Are the Dominoes Falling for Standard Cosmology? | Space News

Welcome to Space News from
the Electric Universe, brought to you by The
Thunderbolts Project™ at Science headlines today show signs that
elements of the Electric Universe paradigm are becoming
increasingly mainstream. With leaps in technology and data
have come the definitive refutation of the notion of an
electrically sterile universe. But the basic premise of a cosmos
dominated by the gravitational force remains the backbone
of standard cosmology. In this episode, Bishop
Nicholas Sykes forecasts the perhaps inevitable paradigm shift
towards Electric Universe concepts. This series of videos has claimed that the
existing paradigm of physical science, accepted and taught in the halls of
academia as barely challengable, has actually become
unfit for purpose. If, as we have claimed, the Sun and other
stars are actually powered electrically from outside their own cores rather than being powered by
nuclear fusion within their cores, this would be a significant instance of
the failure of the existing paradigm. Electric Universe proponents
will not think it strange when the time comes for the
whole line of dominoes, representing the presently accepted
structure of supposedly hard physics together with those other sciences
dependent upon it, to come crashing down. To be sure, such a state of affairs
is not altogether new in the world. In the epilogue to his last
book, “The Discarded Image,” professor CS Lewis writes about
the medieval model of science and its succession by the currently
accepted model, in this way: “The old astronomy was not, in any exact
sense, ‘refuted’ by the telescope. The scarred surface of the Moon
and the satellites of Jupiter can, if one wants, be fitted
into a geocentric scheme. The old scheme… had been tinkered a
good deal to keep up with observations. How far, by endless tinkerings,
it could have kept up with them until even now, I do not know. But the human mind will not endure
such ever-increasing complications if once it has seen that some simpler
conception can ‘save the appearances’. Neither theological prejudice
nor vested interests can permanently keep in favor a Model
which is seen to be grossly uneconomical. The new astronomy triumphed not because
the case for the old became desperate, but because the new was a better
tool; once this was grasped, our ingrained conviction that Nature
herself is thrifty did the rest. When our Model is in
its turn abandoned, this conviction will no
doubt be at work again.” Electric Universe researchers contend
that the EU [Electric Universe] paradigm is far more economical than
the currently accepted model, which has been endlessly tinkered
with to keep up with observations, but would also, in my view, judge that
the entire case for the Standard Model has reached the point
of desperation. Let us now return to the
issue of relativity. Some justifiable excitement appeared in
the media over some experimental results that gave the possibility of showing that
neutrinos could travel faster than light. Yet the whole of the theory of
relativity is dependent upon light or rather electromagnetic radiation,
in which light is a part, being the fastest
possible messenger. Moreover, the theory of relativity
has by now become a core principle that informs the working
of the Standard Model. If relativity falls, then much of what we
thought we learned in the last century about the physics of the
universe we know no longer. Inevitably the question arises: “Is relativity like some banks in
some countries too big to fail? With what shall it be bailed out so
that academics and their supporters can again live with some
semblance of normality? Of course, this is not a
scientific question at all but it is a question with which
Electric Universe researchers have become all too familiar,
for not a few years. Nevertheless, there is an increasing
number of independence of scientists, who have proved to the satisfaction of many
that the theory of relativity is groundless, in spite of the awe in which
it is generally held. I would now like to supply my
two cents worth to that voice. The celebrated lecturer
Richard Feynman noted: if the Sun is exploding right now, it
takes 8 minutes before we know about it, and it cannot possibly
affect us before then. His reason for that
assertion is the doctrine, that the fastest message that travels
between the Sun and the Earth does so at 3 x 10 ^ 8 (300
million) meters per second, the speed of light
through space. At that lightspeed, the
Sun, viewed from the Earth, appears to be where it actually
was some 8 minutes ago and not where it actually
is when it is being viewed. However, if the Sun by
its gravitational pull is causing the Earth to
maintain an orbit around it, the pull of the Sun on the Earth has
to be from almost exactly where it is and not from where it was
8 minutes beforehand. If the pull of the Sun upon the Earth came from
an 8 minutes-back position behind the Sun, the Earth would be slung out
of orbit in short order. Moreover for each planet, the
gravitational pull upon it of the Sun would come from a
different point ― a different virtual Sun, so to speak ― and no coherent solar system of
planets could be maintained. It follows that there must be a much faster
messenger than light, namely gravity, that travels between the
Sun and its planets at a speed that makes the transmission
of light seem like a doddle. We don’t need any experiment
with neutrinos, therefore, to tell us that something can
travel faster than light. We just have to take into account all
the observations from which we infer that the Earth and the other planets have
been moving around the Sun in stable orbits for an extended period of time. This requires the “gravitational
message” to be sent from the Sun and received by the Earth as well as
other planets almost instantaneously. Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity should,
therefore, have been repealed long ago. Now, Wal Thornhill has applied this near
instantaneous transmission of force to the level of the fundamental particles
of matter, such as the electron, providing the possibility of an electrical
explanation of gravitation at the sub-atomic level. We will consider this exciting
scenario in future presentations. For continuous updates on Space
News from the Electric Universe stay tuned to

