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first post of the energies
I have this week off the card
the fullness that amazes my
Warriors this letter indicated aquarium
that definitely things for you
this week will start having
sense speaks of a flourishing
internal growth also speaking
the awakening of the mind tells you to
many of you this week
They may be turning to studies
You could be turning to spiritual
religious studies because I see a
who is expanding its
knowledge for some of you
this could literally mean of
you are studying for an exam I
They are telling your spirit guides
you could be doing some sort
examination for
approval or some kind of forgiveness
document could be even told me
migration just certain days
Spiritual some of you are
working to close some kind of cycle
migration so you could be
having some kind of examination within
usa if you are in the country to
then receive your green card or power
receive your citizenship or to receive
a process that you have to make legal
that has to do with some studies
you just maybe is in the
they have to study college but
He speaks of a process that is completed and
you talk about a person who is
expanding their knowledge some of
you might be also
developing a divine connection and
You could be receiving messages
spiritual but I suggest
definitely there is a person
I was reading the Bible or is
research on energy
other religious practices
who you are studying about
Buddhist meditation see someone who
He is very interested in this and this letter
then he speaks of the closure of that
energy in energy
negative and flourishing in your life
Aquarium Some of you might have
an allergy or reaction
allergic in your body because also me
are indicating that some of
you not all
They will be taking some kind of
food during this week meal
which you are allergic, but you do not go
to realize so be much
caution because someone who
It is like the body has
completely filled with red spots
like when a mosquito bites like
it was allergies but you’ll be like
all behaved very careful you are
remember my warriors these messages
they are not for everyone are general readings
but they were telling me your guides
You have to warn spiritual one
of them or several of them are
Allergy could be this week
eating some kind of food
always have your pills of
allergy beside or use some
syringe type allergy or
your pills your medicines always at your
side and also the information on your
allergies for people who are
around you know how to act in case
of an emergency
there is the message it sends
I do not remember my warriors I’m
decreeing any of this I am
getting the message I have to spend
it that way
let’s see what’s up with your family
they have the letter from the six glasses
and this letter you are talking about that
Your family is going to have a situation very
linda this week
Aquarium speaks here of something that loves you
your family can give your family
You want to give yourself a gift can be
they want to give yourself a type of
invitation but I see that you are
They are offering something as if you were
giving a car or keys and you are
saying good from now on you
you may also be responsible
receiving some form of identification
staff recently could sneak around
receiving from college and is
This family receiving a diploma
Studies are making this process
You might be inviting some
I see some of you are going
a transition stage of minor
more towards old are you telling me
here then you will be getting
in that process some of your documents
you might be right now
trying to make that process and you mark
that you should have done
above and has forgotten you and
you have not sought your documents
identity could be even up to
let’s see then
your friends as shelves was the letter
2 cups fine this letter you
you have people talking about your
and support around you who love you
there is a lot friendship with you
you definitely have good
intentions for you this week you
They speak here also of a reunion
with a person’s soul mate
a friendship last person
which you had many illusions someone
you filled the hearts of many
hope and great enthusiasm but
suddenly he had to get away from your
life and tells you definitely chosen
that person will return to your
beside that person will be together
you so very important you know
You have energies of fullness
flourishing where you get a lot
spiritual knowledge where you want
study where you want to receive things
the letter have six cups
your family the opportunity to receive
something will be receiving documents
you’ve been waiting maybe your
that in that document upshift
to adult who should’ve
done for a long time
You are receiving this information
You are now receiving these documents
So you can tubize could have
processed that for a long time
for you so far is reaching the
information or is telling here your
guides you’re wasting your time
a while and you have not taken your
legal documents and why you are
marking here go to get their
legal documents for you
They met years ago short time
let’s look at your job what are the
energy for this week
you chart out eight cups
some of you are saying
Here your guides have energies
aquarium you want to leave it all behind
you’re thinking right now in
You quit your job and you feel that
you closed a cycle and see much that
situation and those energies closure
cycles here in your life this week
Some of you might be
taking situations at work where
You’re telling me you know I want Nomás
I learned enough to go and what had
to learn is to learn what had
I learned what I needed to learn
the time of being here and it’s time
close it and leave everything behind a
person who is thinking of taking
a vacation could be a license
perhaps without pay for these
college and could be
