सिंह राशि 2020 राशिफल | Singh Rashi 2020 Rashifal in Hindi | Leo horoscope 2020 | Suresh Shrimali

Hello audience, I am Suresh Shrimali welcome to my special episode where we will find out how the year will progress for the Leo natives in 2020. “tulasee nar ka kya bada, samay bada balavaan bheelaan lootee gopiyaan, vahee arjun vahee baan” Tulsi Das ji is trying to explain in this couplet that a man is not small or great. Rather its time which make a person great and powerful. For example, even the great archer Arjuna could not save the gopis from the Bhils. If we look at it with astrology, then really time is really great. Many a times success is not achieved even after hard work, and sometimes suddenly luck starts shining. Behind this cycle of time there is planetary mathematics and astrology is the study of this mathematics. The New Year is almost in front of you and we are all ready and eager to welcome it. Every one of them wants to know how about the coming 2020, will it be happy or will there be a path of sorrows, will the paths lead to success or will we have to face the challenges. We will be looking for answers to all such questions. After deep study, of the planetary situations we are going to tell you how the year will be for you. So let us know firstly the personality of the Leo natives as the name suggests, is like, a Lion. The biggest quality of the people of this zodiac is their power. Nobody dares to say anything to them. These people have a clear heart, if something seems wrong to them they protest in clear words and give appropriate replies when the time comes. They have received a gift from God in this particular way that people ignore their mistakes. However arrogance can also be seen in some of the natives. However in some Leo natives a lot of pride is also seen. As the Lion is the king of the jungle therefore a bit pride is expected of them. Domination and confidence is God gifted in them. Such people are country lovers and have idealistic views. They specialize in changing the flow of any process of thought They are confident are many times these people also suffer losses due to their stubborn attitude, anger and wrong words. They also get cheated. After personality, lets talk of business This year is auspicious for you in terms of career and espicially business. It will make your dreams come true. If you are going to do some new business or want to make changes in the business, then it is surely going to happen. Update and upgrade yourself technically, as then only will you be able to fulfill all these dreams. But before starting it, do consult the experienced people associated with that field. Do not do this business in any partnership because you are likely to get cheated in the business around the mid year. If you want to involve your family or relative with your business, then I would not say no. You could start off as per your capacity and strength, you could move towards your goal with a steady mind and continous pace as per your ability. You can take everyone along but do not make everyone a partner. This year, foreign clients and clients from other states, cities will join you. Due to Saturn being in 6th house there could be promotion or increase in salary, change of place, new department, etc. Those who are sitting at home, in search of employment, will get employment and the employed will get new jobs. All this is possible for you in 2020. This transfer will be favorable for those who are doing government work, or working in such places. Those who are waiting for their transfer to happen, saying that I wish to move forward towards my home, my state, my country my city, then their dreams are going to come true. For promotion in business and job, you will have to pay special attention to your relation with your subordinate, your officer , minister or whoever is your boss or your partner and along with it improve your performance. At the same time you will have to contemplate on how you will take their help. Time is fine till March, from March to June you will get a lot of fun and progress. But after 19 September, there will be some adversity in a slightly favorable time for businessmen and the employed. There could be a loss of money, cheating or some disturbance due to Rahu’s transit. I would like you to be careful during this period. Now let’s talk about finance from the financial point of view this year will be great. Rahu’s wealth will come to the 11th house and will increase your immovable property But this year you have to be careful in spending because both expenses and debt are going to increase. If you are going to spend a lot of money to increase your comfort, elegance and beauty, then I would advise that you will definitely think of what I said earlier, although this year you will definitely get success in investment matters. You could invest in mutual fund, systematic investment plan called S.I.P. or recurring deposits at the post office. Buy a flat at such a place, whose EMI, installation will be comfortable for you. Investing in it will be very auspicious for you. Due to sudden progress this year, a lot of money will come and money could be earned from money, if you keep control on spending and debt, then you will definitely get profit, or else money will come through the door and go out through the window. All these things could also be caused by your wrong decisions. There will be an opportunity to get back stalled money, invest in share market, properties or to buy a new property by selling the old one. You should be ready for all this. Let’s talk about family The amount of pleasure you get while being around your family and children, you do not get it with others, therefore with regards to family life, this year will take you from mixed results towards better results. Due to a usy work schedule in the beginning of the year, you will not be able to give time to your children, to the family and when you are ready, the the children will have grown up, the family members will definitely complain to you. But if you take care of the family, then there will be an atmosphere of peace and happiness. You could travel together so that your family gets to enjoy too. This you will be able to manage very well. In the beginning of the year, newly married people will get child happiness due to the influence of Jupiter in the 5th house. A new guest may come to your house. Like children getting married, daughter-in-law coming home, having children having children or having grand children – there are chances of all these things this year. Love will grow among siblings, whatever dispute was there in the family, it is moving towards being resolved, full cooperation of brothers is going to be achieved in some big work. An unforeseen progress of a family member will increase the social prestige of the entire family. From 30 March to June, the conjunction of Venus and Saturn will be in the 6th house. During this period you have to stay cautious of your