Ancestral Path Tarot (New Large Borderless) Unboxing

Hi all Back again on a Tuesday I did some shopping on the way home and came home to a wonderful new deck arrival today And this is one that I got through I sort of found it by accident on the internet Called TarotArts in Pasadena, California and I put in the order for this on Saturday, and of course yesterday was a holiday and It’s here today. Just so another amazing Fast delivery, so I’m always happy to give a shout out to Businesses that really triumph in the customer service department as these folks have I’ve had two emails from them already and You know just kind of following up and saying “thanks for your business” and so here’s the And I got a nice good price on The Ancestral Path Tarot. Oh I Didn’t realize it was so big. I was wondering why the box was so heavy. We just got some no packing Packing materials there and they threw in this lovely bag. It’s lovely velvet bag There with several colors to choose from and I went with this gorgeous green. I hope this is coming out. Okay it’s looking a little strange on my Computer there Computer camera on the camera view screen here. It’s looking teal but it is absolutely Just a beautiful emerald green color It’s this thing that’s very different Is that look a little better? Yeah, I don’t know Trust me. It’s a beautiful emerald green You know I have oh Wow, that just barely fit the Ancestral Path Tarot, which I know is not new and it has been out for you know Lo these many years and then was unavailable for a while and is now available again And so I decided well I had never really looked at it before and I’m not sure why But I’ve been looking at it again Really checking it out lately and decided I liked the images a lot better than I thought I would and of course we all know it’s by Julie Cuccia-Watts and This thing is big Wow It looks like it’s three by five, I think that’s what it is now So oh no, it’s Almost four and a half. What is that three I Don’t know you can see it By five and a half. So wow That’s big I did not know it was that big I Can get this open without messing up the flaps, there we go I’m assuming you know, this is the oh Excuse me. Sorry Yeah, this is the new edition. Just got the new backs. Oh My goodness, this is just no, it’s gonna be too dark. Well, maybe not I’m always fighting to find the right settings with this camera to get the color as accurate Enough light Now this is by US Games We have our little little white book, which is not so little let’s see what we got in here Say yeah, that’s the 2019 version Originally published looks like 1995 a Little background on the Tarot Definitions, Major Arcana. And then the minors So basic Celtic cross spread is included Okay, so we’ve got slightly different Suits we had a suit of sacred circles, which I assume takes the place of Pentacles You got swords Staves or batons-wands – not unheard of for them to be called staves Cups and then sacred circles, which I did not know Yeah, the usual cover card title card a little bit about the ancestral path And pause that if you want to read that And here are the cards And I understand this is actually a self-portrait by Julie so that’s her as the fool Very meta her holding up a card of her holding up a card of her Magician You know, it’s funny how sometimes We’re just not ready for a deck and then years later we’ll look at it and go “Why did I never see this before?” That is a stunning High Priestess, that’s really beautiful I Guess the Kabbalistic Tree of Life there on her No, that’s a scroll going over her leg Empress I’m just not sure it’s getting there colors Let’s see, oops Is that any better? I don’t know. I just always have so much trouble with the glare You know, that’s just not gonna work That is quite the Emperor I love this Hierophant card The Lovers The Chariot These colors are just beautiful so rich Really saturated I like the lions And justice, I just realized these are not numbered We have the titles but no numbers That is an amazing Hermit What’s he got there? It’s like stars flowing out of his hand Wheel Okay That’s very cool we’ve got like very primeval scene down here with standing stones The universe up here oh my goodness this is what happens when I try to hurry up and do a video when I get home I’m just not organized And this was done long before it became The thing to have a very multicultural deck That’s really interesting the Hanged one Umbilical cord wrapped around his leg there Or her Death looks like the boatman coming for him. I Just realized I don’t have a whole lot of battery on the camera so I’m not going to try not to belabor it too much Oh my goodness Shades of Notre Dame here, you know 25 years before it happened Oh what a fabulous star card Just perfect The star card is always my make-or-break card with a deck. I have to like the star card and the Moon Moon is absolutely critical too, but The star card is my card just love it Is that focusing I don’t think it is there we go, that’s better And the world boy I could just look at that all day, oh we have such a beautiful planet Oops So the swords are Based on