what’s in that?
I’m just going to share a little secret of
when God called me into this ministry, I’m
just going to share my heart, tell you what
kind of rat-bag, dirty sinner I am.
When God called me into this ministry, I immediately
began searching the Scriptures
trying to find out what date Jesus was going
to come back and you know why I was doing
I wanted the credit.
And I’m very suspicious and leery because
I know the heart of man, because I have one.
I’m very leery and suspicious of anybody who
tries to constantly put out there that they
have figured out when the Lord is going to
come back.
I usually don’t spend a lot time reading those
things anymore because I don’t believe
And I’m not saying it’s you and I’m not saying,
see, I’m being nice guy here.
I’m not talking about you; I’m talking about
all these other people.
Actually, I am talking about you.
Because I’m talking to me.
The reason why I wanted to try find the day
and the hour, even though I was told not to,
I wanted the credit for it.
It’s what I wanted.
Anyway, Christian astrologers, right?
You observe days and months and times and
years, you serve gods.
He said now, now you’re back to observing
times and you know what you’re doing, you’re
back to serving these gods again.
You’re telling, you’re saying that they are
determining how things, and when things are
going to happen.
Did you know that in the new testament, you
keep the Passover every day?
Did you know that?
Let us therefore keep the feast, not with
the unleavened bread of malice, but with
truth, and I can’t remember the rest of the
You go look it up.
Every time you open this Bible and your spirit
eats this unleavened bread, amen, ok?
I absolutely love it.
Now, think about this, because everything
that witches do, they always deal with, and
talked about this in the UN video, we talked
about this in other things.
When witches do their deal they’re, they’re
praying to these gods of astrology,
basically 4 of them.
They face in what’s called the 4 cardinal
Look at this graphic here, they even have
gods named, Raphael, Uriel, Michael, and
Gabriel, they, they give them kind of like
Bible names to make it look like it’s really
good, but these are actually false names of
the 4 quarters or the 4 points, they’re
talking about the angels that they worship,
the Zodiac, the evil beasts that hate Jesus.
When witches perform their ceremonies, they
do it facing in these 4 directions, they are
observing days and months and times and years
is what they’re doing.
They even divide the year up in, in winter
solstice, summer solstice, and the spring
autumn equinox.
That’s 4 of them.
I found this, and my eyes shot out of my head
when I saw this.
Here’s a book on witchcraft called the Watchtower.
Think about that!
Here’s the article from Witche-, Witchepedia,
here’s the article from Wikipedia, about
Watchtower magic.
Watchtower is a spirit guardian of one of
the 4 cardinal points in both ceremonial magic
and neo-pagan religion of Wicca; alternately
the Watchtowers are the abodes of the
Often believed to represent the 4 elements,
watchtowers are invoked during ritual to
cast the magic circle.
They may be pictured in the imagination or
represented with tablets or other physical
And you can go on and read that, but I want
you, I want you to notice, 4 cardinal
points, the 4 elements, they are the guardians,
in other words, they circle the earth,
it’s the Zodiac, it’s the, it’s the circle
of beasts that they’re worshipping and they
call it Watchtower Magic.
And isn’t that interesting because when you
look at the symbol of the Jehovah’s Witness
cult, it’s called the Watchtower Bible and
Tract Society.
Notice their symbol.
They have a square watchtower, think about
it, so that a guy could stand on each corner
and look in all four directions and be the
Ha ha ha.
It’s witchcraft.
I sent this to Brady, young man in our church
that used to be a Jehovah’s Witness and he
went, oh!
He’s so glad he came out and found grace.
He is so glad he found the grace of Jesus
It’s absolutely amazing.
But anyway I mentioned not only do they face
in the 4 directions where these, where
these things are, they worship the 4 seasons,
the summer, winter and spring and autumnal
equinox which are related to the 4 elements.
We have earth, air, fire and water and that’s
what Paul said in Galatians.
He said, let me, let me go back to this verse
here, he said, ah, you turn again to the
weak and beggarly elements.
