ARIES Tu Propósito en la Vida y Mensajes de tus Ángeles NOVIEMBRE 2019 Tarot

aries welcome to this special reading
for November
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for this November we will see
What is your purpose in life
this month you have to do to you
You should spend or you have
to focus this month is a new
reading I hope you enjoy it let me
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making the following months
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target energies that you’re going to have
aries during this month are the energies
to share and what you patience
you indicate you are giving as a
small warning that comes to you
great blessings come to you
abundance and what you have always
trying to share with people
who they are close to you obviously
you have to be able to identify who
are those beings who are next to you
truly worthwhile and
You should spend some time
or percentage of your abundance may
be both monetarily as can be
emotional just who would
spend time on these letters you
warn that your patience will be
rewarded something you’ve been
working something you’ve been
fighting that started a year ago
You’ll be able to achieve start receiving
those blessings and that
steps in your favor warrior and Aries
it will be a month in which you’re
two cards will speak to you much
Fortunately they speak to you that will reach
you what you’ve been waiting and
tell your guides your patience
It will definitely be rewarded
look for some of you during
This month could be getting
pregnancy news could be
receiving news from inheritances or
money you pay that you should
you might be also making changes
very important in your life you could be
starting this little project
You have in mind
speak here also because I come
yours put me in mind these
instants the fact a person
going to plant a seed and giving
fond of the seed can be one
plant can be a flower for some
it has to be something you’re
you doing in your life but I see a
person watering a plant with water so
that tells you that it will be a month
so you siempres those seeds in your
aries life my warriors to
you can then receive either for
next year or in the coming months
great news that you have been
expecting some patience
It will give you results immediately
this month because you did you do this
last year to work others have
to wait until the next months
but definitely it tells you since
when this abundance comes to you not
be afraid to share it with your
loved ones
They are also telling me your guides
spiritual that some of you
you know I always give them the
message as I get
If this message resonates with nothing
or two people equally I have to
send it because it is important that
Fortunately receive this message by
usually always connect to several
People with many people because of
That way send me your guides
spiritual but you’re talking about here
that some of you made a
but a promise God made him an
promise to a spiritual being did
and they made a promise that you would
to comply they will make an offering and
here you are saying your guides
spiritual is time to fulfill with
your promise because the universe is you
give what you are asking
so you you are telling yourself that
You’re going to keep that promise for some
of you may have been
go to the church of Guadalupe in Mexico
for example and place candles do
a request what you have what you
you’ve got to fulfill promise
because here God the universe in which
You believe you will meet so attentive
with that is a message that had to
let’s see what will be your purpose
for this November these are
some new letters just bought
They are the letters of the purpose of your life
are in English I’m going to translate into
the best of my abilities and looks
this is what you have to focus
during this November
and he speaks of an energy healing says
You get your natural abilities
within you to heal through
energy and these are very important to
your purpose in life so for
some of you this letter you are
indicating that you have to start
do studies regarding healing
with energies can be through your
word that healthy people can
be by touch can be for
means something that you do, may be
you are studying some kind of
Quantum Healing reiki but you are
indicating that you have that power
heal people around you and
You should investigate at some point or
another these energies to see if
your way is definitely there
with these letters my idea is to give
you something to focus on during
This month you are indicating your
spiritual guides who have to
investigate to find out if you really
is your passion if there really is a path
for you
there you know that for me my mission
important is to help them heal and
send a message that can be sent
on their way
some of you this also
healings might have to do with a
vocation with respect to health
talk about your purpose in life
He could be in studies studies
psychology studies could have
around you those energies in which
by becoming a doctor
Doctor nurse therapist
physical therapist can help heal
people around you
You have a vocation to heal this
letter tells you of energy but also
aries air warriors speaks to you about
of that vocation that is what I am
receiving from your guides that
vocation of medicine so that
maybe some of you might be
doing this for others it might
mean instead of having to do
you could mean you need
seek healing through
energy by doctors for
through medical
Remember that no matter what
that you may be going with
about your health is always
I recommend always going to
100% recommend you go with
A doctor
expert in medicine to give you your
diagnosis and treatment and can
supplement that with healing methods
alternative but never neglect your
medical care with your doctor that’s
something I’ll remember you always
so it could be that some of
you are then in that search
you may have some sort of
suffering and touch you you look
then help with medicine and can
supplement it with a type of aid
holistic spiritual help of a
healing method so depends
what part of the way on your adventure
you’ll find life could be in
the part where you are the person
indicated to heal others or may
you indicate that on your way in these
moments you are to find this type
let’s see what message they give you your
Archangels romance came out wow
