A heart to heart conversation ignites a passionate connection. Virgo Love Tarot Reading May 2019

Hi virgos welcome to your loved reading
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I do readings around the full moon around the new moon and love readings
for each sign for each month I’ve already shuffled your cards and
I’ve meditated on your energy and so what we have here is the eight of cups
and reverse this is in the position of you and what you’re contributing to
they’re relating with your love interest your partner for your partner or your
love interest there is the five of cups that’s what he or she or they are
contributing to the relating the combined energies is the Ace of Wands in
Reverse and what needs to be understood integrated or what is the outcome is the
page of Pentacles in Reverse I have to say that the love readings for May had
been pretty intense so far and they’re not as loving no they’re pretty loving
they’re compassionate there’s a lot of compassion in these readings coming from
the different signs but it’s not as happy and enthusiastic and joyful and
inspired as I would like them to be and your reading is pretty intense for a go
I have to be honest and I just have to read the cards the way that they are so
take this message for how it resonates and if it doesn’t throw it out or move
on there are so many different readers out there that are really talented but
also there may be pieces of this that resonate and so take what works for you
and what serves you and and leave the rest so I get the sense that you are
considering walking away you’re holding on right now it has entered your mind
that you should or could or might or maybe it’s best if you walk away if you
do walk away it will be a calculated decision it’ll be something that you’ve
thought about for a long time but right now there’s a
sense of holding on and considering what is the right thing to do
do you stay do you walk away your love interests your partner is in a this is
my stuck in the past card your partner’s stuck in the past and grieving some past
trauma some past hurt there’s a lot of grief disappointment sorrow in this card
and I see that your love interest your partner is really focused on that right
now there are other things to focus on that he or she is not even aware that
these other two cups of love are up right because they are so focused on
what is gone they’re so focused on the past what has spilled what hasn’t worked
out the combined energy is the Ace of Wands so there is a delay around some
new energetic fiery passionate creative project or beginning there are
distractions there are delays for some reason this new beginning around passion
and creativity this new energy this new energy is stuck this is the combined
energy so it’s like it wants to surface but it’s stuck right now and then
finally in the outcome for what needs to be understood and integrated is the page
of Pentacles and this really suggests a lack of progress around some you know
again the pages is sort of like the a sin that it takes it takes the the seed
of the ace and begins to work on it begins to bring it into fruition but in
this case it’s a lack of progress around some new beginning that has to do with
all things tangible and practical and real because it’s the suit of Pentacles
so it could be home work a new project family lack of progress let’s get some
clarifying cards let’s pull some clarification cards what um what’s going
on with your love interest what is this grieving situation about
this this emotional grief about what is what is this past situation that your
love interest is so focused on nope pull that card six of Wands this has to do
with a victory so a victory in the past I’d be remembering a time where they
felt more successful than they are now are they grieving a loss of success in
their life two of Pentacles having a choice to make juggling a la juggling a
lot in their life a lot of day-to-day personal responsibilities and having a
choice to make about something real and tangible home family work feeling
overwhelmed by choices or is if you don’t have or can’t see you don’t have
choices or you can’t see what the right choice is I’m just sort of that feeling
oh gosh I hate that feeling yeah it’s terrible just feeling very overwhelmed
by choices feeling like you need to make a decision but not having the clarity to
make that decision and then waiting waiting on something to come to fruition
waiting on the fruits of your labor to ripen this is my waiting card the seven
of Pentacles so this clarifies the fixation on the past that your love
interest is focused on is involved with right now six of Wands
a sense of success and victory juggling a lot of responsibilities need to make a
decision feeling all overwhelmed by options not knowing what the right
choice is lack of clarity confusion illusion
disillusion not dissolution illusion and then just stuck in sort of like waiting
this waiting place why are you considering walking away why
are you thinking about walking away where are you at right now
ergo how are you feeling about all this how do you feel about your love interest just pull a few cards for you a few
clarification cards for you maybe your partner is not as successful as they
once were and it’s bringing them some stress and some grief and some sadness