  • "Is Relativity like some banks in some countries too big to fail?"

    Great analogy. The irony is both Relativity and the too-big-to-fail banks may fail at the same time.

  • I cannot take anything coming from a man wearing a dog collar seriously….
    It reeks of hypocrisy..!
    And so- (in my opinion)- is food for the trolls and the nay-sayers.

  • Tesla-based TEM+LMD coaxial current demonstrates an accelerating current which can exceed the normal rate of induction of light in a material by making the LMD face down the line. If you arrange it to have LMD perpendicular and TEM down the line, it experiences EMR (Electromagnetic Retardation), which slows it down immensely, to below the speed of light. To my understanding EMR also accounts for redshift.

  • I was cool with this page and to a degree this theory until they said stars at powered by outside electrical force rather than nuclear fusion. nigga what?

  • good thing you have a bishop backing this theory, they are historically known for their scientific worth and accuracy

  • The electromagnetic field between the sun and surrounding planets is constant and instantaneous. Makes sense to me. Thank you EU and Thunderbolts Project. Again, you are the elegant, simplistic, more coherent explanation of how our planet, solar system and universe works.

  • Love the graphic showing the fact that the planets spiral round the sun as it itself orbits the centre of the Milky Way. However, I wonder if in fact it too should be in a spiral as it moves along in a gigantic Birkeland Current, like the 'twisted ropes' we see in other parts of the galaxy?

  • Have to love the haters, calling Mr. Bishop here dump (instead of actually providing at least an example of why they think he's wrong) or shifting to religious stereotypes as means of (again) trying to insult him. I personally was surprised at first to see a man with such a backround, standing up for the true spirit of science, but firstly, stereotype, and secondly, the truth doesn't change with beliefs and can be spoken by anybody, no matter their experience and the information they possess. But this is the YT comment section, so carry on.

  • Is it not possible that the Sun, for example, is powered by both fusion and electricity? It doesn't have to be one or the other…does it?

  • It would be great to see an explanation of the geometry/physics behind the theory that stable orbits are impossible if gravity travels at c. It's probably quite complicated but I think it would be very convincing for the electric universe model if a layman's explanation was posted.

  • If Einstein is correct about the nature of gravity being a deformation of space-time then gravity as a force, which it cannot be, simply is. Gravity therefore simply exists just as the tip of your finger. Gravity is. Gravity then cannot be a force however it can cause things to behave as-though it is a force.

  • No no no! You're still forgetting part of your own theory: the circularization of orbits by electrical forces. Even if the sun's gravity pulls in slightly the wrong direction, Earth's orbit remains stable because it's continually corrected. The 8 minute delay is only a problem for the mainstream gravity-only model. EU does not need faster-than-light.

  • Heliocentrism has only stayed afloat through constant bailing, with theroies like gravity and relativity becoming constantly more contrived to back it up. I have no answers but with a few questions the lies become increasingly apparent, and if we continue to assume they had it right with barely a wrong turn in how many years? Well how willingly do we continue to swallow what were fed without a thought to how it serves us in our current reality?

  • A recent article has stated, quantum data transfer of a very small amount has been achieved. Quantum entanglement, in my opinion, already falsified relativity. Now that adding data to one photon, appears in the other instantaneously through " spooky action " well…. I guess we know why physics has no unified feild equations between quantum and classic. Accident, incompetence, or purposeful?

