💕 Experts choose my first ever romance reads 💕 Reading Vlog #43 [CC]

but I hope some of these a smutty for
some reason I’m in the mood for that even though I’ve never read romance
before or smut I’m just kind of ready. I kind of wish that there was more SMUT
let me fucking tell you Wow Wow I am pink hello beautiful people my name is Rachael
and today I am reading romance books from the experts now I have not read
romance before, just romance, What is “just romance” I have in my mind smut so I have
book recommendations from Chandler Ainsley Meltotheany and Riley Marie
three of these people I love their channels and they are well known for
knowing what they’re talking about when it comes to romance books so from
Chandler I was given two recommendations one of them is Punk 57 which is a Kindle
unlimited book Chandler is well known for loving her Kindle unlimited books by
Penelope Douglas the tagline for this is we were perfect together until we met
and it is a penpal romance I don’t know much more about that and I don’t want to
know much more I want to go in completely blind I don’t want to have
any preconceived ideas on any of these I want to just give each of them their
shot Riley Marie recommended me the simple wild by K.A. Tucker which I’m able
to get on audiobook but I hope some of these are smutty I’m looking actually
forward to some smutty romances for some reason I’m in the mood for that
even though I’ve never read very romance before or smut I’m just kind of ready
we shall see finally the recommendation from meltotheany
was a book that I already own and I have owned for over a year I was meant
to read it for the first ever contemporaryathon that took place while I
was on booktube and that is a kiss quotient by Helen Hoang our main
character in this is Asian this is something that I know I also think those
Asperger’s rep in here because the main character has Asperger’s and Millie
is really excited for me to read this one to show them yeah
My sweetest bean the sweetest been in the world wide world I think that this is about a woman
who goes on an escort date so that she can
learn more about dating and it’s giving me so many the wedding date vibes
crossed with the Rosie project so less talking now and more romance reading so I am a halfway through a simple wild
the connection between like the potential love interest and my main
character is really interesting so she is seen as this kind of spoiled city
girl who’s kind of uppity she is on Instagram and Instagram was kind of very
important to her and her friend her appearance is very important to her
which isn’t a bad thing but she’s gone to Alaska to meet up with her estranged
father who has cancer when she was going to a be picked up she wasn’t actually picked up
by her dad she was picked up by the guy that works with her dad and he’s kind of
like her dad’s protege but he wasn’t looking forward to meeting get this girl
and so he tested her a little bit and took her on a plane ride that wasn’t all
that fun and she got really ill her when she’s going to this Alaskan kind of
outback it’s a very different world for her the people are different you can’t
order something from Amazon it’d be there the same day there isn’t a
Starbucks there’s like one subway and that’s it she also doesn’t drive but
she’s never driven before in her life and this because she’s always been a
city girl so I’m honestly I’m finding it really interesting it’s kind of like
watching a rom-com like the proposal I’m liking it and I’m enjoying it and I
think that the character development is really good I understand each of these
characters so well and I think that a lot of fantasies fall
when it comes to character development because it’s about world building and
it’s about plots whereas this is about building tension between characters and
I’m liking that yeah I mean I’m enjoying it and I’m
continuing and I mean it so far it’s not gonna be a five star round about a four
star but yeah it’s it’s a good read as you saw I also finished my bullet
journal spread I’m not sharing with you all the pages because I’ve got some
secret pages there and things I wanted to get back to bullet journaling I’ve
taken a few mmm months off and it’s not great cuz
everything kind of ties into one another like I’m taking time off for my bullet
journal at the same time it’s not being able to get my life in order so hmm but
for now I’m going to play some games whilst listening to the rest of the
simple wild where things go but yeah I am actually
really enjoying it great pic Riley. Hi guys so just had the DarkDawn live
show on my channel and I was joined with Caz and Becca and Zoe and Madison and
it was really really fun actually. What are you doing? – The dangly thing. and just
before that I have completed The Simple Wild By K.A. Tucker and I really liked
it I really liked it I kind of wished that there was more
Smut the sex scenes do fade to black but maybe that makes it better for some
audiences I really like the characters really liked their relationship I liked
the build up I just thought that this was a really really decent book and a
really decent romance it wasn’t cutesy it was so real she’s
been crazy and it was honest and it was sweet
I thought that also dealt with a few things really well but this is just a
feel-good romance it’s a feel-good rom-com the relationship that these two
characters have together is dynamite it’s sexy its raw she calls him the Yeti
it is really really really good and I want to thank Riley for that
recommendation because it was a really good one I am probably going to move
over to Punk 57 which is Chandler’s pick we’ll see what that one’s like that
one’s the Kindle unlimited one so we shall see no preconceived conceptions
but this is already shaping out to be a fantastic fantastic idea like I’m so
glad that I did this because that was a really good book hi there good morning
so I about 23% of the way through Punk 57 this was Chandler’s pick I don’t know what I was expecting when it came to
romance and I think that a lot of people potentially think that in romance
there is lots of smut I don’t know why I was expecting so much
much but the most smut that I’ve had so far is this guy licking this girl’s neck and then telling her that she tastes like
shit oh I really I don’t know what’s happening I wonder whether
everybody else has this preconceived idea about romance novels