Isn’t that interesting that witches, witchcraft,
that was what Paul was dealing with in
Jewish witchcraft, trying to keep the law
in order to please God.
To invoke God is what they’re doing.
He called it witchcraft, he said you do service
unto these multiple gods which are the
stars, he said you turn to the elements which
is witchcraft and you observe days and
months and times and years.
You observe all these days as if they’re some
magical thing going to happen on these
days and these days have special power, Paul
called it witchcraft.
And I know for a fact, I know for a fact that
I’m going to hear from somebody who’s
telling, who’s going to try to tell me that
I’m saying here is that you ought not keep
the law, you ought not try to do the law or
that I hate what the Jews had in the Old
I don’t, you’re wrong.
I have a high re, if you listen to the abundance
of what I preach and teach, I have a
very, very high regard for the law.
What I’m saying to you is, is that the grace
of God sustains us even when we’re not able
to keep the law and the truth of it is, nobody
keeps the law, no, not one.
There is none what?
I let you finish it.
Anyway, anyway, so we have the 4 elements
and all of those were listed by Paul, that’s
what got my attention to this, they were all
listed by Paul in the book of Galatians and
he referred to them as witchcraft and he associated
it with what the Bible calls the
strength of sin, which is the law.
Now here’s, here’s the concept.
I want you to get this ok?
Because witchcraft teaches that if you get
the 4 elements working together, and if you
get the 4 seasons working together and you
get the 4 directions, you get the 4 points
the Zodiac, and you get all these 4, principalities,
powers, ruler of darkness and
spiritual wickedness, if you get them all
working together, then you’re going to release
the power of witchcraft which is the beast,
the anti-Christ.
There’s always going to be one just like the
eagle’s wings over the stars who’s going to
rule over them and control them.
He’s going to be their king, like in Revelation,
chapter 11, all those locusts that come
out, the scorpions come out of the pit, they
have a king over them.
He controls them, he guides them, he tells
them what to do.
And isn’t that interesting?
A kid’s cartoon, honey, let the kids watch
that; after all they’re not out there smoking
marijuana, are they?
So we let them watch things on TV like Avatar,
the Last Airbender.
You know what that’s about?
It’s about a guy who’s got a mark on his forehead,
And he has the ability to control earth, air,
fire and water.
He’s the king of the bottomless pit.
He’s the double-headed eagle that rules over
the stars, that’s who he is.
And remember this symbol on the front of Morals
and Dogma, we have the king and he has a
cross on that crown.
One of the signs of pagan witchcraft is called
the Celtic cross because it represents
the four cardinal points, it represents the
4 directions, it represents the 4 elements,
it represents principalities, powers, rulers
of darkness, spiritual wickedness in high
The Celtic cross is seen as; you see it in
churches all over the place.
A Celtic cross and it represents the 4 elements
of magic, principalities, powers, rulers
of darkness, spiritual wickedness in high
Now, in our church, we have just a cross,
it’s all we have.
It represents the finished work of Jesus Christ,
but these occult crosses with all these
pagan symbols on it; in fact, I want you to
look at this.
This, somebody sent me, Maggie sent me this,
one of our friends from Ohio, sent me this
and I looked at this for about 2 seconds and
I got it.
This is the International Eucharist Congress.
Notice their symbol.
The cross is made up of people doing this,
That’s what it is, ok?
Look at their cross.
It represents principalities, powers, rulers
of darkness, spiritual wickedness in high
That’s what it represents.
The pyramid.
Take a look at the pyramid.
The great pyramid of Giza, is worshipped,
it’s on the back of the one dollar bill.
The great pyramid represents, notice you have
a triangle, that’s 3 and the Zodiac is 4
groups of what?
That’s what the pyramid represents, when it’s
on the back of the one dollar bill, you
have an unfinished pyramid and you have the
all-seeing eye, it shows that one rules over
the 4, isn’t that interesting?
And, oh, by the way, the Watchtower people,
were started by a guy by the name of Charles
Taze Russell, this is his gravestone.
