Hi guys beauty? here who speaks is the Vini of the Channel Singularity
And this is the sixth video of our mini course on astronomy
In this video we will see the difference between Astronomy and Astrology
That are very similar terms, but are totally different things
In this video I’ll be explaining this difference
And explaining why astrology is not a science and why it is wrong
If you believe in astrology and disagree with some argument…
Comment on the comments for us to discuss these ideas
But without bullshit and education
Astrology is a pseudoscience
That is, it presents itself as scientific but does not support the
She lacks evidence
It says that the relative position of the stars at the time of their birth
Influence strongly your personality
Astrology believes in horoscopes, zodiac signs, astral maps etc.
Astrology and astronomy have long been basically the same thing
The last astrologer and first astronomer was Johannes Kepler
The creator of the three laws of planetary motion
He demystified the heavens with his mathematical laws, and thus astronomy separated from astrology
Cláudio Ptolemeu, creator of the geocentric model
I believed piously in Astrology
He not only believed in the influence of the stars, he believed
He also believed that influence on physical characteristics
So if Saturn were closer to Earth
You would have a different hair and these things
But there were older astronomers such as: Tales of Miletus, Aristotle among others
But why did the ancient peoples have so much interest in understanding the stars?
Previously, there was only natural light and no pollution
Then the skies were incredibly starry
Ancient hunter-gatherers
They looked at the sky as it was incredibly beautiful
But not only for this
Some old people realized that there was a regularity
A periodicity in the stars
The stars were always born in the west and set in the east.
When a certain constellation appeared
It meant that a new season of the year was coming
Then observing the constellations it was possible to know:
When to harvest, plant and hunt
The stars served as a calendar
Whether or not it was a matter of life and death
Understand the omens of the sky
The hunter-gatherers who did not perceive these regularities
They did not transmit their gene and did not reproduce
That is, a natural selection occurred
That only the hunter-gatherers who made these connections with the heavens
They survived
I do not know if that’s exactly it
But it seems that this idea was so rooted in us
That to this day we believe that the stars influence our lives
Have you noticed how easy it is to find a magazine about astrology?
Virtually every newspaper in the United States has a daily column on Astrology
And almost none of them have a monthly Astronomy column
I did it by doing an experiment done by Carl Sagan in 1980
In which he shows that astrologers do not agree with each other
And apparently 38 years have passed and nothing has changed
This is the newspaper The City on January 10, 2018
Here in the area of horoscopes, since I was born on October 31, 2003
My Sign: Scorpio
According to the horoscopes I would have highlights at work
(Quick Voice) I would impress people on job interviews
If I had unresolved issues I could try
It would be a good day to seek dialogue and a perfect tuning of the novel.
It is rather vague, but if we take another different horoscope…
The horoscope of Terra’s site, published on the same day
He says that my sign would have a day of intense movement…
And redoubled optimism
I could have had good news
Either way, it would be a good time for personal growth
And professional
Both horoscopes are very vague
The problem is that they are different
If you take a large sampling of websites and magazines
And select a day and pick up several horoscopes of the same sign
You will realize that they are different
The more sites you search for the horoscope of your sign
But you will realize
That they are different from each other
I’m going to put some some pictures
From the horoscope of January 10, from the scorpion sign
If astrology were really a science
Everyone should agree with each other
and also if they were scientists they would not be so lazy
To the point of being in any person and any day
They would make an accurate forecast
Astrology can be tested in the lives of twins
There are several real cases like this:
A twin is killed in childhood by a bicycle accident or by lightning
But the other has a healthy life until the velice
This has happened to me
My twin brother and I
We are born exactly in the same place and day
Within minutes of each other
Exactly the same planets would be influencing
If astrology were valid
How can we have destinations so profoundly different
It turns out that astrologers do not even agree with each other on astrological predictions
They are unethical to predict character and the future, using only the hour of birth
Pseudosciences sell a lot, newspapers, books, lectures, etc.
Even if astrology is two thousand years old
She can not prove any evidence of her allegations
There is much maternal about astrology
But you’ll never find a serious scientific article about it.
Even if our society is based entirely on science and technology
There are very few people who understand science and technology
Some arguments of why astrology is valid
They are easily rebutted with basic science
But as I showed in the video ” The Importance of Scientific Disclosure ”
Our society is totally illiterate in these terms
Now let’s go to the claims of why astrology is valid
The most common would be the gravitational influence of planets