and the fact that they are smutty I’m sure that there’s a section of romance
that is super smutty but these don’t have it and maybe I am actually
looking for some smut Riley Marie hosts a smutAthan and I really actually want
to do that next time I think they do that would ReadalongLainey so next
time I actually want to read some proper proper smut so now I’m going to dispel
the ideas that I’m going to have some sexy scenes because so far it has been
very ‘fade to black’ and I’m not in the mood fade to black
I want the smut but it’s okay reevaluating Punk 57 starts off with
these two young people and they’re each other’s pen pals and they’ve been
speaking for years they’ve been besties then one of them recognizes the other
and sees the other and then it ruins the whole image that the guy had for the
girl like he thought that she was going to be this down to earth
honest chilled girl and she ends up being the most popular girl in school
and actually a bit of a bitch so it’s interesting flitting back between the
male perspective and the female perspective because the female in this
Ryen she of course is the most popular girl in school and she gives off this
attitude as though she doesn’t care about anything and she doesn’t do her
schoolwork properly and she doesn’t treat the people around her very fairly
but of course she’s harboring a lot of her own secrets for one she’s asthmatic
and she doesn’t think that people should know that she thinks that it’s something
that you should hide and she also has panic attacks that’s also very
interesting as well but it’s something that she does keep within herself yeah
the guy Misha because he knows who she is now he took like a three month break
for him speaking to her from sending letters to her so he’s just completely
ghosted her at the same time graffiti starts appearing at school and a new kid
starts at school and maybe it’s him this new kid is being an absolute shit to
Ryen hence the licking and then telling her that she tastes like shit
which is what I have popped on to speak to you so I’m going to continue it but
the dynamics between them are really palpable and I can understand why
Chandler has put this one forward as a suggestion because it’s a lot of tension
and at some point that tension has to break and I’m eager to see where this
one is going it’s kind of a ‘Letters to the lost’ that book was written by Bridget Kemmerer she is also the author of a curse a dark
and lonely and let us to the losses ‘You’ve got Mail’ retelling and it is
where the guy finds out who the female is in their correspondence before the
female does and that story arc there so again this is a you’ve got mail
retelling which is really interesting there was a fabulous quote in here which
I think would have really resonated with Chandler also resonates with me in a
different way because I wish that I adopted this quotes a little bit more: ‘I
learned a long time ago that you don’t need to reveal everything inside of you
to the people around you they like to judge and I’m happier when they don’t
some things stay hidden’ and I am one of these people that just shares everything
about my life because I want to build connections with people and I want
people to know my true self but that does open me to a lot of judgment
because the more you share with people the more they can have an opinion on and
it’s something I do on my channel a lot I do share my personal beliefs a lot
even though some of them are in flux and some of them are still to be developed
and I do find it interesting to share my thoughts and feelings and I like to see
how they’ve changed over time but that does open me up to a lot of scrutiny so
it’s it’s interesting it’s interesting it’s cool I am actually liking it I am
quite gripped I am very interested to see what happens when she finds out that
he is the guy that she has been Pen Palling for however many years so what
let’s continue hi guys so you know that I said you know
that I said that I didn’t think that there were any Smut in these books well
well well well oh yeah I got to 25% the way through Punk 57 and it heated the
fuck up let me fucking tell you Wow Wow sir whoa whoa the tension between these
two characters is so fucking palpable I can’t I can’t get past this I was
reading it on the train and it is good it is good smut
it is peek now I haven’t read alot of smut so I actually I can’t tell you if
it was peek or not but it was peak my peak I was I was hot and bothered so
that was that I’m very very intrigued on where this is going to go that is like
some issues with the book let the main guy in it
hmm-hmm he’s quite aggressive he does things that he probably shouldn’t and
he’s gonna get into a lot of trouble at some point when everything comes to a
head and she figures out who he really is and the fact that he’s been lying
about who he is and I’m scared the connection is really good like this
author Penelope Douglas she knows how to write so yeah that’s that that’s that
check in the second check in is that I have actually started the kiss quotient
by Helen Hoang and I’m really loving this this is Meltotheany’s pick it’s
really sweet I think that I’ve read about 20% so far and what I have to say
about this so far is it’s so sex positive considering our main person
Stella has Asperger’s and has never had satisfactory sex and has never had an
orgasm apart from when she has done it by herself and the fact that she’s gone
out to find in escorts you would think that potentially her anxiety is going to
be high and it’s going to be difficult and it’s going to be scary but Stella
dives in and she’s a learner she has a lesson plan ready like she knows what
she wants and I’m really the sex positivity I think that this
woman is taking life by the horns HA. HORNS…. SORRY. and she’s doing a really good job
and he’s doing a really good job the guy in this he’s falling for her faster than
he wants to and it’s very clear in the first few chapters that he’s also very
interested in her and we get both perspectives this is really good it’s
really good Stella also has to deal with the fact that because she comes from an
Asian family her parents are very set on: okay when are you gonna get a boyfriend
when are you gonna have babies? when are you going to settle down?
then you work too hard that you need to focus on marriage as well so I like the
fact that this has been brought in there and we are seeing those kind of
