Aaravos’s Secrets REVEALED – The Dragon Prince Theory

The Truth about Aaravos
Hey everyone! I’ve been in a very huge Dragon Prince mood
lately, seeing as season 2 just aired and now I think I have way more than enough material
to do a video. So, what better way to celebrate my first
Dragon Prince theory video than by talking about the best character that was introduced
in Season 2! Okay, we also got Crow Master. I love you too, my sweet boy. But lore wise, Aaravos definitely intrigues
me more right now. And just look at him! Skin that sparkles, amazing horns, and that
voice! Oooh. Chills. What’s not to love? Did you know the voice actor of Aaravos also
voiced Koh the Face Stealer in Avatar the Last Airbender? That can’t be a good sign for his future. But that brings me to the subject of this
video! Not only will I be discussing his future,
but also what we know about his past and how that shaped him into the elf he is today. So, let me cover my bases if you can’t really
remember what went down in season 2. Bad dad Lord Viren had long been trying to
figure out what made the mirror he found in the layer of the Dragon King so special. He tried a ton of spells to get it to reveal
its secrets, but it wasn’t until he got rid of all the light in the room that he was
able to discover that he could view into a completely different room. After waiting long enough, an elf appeared! But this elf could not see Viren at first. Eventually the elf noticed Viren, and made
him do a series of tasks to be able to speak to him. We learn his name is Aaravos and he promised
that he could provide knowledge and power. Of course, Viren agrees to work with him,
which eventually leads to Viren getting captured, but Aaravos promises to stay with him. At first glance we really don’t know much
about him. There seems to be a spell placed upon having
Aaravos’s name in books. Either that or Aaravos put a spell on Viren
because he knew Viren would eventually try and learn more about him. So before Viren could get a good look at information
about this elf, the stories about him turned into a jumbled mess. I will get to what we do know about those
texts in a minute but we do actually know a few more things about him. As is pretty clear, he is a Startouched elf. This type of elf is very rare and are associated
with the heavens. While they don’t live forever they live
a very long time, as it was compared to the time scale stars experience… Which honestly is pretty close to immortal
if that is the parallel they are drawing. The type of magic star elves can do is also
quite mysterious and involves divination, cosmic vision, and seeing into the beyond. However, Aarvos is said to be different than
other Startouched elves, and it’s not only because he is stuck in a magic mirror. In episode 6 of Season 2, we learn that the
cube Callum found at the Banther Lodge was called the Key of Aaravos and is said to unlock
something of great power in Xadia. As is probably obvious, we learn that Aaravos
originally owned the cube. He is called an Archmage, and he even mastered
all six primal sources. Definitely getting some more Avatar the Last
Airbender vibes here. Combine all this with the fact that Runaan
said that whatever was in the mirror was worth than death, and we already have many reasons
not to trust this good-looking elf. To learn more about his past, we need to look
at things that were not said, but shown in season 2. In the eighth episode of season 2, the book
of destiny, Viren takes a look at a few books to find out more information about Aaravos
after he learns his name. But as I mentioned before, we only get a quick
glance at them before they get blurred and they are not in English. Luckily, they are translatable! So, the translations I am about to show you
are a combination of a few sources, all of which I will link in the description. The first passage we have is in Danish. It is cut off at the end but there is quite
a lot to gather from this. It says:
“Finally, he told me his name. I had never heard a name like his, but neither
had I imagined an elf like him either. He is stronger, older, and wiser than any
other magical creature in Xadia. Yet he is a friend to all humans. Where others look down on us, call us inferior,
he sees great potential in us. When we receive the gifts Aaravos promised
us, they will pay for their conceit and become forced to see us as equals. And when we are equals, we can take our destiny
into our own hands and build our future. I can see it before me-”
So that was quite intriguing! We can see here that this isn’t the first
time Aaravos has befriended a human, and a long time ago he gave them a gift that allowed
them to become more powerful than the elves and dragons. But just what that gift was is something I
will get to later. The second piece we got about Aaravos is a
poem written in Arabic. I am going to use a translation I found on
reddit because I saw a writer mention how the subreddit’s interpretation did a great
job translating it. So here is the translation from user throwawaythisarab. Elarion, seeds trembling
Lying on the ground on an icy night. And in the cold
[She] withdrew her roots Challenging the sting of the deadly winter. Elarion, and her blooming flower,
afraid of wilting, darkness and death, Had searched the dark
For a spark And so the eyes of the hungry dragon flared. Elarion, the frightened foundling
Stretched her white branches towards the night. Asking the stars,
To receive her light, And to stop the fire of the raging dragon. Elarion, in a heavy rest,
cried while the stars of the skies turned black
They wore their masks, Turned their backs,
And left Elarion to die. Elarion, as her skin struggled death,
Withered and suffered in the dark, Until the last star,
Reached out from far away Its touch: a fire, a gift, a spark. Elarion, and her blinding light,
Embraced the great black flame of night. And when she bowed,
She declared her faith, [He] whispered, “Aaravos,” his name. Elarion, black-eyed child,
her twisted roots spread deep and far, The humans’ might
sparked by the light of Aaravos, her midnight star. So this is quite confusing as it focuses on
a totally new character named Elarion (I could be pronouncing it wrong fyi). I have a couple of interpretations, which
I will share. What caught my eye in this translation is
the word foundling. This is basically an infant that has been
abandoned by its parents and cared for others. So basically, an orphan. Now I doubt Elarion was an infant when this
poem was set, but I can see her as a child. She found herself orphaned and out on a cold