  • Good morning spot on. good question can we measure the speed of magnetic connection? Just taking a guess it's way faster than the speed of light. The big bang theory is bullshit !thanks and be well

  • light travels through space and distance and time are relevant… gravity is a force that warps space and is not measured in any sort of a speed calculation… eight minutes ago is light traveling through space ..there is no such a thing as eight minutes ago in gravity quite a blunder sir

  • Adopted paradigm of physics is incorrect has been proved through published papers in peer-reviewed journals. For details refer

  • Einstein's Theories of relativity lead to Big Bang Theory whereas under Big Bang paradigm there is absolutely no possibility of existence of God for following reasons.
    1. Philosophically for any existence; it has to be some substance (visible, invisible, perceivable or not perceivable) and this applies to God also. Substances occupy space but there is absolutely no space for God to exist at the time of Big Bang & before.
    2. Four things come out of Big Bang namely space, time, matter & light/radiation. We cannot look for eternal God in space & time as both had the beginning; secondly humans are in a position to produce all types of light/radiation and something which humans can produce could not be the God and since matter is made up of electrons, protons & neutrons these too could not be the God.

    However Theories of Relativity & Big Bang Theory including Cosmic Inflation have been mathematically, theoretically & experimentally proved as baseless in the published paper "Experimental & Theoretical Evidences of Fallacy of Space-time Concept and Actual State of Existence of the Physical Universe" which is available at the journal site at For further details refer

  • I think the "bail out" analogy is most apt.
    Standard model astro-physicists have been "bailing out" the old model for too long, despite the bankruptcy of its "too big to fail" and out of date ideas.

  • Einstein is explaining the physics of light time and gravity…. if something is found to exceed the speed of light it will never diminish the physics of relativity which has been tested and proven in every way as to become a fact…the universe is governed by nature and in time I think we will find it is really quite a simple place we will always leave behind arcane mentalities as nature continues to truly be illuminated as what governs everything so never let these dead end overthought ideas get you down we are all trying to learn truth and simply move forward it is what enables a correct and mindful evolution of knowladge

  • The point made in this video is often my question to people firm in their belief in standard cosmology. I remember, especially, one very erudite and otherwise questioning individual earlier this year. While he was quick with an answer to other points I postulated in favour of EU theory, when I asked him to explain how orbits were maintained with such a slow speed limit as that of light he simply never replied to me. I do believe however, that he will still be trying to rationalise it at this very moment 🙂

  • It has taken a little time to 'warm up' or take to the Good Bishop. A certain man of the cloth made a mess of things long time ago and religion has not been in my sandbox for GKHLong now.
    But this good bishop rocks; or at least he sure seems to know a lot about rocks.
    Rock one good Nic.
    Namaste and care,

  • As the universe exists as an interplay of all four natural forces, I eagerly await a formal mathematical model of this hypothesis such that it may be compared against empirical data and make some testable predictions. (one of the reasons why String Theory has not been fully hashed out and accepted)

  • Mankind's use of the power of God brings rise to the beast and the flames of Hell the power of God is the power of distribution and transformation we see it through the eye of knowledge

  • the sun being powered by electricity from the universe????what the fuck does that mean? I'm beginning to thing that EU proponents are like religious retards proposing inteligent design. this guy is probably one of the idiots who gives answers in Genesis their "theories". oh the stupidity…

  • The guible and the stupid still go on proclaiming black holes and dark mater or energy while slowly over time the EU model gains ground with real science. One day, once EU knowledge hits critical mass, the paradigm will shift and the lies will be over. May not happen in my lifetime but it will happen eventually and than humanity will really be free…

  • Der Herr Bischof Nicholas Sykes ist spezialisiert auf das elektrische Universum. Ich denke Er hat auch ein Physikstudium hinter sich. Bravo! Werner Schopf

  • Das jeder Körper in den Sonnensysthemen sofort spüren muss, wo die Sonne sich in diesem Moment befindet, sagt uns der gesunde Menschenverstand.
    Würde die Lichtgeschwindigkeit gelten, gäbe es keine Sonnensystheme, sondern nur Sonnen die ihre Planeten konsumiert haben.
    Einstein sagte einmal etwas von der spukhafter Fernwirkung° das den Mikrokosmos betraf.
    Moment, gäbe es ohne den Mikrokosmos überhaupt den Kosmos? Ich bin sicher, nicht!
    Werner Schopf

  • nice.. but i do not understand time… am i living my life in some scores of years or in a fraction of a moment of your clock (timed from your coherence of time) … think outside of box…

  • Wow, how often do we become the enemy we fight? It seems every one of the bizarre theories out there begins with some claim that modern scientists are religious nut jobs. . .and then go on to act like religious nut jobs themselves. I'm not saying EU is wrong, I just heard about it ten minutes ago, but it has a lot of holes and no actual scientists as part of its support base.
    Science is science because it puts up testable hypotheses then it goes on to test them, either with mathematical (which should be easy since many of the claims of EU center around relativity being false) or actual physical experiments. Think the double slit experiment. I'm not saying there aren't any good ideas here, but science isn't a block of wood separated into tissue thin paper that never changes (bible). Before Einstein there was a large group of haughty scientists that believed the Ether was the medium through which information traveled in the universe. EU seems to be returning to that idea, or it never let go. Keep on trucking, if something solid comes out of it great, but be open minded enough to consider that you could be wrong.