hidden enemies as there are some people who do not like you and your family. They will try their best to disturb you. Therefore you will have to take care of the safety and security of your children. Due to the influence of Jupiter- the Lord of 5th house, the newly married daughters will get the benefit of progeny as well as the unmarried could tie the wedding knot and there will be a feeling of romance and adventure in your marital life. You will get some good news will regards to your first child and when children do good work, the parents feel a sense of pride and hence you will have the same feeling. The other children too will give you the same feeling. Between March 30 and June, there is surely child happiness, and there is also happiness from children but you should try to understand your children first before convincing them. For this, I will share with you some remedies at the end of this episode, you will benefit from them. So overall, you will prove to be very lucky in the matters of family and children. Health Starting of the year will be favorable for you in terms of health. Having Jupiter’s sign aspect on your ascendant will increase your moral. If you have any chronic diseases, it will disappear. If you have planned for achieving mental peace and have thought of practicing yoga, pranayama, exercise and meditation then you will surely get a positive environment and your daily routine will also be good. From 30 March to June, the transit of the planet Jupiter will be to the 6th house. During this time, your health will be affected by some small or major diseases and could be chances of an operation, bone issues or coming back of some chronic illness. If you are already undergoing an illness then special care is required, Health of the elders in your family could be an issue and expenses will rise due to illnesses during this period. But but after 29 June, gradually health will become favorable again and between 19 September and December there could be a disturbance again. So you should always get a health checkup done so that you can be prepared for any future situation. Now let’s talk about all our beloved students there is no age of studies, I have seen people in my life studying in the age of 50, 60, 70, 80 years, this phenomenon is less in India but it is definitely so in the west. This year the time is favorable for education with regards to women, men and children If they are preparing for a competition, then this change of Jupiter and Saturn and the position of Sun in the middle and the state of Parijata Yoga are all giving benefits in your government job and administrative services. People who are studying electronic, computer, hardware and technology are studying Master’s degree will be very successful and along with the success, the chances of getting placements are very bright This year is going to give you good results for higher education. Just take care of one thing that you get employment, get good education, thank your parents, gurus and take their blessings, because it will be very important for you to remember when you are happy and prosperous. In this year about three to four times, there are chances of rioting and fighting in a college or school with your friends. Therefore, try not to make unnecessary enemy. You should work hard and only through hard work will your vehicle of life will move forward. Let’s talk about travel You feel nice isn’t it, when you work the whole week and then you get to travel the weekend, in two months, summer holidays, winter holidays when you go on a picnic, it feels good. From the point of view of travel they year will be spent very well. Because in the 3rd house has the sign aspect of Saturn therefore you will enjoy both small and big trips. If your job, business or career or your system is such that you can travel far and wide then this year is perfect and you could travel to many countries but people who neither have such dreams nor such work will not think that they will have to travel abroad, but there will definitely be trips. In the beginning of the year there are strong chances of religious journey After March 30, the combined sign aspects of Jupiter and Saturn on the 12th house there will be long distance travels and there will be excess expenses on travel but pleasure too. too You should see to it that when you travel between the periods of March to June and September to December, take care of your safety and security of your articles as money could get stuck, stolen, there could be loss, injury-accident ticket cancellation, expenses incurred due to ,illness and cancellation of the programs could be possible. If you pay attention to this, you will be able to get out of these problems to a great extent. Now let’s talk about the religious worship and remedies due to the sign aspect of Jupiter on house of religion and due to its effects, mind will be diverted towards spiritual activity and achieving spiritual power. You will pay respect to your parents and elders. Due to the teachings given by your teachers you will get many new opportunities in the society. It will be auspicious for you to serve the God, Brahmins, elders, gurus and temple priests. Donation of bananas and any yellow items will be necessary Make a donation of gram flour ladoos on Sunday and feed people. Wearing a Sriyantra pendent along with a Mahamrityunjaya pendent will be auspicious for you throughout the year. Talking about the remedy, for a better future on Thursdays, take a yellow cloth and place in it 7 cloves, 7 black pepper, one pearl shell, 11 Laxmikarak shells and then make a lump and tie 7 knots and move it around your head 7 times from your right eye to your left eye. Later place this near a Peepal tree. Whoever needs it will take it and your donation will be fulfilled on its own. It will be auspicious for you to distribute Spiritual Books in temples and study materials, uniforms or any such things to poor children who cannot afford it. Worshiping Mother Baglamukhi and reciting Kanakadhara Stotram and worshiping Kanakdhara Yantra is auspicious for you and you could worship it throughout the year I fully hope and believe that God will do justice to Leo natives, they have gone through great struggles but better days are coming now. I will also pray for the same, I would request all of you to maintain friendly relations with everyone and not stay alienated. Always try and speak well because whenever you speak harsh words, you are the one who is hurt the most. If you wish to meet me personally, then you can call my Jodhpur office and take an appointment. You can also take telephonic appointments and video conferencing appointments. Also, you can take advantage of our many services by visiting our website This is all for now, I would like to wish the natives who follow the English calendar a Happy New Year, may the 2020 pass of well and be a memorable one. Namaskar and Blessings.


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