I predicted what happened on September 11.
I had predicted it much earlier.
Much earlier.
Let me tell you what a real prediction is.
Absolutely everyone would like
such a book with predictions of sport event scores to fall from the sky
at some point in the fututre.
That would be great.
Predictions prescise to the nearest second.
This is a gold mine.
Unfortunately, people do not have such abilities
Or do they?
What if I tell you that it is possible to predict
events precisely to the nearest second?
Will you consider me mad?
The thing is such predictions
really exist.
The Simpsons made them.
I can understand it when people mention Nostradamus.
He wrote his predictions 500 years ago and back then
you could write complete nonsense and people would believe it.
I can understand the Vanga phenomenon, because
the mass media were making us believe that she really was a seer.
But how can people take a cartoon seriously?
Throughout its 27 years of existense this cartoon has predicted
a lot of things.
Wait a minute.
You might be smiling and thinking that this
material for the top secret rubric and I about to start debunking it.
What if I fail to do so?
What if this family cartoon hides something
much more sophisticated and hard to comprehend?
If you do not know what I am talking about, then
it’s even better.
I am about to tell you everything and maybe you will even
have goosebumps.
Who could imagine that in our time a cartoon
would turn out to be the most reliable source of predictions.
Ebola virus epidemic, Fire in Notre-Dame,
presidency of Trump, Pokemon Go, 9/11 terrorist attack,
lots of modern day gadgets and even a mathematical equation.
All of these things had been predicted long before they happened
and so precisely that people do not believe what their
own eyes because of the shock they experience and post screenshots
matches everywhere.
These matches are reported in the news.
No one can debunk them.
Maybe because this is impossible.
You are making such a fuss about it.
Sounds alarming.
REN TV is going to use this material for yet another edition.
Let’s get started.
Most frequent criticism of their predictions is that
this series has been aired since 1989 and there are
666 episodes.
They have shown so many things that may have incidentally predicted
some events.
It’s due to the Law of large numbers and things like that.
Even South Park roasted them.
Simpsons have done it all.
What’s next?
They have been on air for 13 years and of course they have done everything.
I am not even going to say a word about that, because this is just
an attempt to describe what’s happening but does not
answer directly whether they really predicted
something or not.
You know what I am going to do?
I am going to consider each prediction at a time
I am going to share with you the researches which have been made and
my own researches as well, because I couldn’t find everything
in the Internet.
I would like to ask for a favour. Please watch this video
until the end.
I have prepared a small surprise at the end of the video.
Ebola is a terrible virus epidemic. There is no
vaccine to cure it up this day.
The worst outbreak of this epidemic happened in 2014.
Then people started saying that the Simpsons
predicted that.
Just take a look.
Bart, would you like to read this?
Curious George and the Ebola virus?
This is an episode from 1997 which came out 17 prior to the outbreak of
Seriously, my little conspirology fella?
This is how things really stand.
The virus was discovered for the first time in 1976 and was named
Ebola after the river running through the place where it was
Outbreaks have been happening regularly ever since.
But in 1995 there was a major outbreak and all newspapers
wrote about it.
There was an outbreak in the year of this episode’s release too.
That is why there is nothing surprising about the
fact that the Simpsons simply featured
a scene of a talked about event.
That’s a good start.
We started off with debunking.
Anyway we are talking about a cartoon and it’s hard to
stir up controversy.
This is a cool part.
The Simpsons predicted the mass
of the Higgs boson.
In 1996 Gomer Simpson almost unmistakenly predicted
mass of the Higgs boson.
That’s mind-blowing.
At least that is what the mass media say.
Just take a look.
In one episode Homer writes an equation
on the blackboard and we can see that according to him the mass of Higgs boson is 775 gigaelectronvolts.
Many years later scientists managed to determine
its mass and do you know what the mass really is?
125 gigaelectronvolts.
So where is the match?
I don’t know but it was a good attempt.
How did the Simpsons manage to make such an approximate
This sounds impossible.
The thing is one of the script writers David Cohen
isn’t just a script writer of cartoons but he is also a science lover.
He graduated from Harvard and Berklee universities and is a physist and a magister of
computer sciences.
Yes, for real.
The equations on the blackbaord are his and
ge called his old friend David Shiminovich,
a professor of astrology, and he wrote an approzimate equation.
Besides the Simpsons are not as silly as might think.
Hey you, lovers of mathematics, note that
there is an interesting book out there.
The Simpsons and their mathematical secrets.
Based on this equation the mass of the Higgs boson is
Professor, I already know that from the Simpsons cartoon.
Shut up.
Let’s move on to the next chapter.
Learning mathematics by watching the Simpsons
is a real superability.
Since we are talking about science let us consider
the technologies the Simpsons had predicted
long before they were created.
Did you know that the Simpsons predicted that there would be autocorrection
we can’t live without today?
Also the Simpsons were the first ones to calculate the mass of the Higgs boson
and invented autocorrection in smartphones.
By the way this episode came out in 1994 whereas the autocorrection was created
in 2007.
Well, at least it is so according to the guy who hyped
these predictions.
I don’t know what prevents people from googling this.
But a spoken word takes its flight.
Everyone started spreading this false idea.

