Astrologists Guess People’s Zodiac Signs Out Of A Lineup • Part 2

hi my name is Kelly chambers I am an astrologer I’m about to guess these wonderful people’s Sun signs just based on some interview questions so we’ll see we’ll see how this goes I’m gonna start with you we’re gonna go down the line what’s your name Aaron Aaron okay tell me about your last relationship are you in one now I’m not in you know I’m single how did that one fall apart and tell me you can also tell me their sign I don’t think I know you don’t know do you believe in astrology I do yeah okay tell me how that really ship ended mainly because of distance so no Babylon nobody okay do you have lots of lots of relationships tell me the importance of kind of relationship in your life I do like to keep a pretty core group of people that I’m very close with but I wouldn’t necessarily say I am not interested in having non core friends when you were a kid did you take on responsibility at a young age do you feel like the older sibling like what was was there a little bit tell me a little bit about your I don’t know the mood growing up and kind of your role in the family I’m the youngest so the youngest I wouldn’t say I took on what were the things we did as a kid what are you shy not big into the arts big into the arts okay how do you feel about conflict avoid it avoid a I never fight with anyone okay can you find common ground with almost anyone and kind of get along definitely yeah so Libra Pisces Vermont where my top – although yeah it’s it’s a hard call thank you thank you hi tell me Asian so tell me a little about your like role in the family growing up I was kind of independent like I was like often the only person and what do you feel about relationships what do you do go bold and go in and get really kind of attached in smoldery or do you find that you kind of like to keep a distance play it slow kind of build trust over time I think I get really tuned and you get like really emotionally intense yeah like emotionally invested in people what would your best friend what are the qualities that that he or she would describe you as maybe like loyal loyal okay what’s your sense if you were like I mean I pretty much laugh and giggle at everything you love and you gloat everything okay that’s cool how important is beauty to you kind of visual not important not important you’re like are you a hard worker are you someone who like can focus and you like to people know he was like industrious I’m pretty hard-working yeah what was your last breakup like five years ago how was that it was long distance I mean we were like probably better as friends and are you okay talking about your feelings is it something with people I’m close to and if you’re not you kind of tend to keep a distance introverted earthy a little bit protective you get attached but you seem to kind of distance yourself relationships those kind of capi but that’s such a hard energy to read thank you yes hello my name is Ferran so what is what is like a headlining quality for you people are like described sparing in a world a word what would it be I think my friends would say funny funny okay tell me another one blue loyal yeah what are you good at what do you excel at do you find yourself be positions of authority sure yeah okay do you find it hard taking orders you like following a routine yeah I like rule structure like rules and structure it’s kind of Cappy I want to pretend like I’m spontaneous you want but you’re just not really spontaneous super capricorns they always put in their sturdiness they’re not really how important is like Beauty the arts how your room is decorated I don’t have you don’t okay it was not more that Jeana do you speak any languages do you travel a lot is that a trouble oh I I don’t speak any other languages it’s a nice fun but you don’t you don’t like surprises or spontaneity too much no I think I planned them out tell me about your relationships you like to start as friends what’s what are you doing really shitty investment she’s an Aquarius she’s an Aquarius okay which that would be weird if you were a Capricorn all right it’s gonna be it’s gonna be just process of elimination mm-hmm but thank you all right okay okay Wow a weird design that’s very important to you art art the visual of things I like aesthetics somewhat experimental I daresay you’re willing to take fashioned a riff don’t know if that’s no I’m very conservative pretty separate like sure but you Reverend yeah right I like to pretend okay interesting have you explored a lot you like to get out of your comfort zone not so much somebody you’re a homebody extreme homebody extreme homebody ISM tell me about your relationship signature are you in one now even are you in a committed relationship I’m not not what was the last one about a year ago and it was pretty toxic it was what it yeah yeah and when you get in there and you get intense are you like extreme like you better give me your balls I wouldn’t put it that way I mean um when it feels right I attach pretty quickly but like when it doesn’t I’ll be really distant you don’t have a problem speaking your truth i surprisingly I’m a pretty reserved person when it comes to that okay even like my best friend I he knows like he doesn’t know everything about me I know your private yeah I’m very very private anyway I’m just crossing out Libra and putting Scorpio and Sag up there sorry tell me the role of kind of art beauty aesthetics I think I like to do weird more than anything weird yeah yeah I think I’ve always found it as like a way to express myself ever since I was young are you in a relationship I’m not no I bro I broke off my engagement oh three months ago and then we lingered very toxic for a while and then I just cut it off completely like last week you could have completely last week okay what was your favorite thing as a kid I would say like acting and singing expressive yeah I was like a big thing for me when I was younger did you find that you fit into a group were you you weren’t you’ve always the always outlier a little bit of okay I mean what’s your relationship with kind of surprise spontaneity I don’t like surprises you don’t like surprises so everything you have a best friend I do what would they say about you a kind of like top three qualities passionate passionate okay sorry but loyal I don’t know what else she would say right she would never be like you are my best friend yeah we know we’ve been best friends for like 25 years what about conflict with you are you okay happy do you guys to get into it you kind of do not enjoy it too much are you secretly kind of like I’m tough I have grit I can like I feel like I’ll either go into it and go for your throat or I’ll be like you’re being dramatic I’m not bothering like will not deal with it all right I’ll have to just have to all have to guess okay thank you thank you do you get in trouble as a kid no you did not get in trouble another one we were a conservative kid I think I’m one of the adults too like me so interesting now it’s because you valued their maturity you needed validation you wanted you wanted to be like them you wanted to be skillful successful what was that validation that sweet sweet validation are you in a relationship okay what’s what’s her sign she’s a places are you obsessive are you extreme do you are you kind of more of a balanced obsessive but probably not excesses what’s the lesson you got upset fixate on things yeah you fix it on things and certain things and what’s your follow-through like do you like are you a completer you a finisher or poor completely why do you feel about like emotions sharing your emotions you tend it like more do you like how are you with conflict conflict doesn’t scare me I I mean I think everyone tries to avoid it but I won’t back down from it do you kind of intellectualize your emotions you don’t like to kind of get into it you like to keep things mellow I don’t electrolyze them too much but I am not afraid to express them and what do you feel about like the truth telling the truth justice I think the things aren’t black and white everything is very are you spontaneous I feel like I bifurcate I feel like at work very structured in artistic practice very spontaneous I don’t think you’re a Scorpio all my hidden tattoos I know well you got turn a little more skin maybe you could have gotten you the boat Scorpio okay so Erin Pisces I’m gonna save where is her Rachel Becky I’m gonna say so I’m gonna say I’m gonna say Scorpio I don’t know and say Scorpio Farren there’s a cat a cab you might meet the Capricorn I might I might have to retract Becky’s Scorpio make you the Scorpio I mean sad cherries are funny sad Libra Capricorn Capricorn Libra so your guess was then I was Pisces I’m sure you thought it was a Capricorn thought I wasn’t Aquarius yeah well I was a Libra I’m a Sagittarius banana paisius I mean it’s a lot of information the most surprising so you’re an Aquarius that was the most surprising to me you have a guess and then it’s like you can find so many different ways [Music]


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