2019 Horoscope: Gemini, Leo, and Aquarius, this year, you will be…

This coming 2019. I will predict your future with the help of my magic dog. Awooooo Meet Momo Momo Ville Not Momoland Let’s start with Aries. Aries, I can see
through Momo, this year you will become pregnant
and what you’re carrying is RICE
Yes, it’s rice. That’s why you should start dieting now. Lessen your rice intake this coming 2019 This coming 2019 Taurus
I have a bad news. This year
your crush will get married but don’t worry because
you will have a new crush who will get married also so it means, you will be forever aloooooooooooone This coming 2019 Gemini Avoid fighting with the person that you love especially if you’re not together This coming 2019 Cancer I have a bad news. You will get sick Ahhhhhh It will not be cancer but hemorrhoids This coming 2019 Virgo You will die After 117 years. This coming 2019. Libra Be careful especially if you’re going anywhere Don’t forget to wear your bra Libra This coming 2019 Scorpio Bad news! You will fail this semester because you did not share the mysterious enchanted This coming 2019. Sagittarius You will be single this year but I have a good news In order to break the spell You need to share this video to 117 people with names that start with letter Z This coming 2019. Capricorn Be careful when going home every night because you will meet a Kapre who is eating corn Capricorn This coming 2019 Aquarius I can see something I can see something from Momo Momo has a lice. Momo has a lice. This coming 2019. Pisces This year your heart will be broken into Pisces Corny That’s the end of the Horoscope


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