Let ‘s listen to that.
Hey, use your Newton to write down to beat up Martin.
He asks to show him Newton and then we are shown
a parody of the Apple logo.
Did you know that Apple really had a device
called Newton?
Half a year before newspapers had featured
such articles.
They say that Apple messed up their
Newton and the device couldn’t even spell its name correctly.
It performed really badly.
So the Simpsons just made fun of that.
In an episode which came out in 1998 they predicted that there would be VR and things like that.
Cool, let’s pretend that we are dumb
and ignore the fact that every fantasy author predicted
Let’s review the facts. In 1992 there came out the “The Lawnmower Man” film.
But that’s okay.
In 1962 there was created a device which is called Sensorama
and is considered to be predecessor of virtual reality.
Later there were created helmets in 1979 and in 1985.
That’s strange to think that such a technology
could be developed only in thelate 1990-th.
I am also a seer.
In a couple of years time there will be a new platform like Tik Tok
or Instagram.
Make screen shots.
Here is yet another device – smartwatch. It was predicted in 1995.
If someone really predicted them, then it was sci-fi films and “Star Trek” in particular.
But smartwatches had appeared much earlier than the Simpsons.
For instance Seiko tv which is a watch with a tv or the
Sinclair fm prototype created in 1885.
Action camera was predicted in 1994?
Repeat that one more time looking at this photo made in the 1960-th.
Video call was predicted 10 years before it was created?
Here is a videotelephony from 1879.
Of course this is just a concept.
Or what about the picturephone
or Lumee phone?
Or videophone?
Why don’t you get out?
Maybe I will but at least I will do so knowing the truth.
How about that?
So it turns out they didn’t predict any inventions.
What’s the point of this edition then?
My aim isn’t just to say they didn’t predict anything,
but rather to consider each such
prediction separately.
Besides the most hardcore thing is yet to be talked about.
How did this hype even begin?
It began from this footage.
You know it well.
The Simpsons had predicted presidency of Trump 15 years before
it happened.
Doing so even footagewise.
Sounds scarry, doesn’t it?
It does.
That’s a bit frustrating to realize that people to longer want to use their
hands to google something, in just 15 seconds I found in the Internet
a video of Trump being out in public on June, 16, 2015
and then I found a video uploaded in July 2015 on the
official channel of Fox.
This is not even an episode, this is just a short sketch
of Trump’s parody.
But what really happened was that in 2000 Lisa
really spoke about Trump’s presidency
and that’s when it really gets mindnumbing.
Because this cartoon’s creators really predicted that
Trump would win.
Here is the episode from 2000.
As you know we’ve inherited quite a budget crunch from President Trump.
How will you explain that?
I can do that.
Back in October, 7, 1999 in an interview to Larry King Trump stated
that he was going to form a committee and apply to become a president
That’s about it.
Later Trump called off his application but
the Simpsons decided to make a joke about that.
Don’t even mention that they predicted
his death.
This is a fake made by someone in the Internet.
Let’s make things a bit more complicated.
In 1998 there came out an episode in which
Disney acquires 21-st Centunry Fox which is what really happened
some time later.
How did that happen?
The Simpsons had predicted that 20 years before it happened.
Let’s travel back in time and I, as a fan of the Simpsons,
am going to tell you something.
They have been trolling Disney for quite a long time.
Check yourself.
This instance was not an exception.
There is only one assumption to make.
Fox has had lengthy negotions with Disney for a long time
and they simply know more than we do.
If there hadn’t been this joke, then people would have
referreed to this picture where tentatively speaking Disney
is beating up Fox.
After all, humans are humans.
Seriously, when you take a step back and
see the whole picture, things become less mysterious.
In 2012 when there was held US presidential election
there came out his video.
It shows how someone votes for Obama but his vote goes to
Mitt Romney.
Lovers of the cartoon immediately recalled the episode from 2008
when Homer was trying to vote for Obama but his vote