Asian culture Oh isn’t that beautiful? Oh, wow, I Have never seen this card In all these years. I have never seen most of the cards in this deck There’s a few that people tend to show all the time. I think this is one of them But I had never seen that princess of swords before Yeah, like I was saying it’s it’s funny how one day you see a deck and you think meh, not for me and then Years later all of a sudden. Oh, yeah gotta have it Gorgeous absolutely gorgeous art in this I feel like I’ve just had so many decks coming in lately, but Man there’s just so many amazing decks out there right now This one being back in print and available again. I think you can get them Through her through Julie as well through printer studio if you go to her website Now this is another very popular card that people tend to show a lot I’ve seen this one before So beautiful and Staves it looks like it’s based on Egyptian culture Yep That’s wonderful give a whole different flavor to your readings Absolutely, gorgeous Air full of ibises? They look like ibises I don’t know, maybe I’m glad I held out for this version Since it’s borderless, the the original had white borders going around And this is just just the card just the image which is wonderful These really deserve this large format like this Yeah Wow And the cups are looks like Celtic or British Isles She does not look very happy Beautiful beautiful card, though Yeah like Galahad Wow Mmm princess of cups makes me think of Morgan la Fey what do we got going on down here. That’s too close I wonder if the book explains who any of these characters are let’s take a quick look No No, I guess they’re not supposed to be anybody in particular I’m just wondering if it was characters out of the Arthurian cycle or It doesn’t name anybody specifically There we go, that’s better Wow Wow such rich coloring God these are absolutely beautiful You know, I was thinking Guinevere and Lancelot and King Arthur there but that was not a happy story and three of cups generally is So maybe that’s her father giving her hand in marriage or something Let’s hope that’s her beloved Yeah, it’s going all backwards but And sacred circles are Native American based These are beautiful without feeling like, you know, it’s not the I Always worry anytime. I see any kind of Native American Mention in tarot, I’m always You know worried about cultural appropriation and you know cultural strip-mining but this It’s not like, you know, beautiful white girls depicted as Indian maidens. It’s I mean these people look Native American they have the features and they don’t just look like Caucasians dressed up like Indians which absolutely drives me bonkers Hmm Just gorgeous These really are fabulous I Know I say that a lot, but I’m fairly picky about the decks I buy anymore There’s a lot of decks that just really don’t appeal to me Maybe because I have so many and I’ve kind of figured out what I like over the years I have Somewhere north of 160 decks now, so I have a good many that I really don’t care for That I’d buy thinking well, yeah, it looks ok and then I get it and open it and it’s like no Beautiful beautiful I Guess everybody saw the backs Yeah, beautiful so they are like I said they are enormous cards So if that’s a problem for you I don’t know. You can always just kind of mix them around or Find other ways to shuffle and guess you have to get creative but I’m not sure if she still has the smaller. I think she might have still the smaller versions available if that’s something you wanted I’ll try to i’ll find the link to her her website in the Printer studio where you can order directly from her if you want Yeah, yeah, this is definitely gonna be challenging but I think well worth it So yeah, nice little surprise to come home to so quickly tonight Always Always makes me happy when that happens, and I do have a couple more still coming. So I Want to start doing some other videos besides just these unboxings just start talking about some of the decks that I have that I like a lot and maybe some of the ones that I’m not so fond of and I don’t know I keep toying with the idea of getting rid of some of them but I’m always so afraid that like this The way this happened like years ago. I wasn’t attracted to this deck and now I’m finding it absolutely gorgeous and I love it and So I’m always afraid if I part with a deck I’m gonna regret it later and then I’ll have to rebuy it but I Guess that’s the risk you run. But yeah, so I am really really delighted with this Huh I Really love the new format. It’s huge. Like I said, it’s gonna be tricky to work with for people with small hands, but Yeah, that’s I think it’s it’s worth trying It’s a beautiful deck. So anyway, I guess I’ve rambled long enough for tonight so have a good evening or day tomorrow or whenever you happen to see this and Thanks for watching I appreciate it, and if you like, please subscribe and I will talk to you soon. Take care

  • Thank you for doing this video of the Ancestral Path Tarot , I think it is super beautiful deck , one of my very favorites !!

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