Hello I am Pei-Wei Liao Time for our weekly Angel cards our Angel cards is love’s preface and hope Is “love” a thing which you want so bad and feel it is hard to find? If you feel like you are die for love that means you really lack in love it also means that it’s really hard for true love to come by your side I like a song very much recently Xu Jiaying’s I didn’t mean it within the lyrics, there is one line I think is pretty good Although this song is called “I didn’t mean it” it feels like it is insincere but I really like this line which is “hope you not in a hurry to fall in love” love comes from heart we often find the wrong person when we are dying for love So if it is possible let’s take it easy settle your heart feel about yourself As we mentioned last week when you have a company you will find fulfillment while you are watching this video your heart will be full of joy as well fulfill your heart Okay, let’s start today’s interpretation of Angel cards let’s start find card number 5 Like attracts like If you yearn for more love show up in your life then you need to make yourself a more loving person I think we all understand this but it is really hard to do so because we used to grow up in the environment where people surround us and society might restrict us telling us, you should be that kind of person, or else you won’t be loved so during this process, we will keep guarding ourselves we are unable to let go this feeling So, if you want more people like you then you should become that truly compassionate person I feel that compassionate love can only be found from one’s self because If I just want to be loved and I keep forming that desire of being loved one day, you will really forget who you are You can not get closer to yourself One day, when you are leaving this world you will think it is a pity I hope like attracts like is really a good quote although it is a little bit hard to understand like attracts like that feeling is full with joy not fear A lot of people let fear hide within there love Next, the fourth card Return to your true love The current situation offers you a chance to double check what you are want There are many people will think that get marry when it is time for marriage But have you ever wondered if it really is the love you want? Return to your true love falling in love with right person is such a wonderful feelings That is what you really love And your partner is also communicates with your from heart to heart there is no grievance or under a compelling case love between you two is mutual so return to your true love I believe, the person who draw this card should have a true love but what causes trouble between you? only you can know the answer the perception of society may also troubled you sometimes, daren’t to express troubled you we can slowly relieved this trouble and you will get more freedom and more love Love is endless Ok ~ next if you got the third one You are surrounded by love anytime, everywhere once you acknowledge it you can feel it I often said that there is a quote within Humanism which is “How do you see this world, how this world see you.” That is to say when you think people in this world are so bad then there won’t be any good person exist At least I think Taiwan is a very good place Taiwan’s security is really good Therefore, there are still more good people in Taiwan so Basically, if you believe in love It can resolve many things I think that is a great feeling And when you also believe that people around you really have love and so do you The existence of love This feeling Will make you feel satisfied if you are satisfied your emotions won’t fluctuate that much I think everyone has had such experience of feeling satisfied always remain this experience within your heart You are surrounded by love Remember it! Angel reminds you that you may have encountered some things make you feel unpleasant or anxious Angel bless also remind you that you are surrounded by love Because it is a fact Alright ~ dear Next, if you take the second one Number two is “true love” This is a once in a lifetime love It tells you that you have a love that is so very precious Maybe is a relationship maybe is a friendship everything is possible maybe is a career So open your vision and inner space You will connect to the real meaning given from this card So try to feel where is this true love come from I believe in true love I really believe it I believe that the feeling of love inside my heart is so comfortable and I think You can also try to believe that Then there will be true love appears around you Ok next If you choose the first card Rest and relaxation are necessary Everyone has the basic needs of rest I think rest is really a very important demand, however many people give rest for body but not for mind this is because Well, everyone will go to bed but some people may be working so hard that they are lack of sleeping Can you let yourself In addition to the body rest let your heart rest as well if you want to rest your mind then you might need a little bit feeling of being alone It’s important to be alone with yourself If you want can’t stand with being alone for ten to twenty minutes and you are eager to find the company or hurry to do something why not let yourself being alone be with yourself quietly then you really need to relax and rest If you really cannot do it I hope meet you in my counselling room recently I am strongly promote hypnosis Including body sculpting hypnosis If you have can’t get what you want on your body You may try out our body sculpting hypnosis But it must be long-term and then astrology can help you understand yourself But remember Many people come to here dying for clear and definite answers then I have to tell you that If you are this kind of person what you need is more rest and relaxation Because all the determination will cause the anxiety that means you are scared afraid of the future So you are afraid of you cannot control your future Of course, people who came for fortune telling will do the same thing But I still prefer to guide you how to manipulate your own fortune or your birth chart to bring your star into full play I think this is a better way I once said this to one of my case she replied me :”why I am always saying bad things” I answered her: “no, I am suggest what’s better for you!” Since them, I change my habits I will see what’s my clients’ requirement first And do different facet of counseling This is the only way to deal with this situation Because some people may not be ready to face themselves how about you? are you ready? to let yourself take a break let yourself relax may you? Thank you for your participation and thank you for hearing my words I wish you have a good dream I am Pei-Wei Liao! thank you! bye!


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