A Metafísica do FODA-SE! l Marcello Cotrim (The Metaphysics Of The “Fuck Off”)

Hello everyone! How are you? Do you want to prosper in life, don’t you? You can feel deep in your heart that there’s a metaphysical method for opening the way for prosperity to come. There is indeed. And I’ll summarise them here in this video in four words: Faith, Focus, Force and Fuck off. The fourth “F” you usually don’t use in your life. We talk in a second Look how interesting it is. There are four steps for you to prosper. And I want to synthesize this topic in a clear look at the way to bring prosperity into your life. How to behave emotionally, internally and how to behave in life. So, let’s start! Did you know that there’s an order to follow within these four “Fs”? It’s not random. If you get straight to the “fuck off” step, you’ll push way everyone from your life. You need to place the “fuck off” step to the end, so I’ll soon talk about it. Let’s start to the first “F”, the Faith. Faith is the first step because faith is more than believe, as many people think. To believe in something simply means you envisage a hypothesis that something will happen, it’s not deep and strong as having faith. Faith, on the other hand, is a word that means connection, link. It’s a connection to the source of abundance. If you feel the connection you’re sure about it. When you feel faith, you calm down because whatever you long for, you feel that they’re already yours. So, faith is the first step of these four “F’s”. I wish you start to apply this steps from now onwards. and see if things will workout or not, and then you tell me. Certainly it’ll work, if you do step by step of what I’m explaining here. Having faith as a starter is not enough. You need to put this faith on something. So, consider faith a positive energy. An energy of confidence that life esteems you. I always say that more than only desire things and have big dreams, we need to feel welcomed by life. Feel that life loves you and there’s a place in the world for you. This sensation, this mindset of feeling marginalised needs to be dissolved. This is the genuine faith. The second “F” is about focus. You need to have a choice, a clear and well defined objective for you to use your mental screen and visualise creatively this focus. But if you say to me “I’m not sure about what I want among some options.” I say to you: follow your heart and embrace one of them, even if you’re not totally sure. Because no one has full guarantee that they’ll be happy with what they’ve started doing. Be it a job or a relationship. You need to take risks. Listen to what your heart asks for. Listen to what your heart wants with more intensity. Observe what your heart vibrates on and then establish the focus on that. But understand that making a choice doesn’t mean you’re losing other options. It means that at that time of your life you embraced that option only. People usually after making a choice have a sensation of loss, because they think that their life is broken. This is what makes people have difficulty to make choices. Having a great deal of doubt. And I like to remind that doubt is the great source of human suffering. Now there’s the third “F”. Recapping, the first “F” is the faith, the second one is the focus and now is time to put my energy, my strength, my force on the third “F”. This step is about you developing initiative, it’s about moving energy. Even if you can’t find all the solutions to achieve what you long for. The word “longing” is stronger than the word “want”. When you want something your mind has decided that something is lacking and you’re more connected to the thinking realm. But the word “longing” is connected to what comes from your soul. So, when you long for something, you move you inner energy towards what you need to do, you apply the force. So, apply this energy in contacting people, going to places where you can learn more about what you long for. Being it a business or a skill. You need to get involved to the egregores that vibrate likewise. You need to use this force as an impelling and motive energy for your life to work on. It seems that’s perfect and complete.I have faith, focus and impelling force being it free will, will power and creativity power. But it’s not only these steps needed to help you prosper. You need to learn how to not feel disturbed by others’ opinions. You need to learn how not to be affected by others’ opinions! And now that comes the big “F”, the fuck off, and it means that you need to take your stand. But look, even the fuck off step needs to be said and felt in a cool way. How so? It’s not saying “fuck off” tainted with anger and hate as you feel others invading you. The ideal inner attitude of saying it would be “I don’t care about your opinion on me” “Your energy doesn’t get me.” From the moment you take this stand, if the intention of the other person is to harm you, this energy will backfire. It means, if you want to F* me, then take this energy back to you and F* yourself. Feel your own energy. Fuck yourself off! This energy needs to be consumed by the one who generates it, in order to them to realise the evil they’re doing. When you do this, you’re not harming anyone. It’s not a curse. It’s simply a barrier in which the generator of the negative energy keep living within their own produced energy field. This energy then don’t get into your auric field, your energetic field. Fuck off! I don’t care about others’ opinions. I don’t care about people who want to “prophesy my future”. Saying things like “This is not gonna work.” “You don’t know what you’re doing.” How many discredited people have become genii or great business people in all walks of life. How many times people in general don’t believe in you. You need to trust yourself, have faith in you, it’s more than believing yourself. These are the four great tools that will help you in your success. I have faith, I have my focus defined, I go forward with my energy, but I create the barrier of the “fuck off” step for no one get int my way, my destiny, that’s only up to me to chose it. Right?! And this is what I wish to you all. I wish you all have absorbed the message and go out and about full of energy to establish your limits and boundaries in certain areas of your lives. If you’ve enjoyed the video, rate it please down there. Write your comments and suggestions, as I always read them all. Subscribe to the channel Marcello Cotrim to get your notifications. Take care!


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