winter night. She may have also been chased by a dragon. But when things were at its bleakest, Aaravos
came to her aid and gave her the ability to do dark magic. We see this when her eyes are described as
being black, and from knowing Aaravos gave her a gift. She gave her life to him and became a follower. Of course, it is impossible to tell if this
was his first interaction with humans. And even if she was the first dark mage, that
directly conflicts with the male dark mage we see in the first episode of season 1. But something very interesting to note is
that Startouched elves seem to literally be stars. As in, they appear in the sky and can travel
through space and come down when they wish to. The rest of the startouched elves probably
don’t care much for the affairs of the humans and other elves. They might seem themselves above that, since
they are very powerful. They might literally be born from stars, which
is why they live so long. But where they saw weakness, Aaravos saw opportunity. My other initial interpretation was that Elarion
and Aaravos were lovers, since we know he was called her midnight star. But now with this full translation, where
it is leaning more towards Elarion being a child, I am not so sure anymore. But if this was the case and she was an adult
and they fell in love, this would be a very taboo relationship. With all this said and done, it is clear that
Aaravos is a gift giver. He not only gave powers to Viren, but also
to Elarion and to many more humans in the first passage. And for the former two, it’s pretty easy
to see that the gift they got was the power to wield dark magic. From there the first dark mage used it, which
scared the elves enough to cast the humans out of Xadia. How this knowledge of who gifted humans dark
magic became completely lost is a mystery. Perhaps once the elves forced the humans out,
the humans no longer wanted to remember Aaravos, even though his gift to them was passed on
through the generations. Or, since Aaravos is the one who narrated
the opening scene of the show, he made sure this secret was covered up. Any passages containing his name are unable
to be read, after all. I realized that this is also what happened
in the show RWBY, with the big bad narrating the beginning monologue. But this time around Aaravos is turning out
to be an unreliable narrator. Yet he said he never lies, so what is the
truth?!? But of course, whatever he had planned the
first time around with humans did not work out, as they were sent away from their home
and later split into 5 kingdoms. Now he is back, and by teaching Viren his
secrets he may be giving his plan another shot. This time the forces in Xadia are weaker since
the Dragon King has been killed. Obviously, I don’t know his plan, but as
a preliminary guess I think maybe he is trying to get rid of all elves by teaching humans
dark magic. They probably did not like his quest to seek
out as much power as possible, and punished him for it. Or maybe I’m making Aaravos seem like a
worse elf than he actually is. Perhaps he also saw how unfair it was that
humans were treated as weak by the elves and dragons when they had so much potential, and
felt the need to level the playing field. While not confirmed, there are already a lot
of parallels between Aaravos and the Greek Myth of Prometheus. One of the creators of the show, Aaron Ehasz,
already stated that this is his favorite greek myth so it’s really no surprised it is showing
up in TDP. As he mentions in an interview with Korra
News, his favorite myth is about Prometheus, a titan that stole fire and gave it to humans,
elevating them. He was a divine messenger who shared these
gifts with humanity, and from there the humans have to choose what to do once they obtained
these gifts. But he was punished by the gods, specifically
by Zeus, the god of thunder and lord of the skies. It is pretty clear that Prometheus is Aaravos
and Zeus is Thunder. But it was Zeus’s son Heracles that eventually
freed Prometheus, meaning Zym might be the key to getting him out. Yet we probably don’t want that happening
anytime soon. We can also speculate a bit about where Aaravos
is trapped. As Lujanne mentioned in the first episode
of season 2, the moon druids, ancestors of moonshadow elves, would perform rituals that
could open a portal to another plane. This was described as a shimmering world beyond
life and death. Seems quite familiar if you ask me. Of course, he would probably already live
a super long time, but in this realm he likely won’t be aging at all. Why he had to be put into the mirror plane
for so long is a mystery, however. Star elves seem pretty close to god-like with
how long they live and their powers. And Aaravos may have been the most powerful
Startouched elf ever. Meaning, if he gets out the mirror, we have
a lot to worry about. Before I end this video I would like to give
a small guess about the cube that Callum has. The Key of Aaravos is something only a master
of all six primal sources can unlock. The only one that is currently able to do
that is Aaravos. But as some people have been speculating,
Callum may be next on that list. While I am not the biggest fan of the theory
currently, since Callum just seemed so in tune with Sky magic that it felt like it was
meant for him, there is a definite possibility this will happen. It is likely that only a mage that also wields
all six elements will be able to defeat Aaravos. So yeah, once again… Avatar. Or if six different creatures with all six
arcana touch the cube, it can also unlock something. I am hoping another elf joins Callum and Rayla
on their adventure next season, so maybe this will happen! I am also curious how Harrow knew about Aaravos. Did he just know his name and that he was
an archmage, or did he actually keep the knowledge of Aaravos from Viren? Viren seemed to know nothing about this elf,
which doesn’t make much sense. In addition, I also wrote a smaller theory
about this image we got in the end credits for one of the S2 episodes. There may be some parallels between Aaravos’s
story and that of the Great Gatsby. Check it out on the Cartoon Universe tumblr,
and give us a follow! So that pretty much wraps up everything I
wanted to say about Aaravos, and I want to know what you guys think! Do you think he’s just plain evil, or is
there more to him than that? Let me know in the comments! These videos take a long time to make, so
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  • Turn on subtitles to see the transcription of the translated texts!
    What are your thoughts on Aaravos? Will he be the big bad of the show, or is he a friend to all humans? We await your theories…