went to McCain.
No, I want to vote for Obama.
Two votes for McCain.
They just failed to predict the other candidate. Not a big deal.
The voting machine redirects votes.
In the cartoon this happened in 2008 but in real life this
happened in 2012.
Or things are much simpler?
Yes, these are not predictions, but rather it is reporting news.
In 2008 Obama and McCain really competed in presidential election
and there really were situations when people
were voting for Obama but their votes went to McCain.
That may have been a result of a system error or something, what
matters is that the Simpsons just made an exact parody of
that situation.
Back in 2006 there came out the “Man of the year” film
which showed how a comic became a President
due to errors in counting votes.
A comic became a president.
No thanks.
I will press the button and my vote will go to someone else
You will also sell my flat.
In contrast to you I still remember how to write.
For Top.
Here is a hardcore thing.
In 2001 there was an episode in which some guys
became members of a new boys band and starred in video clips similar to those of Backstreet boys.
In one of those videos they drop a bomb on
an Arabic county and one of the cars
features a flag of the Syrian opposition which was created
in 2011 when there were civil
protests in Syria.
“That’s really hardcore”, said people in the Internet,
not knowing that the flag of the Syrian opposition was not new.
They just used Syria’s former flag.
They also sing “your love is more deadly than Saddam, that’s why I am gonna
drop da bomb.”
Saddam Hussein was a president of Iraq.
In 1988 there was held a major operation called Desert Fox during
which Iraq was bombarded.
Do you know how flag of Iraq looks?
Looks similar, doesn’t it?
This is just my suggestion.
Maybe this was just a mistake and they meant to show Iraqi forces,
because this is what happened in real life.
Context is important.
This is just a texas sharpshooter fallacy
I dedicated my whole last edition to.
Here is probably the most mysterious thing I can tell you about.
A global tragedy which took place on September, 11, 2001
was predicted in the Simpsons.
Viewers found disturbing signs of the
impedning catastrophy which happened on September 11 in
that season.
Yes, that’s difficult to understand but I am talking about that.
Such signs really scarry people who want to get scarred.
Here is the thing.
The whole family is planning to travel by bus from their town to New York
and Lisa shows a brouchure which shows the price ofr tickets,
which is 9 dollars and the city’s
iconic view.
So it shows thedate – 9/11
The date of the tragedy.
Most people stress the fact that it shows exactly 9 dollars.
This can not be a coincidence.
This surprises everyone except those ones who have brains.
Such a proce is not that random and is pretty common.
Now a trip from Newark to New York costs
either 9 or 11 dollars.
And a trip from Springfield, Oregon, yes this is a real town,
costs either 331 or 491 dollars.
Yes, the price is funny, why not 10 or 12 dollars?
Why 9?
Maybe let’s ask Eldorado?
Or maybe let’s ask the Troika card why cost of a ground transportation ride
cost 29 rubles.
Bill Oakley, producer of this particular episode
said that they just tried to joke about such funny
Why are the Twin Towers there then?
What else should have been there?
This is New York.
Back then the Twin Towers were like Kremlin
in Moscow.
People associated them with the city.
What about this?
It’s not certain what this lonely building is.
This may be one of the Twin Towers.
Even if it is, this is not a prediction.
In 1975 the tower was burning.
It is more likely to be one of the building
which burnt in the past.
The neighbouring picture shows us
the Hindenburg disaster.
What real life event could that picture show then?
In 1991 the One Meridian Plaza was burning and
in 1988 the Inter Bank burnt down and it was a large scale disaster.
They are not seers.
Besides people slowly began realizing how this works.
Even a most rediculous prediction
can be in demand and they began spreading fakes.
As you remember the whole world
was talking about the recent fire in Notre-Dame.
An insanely beautiful cathedral which be restored
for many years.
All of this could have been avoided if
watched the Simpsons.
Here we can clearly see Homer enter
the burning cathedral.
Twitter exploded.
The Simpsons did that again.
Let us pack our bags and leave the planet.
