Are We Safe From Our Nearest Black Hole?

There is a famous saying that keep your
friends close but keep your enemies closer
this advice goes right of the window when we are talking about the black hole
because they are the hosts enemies that you could possibly have so you would
want to keep them as far as possible there are two kinds of black holes out
there first the supermassive black hole the one present at the heart of our
galaxy and second the standard mass black holes the ones that are formed
when massive stars die in a supernova the supermassive black holes are
relatively straightforward there is one supermassive black hole at the heart of
almost every galaxy in the entire universe black holes do not emit any
radiation they are completely invisible so there is no easy way to detect or see
them in the sky the closest black hole that we know of is v six one six moon it
is located about three thousand light-years away from us and it has
about nine to thirteen times the mass of our Sun now we know it is there because
it is located in a binary star system with a star with about half the mass of
our Sun astronomers cannot directly see the V 6-1-6 moon but we know it is there
because we have seen the Starlight getting distorted by the black hole the
next closest black hole which is about six thousand light-years away from us it
is about fifteen times the mass of our Sun and once again it is also in a
binary system the third black hole is also in a binary system do you see the
problem here the reality that a fraction of black hole are in binary systems
because that is our only way to detect them so it is highly likely that there
are more black hole much more closer but we just cannot directly see them and
that is terrifying now let’s look at the numbers the solar system has been around
for more than 4.5 billion years with all the planet
going around and around without any interruption so if a black hole had
passed very close to our solar system just within a few dozen light years that
would have matched up the orbits of almost all the planets significantly and
today life wouldn’t be possible on this planet so the answer to the question
whether we are safe from our nearest black hole is we just don’t know we
don’t know if the closest black hole is a few light years away or maybe even
closer we don’t even know if it is actually v6 1/6 moon and we will
probably never know until one get very close to us thanks for watching


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