11 Things Every Virgo Will Relate To

(suspenseful music)
– Ooh, he’s cute!
– He is kinda cute, huh?
What’s his sign though?
Uhh, Sagittarius.
Nevermind, they’re fucking crazy!
– I’m a Sagittarius.
– Yeah, I know and you’re fucking crazy.
Oh, Jasmine, I hate that scarf on you.
– (scoffs) Rude.
– I’m not being rude,
I’m just being a friend!
You look crazy, like a bunny!
– Well your shirt’s fucking ugly.
– Oh my…
Are you a mouth breather?
– So, I was out last night
and I saw your ex-boyfriend.
– Shut up.
– [Girl] Kissing this guy.
I just, I don’t know.
– I’m sure he was ugly.
I’m sure they’re both ugly.
Happily ugly every after together.
And then she fucking said that she saw him
in West Hollywood, kissing some guy.
(sobs loudly)
– I’m so sorry.
Your clearly better off without him.
– He’s ugly right?
– Oh, you’re so much better, looking.
– He’s a potato.
– He’s a potato person.
– You know Crystal, you
should never post more than
three photos a day on Instagram.
You can lead a horse to water.
You know what I heard,
if a bird shits on you, it’s good luck.
– Curly, this is my desk.
– Oh, well I guess it is your desk.


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