It doesn’t take a genius to figure out whose
side he was working on does it, ok?
Now, I want
you to think about this, ok?
What time of day do the stars come out?
What time of day do the stars rule?
What time?
Not in day time.
Night time, I want you to think about this.
1 Thessalonians, chapter 5, verse 2, for yourselves
know perfectly that the day of the
Lord so cometh as a thief when?
In the night.
For when they shall peace and safety, then
sudden destruction cometh upon them as
travail upon a woman with child and they shall
not escape.
Verse 4, but ye brethren are not in darkness
that the day or that that day shall
overtake you as a thief, you’re all children
of the light and children of the day.
We are not of the night nor of darkness.
I want you to think about this.
As born-again Christians, following under
the covenant of the New Testament, the new
contract that says we are saved and will have
eternal life by faith, not by works of the
But by faith, we are called the children of
the day.
We get it.
We get it.
We see the light.
We understand.
There are people who are not of the day.
They’re of darkness and who rules over them
in the darkness?
The principalities, powers, rulers of darkness,
spiritual wickedness in high places, the
4, the stars, the Zodiac, that’s who rules
over the people who are in the darkness.
You’re going to like this, John, chapter 11,
verse 9, look at what Jesus said.
Jesus answered, are there not 12 hours when?
In the day.
If any man walk in the day, he stumbleth not
because he seeth the light of this world,
but if a man walk in the night, he stumbleth
because there is no light in him.
Think about it.
The number 12 always references one or the
other, whether it’s the 12 tribes of Israel,
or the 12 foundations, the 12 apostles of
the gentile church.
I want you to think about this.
Jesus said those who are following the Scripture,
the New Covenant, the new contract,
you’re children of the day.
So, the 12 hours of the day represent the
gentiles who believe the Bible, who believe
the Scriptures that are under the new contract
and we have the day ruling over us.
We see it.
Israel, right now, the 12 tribes, they’re
in darkness because when half of the world
the light shining on it, the other half is
in darkness.
12 and 12.
The gentiles are in the light right now.
The Jews are in darkness.
They can’t see, they don’t understand what
you and I understand.
They still think that you keep the law to
honor God, the problem is God made it
impossible for them to keep the law.
They don’t even have a temple.
They don’t have a tabernacle and for thousands
of years, they could not even go to
Jerusalem to keep the feast days.
God made it impossible for them to keep the
But they’re still thinking they can.
And I want to encourage you; you are in the
light, which means that you came to God
under the terms of the new covenant, the new
contract that says you believe.
Yes, absolutely, don’t commit adultery!
Don’t steal!
Don’t lie; honor God with everything that
he said to do.
But when you can’t, and you can’t, grace is
sufficient for you.
Don’t let anybody take you on a trip that
leads you from light to darkness.
Don’t let them do that.
Don’t be of the 12 that are still in darkness.
Now, you’re going to like this.
When you’re in the night, how many lights
are there at night?
Can’t count them.
There’s so many of them you can’t count them.
You have many rulers over you when you’re
in the night.
When you’re in the day, you have One.
It’s the Sun of Righteousness.
1 Corinthians, chapter 8, verse 5, for though
there be that are called gods, whether in
heaven or in earth, as there be gods many
and lords many, but to us there is but One
the Father of whom are all things and we in
him and One Lord by Jesus Christ by whom are
all things and we by Him.
See, when you’re in the darkness, you have
many rulers over you; you have many stars
that are ruling over you.
You have evil angels, you have darkness ruling
over you.
You have many Lords and they’re cruel and
you still can’t see.
When you’r4e of the day time, you only have
Hebrews, Chapter 1, look at this, God who
at sundry times and in diverse, that means
many, manners spake in times past unto the
fathers by what?
The Prophets, that’s plural.
In the Old Testament there was many prophets,
hath in these last days spoken to us by
his Son, whom he hath appointed heir of all
things, by whom also he made the worlds.
