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Hi Aquarius, I’m Kelli Fox from Astrology.TV
with your astrology horoscope forecast for 2020. Your challenge this year, Aquarius, will be
to let go of the order and structure you so enjoy as a fixed sign and to embrace chaos. The year’s major astrological event, a rare
Saturn Pluto conjunction, occurs in your spiritual zone and gets to the heart of this matter. These energies will force you to confront
the infinite. the cosmos and your own spirituality. Even while you try to hold on to the everyday,
the mundane and the routine. A lot of this year is about knowing how and
when to let go of control. The year starts as it means to go on with
an early January lunar eclipse in your everyday zone. Which is your first hint that routines no
longer hold the security they used to. A couple of days later, the exact Saturn Pluto
conjunction gives you your first glimpse of the scary but magnetically appealing unknown,
which will so consume you during 202. Don’t be surprised if you struggle to put
any of this into words, especially once Mercury turns Retrograde in your value zone in February. This can feel rather unsettling so, in many
ways, the arrival of Saturn in your sign in March will be a welcome stabilizing influence. With Mars also entering Aquarius however,
you many struggle with some unusually impulsive astrological influences. Almost as if you’re daring yourself to walk
on the wild side. During April and May, Pluto, Venus, Jupiter
and Saturn all turn retrograde, bringing you plenty of opportunities for quiet reflection,
prayer and more spiritual exploration. Watch out for a blow to your confidence, however,
as Saturn’s apparent backwards motion can play havoc with your self-esteem. During June, a solar eclipse in your everyday
routine zone further underlies that the things you’ve always taken for granted are being
shaken up. A lunar eclipse in your objective zone highlights
the need to relinquish control and to allow the cosmic cards to fall where they may. you
cannot control this process, or its astrology, but you can control your own emotional reaction
to it. Throughout July, the Sun makes a series of
oppositions to the powerful Saturn Pluto conjunction and this find you struggling still with knowing
when to let go and when to intervene in life’s energies. A lunar eclipse should bring you answers and
insights, if only you listen Aquarius. Things may start to settle down in August
and September as gentle Venus transits first your everyday routine zone and then your love
zone. By the time the November lunar eclipse stimulates
your risk zone, you’ve learnt to roll with the punches and you should be able to embrace
this eclipse’s creative potential. Take a chance and run with it. As 2020 draws to a close, a total solar eclipse
in your objective zone reminds you not to take life for granted or to make plans which
are set in stone. This time around, however, you are able to
smile at the ensuing chaos. You should be feeling much more at ease. The year ends with the arrival of Jupiter
in Aquarius, bringing opportunities aplenty for 2021. Be sure to tune in to Astrology.TV for amazing
new insights every day.


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