  • i bet the gift that Aaravos gave the humans is the staff we see the human using in the first episode of the flashback, cause in season 3, He says that the staff was a gift from one of the great ones, (probably referring to the great ones as each one from each species of elf as the mage or most talented practitioner of mage from each elf kingdom).

  • it's all a manner of perspective, the dragon king might have done something that Aaravos saw as evil and now they are enemies.

    still, he might turn out to be a villain. you know… the way he killed the suntouched elf queen

  • While Aaravos might also have evil plans, I was hoping that in the end he would turn on Viren or something. But based on that first passage, maybe that’s not an option…

  • Elerian could be the Orphaned queen that is in the 2nd book/seiries, if you think about it an orphaned girl who is important to the series.She could be one of the main focuses of the 2nd seires/book.

  • Season three convinced me that Aaravos is pretty evil. But that isn't something bad, evil characters can still be very relatable and have reasonable motivations propelling their questionable methods.

  • with season 3 out, and the dark mage in the beginning claiming that he got his staff from one of the old ones… waddya bet Aaravos is one of the old ones, and he's the one behind this entire war?

  • When i first saw him i thought he looked like allay with the hair and horns and since Callum and allay are a thing now my brain thinks that he is their child and went back in time but the dragon king sent him too a different dimension beyond time

  • So I have a theory about Aaravos that I made while watching the video. I don't know if someone came up with this yet or not.

    So while she was translating the first text about Aaravos, I noticed the mention of him giving gifts to the humans to give them a more equal power with Zadians. I then remembered the episode about the Sol Regem and the Dark mage's conversation. The dark mage said some simirial things to the text about becoming more equal. When told to lower his staff, he refused saying it was a gift from one of the great ones. The king was furious and immediately resorted to violent means rather then peaceful ones.

    In all, the staff was OP and the mage strong. The mage most likely got the staff from Aaravos and was probably a big reason why he got locked away by Thunder.

  • Well if aaravos is centuries old everybody would be like an infant compared to him. So describing her as a child does fit very well

  • Well now with season 3 out and conecting the dots we can think that Arabos has probably helped many humanos to learn magic to save themselves and the Elarion of the poem could be the orphan Queen of the Katholis kingdom, the one relate to the tradicion of chosing an orphan if as a New king if the la test king died without no one left to take the throne.

