24 Reasons Sleepwalkers & The Twilight Saga: New Moon Are The Same Movie

Both movies tell a story about the probably
source of the vampire legend.
During the film the movie, jumps back and
forth with what the monsters can and cannot
do, but from what I gather, their powers include
the Patrick Swayze technique where they could
make themselves and their vehicles switch
to ghost mode.
Also, the monsters can take your soul away
anytime they want to (audio)
And the monsters in the movie are immune to
statutory rape charges, because according
to them (age ain’t nothing but a number
audio quote on Twilight).
There’s multiple times an older woman flirts
with a way younger man, and their powers shield
them from the pressures of society.
In the beginning, we learn that the police
are conducting an investigation to finder
murderers on the loose (audio for Twilight)
The murder investigation is a main reason
the family of monsters have to move away.
I usually don’t judge people, but if you
ain’t do nothing, why are you running?
And even if they aren’t the family that’s
committing the murders they should still be
locked away because incest is illegal.
I don’t care if it’s adoption or not,
having sex with someone in your family is
Thankfully people in the same family aren’t
the only people in love in this movie.
The main girl in the movie is attracted to
men who find any and every excuse to chill
out in the middle of the day with their thorax
out in the open.
There’s a kid that goes to the high school
and the kid has a huge crush on on of the
other kids at school.
At first it’s just an innocent crush like
the one from the my girl movie
But after they’re leaving the theater and
you see the monster boy following her and
you realize it’s more like the crush from
fatal attraction.
All the girls at school are attracted to the
monster boy in the movie.
There’s a part where the teacher calls on
him and reads poetry and they all like “ahh”
Even though he could probably have any girl
in the school that he wants, the dude is only
interested in the photography chick.
Since it’s obvious dude is into the arts,
the girl acts like she is too.
He shows her some art work and explains it
to her and even though she doesn’t really
care, she acts like she does so he could like
Later, more and more murders like the ones
from the beginning start happening again in
the woods.
This is a perfectly good reason to stay clear
of the wooded areas, but the young lady doesn’t
get the memo.
To me it’s obvious this guy and his family
are bad news and at least some members of
the clan want her dead.
His mom sets her and when she’s about to
leave she says she has a gift for her.
She doesn’t see it, but the audience notices
that they’re savages at that moment.
The girl goes on a date with the guy she likes
in the woods.
She’s gets attacked and almost gets killed,
but at the last minute an animal jumps into
the picture and saves her life.
I can’t be sure, but to me it feels like
that when she finds out the guy is a beast
it makes her even more attracted to him?
There’s moments where she needs to be running,
but she just sits there in life or death
She runs to snitch and she’s like sheriff
sheriff come quick, theres a monster in the
woods and that’s who’s been killing all
the people.
Snitches get put in ditches, but so do people
the snitches snitch to.
The officer she told about the monsters gets
attacked by one of the monsters and dies shortly
after (audio from Twilight)
It’s sad the officer died, but it low key
makes sense too because no policeman in the
movie knows what they’re doing.
Look what happens when the unarmed red head
lady attacks the officer.
He tries to shoot first and ask questions
And there’s a scene where a sports car is
breaking every traffic law known to man and
never gets a ticket so half the issues in
the movie have to do with the law enforcement
or lack there of.
Speaking of breaking laws, the girl steals
a car for the showdown at the end.
She lets the monster drive, because she’s
a better driver which we find out from the
scenes she has to drive and it’s clear she
doesn’t know what she’s doing.
At the end, they try and feast on the main
chick, but she’s able to get away and there’s
no bad blood between them since the family
didn’t get to drink hers.
Those are 24 reasons these movies are the
You agree?
Yes, no, maybe so?
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