A Major Shift That Must Occur in the Mental Health Field

I’m gonna begin this episode by
calling out the major shadow
of those people who work
in the mental health field.
Nobody just wakes up one day
and decides to be a psychiatrist,
a psychologist, a self-help expert
or a life coach with no provocation.
We arrived at this place because of
mental and emotional suffering ourselves.
A Major Shift That Must Occur
in the Mental Health Field
The way that we dealt with our suffering,
was to try to “figure it all out”.
Most of us thought and felt things
as a result of our own life experience,
that caused us to feel confusion
and to doubt our own sanity.
And so we needed to
secure our own sanity,
find out the truth and get
firmly grounded in reality.
Knowing the what
and the why helps us
to feel grounded
in that reality
and in that sanity that
we reached for like a buoy
in the middle of a sea that
was trying to drown us.
And we try to rescue
ourselves through others
by helping everyone we come into
contact with to find that buoy.
We help people to come
into that stable construct
that we see as sanity
and reality and truth.
Even though some people
in the mental health field
will tell you that
they got into this
because of somebody else in
their family who had issues,
I can guarantee you
that having somebody else
in your family that had issues,
made you yourself feel
confused and unstable,
which is why you really
had an interest in it.
Trying to help everybody to find
this buoy is a noble enough cause.
The problem is, is that this very
strategy which we use to help people,
can also be the very thing
which does the most damage.
And it can be the thing
which prevents us
from catalyzing genuine
healing in somebody’s life.
When people come to us and
we can very clearly see
how what they’re thinking what
they’re saying and what they’re doing
is out of alignment,
with the reality that
we ourselves are seeing.
Now after putting years of study into it,
we have arrived at
what we think reality is.
So, it’s obvious to us, then,
how what they’re thinking saying
and doing is out of alignment with
objective reality.
Which we’ve already
decided is our own.
After all, our entire career is
based off of having that truth
and having that reality
and knowing the answers.
Therefore we can easily
see where the things
that they are thinking saying and
doing are out of alignment
with what is right,
true and real.
But this is where we go wrong.
The way we try to help them is to get
them, often in an oppositional way,
to join our reality.
I want you to imagine that all
people live inside their own
individual bubble.
That bubble is their
own subjective reality.
And what people in the
mental health field try to do,
is to get people to come out of
their bubbles into our bubbles.
The reason we
want to do that
is because it’s obvious when
being inside somebody’s bubble,
which is their subjective reality,
is the thing that is causing
them trauma and pain.
But using this strategy,
the attempt to get somebody into our
bubble, is the very thing which makes
healing impossible for us.
Because of the following;
1. We are unwilling to accept
that our subjective reality
is not necessarily the objective reality.
What objective reality is,
is the amalgamation of
every subjective reality.
So if you added every individual
perspective into one thing,
so that they were all combined,
and the truth that arose out of those
combined subjective realities,
would be the objective perspective.
We all know the danger of
mistaking our subjective reality
with what objective reality looks like.
We’ve all seen those movies.
Movies like Powder, or
K-pax, or The Butterfly Effect,
or The Secret Garden,
or every movie featuring
medieval medical practices,
where the person who is assisting
someone’s process towards health,
is so limited by what they’ve
decided is real or true
that they end up
doing more damage.
When you’re watching
these movies
you can clearly see how their
subjective reality is limited as hell
and they don’t actually have
what’s right and what’s true.
But they don’t see that about
themselves. Do they?
The sad truth is it never occurs to any
one of us, that we might be that person.
We have to be able to
stretch ourselves far enough
to accommodate for the
reality, that we may not be
the one who is
currently in the right,
and who currently has our finger
or a pulse on what reality actually is.
Because none of us
on this planet earth,
no matter who we are, can escape
from the fact that we don’t know
what we don’t know.
2. We don’t really understand
parallel perceptual realities.
Most of us only experience
a parallel perceptual reality
or the awareness of it, when we
go through something like grief.
When we lose loved one or something
else happens, that causes us grief,
we’re sort of in this
parallel reality. Aren’t we?
Our life stops.
time seems to stop for us.
We can’t feel happy.