  • I don't think that star touched elves are literally stars, I think that it was poetic metaphor. She reached out to the stars meaning she asked the star touched elves for help but they said no except Aravos

  • Okay so like i dont fee like he is/wants to be a bad guy. Like i dont know how to explain it because he hasn’t done really anything good in the show at all i still hope and feel like he is somehow going to be good.

  • 4:00 that gift is probably the staff of the dark magician from the first episode because in the new season he says that that staff was a gift from someone

  • I feel like Aavaros was once part of the dragon guard originally an elf mage who slowly got corrupted after witnessing the power of the dragons

  • Probably Aravos Just want to get even becasue he mentioned that the reason why he is in prison it is because of thunder so for him to get even is by killing zym thunder's son

  • I think Aaravos is responsible for dark magic. If u listen to the translation it gives some clues and, it makes sense, they call it a gift.

  • I think Aaravos might be guiding humans to realize their potential by setting up events that they need to overcome. We've seen that Callum learned to use magic during the most crucial of moments which is the first time he used dark magic, he said dark magic was too easy to use, I interpret this as Callum realizing that he is above dark magic and not succumbing to the allure of taking the easy way out. I would also argue that Aaravos pretty much knew how far Viren has fallen into his reliance on dark magic, so instead he uses him as a tool to create dangerous events for other humans such as Callum to overcome by tapping into the 6 primal sources. It's most likely he saw Callum using Sky Magic during the battle between the Viren's Sun-infused(whatever it's called) army and the combined forces of Elves, Dragons and Humans. I think that cocoon is gonna allow him to physically manifest into the world and he will be able to interact more directly with Callum or he will continue pulling the strings in subtlety given that Viren is still alive.

  • This may sound far fetched but can you do a video on King Harrow's death? Idk but I REALLY find it sketchy that the moonshadow elves were able to kill him while a number of the crown guard soldiers were still alive aND STANDING as well as Soren and Viren — I mean think about it, the elves and Runaan should've at least gone through ALL the soldiers before getting to the king AND if Runaan got that close then at least the last of the soldiers (or Viren even) should've tried to block the final blow to the king.

    I just find it hella sketchy. Think about it, some of the crown guard survived (plus Viren) yet the king didn't?

  • HEY! Cartoon Universe!
    I want to tell something, that you've forgot!
    Well, in 3rd seanson, is said that Aaravos messed up with Sunfire elves (queen Aditi).
    So I think she just argued with him about dark magic, and Aaravos did something horrible to her.
    That's the reason, why everyone though he's a monster, and they were afraid of him.
    Maybe it's the reason of Aaravos being prisoned by Avizandum?

  • For some reason, I'm actually hoping he's not just evil, and that he doesn't end up being defeated and dying like every other villain ever. His character is far too brilliant for such a cliche fate. The creators of TDP are sitting on a literal goldmine here, they just need to decide carefully what to do with it.

  • I saw Elarion as kind of allegorical, seeing as it's also the name of a city. Like, it's a metaphor for how it came from the area.

  • Why the cube react to all tipe of magic the only explanation that occurs to me is that is a key that only the person who weld all the arcana can uset and aravos is searching for that one that's why he introduce dark magic to the humans as a catalist and a test to awaken the magic , callum only wake his magic after using dark magic and overcome the test in his heart and the reason humans can o only use dark magic so far is because they dont know the truth and think that is the only way so they dont even try plus dark magis is easy and really tempting to use . If one think about that make sense in all fantasy book humans are the ones that don't have any speciality but the most versatile so It is completely posible that this is the case . Also why introduce a ancestor of katalis as a hero who save the world unless that same treat is coming back or worst

  • Some info from S3: Elarion was the human settlement in Xadia. Sol Regem was going to burn it down
    Ziard says that humans were givien dark magic from an archmage. I mean its almost definitely Aaravos.

  • I am so confused on this elf boi, but my guess is that he's a prankster that gives power to those he finds 'interesting' and sees what happens. It would explain why he was locked up, and the whole 'I was given this staff by one of your archmages' scene at the beginning of season 3. I don't think he's inherently good or evil, just helps who he finds interesting(or who he can actually talk to since he can only converse constantly with Viren).

    EDIT: There better be a season 4 with more backstory revealed on Aaravos(and what happened between Amaya and Janai but that's not this video xD).

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