something that have to do with achievement here four of swords for you
feel like you’ve gone through a really difficult time this has been really hard
on you it’s been very difficult emotionally and the only thing you can
do now now that the betrayal is over or the the emotionally difficult time is
over is to rest and recuperate you’re just I mean I get the sense to that
you’re also waiting but it’s sort of a like you have to do this there’s no
choice you have to do you have to rest you have to restore at this moment
because what you went through the battle that you went through was intense and
hard and it’s almost like this person almost looks like they’re in a coma
you know let’s pull some more cards for you let’s clarify clarify for Virgo how
do they feel about their love interest what do they think about this situation this is the gilded Tarot that I’m using
right now by Choo Elmer Chetty market P here we go
uh again I get the sense that you will eventually walk away from this this has
been a very difficult time for you what comes before the six of swords is the
five of swords and that indicates a battle in which there are no winners and
the six of swords is a calmer card that comes after the battle where you are
moving on from the situation you’re on peaceful waters there’s a full moon
there’s power available to you this could all actually shake out around the
full moon in May so pay attention to that you might ultimately make that
decision to move on around the full moon all right because I do see a lack of a
lack of creative or a lack of passion and a lack of progress the Sun in
Reverse there’s also a lack of clarity the Sun is all about clarity it’s all
about energy and optimism and clarity and there’s a lack of all three now and
in the future okay how about we cool we pull a crystal healing card for you
Virgo so that you’ll have a crystal to draw upon during this decision that
you’re making citrine ooh that’s cool I heard that most citrine that’s available
on the market is fake citrine just a tip it’s most citrine that you buy is baked
and this there’s a citrine that is very rare
that you can still access or purchase and it’s called I think it’s called
Native Congo citrine and that’s actual real citrine I just looked it up online
in it it it’s kind of expensive but it is available so let’s see this is 18
citrine has to do with abundance a stone of joy and abundance citrine helps you
to interact creatively with the world it promotes inner calm you spend too much
time worrying about home family and finances remember you are an abundant
being who manifests what you need you are an innocent wise child who yearns to
play joyful play creates a wonderful world be grateful for you are blessed
accept constructive criticism become emotionally balanced letting feelings
flow naturally divination take time out for joyful play self-regard heals a
damaged child abundance is all around you you attract success and prosperity
stop worrying be optimistic and allow life to happen
trust your intuition and perception consult the wise child within your
thoughts on the bigger picture are correct if there is family discord
harmony is restored through praise there’s a lot here about connecting with
your inner child and plane and self regard and a call to stop worrying stop
engaging in those acts of anxiety and that you have the power to manifest what
it is that you want you have the power to manifest abundance and inner peace
this card here is six of swords could also mean that you’re going to travel
maybe that’s one of the ways that you connect with your inner child all right
we have seven minutes left let’s play with these new fun cards the Tarot of
sexual magic I want to see what the chemistry is like between the two of you
what is the sexual energetic creative Kundalini
energy like connection between the two of you Virgo and your love interest what
do we have what are you guys like together what gets you going
you’ve got so many I’m just gonna take the top card it’s the two of Wands again
we have the wands the suit of energy creativity passion oh I like it
it looks in this picture sorry I’m gonna put this down so that you can see it it
looks like in this picture there are two friends having dinner together by
firelight by candlelight and they’re engaged in like deep conversation it
feels like the avenue to connecting with your partner creatively passionately
sexually is through conversation is through connecting with one another
around the thoughts that you’re having and the emotions that you’re having and
really articulating that to one another that’s what you’re that’s what sparks
your chemistry this conversation this heart-to-heart conversation it could be
about ideas it could be about emotions but it’s really the spark to your your
your passionate sexual connection as well so that might be a key for you in
reconnecting with your partner who seems to be going through a period of grief
and sadness that has to do with something in the past might not even
have anything to do with your relationship at all just what they’re
going through right all right well forego I hope this
reading resonated with you if it did please hit the like button you can also
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