Aries November Tarot Reading 🔮 A Change of Perspective is Needed

hello Aries today we are talking about
what we can expect for the month of
November so we’re doing things a little
differently this month I do have my
typical pick a card for the month of
November but then I’m also doing a
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see what does the card
what does the chart what do the cards
need to tell us I cannot speak today
let’s see what do you need to tell
hairdo this month Oh getting tongue-tied
let’s see how this goes okay
so first of all the hangman we need to
change your perspective this month is
about real reassessing what has been
happening and kind of getting a broader
viewpoint so that we can move forward
and move forward with our best foot
forward with the native ones here this
is going to be a month of action we are
moving forward but we need to we need to
reflect we need to understand our
perspective and why we are doing things
whoa okay we have the star card so you
know we’re always going in the direction
of our dreams right and this month with
the star card it’s aligning our dreams
with our perspective and making sure
that the action that we are going to be
taking is in alignment with our dreams
because if we’re not in alignment with
our dreams in this action that we’re
taking is going to be you know for not
like it’s not going to be worth our
effort six of cups and the nine of
Pentacles okay seven of Pentacles you
guys have a lot of Pentacles and know
you have the six and the Seven like
you’re really you’re really moving
you’re really transitioning do this this
next phase and then the king of
Pentacles yeah okay and I’m having a
feeling that you guys are really focused
on your career this month it is a lot of
money in this reading and you guys have
have really big dreams and you know
where you want to go but it’s all about
this alignment of your actions to your
goals you need to
really make sure that the the steps that
you are taking are ones that you feel
very confident about you A’s might be
very powerful manifest errs and
sometimes that doesn’t work in your
favor you know when you put your mind to
something it brings in all sorts of
sometimes you’re just you’re manifesting
the wrong things into your life and it’s
all about your perspective it’s all
about your wording so when you are
focusing on say your lack of funny when
you’re focusing on your debt or your
bills you just seem to be like bringing
more and more debt more and more bills
like I just have one he had another
expense we need to flip that perspective
because I see yeah you guys can be so
prosperous but I’m feeling like you’ve
got this it’s this change of perspective
so when those bills come in just thank
you thank you for the bills thank you
for this electricity bill because with
electricity I can turn on the lights in
my house I can power my computer I can
you know power my TV I can power my oven
my fridge keeps my food cold because of
the electricity coming into my house you
know she’ll be thankful for those bills
instead of saying like oh you have
another bill because once you can
control your money mindset the wealth
will just it’ll be there when you need
it I’m seeing a lot of contribution as
well like you guys are big givers and
you want to be able to give and when you
can change this perspective you are
going to be able to give so much you’ll
be able to really share your gifts with
the world
whatever this dream is it’s you know
with this date of ones you’re putting it
into action and you’re you’re going to
get there and I’m feeling like the month
of November is going to be a month of
transformation and have changed and I’m
really putting the pieces in motion to
really start
this project yeah I mean you’ve got
let’s see you’ve got yeah we’ll see you
guys have a lot of animals I want pull
me I’ve got sheep here we’ve got a cat
here we’ve got butterflies I want so I’m
gonna pull an animal Oracle deck and see
what the animals and what to tell you
well live as a fully conscious being I
think that’s very important for you guys
especially with this hangman you really
need to be aware of the vibrations that
you’re putting out into the universe and
what your perspective is eagle you need
to view this from you see the bigger
picture not just within you but as a
larger scale whether you’re trying to
reach your city trying to reach the
world whatever you’re trying to reach
you need just the broader picture you
need to soar like the eagle and be able
to see the the broader picture you know
your perspective needs to be of the
whole picture and not just the little
individual projects that you have going
and feel like maybe that’s what this
card here you know you’ve got all these
little individual projects and your
focus so much on the project
you’re not seeing the big picture and
when you can see that big picture that’s
when things are really going to start to
move forward and then that last card
that just jumped out was the turtle says
be joyful and trusting that’s very
important we need to trust this process
we need to trust that what is happening
is for our greater good and we need to
trust ourselves you know write down in
the comments areas even say I trust
you can even finish that sentence I
trust myself to make the best decisions
for myself I trust myself to take the
action I need to to reach my goals I
trust myself to whatever it is write it
down the comments I trust myself ok I
get you guys to participate like this in
these videos because it is reaffirming
the knowledge and if so if you can
actually like type it out I trust myself
it’s just one more step in the process
of being able to trust yourself and to
you know move forward so let’s see what
these oracle cards have to tell you
um I’m just noticing if you are into our
changeless you’ve got Arch Angels Julian
should be here I think that’s how you
say it I don’t actually know J o UL es
so if you’re into arch angels and that
resonates with you let me know I use
these more for the animals because
that’s what speaks to me but if that if
that means something to you then let me
know in the comments down below
so do these oracle cards have to tell
areas for the month of november you want
to say reflection yes I think that
reflection card goes really well with
the hangman it’s it’s all about looking
at the bigger picture and understanding
your perspective on things and
understanding the perspectives of your
audience whoever it is that you want to
reach so that you can align your actions
and make the biggest impact possible
celebration yeah at the end of this you
guys are going to be celebrating I don’t
like I don’t think that things are
moving as fast as the end of November is
going to be a celebration of like you
know everything you’ve wanted to achieve
but you almost need to pretend it is
every little thing every little Apple
you pull off the tree you need to
celebrate and be grateful for every
little thing because once the bigger
picture is all put together once all
those puzzle pieces are aligned you’re
just going to step back and just be like
oh my god and then you’ll realize that
that puzzle was only one piece of a much
larger puzzle and it’s all about you
know talk about your perspective it’s a
very important word for you guys this
month Aries your perspective Fullman
completion yep so again work towards
work towards this alignment and
understanding where you want to go so
you can take all the actions that you
need to take because once you can put
these wheels in motion then the
completion the outcome the goal it’s
going to be there it’s just making sure
you’re able to take the steps that are
in alignment with what you truly want
okay so I think that’s all I have for
Aries for the month of November again
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love light and happiness to you all have
a fantastic day

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