important conversations in terms of that representation I am loving this oh my
god Rachael likes romance I am really really really adoring these fantastic
Awesome. and I’m gonna go downstairs and have some dinner and start again reading
the kiss quotient and Punk 57 I’m trying not to get so hot and bothered it
dinner but it’s gonna be hard LOL HARD. odd oh okay Rachel needs to calm down. WOW I am pink. okay so I just finished
Punk 57 and I’m completely just in awe of this book I just think it was so good
the sex scenes are very very very well written
they are emotive and sexy and passionate There just really good
so aside from the
sex scenes we’re also dealing with a kind of anti heroine because Ryen – she is
not a nice girl on the outside the things that she does to her friends the
things that she does to the people around her they’re not nice she isn’t
nice even though in her heart of hearts she doesn’t want to be doing the things
that she’s doing she’s still doing them and Misha he has a lot of Secrets that he even hasn’t shared with her even though they consider each other like the
closest people that they’ve ever had over the past seven years they’ve been
pen pals and it’s just really really great it’s a fantastic book and there
were so many twists and turns I didn’t think would happen I’m surprised this
hasn’t been turned into a movie and maybe there are so many romance books
that are out there that I think could be turned into a movie and haven’t yet but
this was a really emotive passionate thrilling read um I thought that it was
fantastic laced within it is a lot of lyrics because Misha was in a band or is
in a band and he gets all his lyrics on most of his lyrics from the letters that
he shared with Ryen and that Ryen shared with him so it’s kind of like
he’s building songs based on the conversations they’ve had and it’s
really good and I loved the epilogue okay that’s my check-in for today so
I’ll come back to you later good morning It was good – it was REALLY good. Hello Good morning guys
I’ve read a few more pages of the
Kiss Quotient I think I’m probably about halfway through now I’m loving it I’m
really loving it the sex scenes in it aren’t explicit but they are there and they are
enjoyable and they are passionate really really really sweet so in terms of kind
of vanilla ice cream level we had the simple wild which I would say is
extremely vanilla very good for Instagram living teens
and people who probably want to get out of the big city then you’ve got Punk 57
which is pinnacle there is anal sex in there too so I think that I will
probably class that as extremely explicit sex and – its very good. and then you have the kiss
quotient which so far is probably the middle of the road the sex scenes are
emotive and passionate and descriptive but not overly explicit and not they’re
just not as raw and wild than Punk 57 I’m really enjoying this this is like
I’m so glad that I found a new genre I actually really liked I think I’m
probably going to be adding smut in general and a few
like light romances to my everyday monthly reads.
this is why this was a fantastic video for me to just do and
just a fantastic experiment because you don’t know the book outside of your
comfort zone is not outside of your comfort zone unless you try it and I
would have never read Punk 57 I would have never would’ve seen in a shop I wouldn’t
have thought about reading it so this is just fantastic of course I did want to
read the kiss quotient because I have got that on my shelf but also I would never
have read the simple wild and it was such a lovely book okay well I am going
to continue and I will get back to you when I have finished the kiss quotient hello hello hello guys so it is time to
wrap up experts pick my romance reads so I really liked these books and I’m so
surprised with my general reaction to these it’s really made me think about
exploring different things in the future as well so a simple wild was sweet it
was a great starter because it lulled me into the sense that romance is so
light and fluffy and inspirational and quirky and funny so that was fantastic
thank you so much Riley for that four stars and it was really really sweet and
I think that I’ll keep that in my memory for quite a long time just it gave me so
many goddamn feels and I really enjoyed it then I was hit with the roller
coaster that is Punk 57 from Chandler wow wow wow wow really a lot of fun dark
sexy gritty erotic a mad old crazy time five stars
blew me away absolutely loved it and then finally The Kiss Quotient by Helen
Hoang which was Mel’s pick and that was the nice go-between between all of them
so it had the strong elements of romance at the same time as a bit of god damn
Smut I would say however that insta-love
alert is just blaring on hi major major major insta-love the kiss quotient
and I don’t think that I’m going to read the bride test which is the sequel just
because I’ve heard that it’s not as good and I don’t want it to ruin all the
wonderful feelings that this book gave me and I like the fact that we have two
Asian main characters but their families come from different parts of Asia and
therefore they do have different traditions different cultures and it’s
nice to see two Asian characters representing different parts of Asia and
not everybody just getting lumped into one tradition which is what happens a
lot in mainstream media and mainstream publishing so it was really nice to see
that I can’t speak for how well the representation was done because I’m
Asian don’t know whether you’ve noticed but I hope it’s done well because they
did enjoy that one so this was a fantastic fantastic fantastic week
I’m really so glad that I did this I am definitely going to be doing this again
it’s probably going to be experts pick my horror reads I think it might be but
I’m scared about that because I’ve never read any horror but thank you for
joining me with this thank you so much for joining me on this ride and I hope
that you try some of these books and just let me know if you enjoyed them too
and I am now actually opening the floor up please give me your smutty
recommendations I need them why have I not been reading Smut are you serious
I’m down for it now send them my way okay guys please don’t forget to Like
subscribe and comment all that jazz you can find me on Twitter on Instagram I’m
on Goodreads my patreon link is also down that in the description I love you
bye buh buh bye you