But those who have studied theoretical physics…
Do you know that from the moment
That I take my cell phone
My muscle is managing to fight against all the gravity of the Earth.
Gravity is the weakest force in the whole universe.
We tend to think that gravity is a powerful force
After all it is the force that is pulling me right to this edge
But, compared to electromagnetism, it is extremely weak
In fact, there is a very simple test to demonstrate this
Imagine that I was going to jump out of this very hard building
Not only will we imagine this
Let’s do this, you’ll see what I mean
Well, of course I would have crashed
But the important question is
What keeps me from repenting the sidewalk and reaching the center of the earth
Strange as it may seem, it is electromagnetism
So when my atoms collide with the atoms in the concrete
The charges repulse so hard
That only a small piece of sidewalk, can withstand all the gravitational force of the Earth
And keep me from falling
In fact, the electromagnetic force is billions and billions of times stronger than gravity
This means that gravity is an extremely weak force
Still if you consider that the object is too far away
For example, consider the gravitational force of Saturn
It does not make sense because Saturn is extremely distant
Even though it has a very
large mass it is very far
And as we saw in the video ” what is gravity ”
Gravity is inversely proportional to distance
So the more distant, the less gravity
The gravity that this cell generates
Influence far more than the gravity of Saturn
Then at the time of your birth
The gravitational influence of the physician
It will be much stronger than any planet
And also, how could this work?
As the birth of Mars at the time of my birth,
can you influence me at that time and now?
I was born in an enclosed room, the light from Mars could not enter
The only influence that could affect me would be its severity
But the doctor’s gravitational influence was much greater than Mars
Mars is so much bigger
But the doctor was much closer
Another influence would be the electromagnetism
That is, the force of the magnets and the rays
If this were really valid
It would be very important to mention that at the time of your birth
There was a rain with lightning or not
When a lightning strikes the surface of the Earth
It causes a change in the electromagnetic field
The sun has several electromagnetic fields
Due to the large amount of plasma, sunspots at last
These fields are extremely complicated
Even though planets and stars have electromagnetic fields
It does not make sense to think that this would influence
Because even an electromagnetic radiation like the sun’s UV rays
Atigissem my D.N.A
They would cause radioactive radiation
So it is extremely unlikely if not impossible
That a mutation of this I can influence in my personality
And sometimes astrologers forget
That magnetic fields and electric fields are one and the same thing
Are the same thing
Clair Maxwell a few centuries ago, realized that these two forces are the same thing
What is the electromagnetic field
That is, these fields would cause electromagnetic radiation
The only problem is that for example:
Phones, internet, satellites, GPS etc.
All operate on the basis of electromagnetic radiation
They emit radio waves
What is a different length of light that we can not see
But it is manifestation of this electromagnetic field
The microwaves work from this radiation
So it would be much more interesting
You see how many people were using Facebook at the time of your birth
Than to see the position of Jupiter
But if an astrologist says he really has influence
Ask him to do a scientific
paper on biochemistry
and describe how this works
Recently astronomy revealed
That the Sun goes through 13 constellations than 12
This means that there was to be another sign of the zodiac
The problem of this discovery
This would imply in the change of horoscopes, astral maps and signs
A person who is believed to be a pound, would change his or her sign according to this discovery
This would make your excuse to have a certain personality
It did not make sense because your sign could be different
I’ll put it on the screen now
The true sign that was for you to have
Perhaps you are now the Serpentary sign
But as astrology is not a science
She denies this and proves her lack of evidence
Astrology was created at a time when we knew almost nothing about astronomy
So if astrology were really valid
It would have to take into account the new astronomical discoveries
As for example, the influence of gravitational waves
Gamma rays of black holes
The magnetic fields of the magnetars
The cosmic background radiation
The true distance between the stars and the planets
Matter and Dark Energy
The scientist would be to take every influence
And from that mount new sign and horoscopes
The problem is that this would be extremely complicated
Because the sky is full of cosmic events
A supernova may explode at the time of its birth
This would emit an electromagnetic radiation
Which according to the astrologers was to influence
Quasars emit gamma rays, which is electromagnetic radiation
Magnetares have strong magnetic fields
And according to astrologers was to influence
If, for example, two neutron stars or two black holes collided
They would generate gravitational waves
That is a manifestation of gravity, so it was to influence
It would be an extremely complex system of influences
Several tests have already been performed with several people
To see if your signs clash with your personality
