연애코치 “인내와 헌신의 토성”

The astrologer william kang who uses the British astrological technique.
Let’s look at ways of dating someone with a strong personality.
Lower yourself and be polite and polite.
Even if you’re right, humble, and good at it,
to the end of one’s work without a hint.
have a strong sense of patience and responsibility to do it
strict to oneself and generous to others
It’s simple and simple.
with an image of the common people in view.
to exist
I like to think quietly and read.
I’m the only one who’s ever done this alone.
feel an impulse
You don’t have to make a profit if you lose it yourself.
the country without stepping out for
like the atmosphere of
If you don’t make me do it, I’ll come forward and say it is.
It doesn’t start.
a dark impression on the first person I met
even if one’s brain is brilliant,
It doesn’t look like it on the outside, it’s bluffing.
There’s no such thing as being honest and depressed,
In fact, they suffer from symptoms of depression.
Sometimes patience and persistence are obsessed.
Evidence of change and doubt
to explore the reality until somebody shows up
He’s a critic, but he’s a tough guy.
Don’t show yourself in action
Architecture, Real Estate
I’ve spent a lot of time working on human cultural assets and other
waiting for results
good for a job that requires matured years.
He’s been doing a lot of good work.
I have it.
the masculine gender
Women are all very thoughtful and fickle.
No, I’m not. I’m
I can think of it.
We’re late in our decision-making, we’re suspicious.
More than any other planet in love.
It takes time and effort.
I believe in men’s Saturn once, until the end.
He’s trying to take responsibility, and he’s making a big mistake.
choose divorce or separation
She’s also waiting for her partner.
He’s doing his best in his field.
There’s no swaying in a little hepatic.

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