• Hello.Joan.How.R.U.&(TheLionKing)……IJust.Wanted.To.Say.U.R.Right.On……..Im.Having.Trouble.With.&Old.Man.In….My.Building.So.Canny.As.Always.U.R….Right.Again.Stay.Healthy.&Enjoy.The…Hoiday.B.Safe.Aries.P.S.Luv.The…..

  • Aries Rising…. Need to go to the Chiropractor next week for a back injury that is causing weakness and pain in my legs. 💛 Lol, you are spot on with that one! Thanks Joana

  • You are correct the Aries I know is an alcoholic he drinks and he is prediabetiic his health is not well cause he won't take his pill for diabetes I'm a Pisces I walked away from him cause he lied to me he forgot to tell me he was married after one and.a half years I know he misses me I was so kind to him I loved him tried to help him he was ungrateful he and his boss hate each other they butt heads constantly

  • U are correct again he was promoted and his boss should be retiring by December do he would take his job move up the ladder

  • Hi Joana. I'm my sun sign is Aries and my moon sign is Capricorn. My grandmother died on August 28, 2016. Her heart stopped beating while she was asleep. And as for a beginning, I'm finally getting the opportunity to walk again. I couldn't walk for 3 whole years because it was my left knee was contracted. I had to use crutches and a wheelchair to get around. I've had surgery on it 2 days ago. I'm recooperating from it and my family has been very supportive of my recovery. Oh yeah, my cousin is about to have a baby girl. We're excited and looking forward to her giving birth soon.

  • online is the internet 😛 I say that cheekily so. But I agree with you and I think away from dating sites is good. Connecting online, on fb is good/skype. New love possibly..may be… too. I'm watching back a month as I only discovered their sign now oops haha x')

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