Did Hindus become Mayans and build Shiva Temple in Colombia? David Childress From Ancient Aliens!

Hey guys, today we are gonna talk to The David Childress, the author of so many books.A person who constantly appears on Ancient Aliens TV show and so many conferences aroundthe world.And today, we are gonna talk about Colombia, and specifically a strange site called SanAgustin.Welcome David Childress.Thank You Praveen Mohan.Originally where did the Cham […]

We Gave Our Friend A Style Makeover • Ladylike

– I don’t have a problem with this being about Zach,I just think I would prefer it if it were about me.But we can talk about Zach.We can talk about Zach if we need to.It’s fine.– Changes.– We all go through them.– Sometimes they’re goodand sometimes they are just the worst.– Our coworker, Zach, has […]


Hello my spiritual beings, and welcome to another episode of Nameologythe horoscope for your name.My guru Vedanta Siddharta told methat the name held the truth about our natureThat was right before he was arrestedfor trafficking methamphetamine.Now let’s begin.NAMASTENathan, the only sports you will ever watchare college football and hotdog eating.Eduardo, how did your parents know […]

Importance of Rahu Kalam | Effect of Rahuvu on Human Beings and Solar System | Navagrahalu | Bhakti

Rahu (North lunar node) is the 8th planet in Navagrahas“Shanivath Rahu” According to this…Rahu also cause whatever the impacts caused by SaturnMany people, if they want to initiate any good deeds…Making a note of inauspicious time during that day and not initiating any work at that time…They takes care.During Rahu Kaal, at temples of Goddess […]