5 Signs To Recognize Souls From Your Past Lives

Have you ever met someone and felt as if you’ve
known them your entire life?
It turns out that this may actually be true!
Maybe you’ve never encountered this particular
person in this life, but it’s possible that
you knew them intimately in one of your previous
Interestingly, souls often reincarnate with
the same group of other souls, over and over
again, which means that many of the people
closest to you in this life, are likely the
same ones who surrounded you in your previous
A group of souls usually agree to help each
other grow and evolve spiritually so that
your lives and relationships continue to improve
with each new lifetime.
If your “Soul Group” still has work to
do together, you will keep meeting again and
again, as family, friends, lovers, or even
enemies, until you complete your goals.
So, how do you recognize past life connections
in this life?
There are several signs that point to a shared
First Sign – Immediate Deep Connection
You feel as though this person understands
You don’t feel judged or uncomfortable in
their presence, and it feels like looking
into their eyes is like looking into your
You feel one and the same with them, like
you have connected with someone who knows
your soul to the core.
Meeting them feels like coming home, and you
could talk with them for hours on end.
Contrarily, you could sit in silence for a
long time and not feel awkward, like you have
to fill the empty space.
You can be totally yourself, and they just
get you.
The relationship with them feels easy, not
strained or forced.
Second Sign – Shared Interests
When you meet a new person, it isn’t uncommon
to learn about a few shared interests.
But if suddenly, you have an uncanny amount
of common ground that might be a sure sign
of knowing the person from another lifetime.
The two of you have built up shared interests
in your past life, and that translates over
into your current one.
This also means you have a natural rapport
with each other and it could feel like you’re
picking up right where you left off.
Third Sign – Immediate Dislike
You won’t always cross paths with people
from your past that you liked.
It’s very likely that you will come across
an enemy on your current journey.
You might meet someone and have an immediate
dislike towards them.
It might feel odd, or you might feel guilty
because you don’t know anything about this
person, but, you do.
Your past troubled relationship lingers in
your mind, and you subconsciously remember
This repulsion is another known sign you were
linked in a previous life and an indicator
of likely future disagreements.
Fourth Sign – Flashbacks
If you experience flashbacks while with someone,
you may have known them in a past life.
Perhaps you have flashbacks of your past life
when you are with this person.
Maybe you see a very specific time of your
past life with this individual, or you have
a shared memory that you can’t quite explain.
These could be indications of a past connection.
Fifth Sign – You Can Read Each Other
Even if you don’t say it, this person can
read you.
They know your thoughts and emotions without
you having to explain, which makes having
a relationship with this person feel easy.
Nothing feels strained, and you can read them
just as easily as they can you.
You both have a telepathic connection, and
cherish it greatly.


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