๐Ÿ”ด February 20 Tarot Reading ๐Ÿ”ต L A S V E G A S N E V A D A !!! ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ PART 2 | Moon in Capricorn

hi you guys how are you debate night I
am not watching so this is the Terra scope over Nevada during the horoscope
during the debate it’s going to be a consequential debate because the moon
will be a 21 degrees Saturn it’s just past an eclipse point we have the saturn
pluto conjunction sandwiched right in between the moon and pluto so that’s
going to be activated and it’s on the cusp of the fifth house the fifth house
is so important because it has to do with the Sun the the leader and if we’re
talking about a future leader we have the North node where we’re guided to go
crowning Las Vegas we the people there’s a lot of wounds here that we’re reading
LILITH conjunct Chiron having to do with that voice that is not listened to women who are cast
out for whatever reason the darkest sights of why society dislikes women
whether it’s the United States or going hundreds and thousands of years back
into history that edginess of women that society is uncomfortable with and casts
her out it is conjunct the wound that we must
heal we have Venus on the side of the people
and very much casting favor to pioneering new ideals or because we’re
in retrograde pioneering the past to make it better there’s a lot of activity
we’ve got a tight square here Mars aggression warrior kind of bearing down
in that area so there’s going to be kind of a lot of energy there it’s in Square
to the pain that we need to heal so watch the conversations of what’s being
said we have the ascendant at 21 degrees Virgo which is imperfect trying to the
moon so watch who gets their footing who gets
controlled a narrative and can really flow with these energies because that is
going to be tell for how this upcoming here goes and with them as a leader
there’s as we know what the last video that I did there is a lot of foreign
interference going on so to do that part two you’re not gonna like it I don’t
even I don’t even want to finish it this will post probably after the debate but
I wanted to get this going so you guys could kind of see for yourselves
so this Terra scope what I want to know astrologically the first house you okay first you know we’re gonna do
foreign interference and we’ll do Donald so you hey here we go D T what’s your
role in the Nevada debate okay so there are six people debating in Nevada I am
using two different decks I’m going to go through each candidate quickly like
we did here I’m using this deck for the guys this one the pretty for the ladies
I do ad cards in my deck if they come up you’ll see them what do I need to
reverse for we’re going in alphabetical order what do I need to reverse for
Biden okay next another be mayor Pete Buda guy Buda Buda something mayor Pete
this is his Terrace coop for his debate and Nevada what do we have to reverse
you know what I should have looked at what was reversed for the other
candidates when we are done I’ll try and remember that this time okay so mayor
Pete got a let’s cut the deck who are you in Nevada who are you you are seven
ones fighting I’m gonna say Facebook because you and suck we’re good friends
in college and continue to be working together in fact the woman who like it
handles him bringing him everywhere worked with S B what’s your
hope what’s YOU hope mayor Pete I mean no no no your secret mayor Pete what’s
your secret in Nevada retreat or is that like is this the software the dormant software what’s your hidden
enemy and Nevada mayor peeped stealing stealing an election either he’s
stealing an election or it’s I I don’t see how he’s the the victim here with
this but anyway what your opes wishes friendships over Nevada in Nevada mayor
Pete you have the aid of lines doing things quickly getting things done
quickly trying to seize on momentum that’s what I’m looking forward to seize
on momentum what’s crowning you in Nevada mayor Pete
you have the ace of swords sort of truth or it’s kind of like an assault a lot of
the a lot of people we don’t like had this in the tenth house nine thousands
house mayor Pete you have investigation are you investigating or being
investigated a thousand erred resources mayor Pete who do you what do you have
mayor Pete eighth house of shared resources you
have shut up mayor Pete shared resources this is my Trump Russia card along hmm
kind of makes sense we the people mayor Pete opportunity wheel of fortune the
astrological card was here in the eighth house of shared resources Donald had it
here in the fifth house of the Sun foreign interference had this he has it
with we the people sixth house of public servants wire in Nevada mayor Pete has
ten swords in the back Donald his toast fifth house of the Sun mayor Pete has
