101% you will become IAS / IPS officer Palm reading Palmistry

Palmistry reading . Here this person wanted to know if
he can become an IAS officer you’ll see
his certain aspects and then make up our
mind if he can become an IPS officer or
not this is his most recent err it is
tilted a little bit towards Eastern
fingers whenever the digital on the
mercury finger toward system it means
that the person is cunning by Nature
the other aspect is that the for the
third challenge of the little finger is
long compared to the first and the
second balance so this basically means
that he has a tendency to lie as well
apart from that we also see that his
hard line his hard line has got a few
branches few branches out hence so
branching of hard line basically means
that the person is flourished by nature
and he would not stick to one particular
thing and he would want to keep changing
to different fields but at the same time
there is a perpendicular line on the
amount of mercury which gives him good
technical and communication skills so
this is a good sign apart from that he
has got a very stable sun line stable
son line even if it if it is short is a
very good same it gives a sprint to a
carrier and stability the Sun line
should not be a baby or should not be in
breaks so if there is therein breaks or
is very then that carrier is unstable
so generally I would I can we can say
that it’s a good hand for regarding
carrier but as far as I pH government
services involved we we have to look at
the amount of Jupiter whenever there is
a standing line on the amount of Jupiter
it basically means honor position and it
also relates to religion so such people
could be religious heads or they could
be in a good Administrative Service or
gold politically so we don’t see this
particular line standing vertical line
on the amount of Jupiter so we can’t say
that he would he can become an icy IPS
or in is officer or not so that’s all
for my reading


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