5 Things You Should Know About The NEW Moon October 28th, 2019

Hey, what’s going on my friends welcome to my youtube channel, my name is Victor and today I’m gonna share with you five things
I think you should know about this upcoming
forward moving
Quantum leap inducing new moon we have on October 28th
What popped in my mind when I was thinking of a way to summarize this for you is getting ready
To take a quantum leap those words you are getting ready
We collectively those doing the work like us are getting ready to take a quantum leap in their life in their
awakening in their personal
path all of that
there might be things in your life making you think otherwise
reflections of the old self sort of playing out
You might feel kind of like locked and at a standstill
like there’s a lot of things you want to do a lot of things you think you should do and need to be doing but
it’s it’s a time of like
Growth there’s a time of getting getting everything ready for this next big jump in
Your journey, which is going to be an extremely positive
Just awesome
New leg in your journey. That’s that’s in the near future here up ahead
early 2020 is what I’m feeling and right now these last few months and especially right now symbolize you
getting all your ducks in a row in your life and in yourself so that you are well equipped to
Be ready to rock and roll come
2020 okay
so this reading of course is going to
describe more
Specifically five things that will give clarity to what you might be feeling and going through at this time
And I’ll get into that in just one moment before I do
Let me just say if you’re brand new to my channel a warm welcome to you
It’s a pleasure and an honor to have you here. I do have a free guided
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Inspirations in your life with that said I’ll see you all in the video number one
I wrote down personal growth spurt
Right now you’re going through a lot of personal
healings lessons
Etc all perfectly relevant again to where you’re going in this
Coming this next chapter in your life, and it’s essential
it’s perfectly timed as everything always is but sometimes when our life takes on the theme of
A lot of inner work it can it can make us of course not be as
Productive as forward moving as our minds think it needs they need to be in the outer world
So you might on one hand have a you know
a notebook full of things that you you got a do you need to do and just decided it might seem kind of
Overwhelming and you also might find that you’re just not
Making progress. You’re just not getting it done
It’s like you’re it’s like you’re walking in the mud and it can be kind of stressful and frustrating
Like, oh my goodness. There’s all these things that need to get done that aren’t getting done
but if you can kind of step back a moment and
Remind yourself that you can trust the divine timing of
everything every moment in your life is perfect and you could see
What’s all the work you’ve been doing on?
yourself on the inside and
That it’s all gonna get done
It’s all gonna get resolved what it actually needs to get result
And right now for all the things you want to do all the big dreams
You want to fulfill in your life the destiny you want to rise to?
All of that for at all to happen what really needs to happen is exactly what’s happening right now that the inner work
The inner work that may yes be provoked by
Circumstances in your life that you think are the problem when in reality they’re they’re helpful mirrors of shedding light
inside of you
so if you feel like there’s too much on your plate and you’re feeling maybe
Emotionally, you know tender or unbalanced like you just are feeling like yourself. That’s okay. It’s not only okay
It’s perfect. It’s perfectly timed to help you
In all ways going forward in your life and you could step back
And trust that and go with the flow
This number two is gonna also probably raise a bit of skepticism with a lot of you I broke down here
balance just the idea of balance is working its way in to
your life
Probably thinking no, I know
actually, I’m my life is more kitty Wampus and
Unbalanced than ever before. Well, I would argue that it’s probably
changing and
Change as usually initially perceived as bad and uncomfortable
But I promise you when these changes settle in
You’re gonna see why they happened and how they’re perfectly
Benefiting you and I’ll give you an example in my life
so one of the big changes I’m dealing with the way balance is working its way in to my life is that my wife is
Starting to really take on a new role as a human being for many years
She was the wife and the mother we have three young kids
But the kids are getting a little bit older and patty. My wife is becoming more strongly called to all these different purposes
She wants to be a medicine woman. She’s now running and hosting women’s retreats in Sedona, and she’s really building up this
This this like these these creative
expressions in
Physical pursuit of her calling in life, but that’s causing her to be a lot more. She was like never gone
I was the one that was traveling and doing all these different things now. She’s the one that’s traveling
She’s going to retreats to kind of work on herself. Just running retreat
so she’s been gone a lot more and I’ve been more responsible more like the stay-at-home dad kind of guy for a while and
Initially because it’s new
It’s like I’m not good with raising the kids as she is