the knight of cups he’s been made offers I hope this is not from Donald but he’s
got offers and good things coming his way the fourth house of USA defenses how
we nurture and care for one another fend off enemies he has what the fool he’s
Donald the fool is my card of someone indicted this is how he sees the
defenses of the United States of America well yes there is an indicted fool in
the Office of the President of the United States third house communications digital
communications social media Pete mayor Pete has the office of the president
United States somehow he has a lot of activity here second house income gains
and votes mayor Pete has these cards do not want to open up mayor Pete see
they’re like income gains votes mayor Pete oh crap D in P’s agreement nine of
Pentacles is on the ascendant I don’t know if mayor Pete is the knight of
Pentacles I will tell you this was E C it involved M oh this
could be that lady that brings him around but why would she feed the
ascendant this was M M this is makes me really uncomfortable you
guys the mayor Pete I’ve always been suspicious because of his F
connection with Z from college and this lady who’s friends with B who
has praised him in the past in major news publications a couple years ago I
forgot we wanted to take a look at what his reversals were what do we have here the devil reversed can’t break an
addiction it’s also my Putin card it’s bill B can’t break a connection
addiction to them maybe or an addiction something weird I mmm maybe he broke an
addiction I don’t um maybe he talks about that during the debate breaking an
addiction I don’t know I’m not watching the debate I don’t know what the content
is I mean this could all be what he’s talking about death delaying death
endings okay Melania had this in the fifth house
of the Sun some other prominent people had this in their Terra scope it bothers
me that he is showing up with this was this double mean an offer page of cop
stone with young people magician the delayed death is elections successful
endings the hangman someone’s caught sometimes
it’s Jared okay I have had enough of the American I am really trying to keep an
open mind but it just keeps screaming okay hi you
guys before I touched the next deck for the next person is amy klobuchar I am
never reading on Pete mayor Pete again he has got some creepy weird energy I
don’t want to have anything to do with ever again it’s like sticking and won’t
unstick so I’ve got the sage going I I am burning sage I’ve put a ton of oils
all over me I’ve called for protection the deck that I was just using are
sitting under a bunch of crystals I don’t like him
I am disappointed that I don’t like him he’s someone that I wanted to like I
don’t like him so that is my advice let’s talk about amy klobuchar scoot
scatter get out bringing me okay there we go there we go
that’s my shirt okay any hope sharp you’re in the debates
tonight in Nevada my cards are be reversing here we’ll reverse this one
and this one so Amy Klobuchar oh my gosh this energy is so persistent get out so
annoying brokes nobody likes you go away nobody’s voting
for you go away Amy Klobuchar tell me who are you and Nevada this week oh my
gosh this thing wants to take over her cards go away who are you in Nevada who
are you in Nevada show me Amy Klobuchar who are you in Nevada the eight of Pentacles she is working
she’s an expert she’s an expert at what she does as a public servant she knows
what she’s doing it’s your secret it’s big speaker
Klobuchar senator cloak Shar what’s your secret queen of Pentacles what’s your hidden enemy speaker Chlo
Bashar oh my god get out the Ace of Wands foreign interference
attacking her as well so it’s Donald that’s why she’s getting zero coverage
what’s your hopes and wishes and friends senator cloture four of swords that your hopes wishes
and friends okay there’s too much interference right
here I have to stop okay bet energy I had to do this off camera because they
wouldn’t leave her cards alone until I said I’m not filming this senator
klobuchar what she has on the ascendant Phipps giving her energy during these
debates is the strength she has so much strength all of her just she exudes an
internal strength about herself as a candidate in the first house we
discussed that she is she’s a master at what she’s doing she knows what she’s
doing she’s been around the block she knows how the single she’s a master at
like a master public servant public worker law government all that stuff now
this is interesting in her now in her house of secrets she’s got the four of
swords I wonder if she knows about this four of swords thing because it Mears
now Donald does she know about this dormant like software malware with voter
stuff rigged elections she’s on the judiciary she’s not on the Senate Intel
