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Hi there! Thanks for watching Blink Buzzz. It’s time for another Amazing video. 24 things only true fans have noticed about
Lisa. Lisa has become the first person in the K-POP
history who has over 27 Million+ followers on Instagram and increasing every second. Definitely, she is pretty and has the quality
at a young age to become famous worldwide. Life is full of challenges, no one becomes
famous within a night. Lisa had to leave her country and family to
become the greatest version of herself. Her super talents dragged the attention & made
her path easier. As you always know #blinkbuzzzers we try our
best to bring trending videos for you. And this is just another one. That’s enough for the background info. So, let’s dive into things only true fans
have noticed about Lisa. For the first time, KPOP band members have
become the face of the debit card of Kasikorn Bank. It is a major banking group in Thailand. The card designs are available in 5 designs. If you notice, on Lisa’s ‘Keep Winning’
card promotion’s video that was not Lisa’s rap. It was taken from Rapper Grazy Grace. Which design do you prefer #blinkbuzzzers? Try not to blink or you’ll miss her! Lisa becomes the new face of Penshoppe. It is an International casual wear brand worn
by some of the world’s biggest celebrities like Kendall Jenner. Lisa becomes the face of moonshot cosmetics
too. Moonshot is very famous in Korea because of
its huge luxury cosmetics collection. Isn’t it so obvious that we always get to
see Lisa with a vintage camera? No one knows why it is so favorite to her. But she likes to keep & capture the shoots
with it every time. This is not the only one that adds to her
vintage camera collections. She has another one with a big flashlight. She loves to pose with different cameras. Many of the cameras are presents from fans
and others are her own. Different people do different things to stress
out. For her, there is nothing but sea & nature
do the job. These photos show how much she has enjoyed
in Honolulu, Hawaii. Did you know Tulips are her favorite flower? A view of Phuket along the Andaman Sea was
shared by Lisa. She was seen again in Sri Panwa Luxury Pool
Villa Hotel & Spa in Thailand sharing the same view. It marks Lisa is fond of this view. MSFTSrep locket is Lisa’s favorite. She often wears it with different looks. This necklace is created by Jaden Smith, son
of Will Smith. This necklace was probably a gift from Jaden
Smith because that isn’t for sale. Lisa is extremely in love with that necklace. She promoted Samsung galaxy s10 on her social
media and currently using Samsung galaxy s10+. It has amazing case designs on the back of
the phone. Most of the time she takes selfies and shares
with her fans. She also promoted Candy Crush game on Samsung
Galaxy Store. Lisa having a great time with her grandparents. She shared a photo where she was wearing a
hoodie with a printed photo on it. It was Lisa’s childhood photo. She was glaring at her dad with a big smile. He is Lisa’s stepfather Marco Bruschweiler,
a swiss renowned chef. Although she doesn’t treat him like a stepdad. Lisa respects & obeys him a lot even being
a celebrity. Most of the time she shares photos wearing
Adidas dresses and shoes. She explores with Celine brand products. Whether it is a bag or a shoe. Celine is a French ready-to-wear & leather
luxury goods brand. Lisa was invited to the AIS 30th anniversary
program. AIS is one of the best mobile service providers
in Thailand. She uses AIS sim card whenever she visits
Thailand. It makes her part of the AIS family. Same dress, even the same makeup but do you
see any differences? Yes, the earrings had changed. There is no stopping to the collections of
her earrings. Big round & moon shape add to favorites list
in her earrings collection. Lisa is obsessed with star signs. And she is not the only one, Rose also seems
to be in love with star accessories. Look at their outfits. Do you find any common thing between Lisa
and Rose? She has a unique dress sense for summer. Although her dresses & ornaments are simple,
she still looks so gorgeous. Any design suits her specifically the round
ball shape print dresses. She had been seen wearing the Rolex watch
in Paris & Thailand. Lisa got a semi backless shoot which even
got the eyeballs of DJ Snake. She wears an L letter locket. It stands for Lalisa, her first name. She also wears an M letter locket. It stands for Manoban, her last name. Dancing has been the passion of Lisa. You might not find a singer so pro at dancing. No matter how hard the moves are when it comes
to Lisa, she makes it easy and flexible. Blackpink’s Lisa shared a video of herself
dancing to DaniLeigh’s 2019 single “Cravin” to her personal YouTube channel, Lili Film. It is the second trending video on her new
channel where she is bobbing, turning and breaking it down on a balcony overlooking
a sunset-strewn city. Lisa has the most expensive digital cameras
on her hand. Surprisingly, she prefers to take vintage
shoots with the camera that includes retro, black & white. She visited Gamla stan, known as the old town
of Stockholm, Sweden. It clarifies everything. She does roam a lot. She normally travels in the UK, Spain, California
& Brooklyn very often. The Rijksmuseum is a Dutch national museum
dedicated to arts and history in Amsterdam. Lisa is staring at the picture trying to dig
the history. With fame, Lisa is meeting up the Hollywood
celebrities. Blackpink performed alongside Dua Lipa on
the same stage. You can also find Lisa here cheering up with
Billie Eilish & Shawn Mendes. Lisa & Rose are Harry Potter fans. GRYFFINDOR house is their favorite. She is a fan of the legend, Michael Jackson. What do you think? Movie time? Lisa sitting on a sofa, having the best Popcorn
Indiana on her hand & enjoying her time. She is a marvel fan & explores Fantastic Four
comics. Though she is skinny, she is a great food
lover. And chocolate goes on top of the list. Lisa is a cat lover. She has 3 cats LEO, LUCA, & LILY. Recently, Lily has been added to her cat family. She often posts her photos & videos with them. Look how firmly she is holding the bird. The bird’s color quite suits her dress. Have a look at the room. She can not manage to stay with just one kitty. So, there are plenty of kitties around her. Lisa wears very simple spectacles sometimes. There is no clarification about prescribed
glasses. So, chances are either she wears it for fashion
or her eyes need it sometimes. Lisa wore a Christmas dress on the eve of
Christmas. She is looking like the hot version of Santa
Claus. She had a great evening on Christmas day & shared
an amazing photo of a teddy bear sitting on a chair with a lot of gifts. There are a lot of things to notice in this
photo. Which starts with her pants and ends with
the outside wall. Look at the wall behind her and the walkways
outside the glass. Do you find any similarities? Well, the colors are similar. As a sign & food, definitely cherry is her
favorite. She wears dresses designed with the cherry
sign & bags with the cherry icons. Louis Vuitton becomes everyday wear for her. She loves hat design & often seen wearing
Vuitton’s hats. The white outfit with a black top casual wear
separates her from being casual and makes her shining among all the people. Most of the cases people do not look similar
between childhood and present. But Lisa has similarities in her looks so
you can easily identify her in a glance. Even Lisa has the same smile from her childhood. Lisa is always so close to Black Pink members. Lisa & Jisoo are best friends in real life. The video proves that she even cried reading
out a letter from her best friend. Even her first Instagram photo was with the
Black Pink, a group photo that was shared on 15th June 2018. Lastly, don’t forget to share your opinions
#BlinkBuzzzers. That’s it for this video hope you enjoyed
it and if you did then please give it a thumbs up or leave a comment below. Hope to see you back soon for more, see you
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