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  • I am not a big romance or erotica type of reader but I think doing a reading vlog or reading them for a couple of weeks. Would be a really fun and interesting of a time. I am also not a horror person but I am going to be reading Steven king's It for the next few months. I haven't read much of it yet because I am involved in so many readatons this month. Next month I only have Gavin's readathon, which sounds like it is going to be a blast!!!!!
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  • You've GOT to read The Hating Game! It has that tension you liked in the Penelope Douglass book but also a lot of the softness like in The Kiss Quotient. And I've read a couple of Christina Lauren books and had good luck with them!

  • Millie on the towers. 🙂 I have dialed back on how much I share, but I am a firm believer that the people who are meant to love & understand you will be there in the end. Sometimes, I think that to be vulnerable or open comes with knowing that you can also get hurt/judged/misunderstood. I just try to stay true to myself because can you really go wrong in doing that? K, not trying to tell you how to live your life tho. 🙂 I’m glad you’re loving romance. I’ve been reading out of my comfort zone all this year & it’s broadened my reading so much. 🤗✨✨ Well, love yooouuu!💕💕💕 Be kind to yourself! 😊✨✨ Happy Reading! 🤓📚✨

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    Romance is something I have a hard time with sometimes. I tend to prefer another plot or genre intertwined with my romances. I'm a huge romantic and I love romantic subplots, but as a main focus it can lose me sometimes.
    One of the few I've loved recently though was Red White and Royal Blue, but that has more to it than the romance. It's pretty well loved, but I do know some people who didn't like it that much. I hope that if/when you pick it up that you enjoy it! I also read a romance earlier this year that I enjoyed that's about two gay surfers. It's super well done and the atmosphere of the world is incredible, but it also deals with some fairly heavy topics. It's called The Sea Ain't Mine Alone. But then I read another one earlier this year and I REALLY didn't like it. So yeah the genre is generally a hit or a miss for me…
    I loved hearing your thoughts on all of these, Rachael and I look forward to seeing more of these specific topic vlogs from you in the future!