I don’t think her hidden enemy ten of cups the R P eleventh house
hopes wishes friends is to separate herself from everybody else separate
herself from the pack what’s crowning her major voter
suppression lands far away she has got the five of wands
hi you guys we’re in black and white here because I’m doing the edits and I
need to interrupt myself this five of Wands card came up for the lunation for
the waning quarter moon there’s a lot of things going on behind the scenes
involving not nice types this seems like very dark energy as well
keep your eye on that five ax blondes they are fighting her off they are
really attacking her the eighth house of shared resources she has the knight of
cups she’s she’s got a lot of good people helping her out
ex-boyfriends helping with fundraising I don’t like this the seventh house we
the people she drew the Ace of Wands I feel like that’s an app coming from
lands far away Donald and they’re taking all that and striking the people because
you know there’s the tower moment and she’s got the Ace of Wands they’re
attacking her as she interacts with people in the sixth house of public
servants she’s got the page of Pentacles she’s got a lot of valuable young people
information passionate people helping her out in the fifth house of the Sun
she’s got justice she is ready to go and assert some justice for our country I
love this in the fourth house USA defenses she has the truth the absolute
freaking truth in the third house of communications she’s very charitable
when she talks with other people she listens she problem solves she
really gets into a really great collaborative type of dialogue in the
second house of income gains votes the queen of Pentacles the woman’s vote
mm-hmm okay so that was I keep trying to color speaker Pelosi I keep slipping
like that senator that was senator klobuchar next Oh let’s see what her
reversals were she had the king of Pentacles reversed
D shaking up his world upside down I love it also outing him as she’s got
that forest sword sitting there mmm she might know something I have to find out
about that later on if I remember and her other reversal was here we go
judgment there’s a when it’s reversed it’s biased the judgment against her is
very biased because of our media and social media okay
neck last nut but not least Bernie Sanders okay you guys I’m not gonna do a
live tonight this thing is already out well over a half hour long I’m just
gonna break this into two different parts okay so whoops forgot to take
these up senator Sanders debating in Nevada what am i reversing here said in
there Sanders oh I feel good energy left I’m done with Amy K it’s gone
but I also got the Divine Feminine all over that gone you need something done
ask for the Divine Feminine to help they are all over this stuff you guys whoops
let’s fill that okay let’s try again senator S who are you in Nevada
with these debates tell me who you are there wait first looks that’s about my
dad who are you Nevada we have for one’s stability a message but the
White House what’s your secret senator S fool someone’s indicted
and something about Trump hidden enemy senator S tennis wards D is
suck what’s your hopes and wishes and friends senator S trying to get
people to walk away change plans from someone else maybe setting something up
changing plans what’s crowding you in Nevada senator
S D or offers contributions help lands far away P’s house
senator S the chariot and the move things are on them okay I don’t like
this because this shows up for me with no flow and Elaine C moving stuff
overseas usually data what are your shared resources senator
S a burdens sharing a lot of burdens with a lot of people how about
we the people in Nevada senator S your passionate leader
I certainly hope that’s what it is sixth house of public servants you have what
eight of swords entrapment public servants investigations day-to-day
activity and tell agencies entrapment H C Ukraine I don’t really
like Z I don’t like seeing that they’re the thoughts of the son senator
S you have oh these carts open up come on the toes of the Sun you’re facing some
hefty judgment also you have some hefty judgments for the office of the
president United States when it comes to us defenses how we secure ourselves
protect one another senator Sanders you have the Sun revelation what are we feeling you D what’s
being revealed about D third house of communication social media you have
page of Pentacles young people talking about you voting for you second house of
income gains and votes senator S you have ace of swords the you know it’s
the salt it’s the assault what assault 11th help
11th house of friends income gains votes he’s just gonna assault people Leo I
will make people walk away star he hopes it goes well this is
