ACUARIO Predicciones 2020 Enero, Febrero, Marzo y Abril 2020 Tarot Año Nuevo 2020

Welcome to your aquarium reading This year 2020 Jack greets you and are here on my channel I invite you to jot tarot subscribe to activate the bell you reach all my notifications comments and let me your name and your country to have you present when I’m doing my meditations before These readings also start reminds me your finger up and Share this video so that we more than 400 thousand subscribers since a Once we do come back to this video to answer some questions to the whether random or so is not that shares this video with your friends and family invites to subscribe the energy you’ll have throughout the year the message that you send your angels you have to keep in mind is that the situation will improve any situation difficulty you may have in these or moments that you present during 2020 your guides are here to tell you do not have to worry that you’re going to get out to the surface of these problems beat them achieve success and have always have account that they are telling you your Angels right now you’re going to achieve improve this situation which could be bringing you some kind of trouble Here I am going to focus on the first four months January February March and April in January energies you have is the energy traveling some of you my warriors aquarium could be starting this year 2020 with trips can be trips where you have decided visit your family has decided undertake some sort of new way your life have you thought about leaving something behind because you are on an adventure you traveling during this month waveless stay tuned for organized once we get closer to January because you’ll have those energies to your Please could you be organizing trips or receiving visits from people who will be coming to your life your home tarot cards with the letter Empress will indicate that the month of January will be a month where you could be receiving news of pregnancy could people around you give news might be pregnant or longer then taking your children to your baby during the month of January so it is very attentive to this energy to another group of you who are talking about during this January you start one new idea and then you start to germinate to gestate the create and the idea of ​​the new of the new project you have in mind that new adventure that you want to reach have could then start manifest occur within the following months that you speak have a lot of creativity you have a lot of strength and a lot of idea because things new will come to your life with this letter from the Empress my warriors aquarium also tell me about energy very motherly affection much much Love careful growth from the support be next to someone who will give you all So you’ve been waiting for or need and can be as prompted some of you take that trip the decision to spend maybe New Year with her family with her parents with her mother or visit your children if they are not with you in the same city to iu that energy as family Maternity also love for you love talking about what message for you, you are indicating that in the January you have to pay attention to the warning signs you can be in love could You are meeting a person for January your way to be the which acts way may not be the better be a pretty special way a negative way which is perhaps intense person controlling one obsessive person and you are saying here when you meet this person try to act in a way quite with caution do not quite cautious will deliver a 100% do not give to know everything about your life that you have a I little suspicion that this person could in the end not be really you should then could then feel guilt or might feel bad for trusting someone who does not You had the best intentions for with you the letters of the purpose of life will see what your purpose for the month of January when you have to spend on you could be doing what task you let the archangels tells you light and love your life purpose is to give divine light and healing and love to this world so you are indicating here that no matter difficult situation you can be going recalls that the situation always going to improve that is your letter of the year and talks to you that you are in this earth to bring light and love and light progress and there is your purpose divine and then you devote during the month of January to seek way to bring love to people that they are around you in February the message out for you is the letter of the strange, They talk that some of you might They are embarking on a new adventure something that could be completely different for you because if You get the news that you will have a son and is your first child You could then feel one way as out of place as strange that no You are accustomed by the process you have to go or the first time You have a baby and already you had in January and you’re a first-time mother a father firstling then you still feel as well as a fish out of water not You know what you have to do here are also indicating that They could be coming to your life people do not know new people and you have the fear s to open the doors of your heart and let them especially after what you could It has happened in the month of January with this person who came with bad intentions in love and says the letter of the priestess the tarot that you’ll have to learn to listen to your intuition learn to listen to that little voice inside that sometimes he is warning of you do or do not do certain things and February will be a month which you’ll be able to connect your energies where you’ll be able to hear more to your intuition and it will you can grow will be waking an aquarium where you month in February Intuition will be far more acute and you never have to learn to hear these messages those signals or those messages warning you send your loved ones from the there to protect love letter that comes to you is the said separation could be spending time away from your partner that’s what you see on the horizon distancing and as we are talking of love could be your partner as love as it could also be with your loved ones ok just got me a message I have to send to some of you not everyone could be leaving her son in the hands of a person strange or you could be that person strange where someone hands you a child for you to take care child I see mostly male for you You care for a period of time is as if someone will approach you on the street or get home knock on the door They might even leave the baby to the child the door of your house or may be a church work in one place but you’ll hear about it because you you are involved and it seems that here are these energies where he will be a separated separation of a parent with a mother a child with parents where they could I’ll be leaving you for a period Time can be a neighboring one partner who tells you can look help me take care of my son here for time because I have to go do this the other may be someone who is thinking of leaving countries more from south to north countries American and he is saying here Cuídame my children while I go to the US to try to solve some things That might still be happening in the month of February your purpose your homework says the letter of the artist your homework for this month February is to practice many artistic activities that will be beneficial for your career might you are inviting here you take some kind of art some a painting class drawing class all that will help you be able relax You could also be taking classes makeup during the month of February this Once you are thinking of opening a channel youtube about makeup or like see much these channels if you want practice you can do it in Spanish or English or any other language but You have those energies of creativity but Artistic during the month of February very good Let’s see what the message is for you In March the letter you out of laziness there Aquarius energy here this month it seems that some of you do not go to be 100% focused on what They have to make will not be devoting 100% theirs and you will have these energies which may no longer You want to do anything else where longer You want to continue where you could be He is thinking of leaving everything and miss you simply there as in an armchair a bed watching