flying very fast and tells you here
archangels of romance talk to you about
of attraction says that you attract the
love in a romantic way to enjoy
this time we will have a
very powerful energy with respect to
people around you are going to have a
magnetism where you bring people
your life people who are going to have
interest in a loving way people
who will have interest in you by
meet you be around you by
help you heal you are going to attract your
you need life this month
but to do so you have to focus
in this you have to live day
Today you can not be prieto
worrying about what I will do in the
2020 and I will do this when you are
neglecting the present nor
focus in the past arias because
then you would be neglecting this
remember when patience will be
very important to you during this month
and you are saying here your guides
spiritual have to live in the
Let’s see what message have for you
Also your angels for this month
I hope you’re enjoying in November
this reading is a new reading
all of you to let your fingers
up and share
reminds me your questions in the
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that way then I will return to this
video to answer some questions
random look at what else will happen to you
during this November they will go
to present many choices and options
you’ll have to decide based on what
that really dictates your heart some
of these options could create
conflict with your family or with your loved
ones with the people around you
but here you are indicating that
end of the day you have to do what
truly he makes you happy and what you
fills you with joy
They are showing me a trip
Instead you ought to be doing
this may be a decision you
You have to take away from people
you have around you to go to
another place to move from one country to
another from one city to another job
another of love to another
and this is then indicating that you
all these sacrifices you have to
do to achieve your goals
November were you going to
present many offers many
possibilities may be that your you have
to choose several people with what
you help assist healing
several doctors several therapies
alternatives and do not know which one to take
Some of you might be taking
some type of alternative therapy less
Conventional always remember to do everything
under the supervision of your doctor
and this could lead you to other
cities to other places to do
these tests do these situations
or you could be in a situation that
Your romantic life will be so active
you’re going to bring a lot of love and that
end of the day you have a conflict
Internal and you have to decide what
you going to do with who you go to
be today what path you will take
distancing it presents a
separation will be for your own good
It may be that you’re leaving something behind and
you’re moving towards a better
Instead there are many conflicts with your mind
also with your thoughts
talk that you always keep
present and do not forget that these
energy here from the oracles
you are indicating that things for
you will do well this month you have
patience, do not despair or take
decisions lightly
let’s see aries as you close the month
what else comes out for you
you still ticking indecision continues
marking you have to stand firm
and not allow situations or
people around you and you block
look you have marked for travel
this November or communication
you might be very important to
someone in the distance may be
through social networks can be
via communication or exchanges
mail or phone calls but
someone abroad to be
be communicating with you can be
even perhaps even a relative
have to get away from your life and
you will be communicating to
this way
the two gold medals he speaks it is
just below options if
These options presented to you you
You think you can handle all the
Once you think twice because you can
fill the hands of many things if
You have several options work
if you have several options in the
Love speaks that make the decision
correct and I see that you’re going to do because
You could then take those energies
where you are balancing many things
time and in the end you end up doing
anything right then chooses one and not
you’re getting during this month
November believe superman or superman
or Wonder Woman ‘do everything
once because it will not work
I see that you manage to overcome obstacles and
you manage stand firm
you have to have a lot of attention to this
Queen of Wands because it seems to have
a person around you with whom
You may have conflict can be a
woman in a fire sign may be a
woman who has some kind of in your
fire sign natal chart with which
you might be having some kind of
differences which could have
some conflict so no
let these energies reach
impact will be a month very
important for your life especially if
You’re finding these ways of
healing and for some of you
It could implicate perhaps even
you could be meeting a woman
which you could receive such
healing or this kind of help
you know that I have to send
the message as received are me
You saying you take care of things that are
Very good to be true
because once he left this letter and
with me all this conflict are
speaking your spiritual guides a
possible situation where there is a
type of deception or scam
so do not be if you it is true you
They invite you to share but you also have
what to be
a bit cautious with whom you share your
energies with whom you share your stuff
with whom you share your blessings
I was talking about that right now
so much attention to that’s all
with which you should be careful
so you do not go to have some
conflict later ok
looks are telling me
a woman who could approach you or
man with feminine energies as
You may approach you when you are
walking on the street you will be
Doing some kind of offer or you will
You are doing some kind of sale
just something very cautiously
remember not trust things that are
very nice to be true there are energies
rare and strange there with that person
he approaches you on the street you’re not in
panic just beware
tie at this moment you appear
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Once we arrive on November 1 I
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if I am not jot and is decreed one month
filled with lots of light and progress


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