office of the President of the United States that’s B and then last but
not least we have E W okay and now here we are last but not least
in this fifth one it’s the pretty deck there pre-raphaelite deck I’m wondering
if the debates are wrapping up so senator W you’re in a debate in
Nevada and tell me oops I was gonna ask you tell me who you are and I have the
the – ah I might drawing a this is the Empress this is the Empress that’s who
she is does this go in the first does this go in the first house physical goes
on the ascendant so she is the Empress who are you who are you there in Nevada
your purpose is the king of Pentacles to defeat him what is your secret senator W the
Seven Swords seven of swords Oh stealing not stealing really soon but trying to
steal the attention away back towards her
what’s your hidden enemy the nine of swords the nightmare this is becoming
eleven thousand friends the Ace of Wands her hope is that she can get out there
get her name out there and you know gain gain the momentum gain control again of
the narrative what’s crowning senator W in eight of ones things are moving so
quickly so quickly yes she wants to she wants to tap this energy and get moving
with it in the ninth house of lands far away you have the four of ones the White
House the White House stability lands for far away okay I’m not really getting
anything from it a thousand etre Warren what’s that you have the two of
Pentacles you’re balancing things one step in front of the other your shared
resources are that you have people with you that are trying to keep balance with
everything whether it’s you know your budget or your campaign you really have
it kind of a tight walking on a tightrope seventh house we the people
senator Warren you have the six of Wands a shared celebration of victory card
with the people in the sixth house of public servants senator Warren you have
the four of swords isn’t that interesting because senator K
had this in the 12th house of secrets but then it moved did it move to the
first house I can’t she know he was in the 12th house cuz it was in love so she
public servants for swords retreating investigations day-to-day work
retreating investigate is this have to do with elections a little bit it does
you have to do maybe she there’s there might be public servants who know how to
use his people it’s kind of being used against her
about fifth house of the Sun senator Warren three of swords he has totally
betrayed us totally betrayed us she knows those details of the M report
this fourth house of an US Defense Security how we nurture one another
senator Warren has the eight of cups we have to draw up a new plan we have to
change course we got to do this together third House of Communications digital
communication social media senator W has part of Fortune Aquarius I
know timing she knows it’s all about timing is it more than that I don’t know
there’s I don’t know what this is linked to it’s weird second house income gains
values votes the four of Pentacles she really wants to gain her footing here
and stability with how she’s standing with everyone and on the ascendant oh we
already had the Empress but here again we have the three of one she has she has
a plan you guys imagine that Elizabeth W his plan what were your reversals
her reversals were I thought I reversed some things did I
not well let me just reverse to cards and then we’ll take a peek why didn’t
see those reversals okay show us two reversals ace of swords that’s
interesting why didn’t I know I don’t know word it where your reversals queen
of Pentacles she wants the reverse what she has not been strong with the vote
lately yeah I bet our news print had something to do with that
I know cynical me five of five of Wands there said five of Wands I said keep an
eye out on the five bonds that is the waning moon waning crescent moon for
this lunation which is a very significant indicator and I just really
do not like how the five of Wands and five of swords have been attacking our
candidates in this election it’s it’s quite scary fighting
she she’s feeling some relief from the fighting she’s having whether I feel
like she’s fighting with herself maybe being too hard on herself she’s getting
relief from that that’s it I haven’t watched the debates this is gonna be
part two this first part I’m just pressed this is gonna be a long time
before it’s up that first one’s 22 and a half minutes long
Wow I did not know it was going to be this big I hope you enjoyed it I hope I
can do this before all the debates who knows but I’m willing to go now more and
read on the candidates minus one I will never read out him again okay thanks you
guys please like and subscribe thank you

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