I am thinking about doing this together with a
friendship and someone next to you also
It will be something similar and you are
making this offer and you’re thinking
in accepting and technique that will be
good energy for you if you’re thinking
to leave your job to continue or
studies and could even finish
some of you are getting a
or you might hear your news
family receiving a scholarship to
then power in this way
these studies do what you’ve been
If you are seeking employment let’s see
What is the message for you if you are
seeking employment
you chart out Ace of Spades
success victory going to get the
work you deserve gonna get
this job opportunity that you have
He has been waiting and all this will emerge
next to you for the lessons you have
you learned in your life is pending
because this letter Ace sword will
They talk about me are triumphs
Also speaking your spiritual guides
showed an exam and have that
constant test that could be
doing so if any of you
You have to do some kind of test
Admission for a job or you have to
fill any kind of documents or make
a test or you have gone through some kind
training and finally have a
test tells you that you’re going out
successful this week of the review and
that attentive give much strength and much
energy to work and those energies
because you’re going to achieve and have that
energy getting something that you are
giving something
very positive for you
let’s look at this moment if you are
couple and
Aquarium leaves you the letter dated 9
Swords tells you about a person who
These moments feel a little
You feel a little overwhelmed perhaps
I see a lonely person sleeping
alone in her bed having your partner in
house you this week or have been
and passing by some sort of discussion or
problems or this week
It looks like you’ll get your partner in the
bed and going to send you to sleep in
sofa for some of you may
simply be because maybe your partner
have allergies and do not want to you
paste that allergy or have some sort of
you know that some kind of
situation or illness perhaps you can
be contagious as chickenpox this
I think it’s called in some countries
could someone have some kind
of this reaction but could be
taking your partner on that side
just your partner might be
sleeping in the living elsewhere for
not to bother I do not see these
energies of a jilted person but
to some extent you understand that
person has to be away from you
but to some extent you do not understand
I also hope is explaining estarme
as you want it to be by your side
but you know it can not be right
moments because you may need that
space to heal
if you are in a relationship is what
we have just seen let’s see if you are
singles right now here came your
letter or letter of the world
you have energy and are very key
very strong in your life to close these
cycles because it was something like I saw
this letter also fullness
cycle locks you out the letter here
The world also closing cycles
by this letter are telling me your
guides that indicates the arrival of a
person in your life and in your heart for
this week may be a person
It is also telling me or are me
saying your guides are putting
image in these moments that you go
walking down the street chucky chiki
chikichiki chikichiki and there is a
person in front and you say wow what
most beautiful person or what most handsome man
and I say what a beautiful woman and you
you walk and you say oh to hawai the
love at first sight that person
Turn your smiles you turn around and continue
hehehehe walking German I
just place a meeting
looks exchange smiles and
you keep me up to these
energies are there for you
from 28 to 13 November we will pass
with lucky numbers for you
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You can flip but I love these
numbers that have come to you
and lucky day a day where you go to
You are getting good news aquarium
where you will be definitely
connected to the universe you out the
letter that tells you is on Tuesday
on Tuesday you’ll be getting
shocking news and news
positive so attentive to
news can come to you the
Tuesday or around this day
let’s move on to the question and
interactive how it works I draw two
Option cards there is the option b you
take time to meditate and think
your question and then I turned the letter and
I answer if yes or a no so
think of a question of yes or no
I invite you at this moment to you
des pause the video think about your
and then you can come back here and take
then either options
you have the option to option sees some
Sometimes the letter I can not tell you
answer at this moment and we must
respect them if you took is the option to
answer to you is yes
This is a queen of diamonds you spoke
about energy I perceive with
this letter speaks to me of a woman
power of a woman who is in these
moments taking control of your life and
your finances is a woman much more
focused on advancing professional
rather than being focused on a life
these moments personnel and staff
every way both dating
your friends to have a partner is
a person focused on their progress
to your question is yes if you took is the
option answer to your question
Today is another definite yes and also
these two responses are final and
This is the letter from the ace of diamonds and these
both you indicate yes so
depending on whatever you have
asked both are cis final
and these letters are gold so talk
you will also come a flick of
luck out there keeps me very attentive
aware and my comments
Warriors aquarium screen
these moments you shown
I recommend following videos and
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there is offer in detail all
I offer consultations and get with
each of them
I’m Jota decreed a week of
bright and progress

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