so it’s it’s been kind of stressful for me watching them somewhat balancing my own stuff and
It’s been kind of weird with her being away so much. It was very different
Initially challenging initially perceived as this is not good
but really
It’s creating the perfect balance for at least for us in this situation because I want to step back a little bit
I’ve been wanting to for a long time and wanting to like just right and then this kind of quiet life
Talk to you guys on YouTube once in a while and I feel inspired
But there’s a lot of things I got to do every day or most days to maintain this machine I’ve created
Okay, and I’m gonna step back
I want to spend more time with my kids and Patti wants to go out there and fly so I
See they see where I’m going here. It’s actually
Perfect. It’s exactly what we all as a family
Want so much but because it’s new because it’s changed working. It’s weird. It’s like oh no. Oh, this is bad
So maybe this can offer you a way to view your own life some of the changes going on in your life from a new
Perspective and perhaps able to glean the the benefit how it might very well actually be exactly
What you’ve wanted all my friends I say this with conviction
It’s a time to dream
I need you need to hear that because of this because
Right now there’s probably a couple things going on on one hand
it might feel right to dream big you might be getting ideas about your future and the
Possibilities how things could be and how you could be and how your life could look and it’s like wow. Yes, dude
wow, you might have these times where you’re thinking about that and you’re in this flow and
you’re connected and it feels
And resonates and it’s like yes, this is what I’m going. This is who I’m
Blossoming into and this is where my life is going to be and that’s how it’s gonna look and yes. Yes. Yes, but then
sometimes when
Reflections of the old version of you and the old life in the old state that being come in
It can seem like a massive contradiction and really bring you down
It’s almost like like yesterday I was in the sauna and I was plotting away
Feelings feeling like feeling the flow feeling like yes exactly as I was describing
but then I got come home and there’s just things in my life that are like, oh
Oh that can make it seem like well, that’s not possible. You have all this is how things are right now
This is what you’re looking at. These are the reflections
This is where your life is actually at and it can be kind of a buzzkill and the more you dream the more you
Expand the more you put your focus into this awesome
Probable future for you, the more the old self will mirror itself in your reality saying uh-uh
This is who you are when in reality, it’s not who you are. That’s who you were
that’s who you were what you’re seeing in your life now is in a sense a
manifestation of the person you used to be but aren’t not anymore because now you’re becoming
this new version of yourself
with all those things on the horizon
Those are the match for the version of you you’re becoming right now that hopefully that made sense. My point is don’t let your
current life
Get you down regardless of what’s going on dream bigger
than your circumstance and my friend you’re living in a very magical time of powerful manifestation potential and you will be able to
transcend those
Blockages that seemed to be in your life
but really what you’re seeing are these last little vestiges of the old self falling and dying ‘we
making room and clearing space for this new you new you to
Emerge and then this new life where you want to go just being there. Okay, so my it’s a time to really focus
It’s not good to fantasize in the future all that much. But right now it’s a good time to really get down those big
Scary goals that you’re afraid to tell your friends and family that you feel a possible if you get those down on paper spend time
Thinking and getting excited about and putting energy into them
Okay, and don’t let things in your life currently get you down. They’re temporary. They’re illusion
They’re fading out and you know this number four
Opportunity for massive personal expansion
Calling to you. Yes
opportunities that will help you he become this new version of yourself will be
Making themselves known to you synchronistically things
Opportunities will come up in your life that that are like going to be perfectly fitting for helping you blossom
Into this new version of yourself and then will wink at you they will be synchronistically
Falling into your life and you’ll resonate with them in my friend when this happens
You want to seize the day?
You want to go for because it’s gonna be exactly just what the doctor ordered just exactly what you need. Okay, so here’s an example
My friend Erin dowdy for a couple years then trying to get me to go to Tony Robbins a date with destiny
And it’s always like man
It’s like I always go to Costa Rica for a weekend in November and these events. How has happened in December?
And I’ve always had all these ideas like why I shouldn’t do it why the timings not right?
but anyway
It came up again in discussion and this time it was like I was like I felt like this
I kind of had a knowing that this is gonna be
Really good for me right now just where I’m going in my life
It would be good to have this powerful sort of transformation under my belt
It might be fitting but I was still on the fence. Okay, so the other night I had this dream I had this dream where
