11 Lust Tarot card meanings

The Lust card, now this card is out of sequence
because it was transposed by the Golden Dawn with Adjustment. It is card number 11 but
actually it should be the 8th one, or the 9th letter Teth. Teth is to do with Leo. And
we have Babalon. Here is Babalon riding the lion. In the Rider-Waite deck it is known
as Strength, but Crowley changed it to Lust. Lust for Life! Not just physical strength.
This is the strength of Geburah and the influence of Chesed upon Geburah. Crowley goes on to
quote at length from the Book of the Law again. It is Leo in the zodiac, fire ruled by the
Sun. It represents the original marriage as it occurs in nature as opposed to the more
artificial form portrayed in the Lovers card. There is the Lovers, the traditional wedding,
and there is the Lust card. It didn’t need a marriage for that one. The precession of
the Equinoxes is discussed. The changes of the Aeons. He talks about this idea of animals
and the holy ghost in the form of the dove impregnating the Virgin Mary. Which is why
he has the woman, there are many fables into this doctrine. He talks about the Aeon of
Osiris coming to the Aeon of Aquarius and the precession of the equinoxes. Here we have
the Scarlet Woman, here she is, she has the chalice in her hand above. She sits astride
the beast in her left hand she holds the reins representing the passion which unites, in
her right hand she holds aloft the cup, the holy grail aflame with love and death. In
this cup are mingled the elements of the sacrifice, of the sacrament of the Aeon. Sacrament, we
are back into the gnostic mass. He talks about the chapter of the Book of Lies, where he
brings in the idea of Babalon and the symbol at the bottom there. The Star of Babalon.
He continues with The Vision and the Voice. He has this card of drunkenness or ecstasy,
and of course that is a code word for the Fool, we have that ecstasy, of Dionysian energy
coming back into the system. In the background are the headless images of the saints, for
their whole life has been absorbed into the holy grail. The blood of the saints is in
the Chariot card. he quotes from Liber Aleph, the Beast and the Bride, and the whole idea
of the gnostic mass. The power energy and creativity into this card. For the mnemonic
of the Lust card. The lion-serpent begats gods like the own the rampant beast our lady
Babalon. The verse for this card, Mitigate energy with love, but let love devour all
things. worship the name —- four square mystic. And the name of his house 418. 418
is the number value of Cheth, the Chariot, so there is a direct correlation between the
chariot card and the Lust card. The Chariot is Cancer and Lust is the sign after, Leo.
The qualities are strength, courage, energy and action, une grande passion, resort to
magick, magical powers. Incredible magical energy that goes with this card. Incredibly


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