The problem is that this adjustment is around 8%
8 equals 100 divided by 12
That is, 8% accuracy is the same probability of a kick
Other tests were also carried out, showing how vague the horoscopes are
That many people who are not of the sign identify with it
But then if we have so much evidence of astrology being a fraud
Why are there people who believe in it?
It’s quite simple, it gives a cosmic meaning to our daily lives
A feeling of belonging to something greater, of being spices
The problem is that if this is the real reason people believe
This is extremely wrong.
Astronomy has proven that the solar system came from a nebula
A nebula is the dust of the stars.
So we are literally the dust of the stars.
We are made literally from the same material as stars
So, this is a cosmic connection
It is a much stronger bond than astrology promises
If you have been curious
See the video ” What are the stars? ” And ” Stellar life cycle ”
Guys, one thing I forgot though is very important.
It’s that the stars are at enormous distances
So… since the speed of light is finite
Some stars might even exist
And what we see are ghost stars that no longer exist
So it would be complicated an influence like that
And there is also a probability question in astrology
If we consider that there are 7.2 billion people
It would be extremely unlikely
Let people not identify with their signs and horoscopes
For example, think from 1 to 5
Did you think about number 3?
Probably someone who is watching this video
You’re scared of my abilities.
But in fact, this is just statistics.
About 100 people watched this video
And if you consider that you had 5 options
Probability is 20% for me to hit your number
So that’s it, big numbers generate big numbers
Probability shows, that any kick with big numbers…
Can you hit the personality of several people
And even if you consider ascending signs
The odds are lower, but still very large.
Another argument would be the principle of synchronicity
The idea is that if you think about something
Things turned to you
This seems to work due to confirmation
The confirmation vows is just to remember things that confirm your idea
For example, you have dozens of friends
And very few identify with their signs
But how do you want to believe in astrology?
You will only remember the friends who hit your signs
For example if you believe in horoscopes
You will forget the times horoscopes err
And just remember the times that they hit
The principle of synchronicity widely used in numerology
What is the idea that numbers have meant
For example, your video will be full of numbers 8
It will seem that your day really only has 8 numbers
Because all the different numbers you will forget
You will only remember the numbers 8
And forget about all the other numbers you saw
A very important thing to sitar
Imagine you start studying astrology
And you begin to believe in the principle of synchronicity
Facebook, Youtube, Twitter. All social networks
They are made of algorithms
They recommend what you most search for
Have you noticed that when you buy a shirt from an online store
After a while these shirts appear on your facebook
This happens because of this algorithm
For example, the home page of my Youtube
It’s full of science videos, because I’m looking for science
But for example, if you start to ” study ” astrology
Youtube will only recommend astrology videos
The same thing happens in other social networks
You would start tanning astrology pages, astrology videos…
And when you stop to think
You would be in a social bubble in which everyone agrees with you.
And there is no contrary argument
For example some astronomer
So that’s it, the principle of synchronicity
It happens basically because of the confirmation bias
And by the social bubbles that social network algorithms currently create
So this is personal, this is astrology
It is a popular belief that is totally wrong scientifically
Beliefs need not be science-based
But if you want your belief to be a science
You have to use the scientific method
You can not just claim that this is a science
You have to prove
Create a pseudoscience like astrology
It is a serious risk to scientific thinking
This can generate people who believe in flat land, atlantida and that vaccines are a fraud
Many countries have problems with illness due to misticos
Who do not take vaccine
Spreading science is not only educational
This helps society a lot
For example: you might have gotten sick because of mystics who did not take vaccines
And let the disease spread
What is astronomy?
Astronomy is a branch of science that studies the stars
She studies planets, stars, black holes, neutron stars, supernova, nebulae at last.
She uses science to support her claims
She observation of probes, telescopes, radio telescopes at any rate
After 500 years she has separated from astrology
We stopped looking at the telescope
And we left our first footprint on the moon.
” It’s a small step for a man ..
But a giant leap for mankind ” – Neil Armstrong
Astronomy is always evolving
The astronomy of 50 years ago was very different from today
Astronomy is based on the scientific method
Even if a well-accepted theory is wrong
It will be discarded
In case you want to know more how the civic method works
Click on the card and see the video ” how the scientific method works ”
So this is it folks let your liked
Comment us if you have any suggestion / criticism
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And that’s it personal, until the next video and talked!
Subtitles: Vinícius Dutra