television to watch video where you do not want to continue that energy It comes to you in March These are energies and all that thou You can avoid so remember again listen to this video when we’re March near sea and remember that you have to fight against these I laziness see energies energies of a who you do not want to move could be you could also be your children They could be people close to you that do not want to work do not want to make their part of the job and could sneak around Reloading more you work responsibilities of things to do and there comes a point where you say aquarium no longer want to do anything else not I want to be bothering I do not want I do not want to be smothering me I am asking for favors I’m going to throw me here and I will not move a single finger by people who are my fresh around doing nothing tarot cards out you the letter of 5 gold medals and this letter of 5 Golds you talk that March will be a month which you could spoil the good things you’ve accomplished to the beginning of the year the energies for you are a little as they want progress but they fall behind but who want to advance set back so you have to always have consider that the situation will improve He says do not let these energies you affect you lose there banishment because then you’ll lose some important that you have been working throughout the year, I also talk about some kind of expenditure for your savings that could be coming to limit could be running your savings during March and you then they make the invitation to not give up to keep you fighting because these situations will improve in love leaves you love letter true since you will be meeting during the month of March in all the difficulties that may arise a person who has a keen interest in you and that person could be someone who has a great true love your life to someone who will appreciate you will appreciate and that this person It will be interested in to share 100% with you help succeed look at me they are also saying that some this March could be leaving more responsibility to his you could be throwing your partner many more responsibilities couple leaving more problems for them instead to share together and divided into the responsibility that could make your partner gives you more responsibilities to you at home and crosses his arms do not He wants to help You have to have that balance because the that is your true love does not want say you have to do everything and this person will simply crossing arms at home your purpose for the month of March, the task you have to do is Healing says you have the gift of healing through energy and You are going to also have that desire share with others some Aquarium warrior you could have those healing energies or could be looking for some kind of healing spiritual or medical healing where maybe if you’re having some kind of energy where you feel you can no longer no longer wants to continue to follow in your I work with feel like depression could be you who takes the initiative to seek some help attending some kind of therapy a psychologist or if you have any problems of health Aquarium see that you’re going to look for way to find the solution for others of you this might indicate you have any interest in study or part of some kind of kind of medicine studying medicine study to study nursing to work in laboratories and work with something that allows you to help heal people might already you are and a doctor or a nurse thou art and you are talking about that’s your calling you again reunited with yourself and with passion you had when you started on that project at that the great work that you perform saving lifes in April what message for you the letter of guilt and that you talk of saving me whose lives are indicating that if you work particularly in line medicine seems that you could be having some kind of situation loss during the month of March where maybe you could not help a person and that person went on to the afterlife and you will You feel with energies of guilt where you feel that your own hell is your own mind giving many laps and you are to some badgered point because you do not know how forgive and how to go forward for that situation or that decision you took that might have hurt or hurt or fact that a person will leave this earthly plane and go to the afterlife this energy also guilty you might have to see if you’re the person who leaves this son during the month of February might in April then you are feeling this guilt for that decision you made it is to leave that person back and they might simply those moments circumstance I needed because you had to go to the country where you were and you had to ask a family who take care of you any friendship and you may be feeling these energies guilty this month not then you let that overwhelms you have to find a way to open your heart to express your feelings this letter of 4 gold medals for can always seek help keep in touch with those people which to some extent may have been affected hurt by your decisions and you always have to remember that You can be doing that again making the right decisions that your love is true for you and people around you as I always tell my warriors I’m not here to judge anyone if You made the decision to leave your children go to another country to seek a better future and then they can be search or claim it is what you had to do at the moment but I see that Some of you might be suffering from guilt energies energy where you feel you have done that trip and leave your family is It is much more difficult than you could have thought You could also find a person who is going through that Your situation is commenting to you Also speaking here of a money with four gold medals during the month of April money that could be having saved money you’re going to start and use very pending because recalls that in March and April It is very strong these energies money you might be using money You have saved that could be reaching its limit or running out What it is the message of love to you Aquarius March said you had true love and in April you get this could be the indicated that’ve met in the month March safer the person who will be your romantic partner then this letter you are stating that if things perhaps in your work life and your professional life are not working the best way at least you have to someone next to you who are knowing in March that will help and in April that will help and demonstrate that it is the right person your life for someone who will give emotional support you need and the you need support regarding your life so you can go ahead and does not mark you give up a little complicated somewhat difficult start month for you but as I always take them my warriors say I’m here to give messages things They can come to see and thou because you avoid all this thou canst avoid and there are very nice things here also it tells you to connect with your love to connect with your energy artist We also talk about the healing that will be coming to your life and in the month of April Your task is options it says you have to consider changes in your career and these possibilities will be open for you so April could become a very important moment for you where you take a decision very strong return to your previous country follow the career you’re looking for another job opportunity and all that you It will help with your growth and all That will then help to You can get ahead but options are to arrive recalls that the situation will always improve and if you can be feeling in March to April you have perhaps come as a point where you can not continue is not because during the month of April you will get new opportunities and new options so you can get ahead let me know if you liked this reading reminds me your fingers up share this video we get many more warriors 400,000 and then he returned to this video answer some questions about whether or not completely free but you have to chance to leave them in the comments as at this moment you appear the following videos you recommend and here at the top is the link to visit my website know the different consultations I offer private and prices I’m short and a year like 2020 decree full of bright light and much love progress


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