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Okay, Aries let’s get started
First and foremost, I just want to make
Spirit is pointing out a very strong note, to keep an eye your finances, on your money!
I feel like there’s a..there’s a lot of people who have their hands in your pocket right now
There’s a lot of potential to lose out. If you’re not careful, you’ve really got to stay on top of that
I feel like you’ve also invested greatly in something that might leave you in a
rescue position for now financially a little bit vulnerable
You might have you might have been getting an influx of finances
consistently and now it’s kind of like
you invested a lot in something?
But also it’s just you’ve got to be careful about how and who is handling your finances?
If I was you, I would reevaluate that because I’m looking at the King Of Pentacles
I’m looking at the King Of Swords
and the 5 Of Pentacles
It’s all related to finance and who’s managing those finances
There might be tons of such accounts
Someone might might be stealing from you as well
If you’re using the accountant or any financial advisers, it might be time to switch up or before you do that
Really comb through each and every single bit
You know, you calculate every single thing something here, right? Mm-hmm something funky right here
you feel me!
So don’t be so careless with your finances and who manages it, I think you’ve become too trusting in somebody
It’s at the point of being foolish. You know, your loyalty laying in the wrong place there
Spirit is really like hammering that in, It’s serious situation
Got a flipper, 8 Of Wands
Yeah, you need to, you need
Some some immediate comment communication about this needs to come through
This needs to be handled like right now
Like right now not tomorrow, like right now
You know what? and my ears are starting to ring
You know that’s, my Angels communicating with me. That’s my Spiritual allies, communicating with me about something..
When you got that card
how many more synchronicities you need?
Can we get something else now, can we move on from finances
Knight Of Swords
Still it’s umm..
I think this is where you’re at and still in this energy because it’s dominating so much of your life right now
and it could get worse
I think if you don’t handle this right now, it’s gonna get worse
That’s all I can say about that
Because I’m trying to get out of this energy but they won’t let me
what advise are we looking at?
Inner temple devotion, tune into the portal of your heart, it’s..
I feel like
You you know something’s wrong, you know, something is up follow your intuition
You know because this is not only gonna affect you it’s gonna affect probably your partner
It’s gonna affect your children. It’s gonna affect your mom, you know
It’s gonna affect your loved ones a lot. And there’s a lot of people who I feel depend on you
whether it’s…you’re working on a project you feel me?
I’m feeling a lot of people depending on your
Its so like, heavy! It’s a lonely heavy, black tax came into
my mind
If you know what black tax is you know, if you don’t, you don’t
Akasha, your guidance is divinely guided. This is Spirit saying yeah b*** its me
Is you gon handle your business or nah?
You know, so
Ancestors, how can Aries better approach the situation? what’s the best way to approach this?
What’s the best advice you can give on this?
Air Guardian, shift your perception
Think you may have been looking at this the wrong way
The wool may have been pulled over your eyes about this situation
I just feel there’s somebody you cannot trust here
You know, it was good. I don’t know why I just
They always do just always have been shady because they don’t like right here
Is it some they just you don’t feel them they never felt good you
you know
They never ever felt good ever
You just didn’t see it. I mean you respected them for doing what they’re good at, but there is something that never felt good
I don’t know if you saw it from the beginning, or you knew about it, or you just played dumb about it
What else, what other advice Spirit, would you like, Ancestors would you like to, cos we’re using the Ancestor deck
Would you like to give to Aries, *sigh man this is hard this is heavy!
This is heavy. This is some deep stuff
Magic Guardian, unlock the magic within
I feel like
What they’re trying to say is, no matter what you’re a great Manifester, you know
And sometimes you’re gonna go through these trials and tribulations to you know further
Cement your faith or to re-build your faith
Well, it’s a little bit of a sad situation because I don’t feel like I don’t know
it doesn’t feel like you did anything wrong
to deserve this
you know, nobody ever deserves to get cheated no matter what the situation is, but
I feel like this is one of those students just gotta face head-on and
You know money in this economy and this generation is something
That is difficult
Too many issues. I get very difficult, especially in this economy everybody suffering
So the last thing anyone wants is money issues no matter how much money you have
Conflict regarding money is never nice, but anybody
So I don’t understand this ng – I’m so spirit. Let’s give
Um any you some some let’s leave Aries with some positivity
Who would you like to send to protect Aries through this?
This this face
My monochrome
my reasons faith
humanity and never ends
Stay calm just the good in yourself and others see the light in the one no matter what happens
Don’t let it take you out of your element
Handle its
Handle it’s stay calm
Don’t give anybody any reason to take you out of the composure
prepares of
prepare go in and
Execute this in the best most common a possible
You’ve got the facts and that’s all you’ll need
bags and be content in that
Deliver the facts go get wet. Enjoys
Go make things right? Ok
next time enemies
Wow, it’s not a nice anything to be in I’m gonna send you a lot of healing a lot of love

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