Clear as day Tony very vivid dream where Tony Robbins was there and I must have been too
one of his events or something and when he like
Was near me like maybe eight or ten feet away from me in the dream. I
literally could feel I
Felt the presence of him in such a strong way where he felt like a saint almost
it’s a dream mind you but I felt so much love like just
Genuine love from this guy and I thought to myself. This is I woke up sort of knowing that
Being in the vicinity of this guy for whatever reason because he took out a personal hero of mine in a sense and regardless
It’s going to have a very very powerful impact on me beyond what my mind thinks is possible
Just sometimes being around certain energies that just really resonate with you have the ability just to shift you in a very miraculous way
so anyway
This is one of those things that really seems to be fitting that has fallen into my lap
That I was initially on the fence about but I’ve been getting the signs the dream the synchronicity saying yes, yes. Yes. Yes
Yes, go go go go for it
Okay, so what in your life is like that
Have you had anything fall into your life or fall into your lap that you have a sense that may really be?
that resonates the timing it can work out if you make it happen if that’s the case I
Would say go for it
Because again what we’re getting ready to take a quantum leap in our life and your life is really arranging itself
So beautifully so perfectly to really just help you with all the different things that you need
All the different things you think you need and many other things that you haven’t even thought of are all
Being worked out for you
Okay, and all you really have to do is what you’ve always really needed to do this whole time. I just follow
The flow follow what resonates number five is more of a reminder. That’s a reminder that I
Received the other day and I wanted to share it with you. Is that your soul and life like yourself?
Just the way your life is manifesting is literally guiding you step-by-step
Towards your absolute highest
future reality
Okay the best
Absolute your highest potential the best outcome that you can even beyond what you can fathom is
currently in not only in the works, but
coaxing you
towards it
and as this happens
It’s just too complex of an endeavor for the mind to be able to grasp
so it’s so common that our mind takes stock of these little
Snippets and windows of our life and says oh, this is bad
Oh, this isn’t really working out for me Oh, what about this this could happen all of that
the mind
It can really make your journey
Unnecessarily stressful and and worrisome an entire Sun and like a big pain in the butt
when in actuality
It’s like your dreams are coming true so fast your mind can’t even
Keep up
Okay. But anyway, I wanted to share this with you. So I was driving the other car
Driving the car the other day. It’s very similar to one of my last reading is another very similar story
But I was in my car actually I was parked outside of my kids school
I was gonna pick them up and I was like
I’m in my notebook kind of like again writing down my dreams in a sense sort of
simultaneously being concerned about all this other stuff like oh
you know kind of basically not taking all the advice I gave you in this video, right and
My radio wasn’t like playing music for whatever reason I turned it down
But I decided like I’m gonna turn it up so I can hear it. And it’s it’s the song journey
Don’t stop believin
It’s an awesome song. If you haven’t heard it’s very beautiful and that song always comes on at a
Synchronistic time for me when it’s like Victor
Don’t stop believin
Don’t let yourself feed into the minds concerns because they’re just going to lead you
into a pointless tangent of stress
Stay in the flow
Stay in faith, and don’t stop
Believing don’t let your external
current present fleeting
Weigh you down and pinch you out of your Center for when you are aligned
with your center when you are in your joy and your excitement your you’re dreaming you’re growing you’re
expanding your
emanating the frequency of the new you that’s attempting so desperately to come in and
And own your life in a good way so that you really can create
Truly marvelous experiences for yourself. That’s literally the almost the bizarre
Potential of this unique lifetime you are living as you were living in a time when your dreams beyond
What you even think are possible are
likely are
Probable they will
come true, and all you have to do is just let go and
trust and never stop believing
Okay. Anyway, just hope that would help you in some way it again, it helped me it in that moment
What I just shared is sort of what I took from it and maybe you can help you along on your path as well
I have very very high hopes for this New Moon is a very important New Moon very again in it
just very important for for like where we’re like
just like beaming into
Coming up in the near future. I really believe a lot you can feel it. I know sometimes again when you look around your life
your mind can weigh you down and you can get stressed out but
there are other moments where you feel it when you know it where you’ve just since
You’re heading for
Greatness heading from good good things. Okay. So anyway, that’s my message my friend kind of rambling now
I wish you all nothing, but the best you have an amazing day. Thank you for this thing
Thank you for watching much. Love to each and every single one of you

