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28 to November 3 I give
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aries week the energies that you are
have during 28 to November 3 you
out energy and this integration
you talk that you finally going to
to connect two worlds two
situations in your life that have been of
Disconnected any way you will
find that perfect balance for
this week for some of you this
it can be a cycle that you are closing and
a new stage in your life you are
the settlement of a situation
difficulty integrating two groups
two people will make
this week for some of
you this may be something about
your inner energies energy
eventually you run into and find
that balance you’ve been
need to get ahead your
life in the coming weeks will
be very different and it also says here
you could sneak around encountering
a person or a situation
completely different from yours
you are like day and night can
be a person you’re knowing
It may be someone who is already in your life
with whom you have those energies where you
you look and you realize that you
They are very different but it is those same
differences are what unite them or you
You could also be talking to a
group of friends or a situation in your
personal life in your work then you
are indicating that differences
are the things that bind you
let’s see what the message looks
Your family left quickly you letter
8 gold medals and this letter tells you about
in your family there are situations or there
things to work you may be
indicating that during this week
you could be working at home or
a family member at home working on
make some kind of remodeling or
construction because it speaks here
today with this letter you 8 gold medals
They are working on something at home
can be your family is working
in your family get ahead is
working on making a construction or
in some property
It could also be that your house needs
some repair these are the
energy for your family your loved
dear brothers uncles parents could
also tell you that this work
They have to have to be more than
all spiritual and love because it speaks
also here a family
finally a family that integrates
connects a family that finds that
perfect balance but to reach
that perfect balance to reach
that union need to work these
energies to define to what
way they want to take to
then define what they want
make your family there are jobs
people who might like I mentioned
literally they are working on a
remodeling construction could
be repairing painting
probably for the holidays too
approaching early in the month
December and could be having
those talks or may be a
work they have to do
Sentimental literally where you have
to coordinate the relative binding between
you during this week
remember that in the end will be a
Interactive question so you
I invite you to stay with me until the
aries end of this reading for
you can ask the question you want me
will draw the letters and will respond if
or is not a question of whether or interactive
not your friends look at you chart
Knight of Cups and this letter you are
talking about your friends want
get an invitation or want to make
some kind of deal is pending
this week because they can
be communicating with you is a friend
Hence while you’re going around and around
who wants to make a proposal
want to make an offer but not yet
He has dared to make so much
tuned for some of you this
offer from a friend can be
a declaration of love love
Platonist that tells you something may be a
invitation to take a coffee to take
a glass of wine but can be
receiving these invitations for
this week if prepared to
accept and receive them either that
keep at the level just a
Friend invite you to take a coffee
updated or is a friendship and
making you an invitation
with any intention a little more
romantic so very attentive
If you’re working on right now
What is the message for you because I will
be the first letter I callus
being the letter ace of diamonds going
to receive blessings during this
week at work so he is
pending’ll be getting help
support people who are your
around the universe God the person
you believe the divinity in which
you believe that being divine in you
you can believe
this week you will definitely
will be shaking hands will be
support for some of you this
week at work could be
handling money either for you money
you either win or company money
but someone will be trusting you
for money you deal and drive
Information those
working are going on a
right track and this week you
they will receive those benefits because
you can be getting money
Additional or some kind of commission
It was late at work during
this week so he is very pending
that situation work is very
you are favorable for new
if you are looking for a job which is the
message for you this week leaves you the
Golds 2 letter and this letter you
He speaks to you that they will get
opportunities into your life and they will get
opportunities for you to complicate one
little so you have to be very
attentive to situations which are
happening around you what
then you get to confuse to
feel tangled try to make
many things at once’ll have
look at options maybe these invitations
you are going to receive from your
friends take you to a type of
situation where presents you with a
job opportunity
this card definitely speaks to you
an opportunity that you’ll get this
week to get ahead of your
work but they are telling me here your
spiritual guides to be careful
not promise more than you can
you do not commit yourself if you already
you are entangled with something or if you get
He tells you this opportunity and look
do we need uniforms
do you make presentations reviews
you clean you try to call for
phone that meet customers
because of an offer that will speak to
get work this week where you
They will demand a lot but if you do not
You say good but that’s a lot for a
one person because you might also
you get an opportunity to
working in a company in the
advertising department or maybe
It is in the government and they want
you’re a graphic designer you are
you’re cameraman editor you take
Photos you’re presenting you deal
social networks and are doing
I work as three persons only
you aware that energy is not
go to take that job but when
present to you how you know that I
It seems to be a job for more than one
one person unless the salary
I will offer so wonderful
Well you say I do not care
I do all aware of why we do not abuse
if you are in a relationship which is the
message for you if at this moment
you’re in a relationship comes the letter
Knight of Wands is no change there
situations this week he wants to do
your partner looks like it will have to
absent can be you or your partner
You will be absent for a couple of days
and this has to do with some kind of
situation at work that will
prevent these moments of being
with you
mark of a person who walks away but
not away for any situation
difficulty in love
It moves away from a work situation
you can have this week
some kind of distancing or your
partner might be starting to happen
long extra in his office and
coming late to the attentive house
those energies that are in a
If you’re single this week we will see
What’s for you the letter you
Volt is 3 and I have swords
give you this letter is indicating
definitely you are
going through a situation quite
delicate with your heart can be
you literally need to assist you with
a doctor to check your heart or
it might be for some of you
definitely what a disappointment
in love who have not passed yet
So aries warriors have to
be outstanding with these energies for
to heal to get ahead
to then recover
confidence in others because it speaks
you are not ready to love
This will be a week where your
heart for some reason will be very
attached to the past
learn the lessons of the past forgives
you have to forgive and place you in
the present
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Next week we will see
the lucky numbers for you have
a game 10 10 you can
use it as 1 November and 1 or can
You use it as 00 you have also
another 10 and another one woof woof
aries here is a divine message for you
Additional why I tell my warriors
you just get your message here
the energies of the week do not go
because sometimes they fall general messages
as on this occasion you 11 11 There
divinity this week for you and just
when I say that we are 11 minutes
reading in November 11
very attentive because you are going to be
receiving divine revelations during
this week connection with the universe
messages from beyond will be
coming to you will start noticing
much more those hours 11 and 11 11 1 very
are aware of this because messages
sends the universe sends you
that divine energy which you can
believe is telling you you’re
It is touched by angels there
messages from beyond reach
you revelatory dreams
very attentive to this day what the
Lucky for you this week my
Warriors area is a loaded day
positive energy for you’re not going to
to receive good news will
be on Sunday so I pay attention to
Sunday November 3 because it will
be very positive for you energy
and you could also be getting
some invitations
remember that these readings are
weekly for the next week and
then you still have to wait
end of the week to realize
if these things were done with
let’s move on to the question
Interactive I’ll get two cards
a question of whether I will not give
two options for you to choose the
option to option b I turned and the like
I say your guides respond in these
moments for you take a second
press pause so you can make your
meditation thinking about your question
You can then summarize and come and you
revealed the answers if you took is the
option to your question of whether or not the
answer to you is yes with the wheel
attentive warriors because you will
receive many blessings many
this week offers new opportunities
They will come to you
turns life will turn life you will
for a change this week energies
you’ll feel much more motivated to
salts stage succeed as
anxiety of sadness you go to a
best way well if you took is the
Option B the answer for you is a yes
this five cups upside down if
I had gone to law responds
not this time we replied that
Yes and this letter tells you that grandly
a difficulty with that answer so
very well thank you very much my warriors
remind me how comments
feel they give them thought
reading them present before
do my meditations when I start my
weekly readings and share this
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Droplet decreed a week of much
Light and Progress


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