  • It's about time that people are waking up from the bullshit political science has been pushing for years it looks like everything that they have been pushing is starting to fall apart in there face and I love every minute of it 😎

  • Eigentlich ist die Relativitätstheorie, an der die Standard Theorie so verkrampft festhält, der Hauptgrund für die ganzen Lügen, die gemacht werden, um das EU zu verungimpflichen.
    Würden die Himmelskörper durch die Lichtgeschwindigkeit begrenzte Informationen haben wären keine Sonnensystheme möglich. Werner Schopf

  • Instant information exchange between the sun and earth (faster than light) is not required for orbit. The sun's mass creates a massive warp in space-time and earth and the other planets are following that warp of space-time. Think of a train following a track, the train doesn't need to know the position of the track 100 miles away only the track right in front of it. Matter tells space how to warp, the warping of space tells matter how to move.

  • I love it. I can't get enough of the electric universe theory. It explains so much that the standard model can't touch.


    The thing I am having trouble with in this video is this….

    The speed of light is the speed of information.  Gravity is not information. Rather, according to the standard model, gravity is the effect of mass on space-time.  So, planets will orbit a massive object like the sun based on the imprint that object makes on space-time.  Planets don't just orbit the apparent source of light. They travel along the curvature of the indention. Since the sun is moving "forward" at a much slower speed than light, the indention is also moving forward at a much slower speed. So the planets simply ride on the indention created by the sun.

    Think of it like this.  Take a bowling ball and place it on your bed.  Now roll the bowling ball forward. The indention around the ball moves with the ball at the same speed. But the light that allows you to see the ball is limited to the speed of information, or the speed of light.

    So, the question that needs to be answered is this; Is the indention an object makes on space-time limited to the speed of information? Or is it an instantaneous effect that bends as the mass moves through space-time?

    If the argument is that the indention is instantaneous, then the whole "orbiting the location of the sun from 8 minutes ago" doesn't work.

    Your videos are great. I can't get enough of them.

  • True scientists don't give two shits about people, or even themselves, but are only interested in the truth——how the world actually works.

  • what direction is the sun moving toward? i.e., its vector in relation to its equator. In other words, are the planets making loop de loops about it, or spiraling as around the sun's own spin axis? I once read D.C. Miller determined it was heading towards the Hercules constellation. If Hercules lies in the plane of the galaxy, it would seem the graphic used here would have to be incorrect then.

  • What calculations are they doing to determine that that the orbits are perfectly stable, where astrophysicists do not, and that the planets should be thrown out?

  • Semebody is seriously crazy here. The Sun is not moving around the Earth. It's the opposite… It's really sad that you don't know this. Also , according to GR the Earth is simply moving along a geodesic in an already curved spacetime. No faster than light interaction there. If you're gonna say something is wrong you need to know what it really is first.

  • I corroborate these claims independently. The most pronounced effect gravity moving at the speed of light would have is on binary orbits.

    Consider the Alpha Centauri binary. Because both bodies have a high comparable velocity to one another, the difference between the position at the arrival of gravity and where it was when gravity departed is large – so that the 2 bodies would separate by more than 1.4 million km per orbit.

    Details and free algorithm here:

  • If our solar system was moving through space as mainstream purposes, wouldn't all the other stars and galaxies have to be moving with us? give or take a few! If that were true then could be the few that are moving and not us? Seems to me if everything was moving, as they say, in time the constellations wouldn't look the same as they have for generations!

  • There are several examples of things that travel faster than the speed of light. But the laws men state this is impossible or should I say the belief of men say this is impossible, I think the later statement is more accurate. Well this man does not believe light is the fastest force in the universe. And here are a few examples; Human thought is faster than the speed of light. Because I can imagine the 🌞 Sun and it didn't take 8 minutes to get there, it was instantaneous. Electricity is faster than the speed of light. It is instantaneous. Electromagnetism is the little brother of electricity but still just as fast. Even the weak force of Gravity has been proven to travel faster than the speed of light. These are just a few examples observed by a conscientious observer. And here is another observation the DOMINOES have already fallen as far as I am concerned. Have an ELECTRICAL Day.

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