Our perspective about life
is completely changing,
and when we interact with people who
aren’t part of that reality of ours,
suddenly, they’re talking
about their vacations,
they’re talking about how
frustrated they are at their job,
They’re trying to get us
to join them at the bar
and it’s like we may as well
be in two different realities,
even though our bodies are
occupying the same space.
The worst part is,
they don’t even notice.
Because people don’t often notice
what conflicts with their
own personal reality.
When we talk or interact with somebody
from inside our own bubble,
our own perception of reality,
we may think we’re doing and
saying things that will help them,
when in fact, we’re just proving to
them that we don’t see them,
we don’t hear them,
we don’t feel them,
we don’t understand them at
all and they’re completely alone.
We are reinforcing that they
have a different reality
and that they are alone in it.
What we do and say comes across
as Invalidation and ignorance.
And we make the mistake of thinking it
is good to invalidate someone’s reality,
if it’s causing them pain,
but all this does, is to
solidify their reality in fact.
We fail to establish rapport
enough to say or do something
that will actually change their
reality or should I say,
make it pliable enough to
accommodate other realities
than the one that
is causing them pain.
This is why we do so much damage
to people who are mentally ill.
When we approach them from
inside our own bubble reality,
what we’re doing is making them feel
more and more and more and more crazy
and more and more and
more and more alone
until their condition, in fact, escalates.
For example, let’s say that you
tell a paranoid schizophrenic
that their reality isn’t real.
The people they think that are
watching or following them
aren’t actually there and
aren’t actually following them.
Do you think that actually
causes this person to go:
“Oh, maybe that’s true,
nobody’s following me.”
What happens is, either, they become
completely distrustful of themselves,
feel completely insane and
then terrified of themselves,
Suddenly you’re in
another parallel reality
and you’re not joining
them in actual reality
and now they can’t trust you.
You cannot get anywhere
when you are fighting against
someone’s subjective reality.
You have to work with
someone’s reality,
in order to create any playability
to the structure of that reality.
People’s perceptual realities
function like Oobleck.
I know you guys have
played with this,
probably when you were
in elementary school.
If you take Oobleck
and you resist it,
the harder you resist it,
the harder it gets.
To understand more about
parallel perception realities,
watch my video titled:
The Most Dangerous Parallel Reality
3. Let’s just be honest,
most of the people who are
in the mental health field
are so terrified of losing touch
with their own subjective reality.
They are so terrified of seeing
what other people see,
feeling what they feel,
hearing what they hear,
coming to understand
what they understand.
They are terrified of dis identifying
with whatever caused
them to feel stable.
And getting into someone
else’s subjective perspective.
Here’s the thing though,
we love to come up with all kinds
of justifications for this terror.
Professional justifications,
like, if you validate the perspective
of someone who’s mentally ill
you will only make
them more mentally ill.
Or if you mentally and emotionally
explore death with a person
who’s suicidal, it will cause
them to commit suicide.
Or if you let yourself get swept up
in the person’s mind and emotions,
you’ll lose your capacity to hold
space professionally for that person.
Psychologists in psychiatrists
are literally taught
to keep this professional distance.
In many cases, even legally
threatened to do so.
But what this does, is it dis-allows
them from exiting their own
individual subjective perspective
and taking on the perspective of
the client that they are working with.
It encourages them to keep this
distance so that instead of seeing
through the patient’s eyes like
from first-person perspective,
what they’re encouraged to do,
is to witness like an observer
who is fixing from the outside.
I want you to imagine that
somebody who’s suffering
mentally or emotionally is underwater.
Now, if any of you
have scuba dived
or even watched
programs on the planet,
the underwater
experience or world
is quite different of the perspective,
than what’s happening above water.
Now what the majority of people
in the mental health field do
is to stand on the dock,
above that water,
and yell down
anything they think might
help a person down there.
Maybe throw down ropes sometimes.
But, do you see the problem
or the limitation here?
Because the world is so different
under the water than it is above water,
half the stuff we’re saying to do
doesn’t even make any sense.
Basically when this is the approach