  • Que a astrologia é uma pseudociencia, isso é um fato, já que não há provas que nossos sentidos básicos são capazes de perceber. Mas é um estudo esotérico de respeito que trata do arquétipo humano presente no inconsciente coletivo estudado por Jung. Horóscopos, não são astrologia. Astrologia não é previsão do cotidiano, e sim uma área de estudo séria no campo holístico. Em minha opinião, astronomia não deveria ser compara com astrologia desse modo, são percepções e métodos de estudos diferentes. Astrologia está mais para a área da psicologia analítica. Mas essa é minha opinião. Posso estar equivocada. Muito bom seu canal, vim pela indicação do canal Universo Astronômico. Sucesso!

  • Astrologia não é ciência, mas isso não quer dizer que é inútil. Astrologia tem valores históricos das quais são importantes para os historiadores da ciência, justamente pelo fato de astrologia e astronomia partilhavam do mesmo sentido antigamente.

  • Manoo parabens, pelo canal brother, muito bom.
    Lhe desejo muito sucesso man. Precisamos de mais divulgadores da ciência como vc.

  • Astrologia é uma viagem hipotetica que não tem valor nenhum hoje em dia, o único valor que possui é o histórico, hoje a ciência não tem espaço para viagens sem estudo nenhum. Nada na psicologia é baseado fora da realidade física. Assim como na biologia.
    A astrologia não leva em consideração as leis da física conhecidas, não leva em consideração os conhecimentos adquiridos pela humanidade até hoje. O que é dito hoje é uma viagem.

  • Carl Jung, Da Vinci, Newton estudaram astrologia e esta parece ser um conhecimento empírico da humanidade sobre o comportamento humano tomando os planetas como símbolos e não como interação ou campo de forças. Horóscopo é uma fraude de fato, porém o mapa natal está muito mais ligado a arquétipos (Jung) e você mesmo deve testar fazendo o seu com um astrólogo (tipo Cláudia Lisboa). Parece servir mais como um autoconhecimento e não da forma que vocês argumentaram. Existem aventuras e apelos de toda ordem nas crenças, religiões, pseudociência e até nas ciências como a física. O Big Bang e a hipótese das cordas fazem parte deste tipo de apelo. Ora, se nada sabemos de concreto sobre a matéria e a energia escura (96% do universo atual), como teorizar a origem do próprio universo? Ou multiverso? E a hipótese das cordas? Existe sempre um apelo. Tudo é dito, segundo Maturana. Vivemos de explicações. É parte da linguagem. Quando uma explicação é aceita por uma comunidade, passar a ter caráter de verdade até o momento em que a refutem. Muito dos conhecimentos simbólicos do ocultismo (7 princípios Herméticos – Sec. XVII a.C.) foram comprovados pela física. O fato de não atender ao critério do método científico não deve ser ridicularizado ou colocado num patamar inferior. O humano ainda é mais importante do que os objetos que ele cria. Afinal, saiu da mente dele. A ciência é um tipo de explicação e no caso da física teórica, é quase um tipo de crença. Uma espécie de crer para depois ver. Astrologia é uma explicação baseada em símbolos, não na astronomia propriamente dita. Serve para foro íntimo. Acreditar na 'teoria' de cordas, big bang ou na astrologia é apenas uma tentativa de explicação para um grupo com necessidades de aceitar tal explicação.

  • Astrologia era considerada uma ciência na Antiguidade e na Idade Média, comparar essa crendice com ciência na atualidade é uma total desinteligência.

  • Muito bem explicado ,
    Agora tomara que pessoas qie tenham um pouco de raciocínio entendam pelo amor de Deus !!!!!
    Valeu amigão

  • Eu ,não creio na existência de signos. Se a astrologia fosse verdade mesmo pessoas gêmeas nasceriam com a mesma personalidade e o mesmo temperamento.

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