트럼프2020년운세/2020년 11월3일 재선 성공?/영어자막/한국어자막/일본어자막/중국어번체자막 추가됨

Nice to meet you. Greetings. the current world surrounding any Korean Peninsula. the Year of the Horse It’s time to find out their fortune and their master. I spent all my time studying Chinese President Xi Jinping. Today we will talk about President Trump of the United States. Trump used feng shui to make use of it. He was a billionaire real estate developer. Plus, he’s the president of the United States. The year he was born, June 14, 1946. You look like a charlatan. I’m on the eve of the fall of the year. So I don’t think I know the time. There’s already been three misbehaved Toes. It’s a saju, and when I say “kimmi-dove,” I’m looking at the circum It was during the midsummer drought. thin and cracked I was born a paddy field. That’s why it’s such a proud week. It’s a lot closer to self-made. He’s got a lot of luck. He’s got a lot of claims. And he’s the one who’s pushing his point to the end. He’s a master of that kind. So some people say that Trump is a real estate agent, but he’s a real estate developer. He’s a man of his own kind. I think he was wise. What else do you need in a hot rice field in the middle of summer? Of course it’s That’s why we need to keep this water steady. I’m sure it’ll be a lucky break for President Trump. Let’s take a look at his eight-year-old Eulmi Daeun I’ve only strengthened the heat of the mitoj So, luck is not good, and it goes through a little bit even after being born into a family of gold family.with a rough, rather rebellious personality. So maybe. I’m guessing you didn’t go to a military school. And the 18-year-old Byeongsin Daeun says Ji-ji is gold. Yongsin High School The saju is well harmonized. At this point in time, Maybe it wasn’t the time to graduate from military school. Report 28 years old, let’s take a look at the oil price. On top of that, the dragon god Starting with the Trump Group I think it was at the beginning of that time, when the real estate business started, It’s a time of great wealth accumulation. He’s not exactly a boy, to put it plainly. He made a lot of money in his youth. 38 years old, martial arts. Magic is fun. It’s are th It could be better. “Gumto,” another collection of anger, I’m going to make the Toil day strong. I don’t think it’s such a good chance. It was just a chance. I’m also 48 years old. It was a great chance to keep the debate alive. So it was a 48-year-old sea rhyme that wasn’t very good. The 58-year-old man, Kyung-ja Daeun, said that this was the time when the dragon god’s luck came in. That’s when gold came in. That’s why you’re not getting the honor and money. Maybe it wasn’t a pecuniary climax. And then 68 years old, the new great fortune. And if you look at the expansion, you’ll see that it’s. The power of gold is very strong and very strong. Here’s where you’re going to say “To.” Among the soils, moist soil cools the fire. It was the kind of luck that brought gold, the dragon god, back to life. So, in the Year of the Bastille, 2016 Yong-sin was the golden god. It’s Shin Geum. It’s the year you won the presidency on the Great Luck of the Year. It’s the height of my luck. Especially if you look at the 2020 race year, again, the year of the race is the year of the year. It’s energy. That’s why his fortunes keep improving. So in 2020 for Trump, there’s a lot of energy going on. That’s another time. He’s still talking about re-election. There are a lot of translators and surveys that show that Trump may not be able to re-election… The polls are showing results. I think the chances of re-election for Trump in 2020 are very high. It’s a lucky break from the saju rhyme. And in this case, I think you know a lot about feng shui and use it. I don’t think it’s possible to develop feng shui He’s devoted a lot to building an apartment. So at first, Trump was in China and Hong Kong at an early age. I met your investor and naturally studied feng shui. You’ve become a real estate mogul when you were a young man by realizing the utilization of feng shui. That’s what I think. So should Trump be called a “murder? There are times when you don’t talk. That’s how much guts and confidence he has. That’s what I’m talking about. These days, it can be a bit disadvantageous in Korea. Anyway, Trump’s in 2020 lucky. It’s the kind of thing that gives you the best luck. I think it’s a good year. That’s why I’ve seen the fortunes of U.S. President Trump. Well, he’s got all the luck. I want you to see it purely and simply, not politically. Thank you.

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