you take, standing on the dock
trying to help somebody
out of the water,
all you’re doing is guessing
at what will work for them.
And let’s just be honest, the shadow
of the mental health field today,
is just that.
It’s guessing.
I’ll never forget a movie
I watched once,
it’s called: The Doctor,
starring William Hurt.
All you have to do to
understand this limitation
within the healing field
is to watch this movie.
He plays the self-centered doctor
with a terrible bedside manner.
He’s always teasing and looking down
on his colleague who is the opposite,
until that is, he himself gets sick.
Being quite literally forced into
the first-person perspective
of his patients, changes
his entire strategy,
with regards to how he helps
people from that day forward.
When we refuse to disidentify
from our own subjective perspective,
in order to get into somebody
else’s perceptual of reality,
we quite literally can’t see
what’s going to work for them.
We’re gonna say all kinds of
things thinking that it’s helping,
when in fact, it is most likely
doing the exact opposite.
When we are unwilling to do this,
we’re unwilling or actually incapable
of seeing the truth at hand.
And this truth includes the fact, that
there is no such thing as self sabotage.
In the mental health field,
we have this attitude,
like what people are doing,
is mostly self sabotage.
It doesn’t exist.
Basically, you have no grip on the
positive intention behind these thoughts
and behaviors that we are
judging is all negative.
And when we judge it in this way,
there is no way to
create actual resolution.
To understand more about this,
I want you to watch my videos titled:
Fragmentation (The Worldwide Disease),
There Is No Such Thing As Self-sabotage,
and, The Octopus Technique
When you get into the
first-person perspective
of the person that
you are trying to help,
it will change the strategy with which
you go about trying to help that person,
It will change your understanding
about what they actually need,
about what you
actually need to do,
about what you could
say to actually shift
the way that they’re
thinking or behaving
And also to be honest, when you
get into first-person perspective,
sometimes you see that
instead of it being your client
that needs to change to
the perspective you hold,
it’s you.
But let’s be honest with
ourselves, shall we?
What makes us so terrified
about getting in the first-person
perspective of the person that
we’re trying to help, is that
we are absolutely terrified,
of losing touch with that sense
of reality and that sense of truth,
that we have held to, like a buoy
in the middle of that ocean.
This major shift that must take
place in the mental health field
is that we must be willing
to disidentify from our
individual and limited
subjective perspectives,
so as to accommodate the reality of
our client’s or patient’s subjective reality.
We have to be able to get
into first-person perspective,
as that person, in order to
know what we need to do.
It is only by doing this, that
we can accommodate both
their reality and our reality.
And it is only by accommodating both
realities, that we can build a bridge
between a perceptual reality that would
provide the healing they are wanting,
and the perception of the reality
they are currently stuck in.
We need to be brave enough
and be willing to feel
and see and hear and
understand enough,
to get our hands messy
in other people’s first-person
perspectives and experiences,
so as to see what
would actually work.
We need to own
our own shadow.
Which is the fear
that we can’t do this.
Where we disidentify from our
own subjective perspective
attachment to reality,
so as to get in the first-person
perspective with another person,
without becoming emotionally
unstable, immeshed,
and losing a sense of our
minds and our rationality.
We need to stop disguising
this extreme distrust
that we have in ourselves.
And this belief that we don’t have
the capacity to expand ourselves
wide enough to accommodate
all subjective realities,
as professionalism.
We need to see that it
is only our willingness
to stretch in this way,
that will cause us to arrive at
the actual objective reality.
Because objective reality
is the truth that arises
as a result of accommodating all
subjective perspectives in a given scenario.
And we need to do this fast.
Because we are not doing this,
people are dying every day.
Because we are not doing this,
people are getting injured every day,
but by the overwhelmingly
prevalent pharmaceutical approach
to mental health or lack thereof.
Because we’re not
doing this, every day
we continue to be frustrated
by not really understanding
what it is that we can
do to help someone.
By not doing this we continue to
convince ourselves every day,
that a person is simply
too mentally ill,
or incapable for some reason, to
adopt our estimation of reality.
Have a good week
Subtitles by: Tanya Duarte
Subtitles by the community