When you are in the day, now that we’re in
the new testament, we have One prophet who
In the Old Testament it was many Lords, many
stars, New Testament, it’s only One.
Colossians chapter 2, verse 14, blotting out
the handwriting of what?
Many, that was against us which was contrary
to us and took it out of the way, nailing
it to his what?
His Cross.
And having spoiled principalities and powers,
he made a show of them openly triumphing
over them in it.
Take a look, take a look at this graphic now.
Here’s the Cross.
And it represents the 4 cardinal directions,
it represents the signs and the seasons and
the times, that everybody, everybody’s worshipping
these things.
The powers on magical feast days, the powers
on this the powers on that.
principalities, powers, rulers of darkness,
spiritual wickedness in high places, it’s
got 4 things on it and Jesus took it and he
took everything that was against us and
nailed it to his Cross.
The strength of sin is the law.
He took that and nailed it to the Cross.
Now the law has no power over, has no strength.
I love it.
I love it.
I wanted to teach you these things.
I want to challenge you in a new way, ok?
To an old idea.
If you, if you want to keep Passover, if you
want to have like a Passover meal, at your
house, or whatever, I think that’s neat.
We’ve actually had communion here with Matzo
bread; it’s just Jewish unleavened bread.
I think it’s neat, it kind of adds a little,
you know, a little thing to it, a little
tradition thing to it.
I think it’s neat if you want to observe these
If you want to try to do what God said.
I think it’s good.
But anybody who ever has the idea that it’s
number 1, saving you, or number 2, the
evidence that you’re saved, they’re wrong.
And be careful of anybody who will drag you
into performing things as a sign of your
salvation because that is not the sign of
your salvation.
Do you know what the seal of God is?
You know what the seal of your salvation is?
That God puts in you the spirit of his Son,
his Son, in you, which now you look up to
God and you call him Abba.
That’s the seal, that’s the evidence that
you’re saved.
Not doing everything the law says.
Certainly not in speaking in tongues, and
all this stuff they tell you you got to do.
Is that you have the ability to cry out to
your God who is your Abba.
He’s your Father.
Would you rather have many Lords ruling over
Many laws, many days, many this, many that,
would you rather have those ruling over you,
or would you just rather have One?
The Son of Righteousness ruling over you,
which are you going to be?
The Children of the day or the children of
the darkness.
You make that call, you make that decision.
This is Pastor Mike, I love you, I love you.
And I want to tell you what this Bible says.
God bless you, bye, bye.

  • You sure know how to make something so simple, complex.  I know for A FACT that the stars, sun, moon and planets have everything to do with the person we become because of the influence they have "over" us, aligned in such a unique way, on the "Day That We Were Born!"  I have a book called "The Power of Birthdays, Stars and Numbers."  A good example of how accurate it is= It says I'm apt to specialize in Counseling or Social Work…. I got my A.S. and B.S. degrees in both, BEFORE I ever saw this.  I'm an Aries, a RAM, and were prone to head injuries… that's obvious. I'm on disability because of a head injury! I could go on and on and on. Overall, my point is this, I give a credit to God and love Him over everything and I only worship Him! But he made the stars, sun, moon, and planets and they all hold GREAT ASTONISHING "OBVIOUS" "FACTUAL" POWERS over us. It doesn't mean they control us, because they don't. But they DO INFLUENCE us in every way imaginable. You are in denial and fear reality. You go by the bible, I go by what I can see, and by what God tells me individually. Remember, there is something 'behind' the "Power of Birthdays Stars and Numbers and "God" is what's 'behind' it. I feel sad for you because you are lacking what "the day you were born" offers as helping you feel complete, or atleast more aware of you character traits and personality strenghts and weaknesses that we should all own, embrace and be aware of. The fact that you're a Gemini explains everyting and why you are probably bi-polar, or in denial that you have "two different sides of You".  Meaning you may walk the walk, but you don't know how to talk the talk….

  • there is this song that says he is under my feet , he is under my feet, now my victory is complete , my Jesus spoil principality he made a show openly he is under my feet

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