Air Horoscope Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius — Good Traits

There are three Air signs — Gemini — Libra
— and Aquarius
Each sign has positive and negative traits
— Let’s look at the positive side of Air.
For Gemini, they are very witty. They understand
the playful use of language. They are known
for their sense of humor and they are usually
pretty well read. They have tons of information
at their disposal; they are an encyclopedia
of facts and knowledge. Anderson Cooper is
a good example of Gemini – he’s very versatile
in all of the information that he knows.
Gemini also rules writing. And there are some
really famous writers are Allen Ginsburg,
Walt Whitman, Arthur Conan Doyle, Ian Fleming
— and his main character, James Bond is daring
and he has a wry sense of humor.
Comedy is another really important part of
Air and Gemini — Michael Cera — he’s a new
A list Gemini comedian. Geminis rule humor
because of their desire to reveal the truth
through language. Gene Wilder, Michael J.
Fox, Mike Myers, and Russell Brand are also
well known Geminis in comedy.
Libra — Positive traits
Libras are fair minded, relationship oriented
and diplomatic. They want balance. They recognize
that in order to find the truth, you can’t
be in the extremes. The truth will be somewhere
in the middle. As an Air sign they rule negotiations
and compromise and our ability to see another
person’s side of the story.
Jimmy Carter, Sam Adams, and Ghandi represent
the best of Libra’s positive traits. John
Lennon was also a Libra — he was looking
for fairness and truth. And Barbara Walters
— very diplomatic in her interviews on the
View, she always tries to bring balance the
opinions of one side and the other. She has
that steady, neutral approach to a story or
a particular person that she is interviewing
— and it’s so Libra.
Aquarians are idealistic. They are humanitarian,
high minded, they have a utopian vision. Their
idea of the search for truth has to do with
society in general, it has to do with friendships
and groups and community. They see the ideal
potential in each of us. They are usually
helpful, and generous. They can see that the
truth of who we are demands that we recognize
our potential.
Aquarius is about friendship — who better
for us to see ourselves than our friends.
Jennifer Aniston is an Aquarius — and she
starred in a show called Friends.
Aquarians are involved in making people feel
good about themselves and their lives.
People like Oprah,
Or Mozart — who communicated his vision through
orLincoln — who wrote and spoke about human
Rosa Parks — had the truth behind her when
she sat in the front of the bus. She knew
what felt right to her. She was doing it because
she couldn’t stand the injustice.
Aquarians are activists. Activism for the
sake of truth. It’s about getting to the truth
and expressing it!


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