  • I highly recommend Birthday Girl by Penelope Douglas, it’s just as good as Punk 57 but with a totally different plot 😊

  • I really liked transcendence by shay savage (audiobook) and ice planet barbarians by ruby dixon(kindle unlimited) for something a little out of the norm!

  • Tessa Dare for historical romance with a bit of sexiness. If you wanna read M/M, Eden
    Finley is great. I’ve read her whole Fake Boyfriend series and it’s all angst, cheeky banter and smut. Soooo good.

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  • What a great video idea! I quite enjoy romance books, they make a nice break from all the fantasy I read – they’re good palate cleansers, especially when I’m starting to feels slumpy! I love Christina Lauren’s books, although they can sometimes be a bit hit and miss – I LOVED The Unhoneymooners, which came out earlier this year. The Hating Game by Sally Thorne is also one of my faves 😊

  • I've kinda been getting into romance over the last year or so and I had to peel back a lot of preconceived notions I had about the genre. But somehow I had never realised that romance itself, whether it involves sex or not, is a storytelling device. It can create tension and plot. Some of it can be on the edge of your seat thrilling. I've read some seriously good romances (Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey is a GEM) and they are just genuinely good books. I feel so silly that I thought it was just erotica with no heart. It can be so amazing. I'm glad you've had a good experience with it so far. It may be the beginning of a lot more great books!

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  • If you like smut, try “A Princess in Theory” by Alyssa Cole. It’s the first in a 3 book series with 2 additional novellas and they’re all great. “The Deal” by Elle Kennedy is fantastic, “Losing It” by Cora Carmack is great, and “Well Met” is AMAZING! Probably my favorite book of the year. Be patient though, the smut doesn’t start until about chapter 16. Enjoy!

  • Im here from Chandler. Really loved this video! I barely read romance, but I've been wanting to read more. Punk57 is getting higher and higher on my tbr.

  • I don't believe Stella from TKQ is canonically Asian? See this article with the author:

  • It's great you enjoyed your first romance reads!!! Haven't read any of those although The Kiss Quotient is on my list 🙂

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  • Check out the breathless trilogy by Maya Banks / the submissive series by Tara Sue Me / Look the part by Jewel E Ann
    Those are some of my top reads 🙂 hope you enjoy your adventure into romance now.
    I started with vampire books and transitioned into romance through vampire academy and now my romance books outshine by other books haha

  • I really liked this video ❤️ also love and appreciate that you went into the genre with an open mind, and would highly recommend to watch more romance booktubers, like Jessica from peacelovebooksxo she’ll have endless recommendations for you 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  • Love this!! I was the same before I tried Romance. Theres so many sub genres of romance and then theres also the smut level, so something for everyone truly!

  • Wolfsong is for me the perfect book. It's a supernatural romance. It's a level 1 smut (as in: it's barely there except for that one scene, you know the one – type smut). Plot: It's follows Ox as he grows up and when his werewolf neighbours move back into town. The boy next door becomes Ox's best friend (and love interest). And I am now realising how shit I am at writing plot summarises.
    This book hits everything for me. It goes very dark in some places, but so cute and fluffy and warm other places. It made me laugh, cry, scream, smile for days. Can not recommend enough

  • I recommend the Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion. The MC has Asperger's and is a male. He develops a questionnaire to help him find a wife. It's very sweet, funny, and has lots of feels.

  • Okay, this was exactly what I needed, and I didn't know it. I think this is going to be my first year of Christmassy romances🎄❤️

  • Yes!!! I have gotten into romance in the last couple of years and have found authors that I really love. Lmk if you need more recommendations! I loved Kiss Quotient. It's so sweet.

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