Here is the original footage from the episode of the 19-th season.
By the way they didn’t predict Pokemon Go either.
That’s an obvious fake compiled from two episodes.
Here is the most recent situation with Greta Thunberg
and of course the Simpsons predicted it even to the shortest footage.
This prediction exists because people share
a picture of really bad quality.
Let us look at the original photo.
Yes, of course this is photoshop.
Look at this footage.
It was posted on Twitter too.
In 2002 they had predicted what happened in 2017.
The exact thing which happened.
In reality though first the photo was taken and
then the Fox channel showed
a short video featuring this photo.
People do not care what they believe.
Show them anyhing you want, and people will be like
let me post that right now.
We are often asked how we write scripts for our
The answer is simple.
In my opinion we have reached the most interesting bit.
When you try to google something about it, you can’t
find anything.
People pick their noses and say that this is a
real prediction.
What can we do.
The Simpsons are official seers.
They predicted that “The Star Wars” and “Alvin and the Chipmunks”
would come out on the same day.
Yes, this nonsense is at the top of my list,
because I can’t explain that at all.
These two films really were released
on the same day.
Mum, is it a dream?
Have we found a seer?
Now answer this question.
Is this a cinema?
No, this is not.
This is a film studio.
I was googling for about 5 munutes and found
gate of the Pictures film studio.
Can you guess what I saw?
Posts of films which haven’t been released yet and
films which came out a few years ago hanf alongside each other, because
they are just like a trademark of the film studio which produced them.
The Simpsons showed us an obvious continuation
of the franchise and again this was a joke.
They just messed the numbers a bit.
by then it was part 4.
By the way of the script writers of the Simpsons, Jon Vitti
is also a script writer of the “Alvin and the Chipmunks”.
Coincidence after coincidence.
This was too easy.
Someone, add that to the Internet because the Americans
will stop watching my videos.
The same is the case with all predictions.
This time I didn’t not even have to explain that from the scientific point
of view.
I just watched all the videos about that.
I started tackling the symptoms and found out that there is
no any desease. However, this is a highly hyped thing, 6, 7,
19 million views.
Why not?
I am not even mentiong channels speakers of Russian.
Probably all channels with tops have made a video about
the Simpsons.
It makes a lot more sense to promote conspiracies rather than
debunk them.
Anyway, I am fine with that.
People seriously believe that a cartoon predicts
the future.
That’s a fact.
I do not want to promote that idea for them.
This whole thing gets worse when a famous and a bit crazy person
starts promoting things like that and post them everywhere, because
they don’t really care what to post as long as they
get lots of thumb ups.
Check each and every sensational headline or wait
until I make a video about that and tell you that you need
to check everything yourself.
This is a vicious circle.
You asked me do it, so I did.
Hopefully, now people will stop looking for new predictions.
I want to believe that but it’s hard.
This music sounds familiar.

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  • Эти херни из симпсонов же рисовал художник как мемы )
    Даже серий таких нет )

  • Как всегда превосходно!!!
    Лучший из лучших😻
    Недавно посмотрела какую-то программу, в которой говорилось о том, что якобы Майкл Джексон жив и доказательством этого является послание оставленное в песни, при перемотки назад.Если тема понравится, то очень жду выпуск про это)))
    Люблю 🧡

  • 7:45 это же брат Джеральда! Только избранные меня поймут 🙃

  • оооООООООООО, наконец) концовочка вернулась)

    дело за малым) ТЫЩ всем привет 🙂
    вернутся ли эти слова? Хотелось бы верить, но верится с трудом 🙂

  • Топа, проверь тесты на шизофрению и т.д. пожалуйста, ато я не знаю чему верить, а чему не верить!😭😭😭😭

  • Зырьте какой я бред увидел в рекламе

  • С этим видео открыл для себя Утопия шоу. Щикарно! Подписался! (сюда пришел из комментов под роликом Нечаева "Монеточка")

  • Интересно было бы увидеть ролик о Загадке Царя Скорпиона

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