  • Hey my friends! Here is the free mp3 I mentioned in the video: … Hope you're all doing amazing! Thank you so much for all the love, support, comments, likes, shares, and LOVE. Many blessings on your path.

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    And then there's my spirit guide who talks to me and says over and over again that everything will be fine – beyond fine even. That it's gonna be awesome in every way, that the table is set for me, everything is arranged perfectly and that I just have to be patient, relaxed, and calm. That I can absolutely trust in the spiritual realm. But it's hard. So damn hard to have faith. Yesterday, on the worst of all worst days, my guide and I started meditating and she said that I would have to do this for seven more days until things would become better. Now I learn of the special divine time on October 28th, exactly on the day she promised me some serious change. And you know what? Even though this day felt pretty shitty too, I actually feel better now. Somehow at ease, calm, and even eager!
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  • 1) personal growth spurt.
    – – (healing, lessons, releases etc) helping your go to your next chapter in your life. Lots of inner work.
    2) balance.
    – – working its way into your life. changes will happen in your life which will feel uncomfortable at first but it will be exactly what you want.
    3) dream big.
    – – sometimes reflections of your old versions may really bring you down and contradict your big dreams.. stay present. Expand more even if your old self will mirror your old self. It’s not you. They were just old manifestations. You’re becoming a new version of yourself. Don’t let your current life get you down. Dream bigGER! Transcend those illusionary blockages. The last pieces of your old self are dying away making space for this new you and new life to emerge and this new place you want to go is already there waiting for you. The old you is fading out.
    4) opportunity for massive expansion calling to you.
    – – helping you become the new version of yourself and blossom. Go for it! It’ll be exactly what you need.
    5) you’re being guided every step of the way.
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  • Victor, I don't know how you do it, but you always say just the right thing. Even when I tune into a video from years ago, it is just what I need to hear at the moment. Thank you for your guidance and support. It means more than you may know 🙂

  • I feel like you did this video so I could see it. 🙏🏻💖💖💖 I love that you used the word download. I'd been trying to describe it- and "Spirit Mind Download" is what I've been calling them.
    I'm in the middle of an astounding spiritual awakening & have been led to all of these amazing resources, one of them being your channel. Thank you for what you share. I've learned so much so quickly as a result. 🙌🙌🙌

  • As a female, Tony Robbins makes my skin crawl. That being said, the rest of your message resonates. It'll be nice to see the shift that happens over the next week.

  • Thank you Victor, your videos always make me feel better, we need more people who only spread positive messages. I felt a shift today and now this is confirmation.

  • I do love that song. I actually have a tank top from Journey’s 1981 tour that says, “Don’t Stop Believin” however, I resonate more with Eminem “Believe” that came out after my awakening in 2017. Thanks Vic for all you are and all you do to help raise the consciousness of the collective. Much love and many blessings to you, your beautiful family and everyone!💚✨🌪🌎

  • Completely unrelated to the subject of this video, but has anybody ever noticed the crazy faces that our guy Victor makes in the thumbnails to his videos? The face he's making in the thumbnail for this video in particular looks like he just got told YouTube was canceling everybody's monetization indefinitely 🤪🤪🤪

  • I've been going through what feels like the most devastating point in my life lately. I started out with so much hope and good intention, trying to manifest and get my vibration up and just believing that everything was working itself out, but it seemed like the more I did to get to this higher self and to get to a better point in my life and attract these positive things, the worse things got. Everything seems to be falling apart and I was really losing my sight and my hope. my mind kept repeating that there is just no way out this time, that there's no where to go from here. I've been so scared and just sobbing all day every day, not sleeping, not eating or staying hydrated. In full crisis mode. And I found this video tonight. It sounded like you were speaking directly to me. Although Im still so just absolutely terrified, you've helped to calm me a bit. I think I really needed to hear this and I might watch this again maybe even a couple of times to really instill your words into my spirit. Maybe this will help calm my mind enough to get sleep tonight and to hopefully stop crying. I want to believe so bad, I really do. It's just so difficult. Thank you for igniting even the tiniest spark of faith within me.

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