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  • Lots of truth here especially regarding schizophrenia. I fell into a psych nursing job for 3 years, a mutual friend got me the job. The money was awesome but the staff was horrific. Most unprofessional psycho bunch of fuck ups I’ve ever seen, and believe me, you’d have to see it to believe it. They could never cut it anywhere else. That said Wellbutrin is an amazing medication, changed my life for the better. I was able to completely recover, zero side effects.
    There are a lot of abusive people in psych nursing and corrections too.

  • So Teal says that some mental health issues can be compared to being underwater. But i actually can not agree with that because a wise person that i respect once said "Under the sea, under the sea. Down where it's wetter, baby it's better, under the sea" which argues with Teal's theory

  • Acult  hadme under some heavy brainwashing, and Teal Tribe has been helping me through it. Thank you all for putting up with me, Teal knows her shiz.

  • Teal, I first heard your beliefs on the Youtube video titled "Do women need men." I believe it was with Victor Moore? Anyway I so related to what you had to say, about the huge wall alone between men and women of late.
    I am a Pisces, and have had many signs of psychic type abilities for a long time. When I was about 9, I was in England with mom, we were in the great maze at Hampton Court Palace. Out of all the adults and mom, I was the only person who found the way out of that maze. That is just one example.
    I finally realized that loneliness is at the core of everything in my life. I am in a 12 step program, and I see it all the time with lonely unfulfilled people in the rooms who have lost something, or missing something because of loneliness. Every night I lay in bed so lonely I just wonder why, and how much longer can I just exist! I keep my abilities turned off because I don't know if I want to experience all the resistance from others living on this plane.
    Can you please help me?

  • You are beautiful and wonderful. Thank you for being alive. 🙏😘. Stay sacred and may God bless your 💓. I want to help protect and heal your pain ✋😢

  • So, ive been watching your videos and i really need advice.. i was in a better state of myself, open and receptive, with sensual energy flowing, open to friends, and because of that a guy thought that i was offering myself and abused me. How do i connect with myself, because even after understanding and forgiving myself i find very hard to expose and be my true self, its like a trauma.

  • Does teal have any ‘credentials’? Not that i need it but I want to show this to my friend who is a therapist but I worry he won’t take it serious.

  • Since 1992, I have been placed on medication after medication, been hospitalized several times, been diagnosed with bipolar manic depression and made my life worse. Since then, I have been a heavy smoker, the medication psychiatrists forced me on lead to alcohol abuse, all though I had 6 years sober from 2003-2009. Prior to 1992 at age 20, I was motivated to achieve success, I was an A student in High School, never drank alcohol or smoked a cigarette, had passion and purpose and have not felt a natural high since I was 19 years old. It seems like I lost myself and have struggled to find my way back. I have had awakenings in 1995, 2003, 2007, 2016 and last year, hoping I would have that spiritual breakthrough and finally find my purpose in life, but only to wind up in my usual pattern. I feel trapped in the mental health system and on SSI since 2003. I did not know what depression was until I was hospitalized in 1992 for being "over spiritual and delusional." I have lost 27 years of my life so far. Can anyone relate to my comment?

  • I have a very good therapist who is highly aware of the sanctity of subjective reality. It’s an empathetic holding condition.

  • Let's face it, therapists aren't interested in helping people overcome mental illness. If they actually made their clients feel better, there wouldn't be any more clients. Instead, their only objective is to create life-long customers, who are stuck in the mental health system. They will say or do whatever it takes to invalidate their clients' emotions, eventually making them worse that how they came in, all while pretending to care to gain the clients' trust in order to hook them in. In the end, it's all for the money.

  • Oh Cleopatra Snow you scamp you. Your major exposure to psychology is to a lady who laid the groundwork for your fictitious ritual abuse and cult involvement. Look it up folks. She is a mentally I'll little girl who has spent her entire life trying to figure out a way to get other people to pay for her lifestyle. She was no more a champion skier or model than she is an empath or alien. She is Evil and she is infecting YOU!

  • I love the concerns this video is putting out. But even if the therapist is trying to pull their patient into their own subjective reality, does the patient 'believing' in the healing process make any changes? Sometimes, just believing in the process helps a lot, or maybe at least gets you to a place where you can even be a little certain of healing. I have not been through therapy so this is my question to all.

  • My hole life, i help people, erase my self, just beening kind, understanding,acepting all, but It only hurt me, so I change, I dont want t be around mental ill peoole, drunks or drugs & alkohol users. I had enought. My life is abut me now & people with healthy and stable actions

  • Can I just say.. How much absolute respect I have for you- for speaking this truth-which is so close to my heart.. But difficult to communicate to an audience.. In my opinion.. I've been following you for a while now. You have an admirable gift of speaking the truth in such a way that any audience can grasp. You speak my mind. I love your videos. Keep doing what you do. I want to be brave like you one day.

  • I also see it a mirad of other ways as to why people do the things they do. That's one interesting perspective – I feel there are many more that offer different insights. The so called profesianls could get just as much simply be hearing what the affected individuals have to say.

  • "No one goes into this field without privocation." In my Psych 101 class the prof asked why we were there. The women were there to figure out their own minds/emotions, the men were there to figure out women.

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