Anthony Wesley and amateur astronomy

Hi, I’m Helen from the Royal Astronomical
Society, and I’m here with Anthony Wesley from the Astronomy Society of Australia. Hello, nice to meet you. So Antony, I hear you work, you’re an amateur
astronomer, and you work on the Juno data. So can you tell me a little bit about the
collaboration between amateur astronomers and professional astronomers? Yes, I’m an amateur astronomer from Australia,
and I’ve contributed images towards the Juno mission. I’m one of many amateur astronomers
that take images with their own telescopes. And we upload those images for the professional
astronomers on the Juno mission to look at so they can plan ahead, where they want the
Juno spacecraft to be and what they want it to take photographs of. That sounds fascinating. We were talking to
Candy a little bit about that earlier, and I can see that this seems to be the first
time that this sort of scale of collaboration has happened. Is that how you feel? It’s happened in the past, in a little bit
of an ad hoc or informal way, but I think this is the first mission were NASA has really
planned into the mission to encourage amateur astronomers to contribute. And amateur astronomers
have a lot of images and a lot of time to take images and contribute to this project. Awesome. And I hear you have a day job as
well, since you’re an amateur astronomer. So what is your day job if you don’t mind
me asking? Yeah, during the day job I’m a software
developer so I’m lucky enough that I can work from home, which means I can, you know,
take some naps in the afternoon if the astronomy gets a bit too much. Oh, well that’s amazing. Thank you very
much for talking to us. It’s been a pleasure. So I’m Helen from the Royal Astronomical
Society, and we’ll see you next time.

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